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Best Triathlon Suits in 2023


Experienced triathletes know that the best triathlon suits can improve performance and keep you comfortable during all phases of a triathlon.

Tri suits have skin-tight fabric that promotes muscle compression, which improves performance by increasing blood flow. Tri suits also have mesh panels to remove moisture after a swim by improving ventilation and airflow.

Most importantly, tri suits can be worn for all phases of the race, offering aerodynamics on the bike and run.

There are two types of tri suits: single-piece or two-piece—top and shorts. You also have a choice of tank top or short sleeve tri suits.

Single-piece suits are more popular for races, while two-piece suits offer more versatility to mix and match. Many are woven without seams to prevent chafing, and utilize grip fabric to ensure stability on your bicycle saddle.

Our overall pick is the Castelli PR Speed Suit, which has dynamic, wrinkle-free fabric that promotes airflow and comfort. But, we found many other top picks in various styles and price-points.

Read on to see the rest of our favorites. We’ll help you sort out the best triathlon suits available today.


Top 4 Best and Favorites


Castelli PR Speedsuit


  • Back-opening flap
  • Two rear pockets
  • Full-length front zipper


2XU Core Trisuit


  • Ergonomically-engineered paneling
  • Stretchy PWX fabric
  • Multiple pockets


Synergy Elite Tri Suit


  • NeoGel pads
  • Semi-compression material
  • Leg grippers keep shorts in place
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Sundried Performance Tri Suit


  • Moisture-wicking and comfortable
  • Well-ventilated and fitted for performance
  • Prevents chafing even on a long run
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Best Overall

1. Castelli PR Speedsuit

The Castelli PR Speedsuit is our top choice. It comes in both men’s and women’s designs and is unusually easy to work with whether on the road or in the water.

What We Like

Made with 50-denier fabric on the upper body, this tri suit is thin and aerodynamic while still being high-quality and hard-wearing. The thinness of the fabric allows you to move freely and exert your full range of motion.

In addition to being as close to the skin as you can get, this suit has silicone strips along the sleeves, designed for streamlining.

With a full-length front zipper, this suit is easy to get into and out of.

You don’t have to worry about struggling during bathroom breaks either. The easy back flap helps make bathroom breaks a breeze.

To keep you safe and comfortable on the cycling leg, a KISS Tri chamois is embedded in the suit. It’s durable and well-padded, and it shouldn’t chafe while you run or swim.

You’ll also find two rear pockets that can easily fit an energy gel so you can stay fueled up during your event.

Why We Like It

This suit is high-quality, easy to get in and out of in a hurry, and has space to carry some nutrition with you during your triathlon.

What to Consider

There are silicone strips on this tri suit, which won’t be a problem for everyone. However, athletes who have a sensitivity to silicone may find this suit to be problematic.


  • Back-opening flap for easy bathroom breaks
  • Two rear pockets allow you to carry energy gels for nutrition on the go
  • Full-length front zipper makes it easy to get in and out of quickly
  • Well-padded KISS Tri chamois keeps you cushioned and comfortable


  • The suit contains silicone strips, so those who are sensitive to silicone may not be able to wear it

Top Value

2. 2XU Core Trisuit

There’s no need to spend a fortune on a fancy tri suit. The 2XU Core Trisuit is affordable and of great quality. This is an excellent choice for beginners and experienced triathletes alike.

What We Like

This sleeveless tri suit is on the more affordable end of the spectrum, which makes it excellent value for your money.

Made of stretchy yet strong PWX fabric and treated with SBR SKIN LITE cooling technology, you can stay cool and confident on all 3 legs of your event.

The suit is sleeveless, adding to the breathability of the suit, and features ergonomically-designed panels for maximum streamlining.

A TMF Core Tri chamois is present, with a density of 65 and a thickness of between 2 and 6 mm. It’s padded enough to protect you on your ride, but not so thick that it’ll cause chafing.

