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Runkeeper Vs MapMyRun – Which Is Right For You?

We all like to stash away our running data and pore over it at some point. Even if you aren’t a hardcore stats lover, keeping track of your time and distance is helpful to see how well you’re progressing.

Back in the day, running journals were a thing. They’re still pretty awesome now, but it’s convenient for most of us to use a smartphone app to keep our training logs instead.

There are many training log apps available. Today, we’re comparing two of the most popular: Runkeeper vs MapMyRun.

Which is right for you? Well, it all depends.

Check out the details of each one to see which is better suited to your needs.


How Does Runkeeper Work?

Runkeeper was created by ASICS, specifically to help runners keep track of their stats and plan training ahead of time. It’s available on Android and iOS.

It uses your smartphone’s sensors and GPS to track metrics like time, calories, distance, current pace, and average pace. You can gain access to more data and customized training plans, as well as real-time progress updates on the paid version.

As well as monitoring these stats, it has a goal-setting feature that helps get you a step closer to that goal every time you train. Audio cues help keep you updated with how far along your run you are.

There’s also an option to input your run data manually, which is great if you forget to start a workout or if you’re running on a treadmill.

You can create a custom playlist and you’ll also be able to connect with friends and family who have the Runkeeper app so you can motivate each other.

They even hold virtual races, which are a great way to keep you motivated and engaged in your training! You’ll also find a bunch of monthly challenges you can work towards, like running a certain distance in a month.

How Much Is It?

The basic version is free. If you just want something to track time, distance, and pace, it’s perfect.

You can sign up for the Elite membership at $9.99 a month (or $39.99 per year). This gives you access to features like:

  • Premium training plans
  • Personalized training insights
  • Weather insights
  • Live broadcasting


Great for All Levels

Whether you’re just starting off or you’re training for your next marathon, Runkeeper has features that will work for you.

Some of them can only be accessed in the premium plan, but the app does offer enough of a variety to appease runners of all levels.

Good Features

Keep track of all the necessary stuff on your phone. Distance, pace, calories, and elevation are some of the basic metrics you’ll be able to monitor.

A really nice feature is the weekly, monthly, and yearly progress statistics, which help you to see just how far you’ve truly come!

These work super well with the goal-setting feature to push you closer and closer to smashing those goals. You can also add photos, which is a nice touch.

Whether you’re on the free or premium plan, you’ll also have access to pre-loaded training plans and coaching advice. There are fewer and less detailed plans on the free version, but some runners will definitely find them useful.

Connects to Music Apps

You can sync to iTunes and Spotify playlists so you’ll have good music in your ears while you’re running without interrupting the audio cues.

Pre-Created Training Programs

Both the free and premium plans have built-in training programs. The free version features useful training plans for new or casual runners.

If you want something more tailored to your specific needs, the premium version offers personalized training programs depending on your specific goals.

Goal Setting

The goal-setting function is excellent to keep you on track. You can set reminders for your training and the premium program helps you put together a plan designed to push you towards your specific goal.


You can also track biking or walking, which will count towards your general progress. This is an excellent feature for runners who do either of these two activities as cross-training or on active recovery days.

Strong Community

The community aspect of Runkeeper gets a huge thumbs-up from us. Running partners, groups, or even families or groups of friends can sign up together and watch each other progress.

You’ll be able to see each other’s activities and stay accountable. Even if you sign up on your own, you’ll have access to a huge community and a variety of running groups. Taking part in challenges also brings about a sense of fun and community!

User-Friendly Interface

Easy to navigate and nice to look at, Runkeeper won’t cause any frustration with its layout. Everything is pretty easy to find and do.

Shoe Tracker

One of the most helpful features on Runkeeper is the shoe tracker. You can input several different pairs of shoes and select the one you’re wearing for each run.

Not only does this allow you to spot subtle differences in your performance when wearing different shoes, but it helps you to keep track of how many miles you’ve logged in each pair.

You can even set a reminder for certain mileages and Runkeeper will let you know that you’ve reached your target mileage and should replace your shoes.


Slightly Inaccurate GPS

If you like to run in wild, deserted places, your GPS may fail you on this app. It should be all good on regular roads and trails, though.

May Drain Battery

The constant use of GPS in the background of this app may contribute to your battery draining quickly, especially on hot days!

Recommended For

Runners who like keeping track of their stats, setting and following goals, enjoy listening to music while using the app, and who like a bit of competition.

It’s also ideal for groups of people who want to be connected on the app so they can be accountable to each other.


How Does MapMyRun Work?

MapMyRun is part of Under Armour’s group of fitness apps. It also uses the GPS and sensors on your phone to monitor your metrics. It’s also available on both Android and iOS, and it’s compatible with a ton of different devices.

Take note that there are different apps for running, cycling (MapMyRide), walking (MapMyWalk), and general fitness (MapMyFitness). If you want to train for a triathlon, for example, you’ll need to download both the running and riding app.

But, with that being said, you can log over 700 different activities in this one app! Yoga, swimming, sports… Your options are many.

But back to running. It connects easily to your device and you can create as many running routes as you want. Or, select a pre-loaded route and get going! You can also check out your data, including distance, time, and calories.

It also syncs seamlessly with UA’s Smart Shoes for in-depth metrics!

How Much Is It?

Like Runkeeper, the basic version of MapMyRun is free to download and use. For many, the free version will be more than enough.

If it’s not enough, though, you can upgrade to the MVP version at just $5.99 a month, or $29.99 for the full year. This will give you access to more in-depth metrics, adaptive training programs, and heart rate zones, among other features.


Real-Time Audio Coaching

Audio prompts keep you on track while you’re on the road or trail. There’s no need to check your phone while you’re running.

Preset Running Routes

You can choose from a huge database of preset running routes. This is awesome if you get bored easily, as you can find a new route in your area every day!

But you can also create your own routes if you want to. The options are endless, so this is a great feature for those who want control over their routes but also like to do something different once in a while.

Useful Real-Time Metrics

You can view your time, distance, and pace while you’re running to see if you’re on track or need to speed up a little.

Gear Tracker

Just like Runkeeper’s shoe tracker, this feature allows you to input shoes and will tell you when it’s time to replace them. This is an excellent feature because it means you won’t be inadvertently running in shoes that are no longer supporting your feet properly.

MapMyRun Community

You can join the community to connect with others and take part in challenges. You can also create your own challenges and invite others to join in!

Compares Runs

You can compare runs against each other to get an idea of how you’re progressing from one to the other. This is a handy feature, although not everyone is going to use it.


Ads in Free Version

The free version of this app has ad bars across the interface that can be easy to accidentally click while you’re busy doing stuff on the app. You can get rid of them by paying for a premium version, but it’s a downside of the free version.

Spotty GPS

Depending on where you are, the GPS connection may be a little spotty. Typically, this won’t be a problem if you’re sticking to your city roads or trails, and may only become a slight issue if you’re out in the sticks for a country run.

Recommended For

If routes are important to you, then you’ll like MapMyRun. High-quality, easy-to-see route maps and an extensive route database are top-quality features that serious runners will enjoy.

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