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Best Triathlon Suits in 2022

Experienced triathletes know that triathlon suits can improve performance and keep you comfortable during all phases of a triathlon.
Tri suits have skin-tight fabric that promotes muscle compression, which improves performance by increasing blood flow. Mesh panels remove moisture after a swim by improving ventilation and airflow. Most importantly, tri suits can be worn for all phases of the races, offering aerodynamics on the bike and run.
There are two types of tri suits: single-piece or two-piece, a top and shorts. You also have a choice of tank top or short sleeve tri suits.
Single-piece are more popular for races, while two-piece offer more versatility to mix and match. Many are woven without seams to prevent chaffing, and with grip fabric to ensure stability on your bicycle seat.
Our overall pick is the Castelli Sanremo 4.0 Speed Suit, which has dynamic, wrinkle-free fabric that promotes airflow and comfort. But we found many other top picks in a variety of styles and price-points.
Read on to see the rest of our favorites. We’ll help you sort out the best triathlon suits available today.

Top 4 Best and Favorites


Castelli Sanremo 4.0 Speed Suit


  • Tight-fitting
  • Different density foam padding for cycling
  • Wrinkle-free
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2XU Active Trisuit


  • Moisture-wicking design
  • Low-grade muscle compression
  • Fitted for both men and women


Synergy Elite Tri Suit


  • NeoGel pads
  • Semi-compression material
  • Leg grippers keep shorts in place
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Sundried Performance Tri Suit


  • Moisture-wicking and comfortable
  • Well-ventilated and fitted for performance
  • Prevents chafing even on a long run
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Best Overall Triathlon Suit

1. Castelli Sanremo 4.0 Speed Suit

The Castelli Sanremo 4.0 Speed Suit is ideal for races with its skinsuit construction and jersey shorts profile. It’s tight in the shoulders, but still lets you walk around and stretch without breaking a zipper.

Those who are looking for quality race shorts will be happy to see that the Castelli Sanremo is designed like aerodynamic bike shorts. There’s dense foam layered for comfort on the bike.

The tri suit only has one seam, which goes up the outside of the suit. This prevents uncomfortable rubbing and chafing.

The dimpled leg fabric is tight but completely supportive, with grippers that spread compression over your muscles.

Those looking for a triathlon suit that fits as closely as possible for airflow dynamics and support should consider the Castelli Sanremo 4.0 Speed Suit as the top choice in triathlon suits. It’s pricey but worth the money for a quality suit.


  • The suit is tight-fitting but still allows room to move and stretch
  • The surface is gripped, allowing compression to be dispersed over large muscle areas
  • Different density foam padding for cycling
  • Jersey shorts design combines the benefits of riding shorts with a great triathlon suit
  • Wrinkle-free and form-fitting fabric


  • Be careful sizing, as getting the right fit can be tricky
  • Pricey

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Best Triathlon Suit for Beginners

2. 2XU Active Tri Suit

The 2XU Active Tri Suit comes in fitted versions for both men and women. They’re made with full-body compression to improve circulation, performance, and aid in muscle support.

The fabric in this tri suit provides excellent moisture-wicking and breathability plus UV protection. Built-in ventilation panels help keep you from overheating while riding and running. The same fabric releases water and wicks moisture during and after a swim.

It has rear pockets for convenience and a great zip guard that guarantees little to no irritation. The leg grippers are a matter of taste in terms of how effective they are for stability, since they contain no silicone pads. However, they ensure comfort on long rides, making this a great suit for beginners.


  • Moisture-wicking design
  • Provides low-grade muscle compression and UV sun protection
  • It’s fitted for both men and women and comes in various colors


  • The silicone-less grips in the legs are not as plush as some other brands, though still comfortable

Best Men’s Sleeveless Triathlon Suit

3. Synergy Triathlon Men’s Tri Suit

Synergy’s tri suit for men is made of anti-microbial fleece that’s comfortable and helps reduce odor. It’s built for support and comfort with NeoGel pads that line the flatlock stitching of the suit. It has 2 mesh pockets in the rear to give you a little more functionality.

The suit shines in the leg grippers, which keep your hips comfortable with muscle compression and your legs stable during your ride. The compression material throughout gives you improved performance with no chaffing.

