Best GPS Watches With The Longest Battery Life in 2024


Every runner can benefit from a GPS watch that tracks your workouts, gives insight into your fitness and progress, and makes your training easier and more informative.

But battery life stands out as one of the more popular features runners are looking for. After all, who wants to recharge their watch after every run? So we’ve compiled a list of the best GPS watches with the longest battery life.

We love the Garmin Enduro and are sure most runners will love it too. It’s a top-tier outdoor watch with an exceptional battery life, and it’s got solar charging as well, which boosts it even more.

As well as great battery life, it has a feature that switches between GPS systems automatically to save your battery, and multiple other amazing functions to take your workouts to a new level.

But it’s not the only great choice, so check out the full list!

Top 3 Best and Favorites


Garmin Enduro 2


  • Over a month of battery life
  • Highly accurate GPS
  • Power Glass lens
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Garmin fenix 7 Solar Edition


  • Multi-band GPS
  • Multiple sporting profiles
  • Built-in safety features
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  • Excellent battery life
  • Smaller size
  • Surprisingly robust
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Best Overall

1. Garmin Enduro 2

Garmin is one of the most popular watch brands out there, and the Enduro 2 features the brand’s longest battery life and one of the longest overall on the market. It’s a premium outdoor watch, offering much more than a great battery.

What We Like

Let’s get into the battery specifics right away. The Enduro 2 can last up to 34 days between charges in normal smartwatch mode. If you throw solar charging into the mix, it increases to 46 days.

In GPS mode, you can get up to 110 hours of use, which stretches to 150 hours with solar. And if you really need it, the battery-saver mode can give you up to 111 days of charge and an amazing 550 days if you use solar charging.

Regarding GPS, the Enduro 2 uses the latest Garmin multi-band GNSS system, which offers impressive accuracy. It has a handy SatIQ feature, which switches between different GPS systems depending on your surroundings and your needs, which makes a big difference to battery drain and stays fairly accurate.

A Power Sapphire glass lens allows you to run confidently outdoors, because it’s resistant to scratching. The glass also doubles as a solar cell, maintaining its impressive battery life with solar power.

For health and fitness tracking, the watch can track standard things like steps, calories burned, floors climbed, and intensity minutes. Then, there are other handy training features, such as advanced workouts, downloadable training plans, and customizable training profiles.

There are also a bunch of sports modes to choose from, so you’ll never find yourself at a loss, no matter what kind of cross-training you’re doing.

Plus, it’s loaded with data to help you track and improve your performance, including training load, training status, VO2 max, etc. Everything you need… And probably more.

Why We Like It

The battery life on the Enduro 2 is far beyond the original Enduro, and it outstrips many of the other Garmins as well.

For intermediate to advanced athletes, we can’t recommend it more—it has everything you may need to have a spectacular workout without worrying about your battery.

What to Consider

The Enduro 2 isn’t a small watch. For those with petite wrists, it’s quite chunky, which might be uncomfortable for some or be a little too bulky to wear when you’re not running.

Some users have also reported that it’s hard to see the screen indoors. It’s made primarily for outdoor use, but this could be a deal-breaker for some.

What’s New

The latest Enduro is more similar to the fenix than the previous Enduro model. These two watches have very little in common—the Enduro 2 is like a completely different model.

One of the biggest changes is the battery life, said to have increased by an impressive 40%, thanks in part to an updated Power Glass lens that absorbs solar more effectively.

This version also uses a scratch-resistant sapphire glass lens for increased durability. Adding topo maps is a big plus, so you can now use navigation.

Other new features include NextFork, which informs you of upcoming forks on the route you’re running, Grade-Adjusted Pace, which subtly adjusts your running pace based on the gradient you’re running on; and a built-in flashlight.


  • Offers over a month of battery life in smartwatch mode and over 100 hours in GPS mode, plus solar charging function for more hours
  • Highly accurate GPS with built-in SatIQ feature to help save battery life when you’re using the GPS
  • New running-related features and plenty of sports modes make the watch extremely versatile and data-packed
  • Power Glass lens makes the watch more durable than the previous version so you can wear it confidently outdoors


  • The watch is quite bulky and may not be comfortable for some
  • Indoor visibility of the screen isn’t great
  • Pricey

Best Runner-Up

2. Garmin fenix 7 Solar Edition

The fenix is another popular Garmin, and it’s very similar to the Enduro 2. You’ll get comparable features and good battery life but at a lower price. For this review, we’ve chosen the standard solar version, but keep in mind other options and styles are available.