The men’s tri suit features 3 rear pockets, while the women’s only has 2. Both have silicone grippers on each leg, which are handy but beware if you’re silicone-sensitive!

Why We Like It

The 2XU Core Trisuit is affordable for almost any triathlete and of good enough quality to wear with confidence!

What to Consider

The material that this tri suit is made of is high-quality, but it’s not quite as durable as others. It’s better suited for beginners who are still figuring out if they’re set on triathlon as a sport, or those who only take part here and there.

It also only has a ¼-length zipper, which may make it difficult to get in and out of quickly.


  • TMF Core Tri chamois provides excellent padding for long rides
  • Ergonomically-engineered paneling for an aerodynamic feel
  • Stretchy PWX fabric with SBR SKIN LITE cooling technology
  • Multiple pockets on the rear of the tri suit to carry supplies


  • This tri suit is not as durable as others
  • The ¼-length zipper may not open wide enough to get in and out easily

Best Men’s Sleeveless Triathlon Suit

3. Synergy Triathlon Men’s Tri Suit

If you like a sleeveless tri suit then the Synergy Triathlon suit is an excellent choice offering whatever your color preference may be. Over 20 different color and pattern options are up for choosing.

What We Like

The Synergy Triathlon Men’s Tri Suit is a high-quality sleeveless triathlon suit. The arm holes are large enough to prevent any chafing underneath the arms, making it more comfortable than many others.

Flatlock seams throughout add to the comfort of the suit. The chamois is perforated to allow for good airflow, and it also dries quickly to prevent discomfort and chafing as you sweat or after your swim leg.

The material is semi-compressive, which means you won’t feel too squeezed but it’s still skin-tight and aerodynamic.

You’ll have plenty of space for carrying essentials with you, thanks to 2 small side pockets and a larger, zippered mesh pocket in the small of the back.

Why We Like It

This tri suit is comfortable in all the ways that matter, designed to reduce chafing and wick away moisture. We also like that it’s available in so many different colors.

What to Consider

The zipper on the suit is quite delicate and can easily be broken if you’re not gentle with it. This could be an issue if you accidentally snag it on something.

But you should take care to be gentle with it when putting the suit on, taking it off, or stopping for a quick bathroom break.


  • Flatlock stitching and sizable arm holes reduce chafing
  • 2 small side pockets and 1 large zippered mesh pocket offer space for all the essentials
  • Perforated chamois dries quickly to provide padding without discomfort
  • Semi-compressive material delivers light compression for comfort and aerodynamics


  • The zipper on the suit is delicate so you will need to be careful when using it

Best Women’s Sleeveless Triathlon Suit

4. Sundried Performance Tri Suit

This tri suit is sleek and close-fitting, keeping you streamlined and comfortable throughout your event. If you’re looking for a sleeveless tri suit, this is a great choice.

What We Like

The Sundried Performance Tri Suit is a lightly compressive, skin-tight, streamlined tri suit. The sleeveless design increases your range of motion, allowing you to move freely whether swimming, cycling, running, or transitioning between legs.

It’s made of technical fabric that’s crafted to be quick-drying. You’ll be dry soon after your swim leg, which reduces any chance of rubbing and discomfort.

There’s a thin but effective chamois pad to keep you comfortable in the saddle for even more comfort and protection. It’s also hypoallergenic.

On the back of the suit, a ½-length zipper allows you to get in and out of the suit easily. It has a long fabric loop attached so you can easily reach it yourself, no help required.

Why We Like It

It’s designed for comfort and performance. The sleeveless design allows for a full range of motion and a high level of comfort.

What to Consider

While the suit is an excellent choice for aerodynamics and comfort, the one let-down is that it features no pockets. If you’re planning on carrying nutrition items with you, you’ll need to use a race belt or choose another tri suit.


