Why You Need A Triathlon Race Belt


So you’re getting into triathlons and enjoying the split between running, swimming, and cycling. Triathlons can be an exciting challenge that’s a step up from just running.

One of the biggest differences is the transition from swimming to biking and from cycling to running. You need to gather everything you need for the next leg and keep your number safe too.

An easy solution is a triathlon race belt. They’re designed to hold your race number safely and display it properly, as well as holding a few extras like gels.

We’ll discuss the reasons why you need a triathlon belt and review our top 5 favorites.

Once you’ve figured out your own needs in terms of how much carrying space you’d like and if you’d like hydration features too, you can choose which of them suits you best!

Top 3 Best and Favorite


VELOCHAMPION Triathlon/Running Race Number Belt


  • Premium fabric webbing
  • Quick-press button number toggles
  • Lightweight
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Synergy Running/Triathlon Race Day Number Belt Combo Pack


  • Adjustable waist size
  • Built-in toggles
  • Reflective detailing
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FuelBelt Race Belt


  • Helium Hex-Foam construction
  • Water-resistant micro storage pocket
  • Bounce-free design
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What is a Race Belt?

A race belt is an adjustable waist belt that allows you to attach your race number to it so it’s always displayed. Some race belts have storage for small items or bottles for water or sports drink.

It’s handy for triathlons as you don’t need to worry about moving your race number from one item of clothing to another if you change clothes between running and riding. No athlete wants to be fumbling around with safety pins in the middle of a race!

It’s also simple to just slide the belt around so you can have your race number in the front or at the back, depending on the activity.

Even if you haven’t had any trouble wearing your race number on your shirt before, using a triathlon belt also means no more holes in your running shirts from pinning your race number to it!

How to Use a Triathlon Belt

Learning how to attach your race number to your triathlon belt is easy. The front of each belt features two plastic toggles connected to strands of elastic.

Slide these toggles right off of the elastic. Once they’re off, slide the two elastic strands through the holes on your race number. Reattach the toggles and tighten them so your race number is secured.

It’s that easy!

Once it’s on, you can wear the number on the front or back. It could be a good idea to adjust your belt to the right size for you and, instead of unbuckling when you need to transition, simply step in or out of it.

When Should I Wear It?

You can wear one of these belts any time you race! Although they’re great for triathlons, you can use them during any race: road races, trail races, or even cycling.

If it has storage, you can also wear it just as a running belt while you’re training. You don’t need to use the toggles every time. If you choose to use it as a training belt, just make sure the toggles are secured and don’t bounce around while you’re running.

Other Belts

Triathlon race belts aren’t the only kind out there.

If you’ve been looking at running belts and you’re feeling overwhelmed, here’s a quick rundown on the different types of belts so you can make sure you’re choosing the best one for your needs.

Gear Waist Belts

These types of running belts are designed to carry stuff. They usually feature a pocket that can zip closed so it keeps your valuables safe. Some also have hook-and-loop attachments or elastic loops that can hold gels or energy bars.

Triathlon race belts usually fall into this category. They have storage space for energy chews or electrolyte tablets as well as a spot to connect your race number.

Hydration Belts

Hydration belts are designed to help you carry an adequate amount of water comfortably while running. They can generally hold around 20 ounces of water and also include space for a phone or other small valuables.

Some hydration belts also come with race number toggles, or they can be purchased separately and added to your current belt.

Best Overall

1. VELOCHAMPION Triathlon/Running Race Number Belt

This race number belt is simple, but it does an excellent job. It’s made of sturdy material but it also happens to be very light, at just 1.16 ounces. It won’t weigh you down on the road or your bike!

The one-size-fits-all design is easy to adjust, but may be a little snug for runners larger than a size 32 waist. The total length of the belt is 33 ½ inches.

Premium fabric webbing makes this belt soft around your waist, and it shouldn’t ride up. It also features a heavy-duty clip that will hold through an entire triathlon with ease.

The elastic laces that thread through your race number are sewn onto the belt and reinforced with an extra layer of fabric.

Quick-press toggles make it easy to add and remove your number as you need to, and the belt is thin enough to swivel around your waist easily if you need to switch between having your number at the front or back.

You can choose between the plain belt or a belt with 6 elasticated gel/energy bar holders.


  • Premium fabric webbing
  • Quick-press button number toggles
  • Lightweight at 1.16 ounces
  • Easy to swap the number around


  • May be a bit snug even when adjusted to its full length
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