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Superfeet Black Vs Carbon Insoles


Superfeet insoles are one of the best insole brands on the market. They offer a wide range of insoles for a number of different purposes and to fit inside a variety of different types of shoes.

Why are insoles important? Choosing an insole that supports your foot adequately can relieve foot pain, align your foot properly, and prevent injury that might occur from lack of support.

If you need added support and don’t want to buy a new pair of shoes, Superfeet insoles could be an excellent option.

Today we’re comparing two of their most popular products: Superfeet Black vs Carbon insoles.


Why Superfeet?

Before we compare the two insoles, let’s look at why Superfeet insoles have been a leading insert brand for decades.

Superfeet insoles are color-coded, which makes them very easy to understand and use. Each shade represents a different thickness. Their inserts can fit in a variety of shoes from casual to dress shoes to running shoes.

They make insoles in both regular sizes and wide sizes so there’s a solution for every type of foot.

They feature a supportive heel, a stabilizer cap, and arch support. Full-length Superfeet inserts are trim-to-fit, which means you cut the toe end for a perfect fit in your shoes. They also make find different Superfeet insoles for different arch heights.

Black vs Carbon: What are the Main Differences?

Although these two insoles are quite similar, they do have some notable differences.

Superfeet Black is the older of the two models. It’s slightly narrower, while the Carbon insole has a wider forefoot.

The Black uses high-density closed-cell foam to provide a firm but comfortable base.

The Carbon uses more lightweight closed-cell foam and it’s also more breathable than the Black thanks to perforations in the forefoot. It also has a beveled edge, which helps to improve the fit in tight shoes.

Both insoles feature a heel stabilizer cap, but they’re slightly different. Superfeet Black has a wider cap that’s flexible but supportive under the foot. It features reinforcements on either side of the heel for better balance and to keep it stable inside the shoe.

Superfeet Carbon also uses a heel stabilizer cap, however, this one is reinforced with EVOLyte material. This is a polymer and carbon fiber blend that’s extremely strong while still remaining lightweight and flexible.

Both insoles feature a deep and stable heel cup to keep your feet steady in the shoe and absorb shock. But the Black has a deeper heel cup than the Carbon.

Black vs Carbon: How are They Similar?

Superfeet Black and Superfeet Carbon are two of the company’s thinnest and lightest insoles. They both fall into the category of low-volume and low-profile inserts, so they don’t take up a lot of space in one’s shoes.

They can also be used in shoes that don’t have removable insoles, thanks to their low-volume design. Both the Superfeet Black and Carbon insoles are designed to be suitable for low arches. They may not be supportive enough for users with high arches.

Each one has an organic coating on the insert that eliminates bacteria that may cause odors. They can both be trimmed to fit inside one’s shoe comfortably.

Both Superfeet Black and Superfeet Carbon insoles are designed to retain their shape and cushion for 12 months or 500 miles, whichever one occurs first.

1. Superfeet Black

Superfeet’s Black insole is one of their older models but it’s still popular thanks to its excellent quality.It’s a low-profile and low-volume insert, so it’s ideal for shoes that are slightly tight. If you have shoes without removable insoles, you can also slip a pair of these into them easily and still have enough space for your feet.

It’s designed for those with low arches, or individuals who don’t need a lot of arch support. The deep heel cup helps to lock one’s foot into the insole and prevent excess movement within the shoe.

Superfeet Black insole stays secure in your shoe thanks to the reinforcements on the outer edge of the heel stabilizer cap. Six small shanks provide a stable platform and also improve one’s balance.

An odor-control coating allows one’s feet to stay fresh even when working out. Individuals with wide feet may find that these insoles are too thin for them.


  • Versatile low-profile design
  • Wide, stable, flexible heel cap
  • High-density closed-cell foam
  • Odor-control coating


  • May not be suitable for those with wide feet

2. Superfeet Carbon

The Superfeet Carbon is a much newer design than the Black and features more modern carbon fiber technology.

It’s also a thin, low-volume, low-profile insole that can fit into slim-fitting shoes with ease. It’s the thinnest insole that Superfeet makes.

It’s made from closed-cell foam and has perforations in the forefoot to provide better airflow. This works with the anti-odor technology to keep one’s feet cool and dry no matter what activity is taking place.

The Carbon was also made with low-arch individuals in mind. It offers support and stability in the midfoot, which helps to align the foot and relieve pressure and pain in the foot, ankles, knees, and even lower back.

The heel stabilizer cap is made of a polymer and carbon fiber mix called EVOLyte, which ensures both strength and shock-absorption. Some may find that the stabilizer cap feels too firm due to the carbon fiber.

Individuals with wide feet will be happy to know that the Carbon features a wider forefoot. It can be cut to fit one’s shoe, but it’s more suitable for those with wide feet than the Black is. It also features a beveled edge to help it fit better into one’s shoes.


  • Thin, low-profile insert
  • Strong, carbon fiber-reinforced heel cap
  • Lightweight and breathable foam
  • Wider forefoot with beveled edge


  • Some may feel that the insole is too firm

How to Choose the Right One for You

Both the Superfeet Black and Carbon are ideal for those who want an insole that offers light support but doesn’t take up much space within their shoes.

They are also a good choice for those who need more support in a pair of shoes they own that doesn’t have a removable insole.

If you find your feet feel squished in your shoes, may find the Carbon to be more suitable. Those with narrow feet could use either one since they can be cut to size.

People with high arches may find that they need a different insole altogether to support their feet.

The price of the Black and Carbon are very similar and shouldn’t have any bearing on one’s decision.

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Ben Drew

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