What We Like

The fenix 7 solar lasts an impressive 18 days between charges, and you can stretch that to 22 days with solar power. You can expect between 57 and 73 hours of use if you’re actively using GPS. It’s a noticeable upgrade from the previous version, thanks to the increased surface area of the solar panel.

Multi-band GPS makes the accuracy quite impressive on this watch. It uses GPS, GLONASS, and Galileo satellites to pinpoint your location and estimate your distance and speed, and it’s accurate enough for most users to have no trouble with it.

You can also upload multi-continent maps and use the navigation feature with a high level of accuracy on your wrist, which is a handy feature for outdoor enthusiasts.

It’s a great choice for triathletes and outdoorsy types, thanks to the wide range of activity profiles and metrics available. Aside from all the activity profiles you could possibly need, you’ll find useful data like Real-Time Stamina, estimated sweat loss, PacePro, VO2 max, and various other detailed running dynamics.

Other excellent features include Garmin Pay, music streaming, 100-meter water resistance, and built-in accident detection features.

Why We Like It

The fenix 7 solar is one of Garmin’s finest watches. It offers everything an outdoor athlete might need, with a more impressive battery life than most, plus a variety of extra features.

What to Consider

Despite a slimmer design than the previous version, this watch can look a bit bulky on petite wrists. It might be a little uncomfortable for runners with smaller wrists.

What’s New

The watches in the fenix 7 series have been designed to be thinner than the 6s, which increases their comfort. They also feature button guards, downloadable worldwide maps, a Map Manager, a new Up Ahead feature, a race predictor feature, a new GPS-only mode, and upgraded solar functions.


  • Increased battery life thanks to 54% more surface area on the solar charging panel
  • Multi-band GPS increases its accuracy, and the turn-by-turn navigation feature allow you to follow a specific course with ease
  • Multiple sporting profiles and a wide variety of metrics make this watch great for athletes who monitor their data to improve their performance
  • Built-in safety features keep you safer while you’re outdoors and keep others informed of where you are


  • It may look and feel bulky on smaller wrists

Top Overall Value


COROS watches are known for their exceptional battery life and are some of the most affordable options on the market. With a full spectrum of features, you won’t find a better value than the COROS APEX 2.

What We Like

The first thing to note is that the COROS is smaller than the Garmins. While its battery life may seem less than the first two on this list, consider that the case size is smaller, meaning it’s more comfortable to wear but sacrifices a bit of battery.

You’ll get 17 days out of it in regular smartwatch mode, around 45 hours in standard GPS mode, and up to 30 hours in its max GPS mode. Charging time is just under 2 hours until full, which is commendable.

You can look forward to high-performance GPS, thanks to the multi-band GNSS chipset and dual-frequency technology. Other useful features include health tracking, multiple sports tracking modes, and handy variables like HRV and other data.

We also particularly like the phone app, which is user-friendly and super comprehensive.

Why We Like It

You won’t find a more comprehensive watch for its size and price than the COROS APEX 2. It’s a great-looking watch with an impressive battery life and offers a ton of value.

Whether you’re new to GPS watches or an experienced runner, you can’t go wrong with this one, and it looks great on smaller wrists.

What to Consider

Runners who often use their watch for navigation might find it hard to see the maps on the screen due to its smaller size.

What’s New

The APEX 2 features all-systems GNSS, wi-fi connectivity, upgraded Bluetooth capabilities, night mode, an upgraded optical heart rate sensor, increased storage, sapphire glass on the lens, and has switched to a 3-button design. It also no longer features ANT+ support.


  • Excellent battery life for its size, making it the best battery in its size class
  • Smaller size makes this watch compact and comfortable on smaller wrists
  • Accompanying app is one of the easiest to use and includes comprehensive data tracking and a training program builder
  • Surprisingly robust and able to handle temperatures of between -4 and 122


  • The smaller screen size may be difficult to use for navigation purposes

Best Smartwatch

4. Apple Watch Ultra

Apple users, the Apple Watch Ultra is an excellent choice. Not only does it have great battery life, but it’s got a full spectrum of features for runners.

