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The Best Walking Shoes for Men in 2023


The best walking shoes for men provide plenty of support in a comfortable style that doesn’t bind or pinch. Because whether you’re walking around the block or participating in a parade, you shouldn’t have to worry about blisters or hot spots.

Good walking shoes should provide plenty of cushioning and support. They are designed to protect your feet across a variety of surfaces, from pavement to dirt to the treadmill.

Many of the shoes we reviewed will work great as a pair you can wear around the office so that they can do double duty. We would choose the Saucony Echelon 9 for our top pick. It has plenty of forefoot space, comfortable but strong arch support, and is orthotic-friendly.

You’ll find some good-looking options among our picks. And if you are looking for a women’s pair of walking shoes for your significant other, check out this article.

Let’s run down our list of favorites and the features that make them worth considering.

Top 3 Best and Favorites


Saucony Echelon 9


  • Flexible and quite responsive
  • Well made and will last
  • Comfortable fit with lots of cushioning
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Skechers GO WALK Arch Fit


  • Responsive and supportive
  • Ultra Pillars on the sole
  • Flexible, dual-density rubber
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Hoka Bondi SR


  • Water-resistant leather upper
  • Lightweight EVA cushioning
  • Slip-resistant outsoles
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Best Overall

1. Saucony Echelon 9

The Saucony Echelon is a comfortable, durable shoe with excellent support for almost all walkers, particularly those who need some room in their forefoot.

What We Like

The Echelon 9 is highly cushioned, perfect for almost anyone to take a comfortable walk. Whether you need support for flat feet, prefer something a little flatter, or want to add your own orthotics, this shoe can accommodate you.

Saucony’s PWRRUN cushioning is a little on the firmer side, providing excellent shock absorption while supporting your arch at the same time. It’s got superb underfoot support, so even those with flat feet should find it to be helpful.

If you already use an orthotic, you can easily add it to this shoe, thanks to the removable insole. That means you can customize the insole to suit you no matter what your arch height or how much support you need.

The FORMFIT upper has been designed to be plush and spacious but conforms to your foot for a hug-like fit. A wide-toe box is standard on Saucony shoes, so your toes should have plenty of space to play freely.

To help reduce lateral movement and keep your joints correctly positioned while you’re walking, there’s a 3D Heel Band at the back of the shoe, which holds your heel securely.

You can take these shoes almost anywhere, as they have a TRIFLEX rubber outsole that can handle multiple different surfaces while staying flexible and comfortable throughout your walk.

Why We Like It

This shoe has ample space in the forefoot, strong support in the arch, and a removable footbed to allow almost all feet a comfortable ride. Whether you need an insole or not, you should find this shoe comfy and supportive for walking.

What to Consider

Saucony shoes have a naturally wide fit, especially on the forefoot. If you have a narrow foot, you may find that the fit feels sloppy.

What’s New

The Echelon 9 is about an ounce heavier than the Echelon 8, but this is most likely a trade-off for the extra 2 mm of foam in the midsole.


  • A highly-cushioned shoe that offers an excellent balance of firmness and responsiveness
  • The orthotic-friendly design provides extra depth/width when you remove the footbed
  • A firm 3D heelband provides rearfoot stability and prevents heel slippage
  • The durable rubber outsole offers excellent grip when walking on asphalt, gravel, and pavement


  • This shoe may be too wide for runners with narrow feet

Top Value

2. Skechers GO WALK Arch Fit

This slip-on shoe is easy to wear wherever you go and surprisingly supportive. They’re great for casual wear and go well with any budget as well.

What We Like

For their price, the Go Walk Arch Fit shoes are top quality. They’re budget-friendly and look great, whether you’re taking a walk to burn some calories or walking through the shopping center.

These slip-ons are light and comfortable on the feet. A stretch-fit sock-like upper contours to your feet to provide step-in comfort.

360-degree fit technology and a seamless design mean it wraps around in all the right ways without chafing or causing hot spots.

In the arch, there’s better support than you may expect from an affordable and unassuming pair of shoes. This is thanks to a design based on over 120,000 foot scans!

The midsole is generously padded with Ultra Go cushioning and includes Comfort Pillar technology, offering more than adequate shock absorption as you walk, even on hard surfaces.

