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Best Track Running Shoes for Athletes in 2020


A major mistake that a lot of amateur runners make is assuming that all running shoes are built the same. This leads to people going out and buying shoes that are not suited to the specific type of training runners are doing. The final result is decreased performance, reduced endurance, and even injury. Whether doing track and field, cross country, middle distance, or you simply want quality running shoes with shock absorption, runners of all levels will lack the comfort and inspiration to push themselves to the next level and continue their training.

The good news is that simply choosing the right running shoes for the job can make a world of difference. High-performance runners will go as far as having shoes custom made for their own feet and running style. We’re going to assume you aren’t quite at that level (yet) and recommend some off-the-shelf running shoes that are great for running on a track.

When shopping for shoes that will be used for track running you want to consider the track you will be running on most often as well as the cushion in the shoes you are looking at. A modern track may be made of a softer material and, therefore, require less cushioning in the shoe for optimal comfort. However, if you are running on an asphalt track then you may want to consider shoes with more cushion in the sole. In either case, your running shoes should have more cushion than basic gym shoes.

1. Saucony Guide ISO 2

The Guide ISO 2 is designed to mold to your specific foot shape and running style for the best comfort you can get without buying custom-made trainers. If you are running on a track then you will want to ensure that you have a lot of support and cushion to protect your body as your feet make contact with the firm surface below.

The ability of the cushion to mold to your foot also offers more stability than some other shoes on the market which can also go a long way in helping prevent injuries. As you train longer and harder you need to count on your shoes to keep up. The Saucony Guide ISO 2 is a fantastic shoe at a reasonable price for runners who plan to hit the track as a part of their training regimen.

2. Asics GEL-Kenun

This shoe is a fantastic choice for runners who tend to strike the ground with their heel first. The additional gel in the heel portion of the sole absorbs some of the impact and protects your foot as you first make contact in stride. The rest of the shoe offers excellent support for your foot as well with ample cushioning in the arch area.

asics gel kenun running shoes image

The GEL-Kenun shoes are highly recommended by runners with high or medium arches. Other shoes may not offer enough support for higher arches which can cause a lot of pain during training.

Plus, these shoes look great. Of course, preventing injury and maximizing performance is always most important but it’s a nice bonus when your feet look as good as they feel. Let the gel heel embrace your running style and allow you train more effectively than ever before.

3. Reebok Floatride Run

If you think you might be hitting the track for some long distance training then you need shoes that are ready to be there from the first step to the final mile. The Floatride Run shoes from Reebok are breathable shoes built for long-distance running on hard surfaces like tracks and roads. The soles are well cushioned and perfect for people with lower arches. Those with high arches may want to look at insoles to insert into the shoes for a perfect combination of comfort and performance.

reebok floatride run running shoes image

The style of these shoes is very basic which will appeal to a lot of people who want a nice shoe that gets the job done without drawing attention to itself. When you lace these up you know you can count on comfort until you reach the end of your run.

4. Adidas Adizero Tempo 8

Adidas is one of the best-known names in the sporting goods industry and for good reason. They make a quality product and the Adizero Tempo 8 is a great shoe for running. Adidas perfectly balances their commitment to comfort with the desire to make a lightweight, high-performance shoe. As your distance increases throughout training, you can count on the lightweight construction of these shoes to allow your feet to breathe while still providing the support you need to avoid injury and reach your goals.

adidas adizero tempo 8 running shoes image

It goes without saying that Adidas makes a very stylish shoe. When you reach that new personal best you will feel great and look just as good.

5. Brooks Ghost 12

The Ghost 12 running shoe is one shoe that is good at everything without being a standout in any one area. This would be a great option for people who might do some track running but also want to mix in some other forms of training as well. The cushioning will provide a solid amount of comfort on the track at any distance and the lightweight design will translate to a variety of workouts beyond just track running.

These shoes from Brooks are probably not the best choice for sprinters or people looking for the most lightweight shoe but they can still hold their own against the competition.

Final Thoughts

It’s impossible to name a “best shoe” for running on the track or even rank them. This is simply because different runners will have different needs based on their running style, the shape of their foot, and the type of training they are doing. The list above provides great options for a wide range of people. Take some time to consider your running style, what you’re training for, and then choose the right shoe for you. Happy training!

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