Those who like options will be pleased with the color varieties and designs that Synergy’s triathlon men’s tri suit is available in, which makes it our overall choice for sleeveless triathlon suits.


  • NeoGel pads give you comfort throughout
  • Semi-compression material stretches around muscles
  • Leg grippers keep shorts in place
  • Numerous color options


  • A lack of a zipper guard has reportedly caused some chaffing

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Best Men’s Triathlon Suit With Sleeves

4. Zoot LTD Tri Aero Full Zip Race suit

This race suit is built for essential moisture management and durability, and even includes 50 UPF UV protection. The Zoot LTD Tri Aero Full Zip Race suit is woven with chamois pads to prevent chafing and keep you comfortable.

Like all aerodynamic suits, the Zoot LTD hugs close to your skin. Be aware that this close-fitting suit may need to be bought a size up.

The zipper promotes air flow and locks, making it more comfortable and ventilated to prevent chaffing.

The aero-cut sleeves are made of textured, breathable fabric that compresses around your biceps with Italian gripper textures. This makes the Zoot LTD Tri Aero Full Zip Race suit our pick for the best tri suit on the market with sleeves.


  • Italian primo fabric that promotes moisture-wicking and durability
  • 50 UPF
  • Chamois pads prevent chaffing even in close-fitting sizes
  • The gripped sleeves make it perfect for those that prefer compression in sleeved tri suits


  • While this suit reviews great for short-distance runners, some have complained of chaffing after long training sessions

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Best Men’s Triathlon Suit Top

5. Zoot Core Tri Tank

This is another sleeveless triathlon option, but only the top. Zoot made our pick for the best sleeved suit and the Zoot Core Tri Tank is a similarly well-reviewed product with the same enhanced UPF coverage of 50+ UV protection.

The Zoot Core Tri Tank is race-fitted, with compression fabric that maximizes your muscles’ performance and gives you the aerodynamic benefits of a tri suit in a more affordable tank top. The cam-lock zipper promotes venting, built with a soft finish to prevent the zipper from chaffing.

The fabric is anti-friction, stretching comfortably and preventing chaffing while wicking moisture and breathing through mesh panels for maximum ventilation. It’s our pick for the best men’s triathlon suit top because of this durability and comfort.


  • This top has enhanced ventilation and comfort due to mesh panels and anti-friction fabric
  • 50+ UV ray protection
  • Aerodynamic, durable, and affordable compared to full tri suits


  • Some users have noted that it fits very tight and recommend buying a size up; otherwise, it may be hard to take off

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Best Men’s Tri Shorts

6. SLS3 FRT Triathlon Shorts 2.0

SLS3 FRT Triathlon Shorts 2.0 are our pick for the best shorts-only triathlon suit purchase you can make. Obviously, they won’t cost as much as a full tri suit, but the real question is whether these triathlon shorts support your muscles and keep you comfortable over long training sessions. Reviews support the fact that they do.

Their flatlock seams protect you from discomfort and chafing, and their moisture-wicking fabric helps you recover from swimming and protect yourself from sweat. These shorts also have improved waistbands and pockets, which further helps prevent chaffing while giving you space for energy bars or muscle recovery topical creams if you want them.

The foam-cushion padding supports you in running and biking, and will never ride up. If you’re looking for triathlon shorts only, the SLS3 FRT Triathlon Shorts 2.0 are our top choice.


  • Foam padding helps keep you comfortable
  • Refined drawstring waistband and professional pockets are there for convenience
  • Flatlock seams help prevent chaffing


  • In order to take advantage of the seamless fabric, which prevents the shorts from riding up, you have to carefully size the shorts based on your leg muscles

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Best Women’s Sleeveless Triathlon Suit

7. Sundried Performance Tri Suit

This sleeveless tri suit for women is fitted skin-tight and designed to promote free movement. It is made to dry quickly after swimming. It breathes comfortably and is our pick for the best sleeveless tri suit for women.

The Sundried Performance Tri suit has been used by triathletes around the world for its hypoallergenic material and leg grips that help you run without chafing, irritation, or riding up in the seat.

Sundried products are also known for their great customer service.


