Best Women’s Running Tights in 2019


We’ve worn, tested, and reviewed over 30+ pairs of women’s running tights to find the best tights and leggings for all weather conditions, budgets, and styles. The best women’s running tights need to look and feel good, but they also must perform to high standards. 

Whether you are running in the summer, cold weather, rain, sleet, or snow, having the proper pair of running tights is key to being comfortable and having a satisfying run. Capris or 3/4 length tights are usually good bets for warm weather. Thicker, thermal tights – sometimes fleece-lined – are perfect for winter. And tights with protective outer layers will shield you in the rain, sleet, and snow.

Find the perfect pair of tights for wherever and whenever you run with these great tights!

Top 3 Best and Favorites

Best Cold Weather

Brooks Threshold Tights

Best Value

Asics PR II

Best Compression Tights

CW-X PerformX Tights

Best Basic Running Tights

1. New Balance Accelerate Tights

New Balance’s Accelerate Tights combine a smooth, chafe-free design with a fit that easily moves with your body.

These tights have a bit of reflective trim for increased visibility. They wick moisture to keep you comfortable and dry. Double-knit stretch keeps you supported while allowing great range of motion.

Zippers at the ankles make these tights easy to take on and off. And there is a small pocket for storage.

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Best Running Tights with Fleece Lining

2. Oiselle Lesley Tights

The Oiselle Lesley Tights are designed by women for women. They have a fit that looks and feels great. Best of all, a thin layer of fleece on the inside of these tights keeps you warm on the coldest days.

The design allows you to move freely with chafing or discomfort. There’s a small zippered pocket in the back.

These tights are perfect when out for a run or just running errands.

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Best Cold Weather Compression Tight

3. 2XU MCS Thermal Compression Tights

Stay warm with the thick, plush MCS tights. These tights are made with a brushed fabric that provide warmth without sacrificing movement.

These compression tights also help you run by increasing blood circulation throughout the lower half of your body. You’ll warm up faster and recovery sooner while wearing these tights.

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Best Budget Cold Weather Tight

4. ASICS Thermopolis Tights

Costing about 20% less than most thermal tights, the ASICS Thermopolis tights are the best budget cold weather tights we could find.

The soft, spandex material stretches with you while providing targeted compression in just the right places. The thick, thermal tights will keep you warm on the coldest days.

A water-resistant rear-centered pocket provides room to store essentials while out on the run.

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Best Cold Weather Running Tights with Side Pockets

5. Brooks Threshold Tights

Not only do these tights feature two side pockets just below the hip, but they Brooks’ warmest running tights. They help you stay warm on cold, winter days.

They also sport a small interior, sweat-resistant pocket for storing essentials like keys, money, or ID. The fleece-lining helps keep you warm and a drawstring waist lets you customize the fit.

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Best Reflective Tights

6. Brooks Greenlight Nightlife Tights

These Brooks’ tights offer 360 degrees of reflectivity so cars can see you in all directions. The bright yellow, reflective design also starts at the ankle and rises to the knee, ensuring lots of movement so drivers will see you running. There is added reflective details on the knee.

These tights are also warm and provide free-range of motion. Compression fabric keeps you dry while supporting muscles. There is a small pocket with a water-resistant lining to store small items.

Flat seams provide a chafe-free ride throughout your run.

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And check out this video to see how much cars can see you with reflectivity below the knees (plus other great tips for being seen).

Best Odor-Free Running Tights

7. Smartwool PhD Running Tights

If you’ve ever smelled an old running shirt, you know that once it starts to stink, the odor won’t go away no matter how frequently you wash it. The beauty of merino wool is that it resists these funky smells while polyester clothing smells worse the more frequently its used.

The Smartwool PhD running tights offer warmth, comfort, and resist odor thanks to merino wool.

In addition to fighting odor, merino wool keeps you warm even when wet. And like other running fabrics, it wicks moisture from the skin and dries quickly.

Unlike regular wool, merino wool doesn’t scratch or itch – it feels just as soft and comfortable as other running tights on the market.

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Top Windproof Running Tights

8. GORE R3 Partial Windstopper Tights

Featuring windproof fabric along the top front and back of the tights, GORE’s R3 Windstopper Tights are great for blustery, semi-cold days. 

GORE’s windstopper membrane protects from the wind while allowing air to escape, preventing you from overheating. GORE has put this unique membrane in the R3 Windstopper Tights along the front and back down to the mid- to lower-thigh level. The rest of the tights are more standard material that still breaths but doesn’t block the wind. This means the Windstopper tight is better for spring and fall windy runs, rather than winter weather.

These tights also have reflective detail along the back of the tights. A good feature for early morning or evening runs. There is also a small pocket in the back. It can carry small items but isn’t big enough for a large phone. 

The elastic drawcord is one connected piece. This means it’s a bit harder to tie but prevents one end from slipping into the waistband when you wash it.

The tights run small, so check the size guide on GORE’s website before buying. We also felt the waistband was a bit too thin. It dug in a little as we were running.

Overall the R3 Windstopper  Tights are perfect for spring and fall windy runs. They’ll remain breathable while blocking the wind

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The Best Nike Running Tights

9. Nike Pro Women’s Training Tights

These Nike tights have a silky, smooth feel. They allow you to move easily whether you are running or just working out at the gym.

The backs of the calf area are thin mesh allowing great ventilation to keep you from overheating. The elastic, flat waistband provides a secure and flattering fit.

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Best Compression Tights

10. CW-X PerformX Tights

The PerformX tights offer great compression and support across the entire lower body. Strategically placed compression is further added along the IT band, hip, and quads to aid with injury recovery.

There is enough compression in these tights that they function equally well for recovery as they do for running. The Coolmax/Lycra fabric pulls moisture from your skin while allowing you to move freely.

The flat seams reduce chafing and the waistband is reinforced an extra layer of fabric for enhanced durability.

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Best Tights and Capris for Summer

11. ASICS PR II Tights & Capris

Made with super-soft, high stretch spandex, these tights and capris offer superior comfort at a great price.

They’re light-weight, perfect for warm weather running. They feature flat seams to prevent rubbing. And like other tights, will quickly wick moisture from your skin.

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Best Maternity Running Tights

12. Motherhood Secret Fit Belly Maternity Performance Legging

These affordable tights are made with a polyester/spandex blend to wick moisture while holding everything in place. The tights ride high to cover your baby bump and keep it in secure while running. They also look and feel great.

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