What We Like

The Ultra has a larger casing than before, which also means a bigger battery. With 73% more size, it naturally means a longer battery life, and you can look forward to 36 hours in normal mode, and 18 hours in full GPS mode. A low-power mode increases the lifespan of the watch to 60 hours.

Note that this is significantly less than the watches we’ve already reviewed, but the Ultra is so feature-packed that the battery does tend to run down faster than others, helped also by the always-on display. However, for an Apple watch, it’s still on the higher end.

The GPS features are fairly accurate and you can use real-world mapping on your wrist. Note that low-power mode may disable certain features, so it’s wise to check this before you head out.

You’ll find a full range of smartwatch features, like health tracking, fitness metrics, a range of watch faces to choose from, Apple Pay, music streaming, podcast downloads, and even a remote camera function.

Why We Like It

If you’re looking for a cool smartwatch that’s got a pretty great battery and fairly accurate GPS, this one could be it. Ideal for Apple users who want a well-rounded watch for moderate use.

What to Consider

The data screens on the Ultra aren’t very streamlined and some may feel that they’re not user-friendly. Also, long-pressing the back button dials 911, so you may want to disable this feature if you plan to sleep with the watch on.


  • Battery is 73% larger and offers 36 hours in normal mode and up to 18 hours in full GPS mode
  • Full range of smartwatch features makes the watch a convenient choice for everyday applications
  • Integrates seamlessly with other Apple products, making it a good choice for those who are already Apple users
  • Real-world mapping and accurate GPS for outdoor adventures


  • The data screens aren’t user-friendly

Top Value Garmin

5. Garmin Instinct Solar 2

Garmin fan but looking for something a little more affordable? The Instinct Solar 2 is a good choice with excellent battery life.

What We Like

This rugged-looking watch packs a punch and offers a ton of features in a wallet-friendly package. It lacks some fancier features found on the more expensive watches, but it has plenty of top-notch features for its price range.

First up, the battery life is spectacular. In plain old smartwatch mode, you can get 28 days out of the battery, but add the solar charging function, and Garmin caps it at “unlimited.”

With the GPS in full force, you can keep going for 30 hours if the sun isn’t a factor. With a bit of solar power, you can take up to 45 hours. It also features a battery-saver mode, which will give you up to 65 days between regular charges.

The multi-band GNSS system on the watch makes GPS tracking as accurate as can be. Navigation and breadcrumb map tools are handy for outdoorsy people, and it has a durable, tactical design with a no-frills screen.

Smartphone features and health metrics add to the value of this watch, which features everything you need and nothing fluffy. Straightforward, simple, and robust.

Why We Like It

For a feature-packed Garmin, this one is worth what you pay. It’s an affordable option if you’re looking for a Garmin but the top-tier ones are out of your budget—you won’t be missing much with the Instinct 2 Solar on your wrist.

What to Consider

The watch is bulky, so it might not be great for smaller wrists. Some might find it gets in their way when doing non-running activities like kayaking or skiing.

What’s New

Here are plenty of new features on the Instinct 2 series. It now comes in an “S” version – which is a bit smaller. The screen resolution has improved, it has better battery life, and the optical HR sensor has been upgraded. It also added Garmin Pay, and multiple sports/health functions, all of which already appear on other Garmins.


  • Exceptional battery life of 28 days in normal charging mode, but unlimited with solar function
  • Accurate GPS tracking thanks to multi-band systems so you can navigate or use breadcrumb tracking
  • Ruggedly built with a tactical design to handle outdoor use without a problem
  • Multiple smartphone features and health metrics make this a versatile watch


  • Bulkiness might be off-putting for some

Most Rugged


We already know the VERTIX 2 will have great battery life, but it’s also a brilliant choice if you want something rugged and outdoorsy.

What We Like

The VERTIX 2 has arguably the best battery life of all COROS models, with up to 60 days of regular battery, 50 hours in dual-GNSS mode, and 140 hours in normal GPS mode.

Dual-frequency GPS offers great accuracy, and the slightly bigger screen size means that navigation is a pleasure on this watch. But the same extra-sized screen could be a downer for some because it adds chunkiness to the design.