Those who wear orthotics will be pleased to know that the insole is removable to make space for your custom insert, so you’ll always be as protected and supported as you need.

Dual-density rubber in the outsole helps you keep your footing on several different surfaces, so you can walk confidently.

Why We Like It

These shoes are easy to slip on as you’re leaving the house, and they’re budget-friendly as well. They’re great for walkers who want something supportive but not expensive.

What to Consider

As there’s no way to tighten these shoes, there may be some heel slippage as you walk if they aren’t quite the right fit.


  • Comfortable, seamless sock-knit upper hugs your foot
  • A generous layer of cloud-like cushion that’s responsive and feels supportive, especially in the arch
  • Ultra Pillars on the sole provide additional support and good shock absorption with each step you take
  • Flexible, dual-density rubber offers excellent traction on varying terrains


  • There may be some heel slippage in these shoes

Most Cushioned

3. Hoka Bondi SR

If you’re looking for a cushioned walking shoe that feels like you’re walking on clouds, then you can’t beat the Hoka Bondi SR.

What We Like

The Bondi is a max-cushioned shoe, so there’s plenty of foam under your feet to both comfort and protect them.

With 33 mm of padding in the heel and 27 mm in the forefoot, you’ll feel the cushioning on every step you take.

Even the upper is plush. On the outside, water-resistant leather looks good and keeps your feet dry and lightly supported from the outside.

But it’s also lined with padding, so even if you cinch down to get a tight fit, your foot is cushioned from all angles.

To help you walk smoother and faster with less effort, there’s a typical Hoka early-stage meta rocker on the forefoot. This helps to reduce muscle fatigue and makes the shoes comfortable to wear all day long.

There’s also a full ground contact, slip-resistant rubber outsole. You’ll be able to walk safely on any number of surfaces while keeping your footing with little effort. It’s been tested on soap, oil, and water, so you can be confident that you’re safe.

Why We Like It

The Bondi SR has a super stack of comfortable cushioning that both protects the feet from shock and makes them feel unusually plush and comfortable. We also love the water-resistant upper and slip-resistant outsole for safety while walking.

What to Consider

This is a bulky shoe! Although it’s not heavy, not everyone will like the chunky look of the Bondi, no matter how much padding it has underfoot.


  • Comfortable for all-day wear and helps prevent fatigue and soreness
  • Water-resistant leather upper keeps your feet dry on your walk or while running errands
  • A thick layer of lightweight EVA cushioning that offers exceptional shock absorption and comfort
  • Slip-resistant outsoles let you confidently on a variety of surfaces


  • The bulky design is not for everyone

Top for Overpronation

4. Brooks Addiction Walker 2

If you overpronate—roll your feet inwards on every step—you don’t just need protection while running. The Brooks Addiction Walker 2 will keep your feet safe while walking.

What We Like

The Brooks Addiction Walker 2 is an excellent choice for overpronators. It has both stability features and excellent cushioning, providing all you need to keep your feet safe and comfortable on your walks.

There’s BioMoGo DNA foam in the midsole, which provides surprisingly good support for the arch. But that’s not all the support in the shoe—an Extended Progressive Diagonal Rollbar bolsters the arch support and stops that typical foot rolling.

As well as keeping your joints aligned thanks to the strong arch support, the rollbar offers excellent shock absorption. A deep heel cup helps to keep your foot in the correct position throughout your stride.

Full-grain leather upper and slip-resistant outsole finish this shoe to create a safe, supportive, and stable walking shoe.

Why We Like It

The Brooks Addiction Walker 2 provides excellent support for overpronators. You can wear them with confidence, knowing that your feet are supported, and you’re safe from external hazards on your walk.

What to Consider

The rollbar makes this shoe quite firm, and if you aren’t used to wearing such stiff shoes, they may take a few days to break in properly. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing; it just means you need to have some patience.

What’s New

The second version of this shoe is quite a bit more firm than the first. Some people might be disappointed with the stiffness if they were expecting something more similar to the last shoe.

The upper and visible part of the midsole have also been streamlined a little in the Addiction Walker 2.


