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New Balance NX980 GPS Trainer

Like its younger sibling, the New Balance GPS Runner, the NX980 GPS Trainer has raised the bar for budget GPS watches. The NX980 is for runners who want basic GPS tracking with a heart rate monitor at a budget-friendly price.

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The NX980 is very similar to the NX950 GPS Runner. It tracks time, distance, speed/pace, and calories. It has auto lap that can be specified for certain distances and it can store up to 99 laps. It comes with a rechargeable battery that lasts a total of 12 hours in exercise mode. That’s 4 hours longer than the Garmin Forerunner 15. Additionally, the NX980 can download workouts to a computer to save and analyze.











But what really sets the NX980 GPS Trainer apart from other budget GPS watches is its interval training aid. Normally found on more expensive models, the interval feature allows up to 6 interval workouts based on time or distance to be programmed on the watch. Visual and audible alerts signal when to start and stop each rep. If you are following a run/walk training plan, intervals can be programmed to repeat continuously, creating easy reminders to switch between running and walking.

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Because of the NX980 GPS Trainer’s low cost, it lacks more advanced features like elevation tracking, virtual partner training aids, and advanced workouts.


  • Simple, easy to use
  • A GPS watch at a low price
  • Features include interval workouts and the ability to download workouts to a computer
  • Included heart rate montior


  • Not compatible with accessories like a foot pod
  • It’s not waterproof — don’t take it swimming


The NX980 GPS Trainer is a watch that does the basics well, plus it has a few extra features thrown in for good measure. It’s a great watch for runners who primarily want to track time, distance, and pace.


We recommend this watch for casual cyclists who only want to monitor their speed and distance. It’s missing features useful for advanced cyclists or triathletes.



Battery-life: 12 hours exercise mode
Water-resistant to 50 meters

Data Tracking

Time, Distance, and Speed/Pace
Workout History
Stores 99 laps

Workout History

Stores 99 laps

Alerts & General Features

Auto lap
Screen customization with two activity profiles

Training Aids

Interval workouts


Download workouts to a computer


Heart rate monitor

Other Functions

Time of day

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