How We Test and Review Products


Here at The Wired Runner, we have a thorough selection and review process for all the products we recommend. Our goal is not just to recommend great products, but to recommend great products that satisfy the needs of our readers. While at the same time, they need to be high-quality, durable, and offer great value.

Ultimately, we want to make sure that if you buy something based on our recommendation, you are happy and that it fits what you were looking for.

Our review process includes researching, testing, and gathering both professional and customer feedback on a wide range of products. Combining this information, we’re able to offer the best product reviews for all things running.

Real-life Expertise

Our review process starts out with me, Ben Drew. I’m the founder, head writer, and editor of this site. As a longtime and current runner, I’ve been deeply entrenched in the running world for over 15 years. This has included completing several ultras, over a dozen marathons, and multiple half, 10k, and 5k races.

Additionally, before investing fully in this website, I owned a running store for over 5 years. We sold thousands of shoes to a wide range of customers from new runners to experienced marathoners to track athletes to walkers.

When you’ve fitted so many people for shoes and running gear, you quickly learn what types of products work for certain people. Because there is instant feedback when someone tries on a pair of shoes and takes them for a short test run outside, I learned which products are best for which type of runner.

With this knowledge, I use The Wired Runner to share what I’ve found to be the best running shoes and gear for most types of runners and their needs.

Every article that’s written on The Wired Runner is personally reviewed by me at all stages of publication. This begins with researching the problem, selecting products, writing, editing drafts, and ultimately hitting the publish button. I check and double-check that everything published is accurate and helpful.


Our research begins by looking at the topic of each article and determining what products we should be researching.

In the case of products to help with injuries (like: Running Shoes for Bad Ankles), we identify which features a product should have to help with that injury or problem.

For articles that address specific products – like Watches for Trail Runners – we figure out which features are most important to someone in the market for that type of product. Trail runners tend to be out for long runs and need to carry a lot of water and supplies. A pack with minimal storage and water capacity does them no good.

We also try to find products that will be a good fit for different types of runners. A trail runner in the mountains will have different needs than one in flat woods. And a runner shopping for stability shoes will have different needs depending on their ability and budget. We don’t want to leave anyone out, so we find awesome products to help everyone.

Much of this research starts with me and what I’ve learned as a runner and store owner.

But we also consult our running friends for their views. And we scour the web to see how manufacturers sell their products along with customer reviews on a wide range of websites.

We look for products that fit the article and our reader’s needs. But we also check that each one is a good value, that it’s durable and long-lasting, and that it’s a quality product made from a reputable company.

We also check that the products we recommend are current and available. In the fast-changing world of running gear, items are regularly upgraded and improved. We work hard to make sure that if you click on a link from us, that we send you to the most current product with a great selection of size and color options.

Hands-on Testing

Whenever we possibly can, we aim to do real-life tests on the products we review. This gives us a genuine idea of how something we review works out in the field.

When we can’t test it ourselves, we rely on our large network of friends and professionals who have tried the running gear and can give us direct feedback on the pros and cons along with their opinion and other feedback.

Why Trust Us

After we do all our research and testing, we do an additional layer of work to write an article and lay out each product review in a way that makes the most sense to you, our readers, so you can make an informed choice.

This means we don’t just rehash an Amazon description like other websites, but we describe the important features of each shoe or gear and why those are most helpful for choosing that product.

Sure, it’s nice if a running shoe has a medial post made with high-tech materials and weighs 10 oz. But that’s only important if those details help to make it the best product in its class.

Every product includes a set of pros and cons. Because there are often trade-offs in different models and brands of gear. We’ve yet to find a perfect product. Each running shoe and piece of gear has strengths and weaknesses. We try hard to point out both.

And while we haven’t gotten to it for every article, we are updating reviews to reflect changes from an old version as compared to the latest model. And we really dig into why each product is ideal for you.

What We Don’t Do

The things we don’t do are just as important to us as the way we do research and review our products.


We rarely accept sponsorships and when we do, they are clearly labeled. We take pride in being an independent reviewer writing unbiased reviews. We want you to learn about products and be part of your journey as you research. Whether you buy or don’t buy based on reviews are irrelevant to us. We want you to be informed.

Other sites don’t do this. Larger sites, which we won’t name but you probably know, are biased in what and how they review. There are many sites that clearly want to sell you shoes or other gear. That’s why they exist.

That’s not us. We sell nothing on our site. We only provide reviews to help guide your buying choices.

Just the Facts

We base our reviews on real research and real reviews. We don’t make up facts. We don’t embellish. We don’t slant things in a way to make you buy.

Affiliate Links

As we mentioned above, we do all our own research and testing. All our products are chosen independently without input from brands, manufacturers, or sales reps.

We never take money directly from a company or marketing team. We take great pride in making unbiased selections without the need to satisfy anyone but our readers.

Now we do make money from affiliate sales. This means if you click on a link and buy something from that store, we make a small commission. That’s how we fund our site and it costs you nothing. These are fees paid by the seller. The products we recommend are not influenced by our affiliate structure at all.

And whenever possible, we list multiple sellers for the same product. This allows you to price-shop and compare each store’s shipping and return policy, along with their specific level of customer service.

Along these same lines, we only recommend stores with strong reputations that offer fast shipping, easy returns, and reliability. You won’t find any shady sellers in our product reviews.

Our affiliates include Amazon, Zappos, REI, Road Runner Sports, Fleet Feet, Nathan Sports, and many more. These are all reputable companies with competitive prices, excellent return policies, and strong shipping options.

That being said, we highly encourage you to shop in a real brick-and-mortar store. As a long-time running store owner, I believe you will have the best experience at an independent running store. You can speak to a knowledgeable sales clerk, try on multiple pairs of shoes – and still pay the same price as what you find online. Most good running stores will order you a specific color if you what you want isn’t in stock!


If you have questions about our review and publishing process or wish to ask us any other questions, please send an email to