  • Extended Progressive Diagonal Rollbar provides strategic arch support and corrects overpronation
  • Soft, full-length BioMoGo DNA midsole cushioning adapts to your unique stride
  • A deep heel cup helps stabilize the foot and prevents your foot from moving side-to-side
  • Provides excellent support for people who have flat to medium arches


  • This shoe may take some time to break in

Best Rocker Bottom

5. MBT Gadi

Many shoes out there have a slight rocker bottom. MBT isn’t the most well-known brand, but this shoe has a great rocker that will help you walk more easily.

What We Like

This shoe is an athletic-style shoe designed for walking. It’s designed to be lightweight and breathable, so whether you want to speed walk, take a stroll, or walk in the hottest time of day, they’ll be suitable.

A level 2 rocker in the sole helps you to move faster with less effort while reducing foot muscle fatigue as you walk.

There’s a mesh footbed with an Ortholite insole, which is antibacterial and moisture-wicking. You can remove it if you need to.

Sensor Technology in the midfoot and heel provides shock absorption, as does the non-marking, high-abrasion rubber on the outsole, which also protects you from slips.

In the midfoot, there’s a unique Pivot Strike area, which is smooth and helps you to make the heel-to-toe transition faster and smoother.

Why We Like It

This shoe is light and comfortable and features a low-level rocker in the sole to help you to move smoother and faster.

What to Consider

There’s not a lot of arch support in this shoe. However, the footbed is removable, so you can easily add your own, offering more support. Durability is also questionable if you walk very often.


  • Lightweight mesh upper that won’t hold you back when walking fast
  • A removable footbed allows you to add your own custom orthotic if you need
  • MBT Level 1 Rocker reduces foot fatigue and makes walking smooth
  • MBT High Abrasion Rubber on the outsole for excellent grip


  • There’s not a lot of arch support in the midsole
  • Durability isn’t as good as others

Top for Wide Feet

6. New Balance 847v4

Walkers with wide feet will appreciate the New Balance 847v4 for multiple reasons. It’s got enough width to be comfortable throughout the shoe.

What We Like

This is technically a stability shoe, but it’s an excellent choice for walkers with wide feet. The breathable mesh upper stretches lightly, which means it can accommodate swollen feet and bunions.

It also comes in multiple width options up to 6E, XX-wide. There’s something for everyone, regardless of how wide your foot actually is or why you need extra width.

Plush TruFuse foam in the midsole delivers excellent impact absorption and some bounce when walking. There’s also a Rollbar in the heel, which is a plate running under the heel, connecting two posts.

This effectively reduces twisting of the foot or shoe, keeping your foot safer and steadier as you walk, especially for overpronators or those who walk on uneven terrain.

Why We Like It

This shoe is comfortable enough for those with wide feet to wear for many hours at a time. No chafing, no sloppy fit, and wide throughout the shoe.

What to Consider

The low heel may lead to some heel slippage issues. However, if you’re a more relaxed walker, this shouldn’t really be an issue if you cinch your laces tightly.

What’s New

The v4 uses TruFuse foam instead of the usual ABZORB. The upper has been revamped to offer more usability, and so has the tread on the outsole for better grip.


  • Breathable mesh upper with a spacious toe box that can accommodate swelling or bunions
  • The rollbar posting system enhances stability and support
  • Plush cushioning increases comfort and improves shock absorption
  • Available in different width options up to 6E XX-wide


  • The low heel may lead to heel slippage

Best Slip-On

7. Merrell Jungle Moc Crafted

Looking for a slip-on walking shoe that looks great and protects your feet? The Merrell Jungle Moc Crafted shoe is ideal.

What We Like

Whether you want to take a stroll around the block, go on a hike, or head to the office, the Merrell Jungle Moc is the perfect shoe to wear.

It’s stylish enough to wear in smarter situations but still looks sporty enough to take on the road or hit the trail with.

The suede leather upper is easy to slip on and off thanks to elastic goring but won’t fall off when you’re walking.

It’s also water-resistant, so you can step in a puddle if necessary without worrying about damaging your shoes. It’s lined with moisture-wicking fabric to reduce chafing and increase breathability.

A lightweight EVA midsole reduces pounding on your joints and keeps you comfortable on your feet. There’s also a contoured insole that helps to align your joints.

There’s a Merrell Air Cushion in the heel for even better shock absorption.

