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Dear friends,

If you’ve found this page, it means you are probably looking for information about Run On Hudson Valley. 

Sadly, after five years in business, we closed our doors in April 2019. It was a fantastic run and I thank all of our customers for shopping with us and supporting the store. I met countless great people, heard inspiring stores, and gained many new friends. We were incredibly lucky to find ourselves in an awesome running community that supported local businesses.

There are many reasons why I decided to close the store. The biggest was the time and energy it took to operate the business. A small business is insanely hard. A specialty brick and mortar retail store is even harder!

But another reason was because of the website you find yourself on right now.

I initially built this site in 2014 more or less as a hobby. But in 2017, I began investing more time and resources into it. Now it’s doing quite well – much better than the store ever did. It’s currently my full-time business. Unlike ROHV, it requires much less time to operate. I can work on it from pretty much anywhere and on my own schedule.

We’ve got a lot of great running information here, so feel free to browse around.

Some highlights include:

How to Choose Road Running Shoes

The Ultimate GPS Watch Buyer’s Guide

Essential Running Gear for Beginners

Best Neutral Running Shoes

Best Stability Running Shoes

Best Running Shoes for Winter

Top Cushioned Running Shoes

Top Running Hydration Packs, Waist Packs, and Water Bottles

Reflective Gear

And we are constantly adding new content.

It would help us greatly if you bookmarked this site and came back to visit. Most of the links here take you to Amazon where we receive a small commission (at no cost to you) when you make any type of purchase. Your buying prowess helps support the site!

Thanks for reading,
Ben Drew

Former owner of Run On Hudson Valley
Current owner of The Wired Runner

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Ben is an avid road and trail runner, and has completed multiple marathons and ultras. A former running store owner, he now shares his knowledge and experience writing these articles.