  • Wide arm holes and stretchy material allow a full range of motion for all 3 sports
  • Subtle but effective hypoallergenic chamois pad for comfort and protection
  • Technical fabric dries quickly so you won’t be wet for long after your swim
  • ½-length back zipper with attached fabric loop for easy reaching


  • This tri suit has no pockets

Top Men’s Triathlon Suit With Sleeves

5. Zoot Core + Aero Racesuit

If you prefer a suit with sleeves, we highly recommend the Zoot Core + Aero Racesuit. As its name suggests, it’s aerodynamic and high-quality.

What We Like

This suit is a great choice if you prefer one with sleeves. It’s made of 4-way stretch material, which means it moves easily with you and won’t restrict your range of motion.

Seamlink stitch construction means there’s little chance of chafing. A front zipper makes it easy to get in and out of the suit in a hurry.

The arms are ventilated to allow for maximum airflow as you move. The fabric is also UPF 50+, so you’re protected from the sun at the same time.

An SBR—swim, bike, run—2D fleece pad is built into the suit, providing adequate protection against the bike saddle.

We like that this suit features wide, comfortable grippers on the legs and the arms that won’t cut into your skin. They do an effective job of stopping the suit from riding up.

You’ll also find 2 small hip pockets and a spacious kangaroo-style back pocket so you can carry small items with you easily.

Why We Like It

The Zoot Core + Aero suit is smooth and streamlined. We like that it comes in 5 different sizes, as every athlete can find their perfect fit.

What to Consider

If you happen to have a wide neck or well-built traps, you may find that the collar of this suit feels a little close around the neck or chafes.


  • 4-way stretch mesh fabric moves with you and doesn’t restrict your motion
  • UPF 50+ sun protection to keep you safe in summer weather
  • Wide, comfortable grippers on each leg stop the suit from riding up
  • Available in five different sizes so every athlete can find a perfect fit


  • Some may find that the collar is a little narrow and can chafe the neck

Best Men’s Triathlon Suit Top

6. Zoot Core Tri Tank

Triathletes who race in a 2-piece instead of a 1-piece will appreciate this triathlon tank top. It’s lightweight and breezy while protecting against the sun as well.

What We Like

The Zoot Core Tri Tank looks good, has a comfortable fit, and is designed for both comfort and performance during triathlons.

The Italian Endura + fabric is moisture-wicking and quick-drying, stopping you from being weighed down or chafed by wet clothing. It also has built-in sun protection.

A cam-lock zipper on the front allows you to open the front of the shirt for better airflow if you’re feeling warm. There are also mesh panels along the sides for natural ventilation.

3 pockets along the back of the shirt allow more than enough space to carry valuables and nutrition items with you.

Choose from black, red, yellow, or blue. You can also select a size from small to extra-extra large.

Why We Like It

This triathlon top is colorful, provides excellent protection against the sun, and has all the storage you would need. It’s a good choice for anyone who wears a 2-piece suit.

What to Consider

This tank top runs a little tight. If you’re happy with a skin-tight fit, going with your regular size would most likely be fine. However, if you prefer something a little less figure-hugging, you should size up.


  • UPF 50+ sun protection keeps your torso safe from the harsh rays
  • Sleek Italian Endura + fabric wicks away moisture and keeps you comfortable
  • 3 back pockets so you can stock up on nutrition for your race
  • Cam-lock zipper allows you to increase breathability in the heat


  • The tri tank runs a little tight, so size up if you want a looser fit

Top Men’s Tri Shorts

7. SLS3 FRT Triathlon Shorts 2.0

These shorts are plain and simple, but do their job very well. You’ll be protected and supported on every step with the SLS3 FRT Triathlon shorts.

What We Like

These shorts come in four different sizes, and they have a drawstring so you can get a perfect fit and feel good wearing them.

The fabric has a medium level of compression, which offers light muscle support and keeps you aerodynamic.

You’ll find a slim, lightweight foam pad to protect you against chafing on the bicycle seat. It’s light enough to not be a problem when you run or swim.

Carry energy gels or chews with you in the two open hip pockets. The 4-way stretch nature of the material means you can easily fit nutrition items in without discomfort or restriction of your movement.