The outsole is excellent for a variety of surfaces, featuring soft rubber down the middle and harder, more durable rubber on the outside, moving up the midsole. This provides great coverage and protection.

With 3 mm lugs on the outer sections and smaller, dot-like lugs on the inner section, you’ll get good traction on any number of surfaces.

Why We Like It

The Merrell Jungle Moc Crafted is a stylish-looking slip-on shoe that you can wear almost anywhere.

What to Consider

These shoes run warm, thanks to their leather upper and warm and comfortable lining. They may not be the best choice for summer wear.


  • Stylish and versatile shoe that can be worn all-day at the office, on walks, or with your favorite jeans
  • Contoured insole cradles your foot encouraging its natural alignment and reduces fatigue
  • Lightweight EVA midsole with additional air cushioning in the heel cushion each step
  • Sticky rubber outsole with lugs provides excellent grip on wet surfaces, gravel, and uneven terrain


  • These shoes can run warm

Top New Balance

8. New Balance 813

Fans of New Balance shoes should consider the 813 for walking. It’s a stylish shoe with a range of features that make it great for walking.

What We Like

The New Balance 813 is a good-looking shoe. Available in black, white, or brown, it’s a leather shoe with a distinctly athletic flair to it.

Although the upper is made of leather, it’s supple and allows your feet room to move and your toes space to splay. Lined with mesh, it remains cool and wicks away moisture even though it’s a leather shoe.

This shoe also offers stability features. Overpronators, in particular, will benefit from the Rollbar, two TPU posts in the rearfoot that stabilize your gait and prevent rolling.

Cushioning in this shoe is adequate. It’s not a max cushioned shoe by any means, but you can remove the insole and add your own that’s more cushioned if you need more.

The outsole features Walking Strike Path technology. This helps smooth the heel-to-toe transition and keeps your gait more stable.

It’s also made of strong, sticky rubber that will keep you safe on almost all surfaces while lasting for a long time.

Why We Like It

Runners who prefer New Balance shoes will enjoy the good-looking leather upper, spacious toe box, and supportive but light cushioning this shoe offers. It’s a great combination of comfortable and supportive.

What to Consider

This shoe features a 13 mm heel-to-toe drop, which is larger than usual. If you have ball-of-foot pain like metatarsalgia, Morton’s neuroma, or even hammer toes, this shoe may not be the best choice for you.


  • Supple leather upper with a roomy toe box that allows your toes to spread naturally
  • Lightweight, supportive cushioning is soft, responsive, and reduces the impact of your footstrike
  • Walking Strike Path provides smooth heel-to-toe transitions and helps guide your foot through your gait cycle
  • Medial and lateral TPU posts stabilize the rear foot and provide motion control


  • The high drop may make it unsuitable for those with forefoot problems

Best for Plantar Fasciitis

9. Rockport World Tour Classic

If you suffer from plantar fasciitis and need shoes you can walk in without pain and still look smart; then the Rockport World Tour Classic is what we recommend.

What We Like

This shoe offers everything you need to support the plantar fascia, reduce pain, and keep your feet comfortable as you walk.

Comfortable EVA foam in the midsole provides great support for the arch. This is aided by a reinforced steel shank in the midsole, offering excellent support that removes the strain off your plantar fascia and reduces pain.

The footbed is removable, so if there isn’t enough support in this shoe, you shouldn’t have a hard time finding something appropriate to add.

Rockport’s Walking Platform Construction offers a wide, stable base that assists with stability. The shoe is also quite light, which takes stress off your arch.

It has a leather upper that looks smart and provides light support from the outside in. There’s also thick padding inside the shoe, which increases the comfort.

Why We Like It

This shoe is smart, versatile, and offers a range of features that help to reduce the pain of plantar fasciitis.

What to Consider

These shoes are on the smarter side and may not be comfortable to walk in if you want to do any athletic type of walking.


  • Full-grain leather or nubuck upper with a breathable lining keeps your feet dry and comfortable throughout the day
  • The removable footbed accommodates orthotics or insoles
  • Shock-absorbing EVA midsole cushioning provides support and absorbs shock
  • Reinforced steel shank increases the stability of the shoe and helps to reduce excessive foot movement


  • These shoes may not be suitable for casual, athletic walking

Most Supportive

10. Brooks Beast 20

If you need serious support, the Brooks Beast is the best shoe to choose. It retains an athletic look and feel but supports your feet strongly.