  • This close-fitting women’s tri suit is moisture-wicking and comfortable
  • The material is well-ventilated and fitted for performance
  • The design prevents chafing even on a long run


  • The zipper has been reported to be of lower than average quality in terms of sticking and occasional irritation

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Best Women’s Tri Suit with Sleeves

8. ROKA Gen II Elite Aero Short Sleeve Tri Suit

The ROKA Gen II Elite Aero Short Sleeve Tri Suit has aerodynamic sleeves with minimal exposed seams, giving you the tapered edges that promote efficient movement and comfort. This is why the ROKA tri suit is our pick for the best triathlon suit with sleeves for women.

The mesh fabric promotes thermoregulation, which means that it will keep your body at a stable temperature with proper ventilation and moisture-wicking. Its stretchy elastic fabric padded with foam conforms to your body, and is laser cut for even more aerodynamic motion.


  • Mesh panel construction promotes aerodynamic, unrestricted movement that prevents bunching
  • Minimal seams help with comfort on long rides
  • Pockets are secure and convenient for your nutritional needs on the go
  • Laser-cut silicone print increases the tightness in the seamless design


  • Wearing long sleeves during a triathlon is not prefered for all athletes

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Best Women’s Triathlon Suit Top

9. Zoot Core Tri Tank

This race-fit tri tank for women is another suit top by Zoot, and our pick for the best top for women. It’s sleeveless and form-fitting with three pockets sewn into the back so you can easily reach your nutrition bars or muscle recovery gel. It has 50+ UPF of sunlight protection as well.

The top is fitted and offers compression, meaning it boosts muscle performance and blood flow. But the tight fit means you may need to size up. Those irritated by tri-suit zippers will appreciate this cam-lock zipper, which is well-ventilated.

Seamlink stitches help you move with Zoot’s premier Italian performance fabric. For a breathable, sleeveless tri tank top for women, this is the top choice.


  • Durable, form-fitting suit top is well-ventilated
  • Seamless stitching promotes comfort
  • 3 sewn-in pockets add convenience
  • UPF 50+ sunlight protection


  • The back pockets, while easily accessible, are too small

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Best Women’s Tri Shorts

10. Zoot LTD Tri Shorts

These 6-inch tri shorts, another women’s triathlon option from Italian manufacturer Zoot, offer comfort, durability, and protection. The chamois pad construction helps with chafing and fitting to your skin. The drawcord improves the fit on your waist.

The race-fit material improves aerodynamic movement, and the seamlink stitch construction ensures that the shorts hug your skin, stretch comfortably, and minimize chafing even more.

Italian gripper fabric helps keep your legs compressed, which improves muscle performance.


  • Optimal compression fabric increases blood flow and encourages efficient muscle performance
  • Chamois pads improve comfort, reduce chafing, and hug your skin
  • UPF 50+ sunlight protection
  • Convenient hip pockets on both sides


  • Many users feel they run small, suggesting that a size up may be a wiser purchase

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Why wear a tri suit?

Tri suits are designed to be a single clothing choice for all three legs of a triathlon: swimming, biking, and running. They are ideal for sun protection, moisture-wicking, and form-fitting comfort in all three areas.

When should I wear a single-piece tri suit vs a two-piece tri suit?

Price is a huge factor in deciding which suit to purchase. As far as performance is concerned, single-piece tri suits are ideal for those that plan on practicing all three triathlon disciplines, including swimming. Just the tank top or the shorts can be purchased for less money and may suffice when your focus is running or biking.

How should a tri suit fit?

A tri suit should fit snugly. They’re designed to be form-fitting. However, the skin-tight fabric may make buying a size up necessary, particularly for those who have never worn one. The tightness promotes muscle compression so it becomes necessary for those who want to maximize their performance.

Can I swim in a tri suit?

Tri suits are designed with mesh panels to ventilate your skin and wick moisture. This applies to preventing chafing while running and for drying after a swim. They are ideal for all legs of a triathlon, including swimming.

Do elite triathletes wear a tri suit for the swim?

Elite triathletes wear single-piece tri suits for the entire triathlon. This is for both comfort while biking, as well as for their mesh ventilation panels, which promotes moisture removal after swimming.

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