Something we like about these shorts is the wide, comfortable leg grippers. They won’t chafe and effectively keep the shorts from riding up.

Why We Like It

These shorts are fuss-free and offer everything you need to stay supported and protected during your triathlon. They go well with any kind of tri top.

What to Consider

If you’re doing open-water swimming in these shorts, you should have no problem. However, if you train in the pool, the chlorine will cause the fabric to wear away very quickly.


  • Drawstring waist allows you to get the ideal fit for your body
  • Two easy-access open hip pockets for quick nutrition
  • Medium compression is comfortable and provides some muscle support
  • Light, slim foam padding keeps you protected from chafing and pressure


  • Chlorine will destroy the fabric of these shorts

Best Women’s Tri Suit With Sleeves

8. Pearl Izumi Tri Octane Suit

Pearl Izumi is a well-known name in sporting circles, and we highly recommend their Tri Octane Suit for women who want a tri suit with sleeves.

What We Like

This tri suit is designed for a woman’s body. Not only is the fit specific to women, but it also includes a triathlon-specific women’s chamois, which features a free-floating front to allow for freedom of movement.

They’ve designed the suit with PRO Transfer Aero fabric on the sleeves, which streamlines the airflow around the shoulders and can save you seconds.

Lycra elastane material gives you light compression, supporting the muscles but still allowing for a complete range of motion so you can perform at your best.

There’s an 11-inch front zipper which you can open to allow for better ventilation if you need a bit more airflow.

To round off the comfort of this tri suit, the leg grippers are wide and smooth. They won’t cut into your legs or chafe, and they’ll stop your suit from rolling up as you move.

Why We Like It

This suit is women-specific and comes in unique and exciting colors and fabric. It’s designed to be aerodynamic without compromising on comfort.

What to Consider

Although the leg grippers are wide and comfortable, they do contain silicone, which some athletes may be sensitive to. You should double-check if you’re allergic to silicone before choosing this suit.


  • PRO Transfer Aero fabric keeps you streamlined throughout your event
  • Triathlon-specific women’s chamois for comfort and ease of movement
  • 11-inch “invisible” zipper gives you the option for increased ventilation
  • Wide, smooth leg grips won’t hurt your legs or leave marks


  • Some athletes may be sensitive to the silicone leg grippers

Top Women’s Triathlon Suit Top

9. Zoot Core Tri Tank

The Zoot Core Tri Tank top looks good, feels good, and supports your performance as you move through your triathlon. It also comes in a few different bright colors.

What We Like

The sleeveless Zoot Core Tri Tank top is our choice for ladies who prefer a 2-piece tri suit. It’s created to be a “race fit”, which offers some compression to support your muscles and keep you as aerodynamic as possible.

Italian Endura + fabric keeps you comfortable but also keeps you dry. The fabric wicks away moisture and dries quickly after your swim, and there are mesh panels in the material that help air to flow easily against your skin.

It also has built-in UPF 50+ sun protection and a lowered back hem, to provide the best possible coverage and protect your skin from the harshness of summer sun as well.

Why We Like It

This tri top is sleeveless and streamlined, designed to fit comfortably, keep you cool, and protect you while you’re outdoors. We also like that it comes in a range of sizes.

What to Consider

There’s no sports bra built into this triathlon top. You will need to wear one underneath this triathlon top, which may be inconvenient for some ladies.


  • Race Fit design with compressive feel for support
  • Mesh panels built into the top for excellent ventilation
  • Lowered back hem for enhanced coverage between top and shorts
  • Available from extra small to extra large so you can find your ideal fit


  • There’s no sports bra built into this tank top

Best Women’s Tri Shorts

10. Zoot Ltd Tri Shorts

These tri shorts come in many fun colors and patterns. They’re high-quality and will keep you comfortable throughout your race.

What We Like

The Zoot Ltd Tri Shorts are well-made from Italian-designed shield fabric. This offers a combination of protection and comfort.