On the other hand, it adds to the robust, rugged look of the device. But it doesn’t just look the part—it’s the real deal, with a titanium alloy bezel and scratch-proof sapphire glass on the screen.

It has plenty of sports modes, including hiking, mountain climbing, whitewater rafting, and other adventurous sports, adding to its rugged appeal. Plus, it’s waterproof to 100 meters, so it lives up to its tough appearance.

Why We Like It

The COROS VERTIX 2 has spectacular battery life, exceptionally accurate GPS, and all you need for a robust outdoor adventure—including a rugged, aggressive design.

What to Consider

Since its updates, this watch is no longer compatible with ANT+ devices. This fact may put off those who have ANT+ smart trainers and other devices.

What’s New

Here’s what’s new on the COROS VERTIX 2: downloadable maps, mp3 support, upgraded to dual-frequency GPS, increased storage space, wi-fi support, and increased battery life.


  • The best battery life of all COROS watches, stretching to 60 days in smartwatch mode and 50 hours in dual-GNSS mode
  • Rugged, aggressive design looks great outdoors but can also pair well with a suit if necessary
  • Extremely durable, thanks to a titanium alloy bezel and scratch-resistant sapphire glass on the lens
  • Large, clear screen offers amazing navigation features and is easy to see both outdoors and indoors


  • No longer compatible with ANT+ devices

Top Suunto

7. Suunto 9 Peak Pro

Suunto fan? If you’re looking for the Suunto style and features plus a little extra on the battery, the 9 Peak Pro is our recommendation.

What We Like

This unassuming-looking smartwatch might not seem like a multisport miracle, but the Suunto 9 Peak Pro offers a surprising array of features, including a great battery. With moderate use, you can carry on for about 21 days before needing to recharge, and with GPS running, you can go for 40 hours.

Multiple satellite systems make GPS surprisingly easy and accurate on this watch, and it also has great navigation features. We also like the route planning function, which allows you to plan ahead and follow your chosen route on the day.

Don’t be deceived by its lightweight design. This device has been tested to US military standards, can withstand submersion in 100 meters of water, and will work just as well in temperatures from -5°F to 130°F.

The titanium/stainless steel bezel and sapphire glass lens can handle bumps, knocks, and scrapes admirably, so you can run confidently without worrying about damaging your device.

Plus, with almost 100 preloaded exercise modes and all the usual health-tracking features, you won’t miss out on much here. Plus, Suunto is committed to using 100% renewable energy at their factories, so you’re also helping the planet when you choose this watch.

Why We Like It

The Suunto 9 Peak Pro is one of the most robust watches we’ve come across, and that tough exterior hides a great battery and a ton of built-in sporting profiles. You’ll have everything you need in this watch!

What to Consider

The screen isn’t quite as sleek as most others, which some might find disappointing. It’s not likely to impact the watch’s performance, but in a world of AMOLED screens, this one falls a little flat.

What’s New

New features include a newly-revamped, more powerful processor, a new GNSS chipset, a new user interface, and an added wrist-based running power metric.


  • Exceptional durability with scratch-resistant glass, a robust bezel, and military-tested toughness
  • 21 days of battery life in regular mode and 40 hours when using GPS, giving you plenty of time between charges
  • Excellent navigation features and route planning function help you to plan your training ahead of time
  • Almost 100 exercise modes to choose from, perfect for multi-sport athletes or those who vary their cross-training


  • The screen isn’t as high quality as others

Best Polar

8. Polar Grit X Pro

Polar is another big name in the GPS watch world, and we recommend the Grit X Pro if you’re looking for extended battery life.

What We Like

This sleek-looking watch has many features, but even its extended battery life doesn’t quite match up to the others on this list. The Grit X Pro has a battery life of roughly 7 days in normal smartwatch mode, although it will vary depending on your usage. You can get around 40 hours max in GPS mode, which is fairly average.

However, aside from the battery life, the watch has some serious features. We love the built-in cycling, running, and leg recovery tests, which help you optimize your training to your current fitness and recovery levels.

We like the onboard running power metric, turn-by-turn navigation, the HillSplitter function, and Fitspark suggested workouts.

The FuelWise nutrition planner is something really new and exciting. You can use it for long runs to help you fuel correctly, which is a game-changer that nobody else is doing yet.

