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Best Walking Shoes For High Arches in 2023


Plenty has been written about running with high arches. If you have high arches, it’s not just something you run with – you walk around all day, every day with high arches. Finding shoes that give you the right kind of support and are actually comfortable on your feet can be challenging.

The best walking shoes for high arches should cushion your feet well enough to allow you to do what you need to without leaving you sore when your errands or outings are over.

We’ve chosen the Brooks Ghost 15 as the best overall walking shoe for those with high arches. They have a deep insole that can accommodate a custom orthotic if needed and feature a wider base for extra stability.

Top 3 Best and Favorites


Brooks Ghost 15


  • DNA Loft in the midsole
  • Segmented Crash Pad
  • Excellent traction


Saucony Echelon Walker 3


  • PWRRUN cushioning
  • Durable leather and synthetic upper
  • Spacious toe box


New Balance 928 V3


  • ABZORB midfoot cushioning
  • ROLLBAR stability post
  • Removable insole

Best Overall

1. Brooks Ghost 15

The Brooks Ghost 15 is the latest version of a much-loved shoe, perfect for those with high arches to walk comfortably, well-supported, and pain-free.

What We Like

DNA Loft foam in the midsole of this shoe provides excellent support in the arch, so those with high arches will be well supported as they walk.

There’s a significant amount of cushioning in this shoe—33.8 mm in the heel with the insole and 21.4 mm in the forefoot. That’s good news for those with high arches, as it does all the shock-absorbing for you.

More impact protection comes from the Segmented Crash Pad on the forefoot. It also allows for some flexibility on every step and works with the 5 mms of sticky blown rubber on the outsole to keep you safe and comfortable on a number of surfaces.

A thick, plush heel collar and a light heel clip help to keep the foot in place. Runners sometimes report the heel slips, but if you’re just walking in this shoe, there should be no problem.

Why We Like It

The Brooks Ghost 15 provides excellent support for those with high arches and exceptionally soft cushioning for a lovely feel underfoot.

What to Consider

The Ghost 15 has a naturally wide fit, which is great for those with wide feet but may be a little less comfortable for walkers with narrow feet. Sizing down may get the width right, but it may be too short in length.

What’s New

The new Ghost features an improved upper for a better fit. There’s also a newer version of their DNA Loft called DNA Loft v2 that’s more cushioned and lighter.


  • DNA Loft in the midsole provides high arch support
  • Great blend of soft, shock-absorbing cushioning and stability
  • Segmented Crash Pad offers extra shock absorption
  • Durable blown rubber outsole offers excellent traction


  • This shoe may not work well for those with narrow feet

Top All-Black Shoe

2. Saucony Echelon Walker 3

Looking for an all-black shoe that’s great for walking and fits right in casual and smart situations? The Saucony Echelon 3 is a good choice.

What We Like

With a durable leather upper that comes in all-black or all-white, the Echelon Walker is a surprisingly good-looking shoe that fits right into casual and semi-smart situations.

PWRRUN foam in the midsole offers a feeling that’s a good mix between soft and firm. It delivers strong structural support for the arch, keeping your foot aligned and reducing strain on the arch, ankle, and rest of the kinetic chain.

There’s a plush heel collar that also features a sturdy synthetic overlay to keep the foot properly in place.

There’s a significant amount of slip-resistant rubber underfoot, and you’ll also find WalkTrac technology, which guides the foot through its natural motion.

One of the best things about this shoe is that it has a naturally wide toe box and comes in various widths, so it’s not difficult to find your perfect fit.

Why We Like It

The Echelon Walker 3 is a stylish-looking all-black shoe with excellent support for those with high arches.

What to Consider

These shoes tend to run warm due to their leather upper. If you’re looking for a walking shoe that’s highly breathable, these may not be for you.


  • Durable leather upper comes in both black and white
  • PWRRUN midsole cushioning provides strong support for the arch
  • Plush heel collar with exterior synthetic support overlays keeps the foot in place
  • Several width options available to find your perfect fit


  • These shoes run warm

Best for Medicare Reimbursement

3. New Balance 928 v3

The New Balance 928 v3 qualifies for Medicare reimbursement. If you need a motion control shoe to reduce pain and increase stability for high arches, it’s well worth considering.

