Brooks Addiction Vs. Brooks Beast – Which Shoe Is Best For You?


Runners who overpronate severely and require the most supportive running shoes need to seek out motion control shoes.

Brooks makes some of the most popular running shoes on the market. Among those offerings are some great motion control shoes. Today, we review two of them: the Addiction and the Beast.

Both shoes provide excellent support. The Addiction GTS 15 has a medial post that provides stability, while the Beast 20 uses GuideRails support.

The Addiction GTS 15 is available in a unisex design, whereas the Beast is only for men. Brooks does make a women’s equivalent to the Beast, and calls it the Ariel.

Both the Addiction GTS 15 and the Beast 20 have excellent cushioning, but the Beast 20 has extra cushioning with a plush feel. This makes both shoes a good choice, whether you’re running or walking. However, both shoes are on the heavier side.

There are noticeable differences between the Addiction GTS 15 and the Beast 20, as well as subtle similarities.

In this article, we’re taking a closer look at Addiction GTS 15 and the Beast 20 so that you can decide which shoe would be best for you.


The upper of the Addiction GTS 15 is made from form-fitting engineered mesh and suede overlays that provide a structured saddle. These overlays provide an adaptive and supportive fit when tightening the laces. Perforations over the forefoot of the shoe make it breathable, keeping your feet cool and dry on your run.

Even though the tongue and collar are made of light fabric, there is still plenty of cushioning without causing hotspots, irritation, or pressure points. The Addiction has a traditional lacing system that provides a secure and locked-in feeling. On the bridge of the foot, the eyelets are discreet and the laces aren’t completely flat, but they’re long enough to provide a customized fit.

The Beast 20 also features an engineered mesh upper, but unlike the Addiction GTS 15, it has a mesh lining. This lining helps to draw moisture away from your skin, and the perforations in the forefoot provide excellent air circulation.

This combination prevents hotspots, so that you have a comfortable and plush ride. The toe box is spacious and is reinforced at the front of the shoe.

The Beast 20 also has an embroidered, structured saddle that provides adjustable support. An external heel counter helps to stabilize your foot through your gait cycle.

A wide and plush tongue and collar help to give the shoe a snug fit without creating pressure points on your foot.

The laces are flatter than the laces on the Addiction GTS 15, and the Beast 20 also has discreet eyelets. The lace-up closure system lets you adjust the fit to provide a comfortable, locked-down feel without creating hotspots or pressure points.


For a responsive and cushioned ride, the Addiction GTS 15 features BioMoGo DNA. This cushioning reduces the impact of foot strikes, as well as supporting the arch of the foot.

The Addiction GTS 15 features an extended Progressive Diagonal Rollbar—PDRB—that runs from the heel to the forefoot. This is made from BioMoGo foam, and it helps to control pronation while providing smooth transitions.


The Beast 20 also features Brooks BioMoGo DNA cushioning. But the Beast 20 also features Brooks GuideRails support.

The GuideRails go a bit further into the midsole and further up on the shoe to provide additional support through your gait cycle. These help to prevent excess movement and reduce the risk of injury to both the foot and knee.

Inserted into the midsole is a Brooks DRB Accel reinforced plastic shank. This piece prevents twisting and provides torsional rigidity without compromising the forefoot and heel, allowing them to act independently.

Both the Addiction GTS 15 and the Beast 20 have removable sock liners so that you can insert your own customized orthotics.


The Addiction GTS 15 has a generous amount of HPR Plus rubber on its textured outsole. The pattern of rectangles and squares provides consistent surface contact and traction while running.

These shoes also feature a heel-segmented crash pad that not only reduces impact but provides flexibility and smoother transitions. Flex grooves run the length of the outsole. They provide flexibility and encourage your foot to move naturally through your gait cycle.

The Beast 20 features Brooks HPR Green outsole material, which uses environment-friendly silica. This provides better traction on both wet and dry surfaces and prevents you from slipping while running.

This straight-last shoe also has a full-length segmented crash pad that provides smooth heel-to-toe transitions.

To allow the foot to move naturally and with more fluidity, the Beast 20 uses Omega Flex Grooves.

Other Features

Heel-to-Toe Drop

Both the Addiction GTS 15 and Beast 20 have a heel-to-toe drop of 12 mm. However, the Addiction GTS 15 weighs more than the Beast 20. The Addiction GTS 15 weighs 12.6 oz—357.2 grams—while the Beast 20 is 11.7 oz —331.7 grams.

The Addiction GTS 15 has slightly more cushioning, with a stack height of 20 mm in the forefoot and 32 mm in the heel. The Beast 20 has a stack height of 18 mm in the forefoot and 30 mm in the heel.


While the Addiction GTS 15 has slightly more cushioning than the Beast 20 and compared to the previous versions of the Addiction, the shoe may feel stiffer and heavier. The Addiction GTS 15 does have plenty of room, and whether you’re walking or running, you’ll find the shoe provides a supportive and comfortable fit.

The Beast 20 provides plenty of cushioning and does seem to provide more stability than the Addiction GTS 15, as it features GuideRails that extend further and are raised higher.

Added to this shoe is the DRB Accel, which provides torsional rigidity. It makes for an exceptionally sturdy shoes that is nonetheless a very comfortable shoe to go walking or running in.


The Addiction GTS 15 is a well-cushioned shoe that provides great motion control while being responsive, and costs $130.

The Beast 20 provides excellent responsiveness, stability, support and cushioning for $160.


For runners and walkers who want more cushion that provides support while controlling overpronation, the Addiction GTS 15 would be great. It’s also a great value.

For those looking for a shoe that’s packed with technology, provides stability, support, and controls overpronation, while delivering a cushioned, comfortable and enjoyable experience, the Beast 20 would be an excellent option.

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