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WOLACO Compression Shorts and Tights Review

Compression Tights and Shorts When You Need Pockets

WOLACO compression tights and shorts offer two, good-sized pockets in a medium weight ideal for cool to warm weather. These shorts breath well, have a comfortable band, and offer good value. Our only complaint: the pockets are great, but a tad small for larger phones.


  • Soft, comfortable design
  • Two pockets – hip and mid-leg
  • Comfortable band
  • Breathable and quick-drying


  • Waistband can sometimes roll over itself
  • Pockets are just a bit too small for large phones

Inspired by his personal experience of running and not having running gear that he could securely store his cellphone, wallet and keys, Terry White started WOLACO in 2013. WOLACO is an acronym for Way of Life Athletic Co.

Terry wanted to design athletic wear that was practical, and where you could safely store your daily necessities while out on a run. After all, there’s nothing worse than your focus being taken away from your run by a cell phone that’s bouncing around in a pocket.

Terry spent a year and a half developing and perfecting his compression shorts, which would have two sweat-proof pockets. Once he felt the shorts were ready to introduce to the rest of the world, he looked for funding on Kickstarter in 2014. Within 48 hours, WOLACO had exceeded it’s funding target by 400%!

Seven years later, WOLACO has expanded and introduced more activewear for both men and women. The founders of WOLACO are driven to create apparel that makes an active lifestyle easy, comfortable and accessible.


WOLACO has created unique pockets for their compression shorts and tights. The dual pockets are made from form-fitting material, which keeps your phone, keys and cards flush against you.

Looking at the shorts, you’ll see that there’s one pocket on the right upper thigh with enough room to safely store an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy. The second pocket is on the bottom of the left leg and can easily store cards, money and keys. Both pockets have yellow tabs that help you to open the pocket easily to store your things.

You’ll find that the compression tights also feature dual pockets in the same place as the shorts, and they also use the form-fitting material.

What makes the pockets on Wolaco unique is that they’re sweat and water-resistant. This keeps your mobile or music device, cash and keys dry even when you’re having an intense and sweaty workout.

WOLACO has had their pocket design patented and approved by the USPTO, and all of their products are manufactured in America.

Other Main Features


There are a number of benefits to wearing compression shorts or leggings. They include reducing muscle fatigue and soreness while you run and after your run. This can help you run further and faster for longer.

Wearing compression shorts or tights can help prevent a strained muscle or help you recover if you have a strained muscle. Compression activewear can also help increase the amount of oxygen and blood flow that the muscles receive during your workout. This increase of oxygen and blood flow can enhance your performance and reduce the effects of fatigue and muscle soreness.

Compression shorts also make running more comfortable, as you don’t have to worry about skin irritation or chafing.

Both the shorts and tights are made from a blend of form-fitting polyester and spandex material. When buying either the shorts or tights, you’d need to check the sizing guide to get the correct fit for you, as they’ll conform to the shape of your body. They’re meant to be tight, and if you get a size too big you’ll miss out on the compression benefits. If you get too small, you may have trouble getting into them.


On both the shorts and the tights, you’ll find that the waistband is wide and made from a soft, thick elastic that holds its shape even after multiple uses. Even with a phone, keys, money and sweat from an intense workout, the elastic will keep the compression tights or shorts in place without causing skin irritation or chafing.

You may, however, find that the waistband tends to fold over on itself from time to time, which you may have to adjust mid-run.

Reinforced Stitching

Whether you’re looking at the compression shorts or the tights, one of the things you’ll notice is the reinforced stitching. This helps to strengthen the seams and prevent them from unravelling or tearing easily.

The reinforced stitching adds a bit more support to the compression shorts and tights and even after multiple washes, you’ll find that they’ll maintain their shape.


When you wear either the shorts or tights, you’ll notice that the material feels thicker and that it’s made to last. They don’t feel as though they’re heavier, despite the thicker material, and they allow for plenty of air circulation which helps to keep you cool.

You can run or play basketball confidently in these shorts without having to wear anything over them, as they’re not see through and they won’t tear easily. The material draws moisture away from your skin, keeping you dry, but the shorts or tights don’t get heavy even if you’ve had an intense workout where you’ve sweated a lot.

Sizes & Colors


The tights come in four different colors, Stone Grey, Blue, Dark Grey and Black. There’s a sizing guide for you to consult that will help you choose the right size of shorts according to your waist size.

But when you place your order it will be from a range of Small to XX-large. Make sure that you choose the correct one corresponding to your waist size and don’t get confused by this.


The shorts are available in three different colors, Black, Blue and Grey. You would need to check the sizing chart before ordering your shorts, so that you can order the right size and get the full benefit of the compression. The shorts are available in five sizes, ranging from small to XX-Large.

Other Considerations

The compression shorts and tights can run on the small side, despite being made to be skin-tight. So you may have to order a size up so that you have a comfortable fit, but it’s always a good idea to consult the sizing guide before making a decision.

Hands-On Review

I was given a pair of shorts and tights to test out for running. It was the dead of winter when I got a chance to try them, but I can say worked well in cold weather. They weren’t so heavy, either, that they wouldn’t be fine for cooler days.


These are comfortable pants and tights. The material feels great but had no problem wicking sweat and drying out quickly. They don’t have zippers at the ankles, but that wasn’t a problem getting the tights on and off like with others I’ve used.

In terms of thickness, these tights/shorts sit squarely in the middle compared to other tights. This midweight means they are quite versatile. I tested them in the winter and they kept me warm. But I can see being comfortable in cooler weather as well.

The length and size were just about perfect for me. The large I wore was true to size. The tights sat just around my ankles.

The main feature of these tights – the pockets – were mostly as described (I’ll get to my main issue in a second). There are two pockets and both are secured with velcro to keep stuff from falling out. Because these are compression tights, anything I put in the pockets stayed secure regardless when they were held tight against my legs.


Now my main with these tights were the size of the pockets. They are designed to hold a phone, which is great because I’m always looking for a place to stash my phone on a run.

The problem was my phone in its case was just a tad too big for both pockets. Granted, I kept the case on, but I don’t have an especially large phone. It’s a Pixel 5, which is big but not an extra-large phone. I would think a pair of tights designed for a phone would be able to fit a fairly typical size (by current standards). 


But with a smaller phone, it would have worked as described.

The material felt a bit seamy. I’m used to seamless tights that are quite comfortable to wear. Not to say these were uncomfortable, but they were not quite as good as seamless tights/shorts. But this may be a product of the pockets and a reason for the extra stitching. 

Also, these aren’t compression tights and shorts in the senses that it improves blood circulation/helps you recover. They are tight but not made with true compression material.


Overall, the WOLACO shorts and tights are nice pieces to add to your wardrobe. The sweat-resistant pockets – while too small for my phone – were still a nice feature to have. Pockets in compression shorts and tights are definitely lacking in other brands.

These products are well-made and durable. I’d recommend them if you have a medium to small-ish phone (or just want tights with multiple pockets) and don’t mind that they are not super compression-level tight.

Ben Drew

Ben Drew

Ben is an avid road and trail runner, and has completed multiple marathons and ultras. A former running store owner, he now shares his knowledge and experience writing these articles.

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