What We Like

With a strong leather upper in black, this shoe is durable, looks good, and can work for either a brisk walk as exercise or for wearing out and about to casual or semi-formal events.

There’s no need to worry about your feet overheating in the leather upper, as it has a ring of breathable mesh around the collar for increased ventilation.

Leather overlays feature across the shoe and form an external heel counter for lateral support. A sizable toe box—in length and depth—keeps your forefoot comfortable.

The CMEVA midsole offers good shock absorption and good support for the arch. There’s also ABZORB cushioning in the midfoot and forefoot for extra protection.

Rollbar technology in the midsole uses medial and lateral posts to prevent any excess movement that could cause injury or strain.

If you need more specific support, you can remove the PU footbed to make space for your orthotic insole.

On the outsole, Ndurance rubber keeps you stable on your feet on any surface, and Walking Strike Path technology helps to smooth the heel-to-toe transition.

Why We Like It

The foam midsole of the 928 v3 offers support and shock absorption for high arches. It’s also excellent for those with slightly wider feet.

What to Consider

The tongue on this shoe is a little short and narrow, which may be noticeable for some and can cause discomfort. However, it shouldn’t affect you while walking as it’s more likely to move out of place if running.

Those with narrow feet may find that the wider fit of this shoe is a bit uncomfortable and doesn’t get a good fit.

What’s New

The 928 v3 has had a few aesthetic changes, but the most significant difference is the revamped forefoot. It now features a deeper toe box, which is quite similar to the 928 v1.


  • Qualifies for Medicare reimbursement
  • Thick layer of ABZORB cushioning reduces impact
  • ROLLBAR technology protects the feet from falling over
  • Removable PU footbed allows you to add custom support if necessary


  • The short, narrow tongue may cause some discomfort
  • The naturally wide fit may not fit well on narrow feet

Most Cushioned

4. Hoka One One Bondi 8

Hoka’s most cushioned shoe, the Bondi 8, is an excellent choice for walkers with high arches. It’s a plush and soft ride!

What We Like

The Bondi 8 features close to 30 mm of EVA foam in the midsole, providing excellent shock absorption to protect high arches.

While it absorbs impact and prevents jarring, it also hugs the arch, providing all necessary support.

As well as being plush underfoot, the Bondi’s ankle collar and tongue are also thick and luxurious. This helps you to get a good lockdown on your feet, which keeps the arch support right where you need it.

An early-stage Meta-Rocker helps to smooth your stride and reduce foot fatigue, especially if you walk for long periods.

On the outsole, hard-wearing rubber in strategic, high-wear places offers a stable footing on many different surfaces.

Why We Like It

This shoe’s top-notch, plush cushioning not only absorbs shock very well but also offers exceptional support for the arch.

What to Consider

The Bondi 8 is so cushioned that it can feel slightly heavy on the feet. If you want a lightweight pair of shoes, this isn’t it.

What’s New

The differences between the 7 and 8 are small but important. The midsole features a new foam that’s a tad lighter and offers more energy return with a heel that flares out slightly. There is also a softer tongue design.


  • EVA midsole provides excellent support and shock absorption for those with high arches
  • Plush ankle collar and tongue help you to get a good lockdown
  • Early-stage Meta-Rocker reduces foot fatigue if you’re on your feet for hours
  • Hard-wearing rubber outsole grips most surfaces


  • These shoes may feel heavy

Best Orthopedic

5. Orthofeet Lava (men’s)

6. Orthofeet Coral (women’s)

The Orthofeet Lava—men’s—and Coral—women’s—are orthopedic shoes designed to improve your foot health. They offer excellent support for the arch.

What We Like

These two shoes are very similar. Their athletic-looking design hides plenty of orthopedic features that protect your arches.

Both have an anatomical insole that offers firm arch support. However, if you need extra support that the insole isn’t giving you, the shoes come with an Arch Booster, which can help.

If you want to insert your custom orthotic, the insoles are removable to allow space. The shoes also come with two spacers underneath the insole—1/16-inch and ⅛-inch—which you can use to customize the depth of your shoe.

A deep heel cup works with the arch support to keep your feet aligned. The foam midsole absorbs shock, especially in the heel, where there’s a gel pad and air cushions.

The Stretch-Knit upper also provides a non-binding and comfortable fit.

Why We Like It

These orthopedic shoes offer excellent, almost customizable arch support and allow you to choose from different shoe depths.

