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Swiftwick Socks Review

Recently, I had the chance to try a variety of Swiftwick socks, and I’m definitely a fan. They are great socks for all types of runners.

Depending on your needs, they have compression socks (the ASPIRE line) that come in a variety of different heights from no-show (ZERO) to knee-high (TWELVE). The designs are very sleek, and they make socks for every type of runner.

I tried out the socks on a variety of different runs to get a feel to see if they really lived up to everything that was on the packaging. After extensive testing, I can confirm that you’ll likely consider them, as Swiftwick states, to be the “best socks you’ve ever worn. Guaranteed.” At least, I have decided that, anyway.

I’ll walk you through the different socks and give you a hands-on perspective of my experience. I’ll talk about the elements I loved as well as some things that weren’t my favorite so that you can decide if any of these socks would be the best for you. 

Swiftwick MAXUS Zero

I tested out the max comfort Swiftwick socks (MAXUS Zero) first on a long run with some hills.

No sooner had I put them on in the bathroom, I turned around and stepped in some water that had leaked out of the shower. I expected it to seep through the sock, and I was upset with myself for doing that with these new socks right before a run.

But the weird thing was that my foot never got wet. The sock instantly absorbed the water with its anti-wicking technology, and the only reason I could tell I had stepped in water was that part of the sock was a darker gray than the other.

So the anti-wicking technology works. When I went for the long run in warmish weather (I live in the South), my feet stayed super comfortable and dry even though my whole body was drenched in sweat. No matter if it rains or you’re dripping sweat, these socks won’t get wet.

I also found them to be extremely comfortable as I ran the hills. Well, man-made hill really because it’s a high-rise bridge, so you’re going at a somewhat steep incline for ½ mile. The socks kept my feet feeling great. I feel like I could wear them forever; my feet felt so good.

After I washed them, they still feel great. I don’t have any complaints, except that these socks would be too heavy for speedwork. However, they aren’t designed for that, so I can’t fault them.

If you’re looking for a max cushioned sock and don’t mind a little extra weight (you can tell they are thicker than other running socks), the MAXUS Zero socks are amazing.

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Swiftwick ASPIRE Zero

Of all the socks I tried from Swiftwick, I think these are my favorite. I never had a sock fit so well before. After I put it on, the sock immediately contoured to my foot, and it felt great. I also loved the sleek design and the cool colors. I liked bright fuschia, which just energized me to go and run!

I tried them on an easy run and for some speedwork, and they do live up to their label of having a responsive feel. My feet definitely felt more comfortable than usual doing speedwork, and I felt like I ran faster than normal.

Obviously, there are other factors besides just socks, but I do think that the ASPIRE Zero socks played a role in a faster speed. My feet just felt so good and lacking any tiredness at all, so I wanted to push harder.

They are super lightweight and breathable so the perfect sock for warmer weather. Although it hasn’t been cold enough to confirm, I would guess that they could run a little cold in the winter because they are so thin.

I’m sure they would be great for long runs, but I especially loved them for speedwork because they are responsive. I have a feeling that I might feel so good wearing them on a long run that I would dash off too fast for a sustainable pace.

Honestly, I don’t have any complaints about this pair of socks. They felt great, and I love wearing them. Plus, I love that there are so many energizing colors as well as some neutral ones too if you like less crazy colors.

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Swiftwick VIBE Zero

This pair of socks seemed like a combination of the MAXUS Zero and the ASPIRE Zero. You got a medium level of cushioning like the MAXUS with a sleek design like the ASPIRE. I found them comfortable to run in and like my feet could run forever.

I appreciated the very careful design to avoid blisters and rubbing, and I think it was effective because I didn’t feel any rubbing or anything uncomfortable during my runs. I loved the gray with different color accents because it was just energizing and encouraged me to run.


I do wish that there were more color options because I love having lots of options to choose from, but other than that, the VIBE is a great option that falls between the MAXUS and ASPIRE.

I do think it’s thick enough for colder weather, but not so thick that it would be uncomfortable in the summer. Again, I wasn’t able to confirm this because the weather has been too hot here in the South.

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Swiftwick ASPIRE Seven

These are traditionally cycling socks due to their height—they fall mid-calf—but I decided to use them for running since I don’t bike very often. I might have looked a little goofy, but they felt so good.

While compression socks/sleeves always make my calves and legs feel better, sometimes I have to forego them because I just burn up running in the summer.

I tried these out when the temperature was 82 degrees not counting humidity, and I barely felt that I was wearing anything. The ones that I tried were white, so I’m sure that helped with it, but I also appreciated the height that was shorter than knee-high.

When I put them on, it was so easy to get into them, and I typically struggle to get my compression sleeves and socks on my feet. This was a huge bonus for me. Plus, the ASPIRE Seven socks still had plenty of compression.

They were my second favorite pair of Swiftwick socks that I tried. There are only four color options, and I’d love to be able to choose from more. That being said, they were great compression socks and a nice alternative to knee-high ones.

The transition from sock to sleeve was very comfortable without any weird bumps or anything that would be uncomfortable. I’ve typically worn compression sleeves, but these socks opened me up to considering compression socks too.

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Swiftwick ASPIRE Twelve

These are your typical knee-high compression socks. They were a bit uncomfortable to get into, but I know that’s typically true for compression gear. Once I got them on, the sock part felt a little tight and like it was pulled up too high in order for the socks to be knee height.

However, after I started running, they felt great—exactly like a compression sock and sleeve should feel like—and I didn’t really even notice that they were there.

One major downside about these socks: they only come in black. I would love fun colors, especially lighter ones so that they would be cooler in the summer. That being said, these would be great for mild to cold weather.

They are thick enough to be useful while also being breathable so that you’re comfortable when you’re running. I definitely liked wearing these compression socks and will wear them again, especially when it’s cooler.

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As a runner, you have so many gear options available to you, and it’s all about picking the gear that’s best for you. Socks are a piece of running gear that isn’t typically at the top of the priority list. However, comfortable socks can make a huge difference.

I’d encourage you to try out these Swiftwick socks. If you haven’t purchased good running socks before, the price point might be higher than you’re expecting for one pair of socks. However, it’s definitely worth it to have socks that make your runs that much more enjoyable.

Depending on how often you run and what kind of socks you like, I’d encourage you to purchase the MAXUS, ASPIRE, and VIBE zero. You could rotate between those three pairs during the week because each one serves a slightly different purchase and together they will cover all of the runs that you’ll do.

Rachel Basinger
The Wired Runner