With built-in sun protection, you can rest assured that you won’t get sunburnt through your suit. An Integra SBR 2D chamois prevents excess pressure and chafing on your bike ride, without getting in the way when you run or swim.

Around the waist, there’s a wide, flat band that doesn’t hurt, increasing comfort while you race. It also contains a drawstring that you can use to get the perfect fit every time you wear these shorts.

The stretchy fabric with integrated SeamLink stitch construction allows you to move freely and easily, without any limitations. It also wicks away sweat easily to keep you dry, and dries quickly after your swim.

Other features we can appreciate include 2 hip pockets and comfortable leg grippers to stop the legs from rolling up as you move.

Why We Like It

Ladies who like some color will appreciate that these shorts offer interesting-looking designs while still providing support and protection.

What to Consider

These tri shorts come in some exciting colors and patterns. However, ladies who prefer plain black or single-colored shorts may not be able to find something suitable for them.


  • Italian-designed shield fabric protects and keeps you comfortable
  • Flat, comfortable waistband with a drawstring to get the ideal fit
  • Integra SBR 2D chamois guards against pressure and rubbing
  • SeamLink stitch construction and stretch fabric keep you moving naturally


  • Not available in plain colors

Buyers Guide – Triathlon Suits


The best triathlon suits fit like a glove. They should be skin-tight and have some compression, but they should not be so tight that they restrict your natural range of motion.


One-Piece Tri Suit

A one-piece tri suit is more aerodynamic than a two-piece. There’s also less chance of chafing, as nothing can really move anywhere. However, it does make it more difficult if you need a quick bathroom break.

Two-Piece Tri Suit

A two-piece tri suit may be more comfortable for many triathletes. It’s a little more flexible and breathable, although it is slightly less streamlined.

It also has the advantage of being easy to get off quickly if you need a bathroom break.


The suit should be made of light, stretchy, yet strong material. Nylon, polyester, and lycra are common choices, as all are thin, elastic, breathable, and fast-drying.

Make sure to buy a high-quality suit, as the material will last longer even though it’s thin.


Tri suits often come with a chamois pad to help you cycle in comfort. This should be dense and well-cushioned to protect you on the bike, without being so thick and stiff that it hampers your running or swimming.


The zipper should run up the back of the triathlon suit. Most zippers have a longer piece of material attached to them to make them easier to grasp.


If you like to carry energy gels with you, then choose a tri suit with pockets. Usually, these can fit just one or two gels to see you through your race.


Nylon is the most durable material. A high-quality triathlon suit should last you many uses before it starts wearing thin. In some cases, you can fix small scratches or tears, but you should choose a well-made suit from the start to ensure durability.


Why wear a tri suit?

Tri suits are designed to be a single clothing choice for all three legs of a triathlon: swimming, biking, and running. They are ideal for sun protection, moisture-wicking, and form-fitting comfort in all three areas.

When should I wear a single-piece tri suit vs a two-piece tri suit?

Price is a huge factor in deciding which suit to purchase. As far as performance is concerned, single-piece tri suits are ideal for those that plan on practicing all three triathlon disciplines, including swimming. Just the tank top or the shorts can be purchased for less money and may suffice when your focus is running or biking.

How should a tri suit fit?

A tri suit should fit snugly. They’re designed to be form-fitting. However, the skin-tight fabric may make buying a size up necessary, particularly for those who have never worn one. The tightness promotes muscle compression so it becomes necessary for those who want to maximize their performance.

Can I swim in a tri suit?

Tri suits are designed with mesh panels to ventilate your skin and wick moisture. This applies to preventing chafing while running and for drying after a swim. They are ideal for all legs of a triathlon, including swimming.

Do elite triathletes wear a tri suit for the swim?

Elite triathletes wear single-piece tri suits for the entire triathlon. This is for both comfort while biking, as well as for their mesh ventilation panels, which promotes moisture removal after swimming.

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