What to Consider

The upper is tightly woven and may run warm in cold weather.


  • Anatomical arch support with an optional Arch Booster
  • Molded, orthotic insoles hug the foot and provide support in all the right places
  • Removable insoles and inserts for extra depth in the shoe
  • Stretch-Knit upper provides a comfortable, non-binding fit


  • These shoes may run warm

Top Walking Shoe for Men

7. New Balance 626 v2

These shoes offer both great arch support and a robust, rugged construction that can handle anything you throw at it.

What We Like

With a rugged leather upper and a certified slip-resistant outsole, this pair of shoes is robust and rugged. It looks good enough to wear while running errands, on-site, or in an office.

In the midsole, EVA foam contours to the arch to provide outstanding support. Thanks to a built-in shank in the arch area, you’ll get extra support, which keeps it raised.

For shock absorption, the Crash Pad helps to reduce impact before it even reaches the EVA foam, where it’s absorbed even more.

Thanks to the certified slip-resistant outsole, you can take this shoe anywhere, on any surface, which can easily handle both water and oil.

Why We Like It

These shoes are robust, good-looking, and keep you safe no matter where you decide to walk in them. We also like that they come in multiple widths so that you can get the ideal fit for your foot.

What to Consider

These shoes are very rugged, making them somewhat heavier than usual for walking shoes. Each shoe weighs 12 oz, so if you walk a lot in them, your feet may fatigue over a few hours.


  • Rugged leather upper is protective and durable
  • Available in multiple widths, up to XX-wide
  • Crash-pad, shank, and EVA midsole provide excellent support
  • Slip-resistant grip lets you walk confidently across a variety of surfaces


  • The sturdiness of these shoes adds weight

Top Walking Shoe for Women

8. Vionic Berlin Sneaker

These shoes are the best of both worlds—excellent orthotic arch support and a stylish athletic design.

What We Like

The Vionic Berlin Sneaker offers support and comfort in a lightweight athletic package. A mesh upper provides breathability, while synthetic overlays in the heel and midfoot, as well as a midfoot band, offer excellent structural support.

Bungee laces not only make putting this shoe on easier but they’re connected to the large leather overlay. You get a great lockdown on your foot when you tighten your laces, hugging the arch.

For arch support, you’ll find a podiatrist-designed footbed with Ultimate Arch technology. This is part of Vionic’s Vio-Motion technology, including Three-Zone Comfort technology to absorb shock.

The insert is removable if you want to insert a custom-made one instead.

Why We Like It

This shoe looks good on your feet and offers excellent support technology and cushioning for walking.

What to Consider

This shoe is not the most durable. It may wear out in a year or less, depending on how much walking you do and the surfaces you walk on.


  • Stylish athletic design with a breathable and lightweight upper
  • Podiatrist-designed footbed with Ultimate Arch technology
  • Removable insert to allow for custom orthotics
  • Three-Zone comfort technology for shock absorption


  • The shoe is not very durable

Best for Heel Support

9. Asics Gel-Nimbus 25

This shoe is designed for underpronation. It delivers great support for high arches, as well as unparalleled cushioning.

What We Like

A combination of two foams—Flytefoam and Flytefoam Blast—creates the perfect mix of firm and responsive underfoot. It provides excellent arch support, particularly if you have high arches.

A sturdy and solid heel keeps the foot firmly in place without being uncomfortable, thanks to its plush inner padding.

Additional support is provided by the gender-specific 3D Space Construction, which stops the shoe from over-compressing and compromising support.

There’s also a Trusstic System in the shoe that prevents torsional rotation. With this combination of features, your arch will be well supported and aligned on every step.

There are gel pods in both the heel and the forefoot for shock absorption. Between these and the foam, the shoe absorbs the shock that your arch can’t.

Why We Like It

With exceptional heel cushioning and a sturdy heel counter, the Gel-Nimbus 25 is our choice if you need extra stability in the heel. It also offers exceptional arch support for high arches.

What to Consider

Compared to similar shoes, the Gel-Nimbus 25 is still on the heavy side. If you’re looking for a lightweight shoe, this isn’t it.

What’s New

The 25 has lost a little over half an ounce since the 24. The heel has been revamped, the outsole is lighter, the midsole has been streamlined, and the Trusstic System has been moved.