What We Like

Severe overpronators will appreciate this shoe for its strong support. A layer of BioMoGo DNA foam in the midsole conforms to your arch, providing the kind of support you need.

Designed on a straight last, this shoe’s very shape is stable. You’ll also find GuideRails that gently position your feet correctly and hold them there without being intrusive.

They only come into play when your foot tries to move sideways or roll, which means they prevent pronation but don’t get in your way when your foot’s moving the right way.

The mesh upper is soft and breathable and conforms to your foot. Cinch down on the laces to get a comfortable, safe, and yet roomy fit on your fit.

Under the shoe, a segmented crash pad with deep flex grooves provides shock absorption and durability.

Why We Like It

The Brooks Beast 20 is an excellent shoe for overpronators. It provides great support without being intrusive, thanks to the GuideRails support system.

What to Consider

This shoe is on the heavier side, which is to be expected from a stability shoe but may put some people off getting it.

What’s New

The GuideRails have been moved further down the shoe and more into the actual midsole. This offers better support and stability.


  • Breathable mesh upper that will form comfortably to your foot shape
  • A generous layer of BioMoGo DNA foam offers soft and comfortable cushioning that’s responsive
  • Guide rails provide unobtrusive support that helps prevent excess movements
  • Deep flex grooves increase flexibility and encourage the natural movement of your foot


  • This shoe is slightly on the heavy side

Buyer’s Guide – Walking Shoes for Men


Not everybody will need a stability shoe. If you overpronate, you will need a shoe that offers support features, such as a medial post and a heel counter, to stop excess movement.

However, if you have a neutral foot or supinate, then you don’t need a stability or motion control shoe. Instead, you should choose a neutral shoe without intrusive stability features.


Your shoe should have ample cushioning to absorb shock on every step. This protects your joints from jarring and adds comfort to every step.


A stiff shoe will be uncomfortable and can lead to injury. Your shoes should be flexible enough that you can walk easily and comfortably without feeling restricted.


This is especially important if you’re walking in a hot place. The shoes should be breathable enough to allow air to cool your feet and wick away moisture.

Rocker Sole

A rocker sole can help to reduce foot fatigue, as it helps you to move through your heel-to-toe transition faster and more smoothly.

Some people like the feel of a rocker, and others don’t, so you will need to decide for yourself.

Toe Box

There should be enough room in the toe box for your toes to move comfortably and freely. They shouldn’t chafe or rub anywhere.

There should be a space of around a thumbs-width between your toes and the end of the shoe.


Should I Buy Walking Shoes a Size Bigger?

In some cases, buying shoes that are half-size or full-size larger than your usual shoe size can be helpful. This is because some people’s feet swell up when they walk.

If your feet swell when you walk for more than half an hour, going up a shoe size can be helpful as it accommodates your swollen feet.

You will need to cinch down to get a good fit and make sure there’s no heel slippage or too much space between your toes and the front of the shoe.

However, if you’ve never had that problem, then you should stick to your regular size. A pair of shoes that’s too big can alter your form and make you more prone to injury.

Is It Ok to Wear Running Shoes for Walking?

You can wear running shoes for walking. However, you should not wear walking shoes for running, as the impact is higher and walking shoes aren’t designed to withstand it.

Running shoes will most likely offer more cushioning and shock absorption than walking shoes, so if you need that, running shoes are a great idea.

What Is the Best Heel-to-Toe Drop for Walking?

The correct heel-to-toe drop depends on what’s comfortable for you. Most shoes have a heel drop of between 4 and 8 mm, with 12 mm being the largest that you can find easily.

12 mm may place extra stress on the ball of the foot. Between 4 and 8 mm is ideal as it takes the strain off the ball of the foot and the Achilles tendon, allowing you to walk without pain and transfer energy efficiently for a powerful toe-off.

When Should I Buy New Walking Shoes?

You should replace your walking shoes every 500 miles or every six months. However, if you notice that your shoe is no longer supporting your feet properly or your feet are starting to get sore, you should get new, supportive shoes.

Keep in mind that if you wear your shoes outside of your walking activities, they will wear out quicker.

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