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TomTom Runner Review

Indoors or outdoors, the TomTom Runner is an easy-to-use, yet feature-rich GPS watch designed for runners and walkers of all skill levels.

With numerous styles of interchangeable wristbands, the Runner is one of the most fashion-forward GPS watches on the market. The Runner also boasts a slim design, one-button operation, and a high-resolution screen.

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Feature-wise, the Runner has two ways to enhance your training. You can race against prior workouts, similar to Garmin’s Virtual Partner feature; and you can also train with pre-programmed heart rate or pace zones, to help you maintain a set pace or intensity level.


Unique to the TomTom Runner is its ability to track treadmill runs without a foot pod, eliminating the need to carry one additional piece of equipment with you. A foot pod is basically a fancy pedometer — it’s how most watches measure non-GPS running. The Runner has a built-in accelerometer which calculates distance and pace by arm swing.

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Although the TomTom Runner has some nice training features, it is missing programmable interval and advanced workouts. This is most likely a trade-off for its sleek and simple design.

Overall, the TomTom Runner is a great watch for runners who want a slim, easy to operate GPS watch with a few nice training features.


  • Simple and sleek design with an easy-to-read, high resolution screen
  • Stylish, interchangeable watch bands
  • Training features that include racing against prior workouts as well as zone and pace workouts
  • Tracks treadmill workouts without a foot pod


  • Missing advanced workout capability
  • Designed for runners, not ideal for cyclists and swimmers (see TomTom Multi-sport instead)


As its name suggests, this GPS watch is mainly suited for runners. Simple, easy-to-use, yet loaded with some nice features, the TomTom Runner is a great watch for runners of all skill levels.


The Runner will work for casual cyclists looking to merely track time, distance, and speed. We recommend the TomTom Multi-sport for more seasoned cyclists.


The Runner is waterproof to 50 meters; however, its sibling watch, the Multi-sport, is better suited for swimming.



Battery-life: 10 hours exercise mode

Waterproof to 50 meters

Data Tracking

Time, Distance, and Speed/Pace


Workout History


Alerts & General Features

Auto lap

Customizable screens

Time/distance audible alerts

Vibration alerts

Training Aids

Zone Alert

Race Feature (similar to Garmin’s Virtual Partner & Racer)

Interval Workouts


Downloads activities to your computer


Heart rate monitor

Other Functions

Time of day



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Ben Drew

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