  • Dual cushioning and gel pods for excellent shock absorption
  • Trusstic system and 3D Space Construction create strong arch support
  • AHAR outsole rubber helps you keep your footing on multiple surfaces
  • Stable, sturdy heel provides support and is padded for comfort


  • This shoe is heavy compared to similar shoes

Top Nike Walking Shoe

10. Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit 3

If Nike is your brand, we recommend the React Infinity Run Flyknit 3. It’s a max cushioned shoe with excellent support for high arches.

What We Like

The Nike React foam in the midsole is substantial, making this a max cushioned shoe. It molds to the arch and offers the ideal amount of support for walkers who have high arches.

There’s a strong external heel counter to keep your foot stable. You can see the plastic clip behind the heel, which does an excellent job of keeping the foot in its correct position.

A new, stiff strobel lining is also found underneath the removable insole. This is a firm board that prevents torsional rotation.

The substantial amount of cushioning is also wonderful for absorbing the shock of impact. Reduced shock and a rocker shape work together to reduce foot fatigue, which can be common with high arches.

Why We Like It

Thanks to substantial arch support and a brilliant shock-absorbing cushion, this shoe feels like a stability shoe. It’s the perfect Nike for those who walk often.

What to Consider

The thick upper, while sturdy and supportive, can run warm in hot weather. If you need a lot of ventilation for your feet, these shoes may frustrate you.

What’s New

The upper has received an update, and there’s a new strobel liner, which adds some firmness to the shoe.


  • Excellent arch support makes this neutral shoe feel like a stability trainer
  • Plastic heel clip helps to stabilize the rearfoot and prevent lateral movement
  • Strobel lining in the midsole adds a firmness to the shoe
  • Substantial cushioning with a rocker reduces foot fatigue


  • These shoes may run slightly warm

Best Wide Toe Box

11. Altra Paradigm 7

The Altra Paradigm 7 has a sizable toe box and is great for those who need space on the forefoot. It also has good arch support and stability for high arches.

What We Like

Altra shoes feature a unique and spacious toe box. The FootShape forefoot allows your toes all the space they need to be free and comfortable.

As well as room in the forefoot, the Paradigm 7 features unique InnovArch technology. This thin layer comes from under the footbed and wraps around the arch, helping you get stronger arch support the more you cinch down.

Guide Rails on both the lateral and medial side of the rearfoot keep the heel right where it needs to be, without unnecessary movement.

For cushioning, the zero-drop platform of Ego Max foam offers a good combination of impact absorption and bounce, making for a peppy walk when paired with the light rocker forefoot and a beveled heel.

Why We Like It

The Altra Paradigm 7 is ideal for someone with high arches and needs space in the toe box. It offers both, plus comfy, soft cushioning.

What to Consider

If you’re not used to a zero-drop shoe, wearing this shoe could place strain on your calves and leave you with tight muscles. It’s also a little heavy on the feet.

What’s New

The upper of the Paradigm 7 has received a slight update, and so has the InnovArch technology. The midsole is new, and the shoe is a little lighter than before.


  • InnovArch technology provides sound structural support for the arch
  • EGO Max foam reduces shock and offers some responsiveness
  • FootShape toe box provides plenty of space for your toes to splay
  • Guide Rails offer additional support in the rearfoot


  • If you haven’t worn zero-drop shoes, you may find that your calf muscles ache
  • The shoes are slightly heavy on the feet

Best for Trails and Hiking

12. Brooks Cascadia 16

The Brooks Cascadia is an excellent choice if you like walking trails rather than the streets. Firm arch support, excellent trail features, and a lot of protection make it a fantastic shoe.

What We Like

This shoe features firm arch support in the DNA Loft v2 midsole. Your arch is well supported and well-cushioned, as the softer foam absorbs and distributes shock to spare your arches from the impact.

A Ballistic Rock Shield in the midsole adds stiffness to the shoe, preventing excessive arch movement. It also protects you from hazards on the trail and has a mudguard on the toe.

TrailTack rubber on the outsole gives you great traction on uneven, rocky, or loose ground.

Why We Like It

The Cascadia 16 offers all you need to navigate the trails safely while your high arches are protected, and your shoes absorb shock for you.

What to Consider

The Cascadia 16 is a little stiff due to the protective rock plate in the sole. Some people may find that this doesn’t allow them enough foot movement.

