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New Balance NX990 GPS Cardio Trainer

The NX990 is a nice option for budget-conscious runners looking for a GPS watch with a heart rate monitor.

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While it tracks the basics (time, distance, and pace and speed), the NX990 has two additional useful features: it can download workouts to a computer and it can store waypoints on up to 10 paths. What this means is that you can program up to 10 running routes on the watch –using waypoints to mark turns and landmarks – and follow that path on your watch as you run.


Its low price and included heart rate monitor, make the NX990 a solid watch for someone who doesn’t need the frills of costlier GPS watches. But because of its low cost, it’s missing common training aids like interval workouts and virtual training partners.

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But the NX990 is a good, basic GPS watch that comes with a heart rate monitor and will download workouts to your computer.


  • Low price
  • A heart rate monitor is included with the watch
  • Offers paths and waypoints for navigating routes


  • Lacks many features beyond tracking distance, speed and pace, and time
  • Not compatible with accessories like bike speed and cadence sensors or foot pods
  • For swimmers, it’s not waterproof


The NX990 lacks advanced functions but works fine for walkers and runners who want a watch that just does the basics. The heart rate monitor and waypoint navigation tool are nice features, but the watch lacks training aids beneficial for more experienced runners.


We recommend this watch for casual cyclists who only want to monitor their speed and distance. It’s missing features useful for experienced cyclists or triathletes.



Battery-life: 8 hours exercise mode

Data Tracking

Time, Distance, Pace and Speed

Workout History

Stores 120 runs and 12,000 laps
10 paths with up to 99 waypoints

Alerts & General Features

Auto lap
Limited Screen Customization

Training Aids



Downloads workouts to a computer


Heart rate monitor (included)

Other Functions

Time of day
Electric compass

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Ben Drew

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