Plus, it’s sleek-looking enough to fit right in with gym clothes or a suit. The Polar Grit X Pro fits right into your lifestyle.

Why We Like It

The Grit X Pro is a good-looking watch with many interesting features. We particularly love the fueling function, and the battery life is one of the best of the Polar watches.

What to Consider

If you’re a fan of Polar watches, this one offers great battery life for their models. However, it’s still behind compared to others on this list, so if you’re serious about getting the most battery life out of your watch, you may want to consider a different brand.

What’s New

New features on the Grit X Pro include multiple newly-designed dashboards and pages, HR sharing, Power ZonePointer function, cycling, running, leg recovery, and orthostatic tests, Recovery Pro feature, extra satellites, and switched to sapphire glass lenses.


  • FuelWise nutrition planner is an innovative feature that can help you optimize your fueling and your performance
  • Fitspark training guide offers suggested workouts based on your fitness, recovery, and training program
  • Various built-in tests can help you to gauge your readiness to train or participate in a competitive event at any given time
  • Great design that looks equally good in the gym, on the track, or in a business meeting, making it versatile


  • The battery life doesn’t come close to the others on this list

Buyer’s Guide – GPS Watches with Long Battery Life

Here’s what to look for when shopping for GPS watches with great battery life.

Battery Life

This is obvious! The overall battery life will depend on what you’re doing with the watch so most watch manufacturers will provide information on the battery life in smartwatch mode, various GPS modes, and sometimes with music.

Some brands and models claim up to a month of battery life but keep in mind that it depends on the settings, how often you use it, and how old the watch is.

The battery life WILL diminish over time, but if it starts high, you can expect good battery life throughout the device’s lifetime.

Battery Saver Modes

Battery-saver modes can be a lifesaver. These are turned on to extend your battery life if you can’t get to a charger.

Most battery-saving modes switch off things like notifications between the phone and the watch, or deactivate functions that aren’t necessary.

Charging Time

A good battery life is ideal, but you also want the watch to charge quickly. You want the watch to be on your wrist as often as possible if you want the most well-rounded metrics, so a fast charging time is essential.

GPS Accuracy

Runners, we all know how annoying it can be to set off on a run and come back with inaccurate stats because the GPS was off. If the battery life comes at the expense of accurate GPS, it’s probably not the right watch for you. Make sure the watch you choose offers both.

Screen and Display

Some watches with better battery life compromise the screen brightness, which can contribute a fair amount to battery usage. While this saves battery, it also means you might find it harder to see outdoors, which could be a deal-breaker for some.

Size and Comfort

Some brands increase the size of the battery to get more battery life out of it. It works, but it can also make the watch more bulky, which is uncomfortable, especially for more petite runners.


Typically, extended battery life equals a higher price. Ultimately, it comes down to how much you want that extra battery and if you’re willing to pay more for it.

Of course, you’ll also need to consider the other features you’re getting for the price. If the watch is feature-packed and has a long battery life to top it off, then you’ll probably get your money’s worth.


Wondering how the best GPS watches with the longest battery life work?

We’ve answered some common questions so you have a better idea of the mechanics behind these impressive batteries.

What are the Different Battery Modes on These Watches? How Do They Impact Battery Life?

Good GPS watches have a variety of battery modes you can choose from when wearing them.

Gone are the days of your watch battery being a static thing that you couldn’t control. These days, you can set your watch to the battery-use mode that suits your needs at the time.

Regular use is your every day, non-GPS, time-telling, step-counting, heart rate monitoring mode. Full GPS mode obviously incorporates the GPS function, which uses up a fair amount of battery.

Low/ultraMax/economy GPS mode allows you to use GPS but saves battery. It does so by utilizing sensors instead of full GPS, giving you as much accuracy as possible without wasting battery. However, your distance and pace won’t be nearly as accurate as with regular GPS mode, especially if on twisty routes like trails.

Power saving modes allow you to customize your battery usage in certain situations, so it isn’t wasted on unnecessary apps or functions other than what you need it for at the time.

What Drains the Battery the Fastest?

Battery-heavy functions include GPS (constant satellite tracking and full-screen maps), music (streaming or playback of downloaded files), Bluetooth (staying connected), the backlight, and notification sounds and vibrations.

Using any of these alone will drain the battery. Using them in conjunction with each other will drain it even faster.

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