What’s New

The upgrade from 15 to 16 was quite substantial. There are fewer lugs on the outsole, including a section in the midfoot with no lugs at all.

There’s 2 mm more cushioning in the midsole, and it has a more “bucket seat” type feel where your foot is in the midsole rather than on top of it. It also uses DNA Loft version 2, which is softer.


  • Soft, flexible DNA LOFT v2 absorbs shock to protect your feet
  • Firm arch support reduces fatigue as you walk the trails
  • Ballistic Rock Shield protects your feet from the harsh terrain of the trail
  • TrailTack rubber technology keeps you safe on uneven ground


  • This shoe is somewhat stiff

Buyers Guide – Walking Shoes for High Arches

Arch Support

Your shoes need to provide adequate support for your arches. Consider shoes specifically made for those with high arches, as they will have strong arch support that isn’t easily compressed.


People with high arches have less shock absorption than others, as the arch provides shock absorption properties. This is why the best walking shoes for high arches need to have good cushioning, to absorb the shock of impact when you walk.

Heel Counter

A solid heel counter will add stability to the shoe and keep your foot in the correct position. The rearfoot will be prevented from lateral movement that could cause injury.


Heavy shoes place extra strain on your feet and increase foot fatigue. A lightweight shoe will reduce the pressure on your feet but also help to strengthen your arch by allowing the muscles of the feet to work gently.


Keep your feet cool by choosing a shoe with a breathable upper. However, make sure the upper is still firm enough to provide support.


The outsole should offer good traction on several different surfaces, so there’s less chance of slipping when you walk. It should also be durable so your shoes will last a long time.


What are high arches?

High arches refers to your instep arch. It is normal for it to be raised about the floor some. But an exaggeratedly high arch can cause some foot issues, especially with flexibility.

High arches are often genetic, but they can also be developed over time. When you have high arches, your body weight is distributed to the ball of your forefoot and heel. Some people may have pain, while other people may experience discomfort or feel like their feet are fatigued when walking or standing.

This is because the foot is providing less shock absorption, as less of the foot is touching the floor. People with high arches can have corns and calluses, stiffness or inflexibility of the arches and tight lower calf muscles and Achilles tendons.

People who have high arches often also underpronate (or supinate), which places pressures on the muscles and joints of the leg, ankle and foot. If your shoes usually wear first on the outside edge of the heel, you’re underpronating. This can cause additional issues, like:

If you have high arches, the best thing you can do is wear shoes that provide the support you need.

What shoe features do you need with high arches?

People with high arches do best with a shoe where the insole provides full support across the entire arch. Look for shoes that have the following:

  • A footbed with ample cushioning to support the arch and prevent it from collapsing.
  • Must hold their shape while you’re using them and over time.
  • Spacious toe box.
  • Have arch extension— this would feel like a broad ramp from the front to the back of the arch.
  • Deep heel cup to support your heel effectively.
  • Rear foot support— this will help with pronation control and will be more comfortable.
  • Padding around the ankle.
  • Dynamic and firm support.

What if my shoe still does not support my high arches enough?

If your shoe isn’t providing enough support, you can always insert a pair of insoles. These will help to realign the foot and ankle position so that the arch is stabilized to provide shock absorption. You can have a look at the following insoles for high arches:

To help with additional support, you can look at using lacing techniques to make sure that there are no pressure points on your foot. This will help reduce pain or even having your foot go numb from the pressure of the laces. You could use a wide-foot lacing technique where you skip every other eyelet.

If you’re still not getting relief when you’ve changed your shoes, inserted an insole or tried lacing your shoes differently, then it would be best to see your doctor or podiatrist. It could be that you need custom orthotics to correct your specific issue.

What benefits will high arch shoes provide?

If you’re already experiencing pain, then wearing shoes that provide support for high arches can help alleviate the ache. They’ll also provide the following benefits:

  • The arch support in the shoe distributes the pressure evenly across the foot and aligns your body.
  • They can help prevent the arches from collapsing.
  • Shoes with adequate support can help with balance.
  • Provide relief from knee, hip and back pain.
  • The midsoles and insoles help to absorb the shock of your footstrike.
  • Overpronation or oversupination is corrected due to motion control of the shoes.
  • The shoes provide adequate support for the Plantar fascia ligament that runs from the front to the back of the foot.

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