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Best Triathlon Bike Covers in 2023


The biggest piece of triathlon equipment is your bike. To keep it safe and at top performance, a bike cover is necessary to protect it from dirt and dust when in storage and when you’re transporting it.

We have chosen the ZEAL Pro Bike Bag as our best overall, as it’s designed to fit bikes from 48 cm to 63 cm in size, it’s water-resistant and it has a soft, non-abrasive interior.

Browse through the other triathlon bike covers we’ve reviewed to find something to protect your bike.

Top 3 Best and Favorite


ZEAL Pro Bike Bag


  • Non-abrasive interior
  • Water-resistant
  • Compatible with standard rack types
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VELOSOCK Full Bike Cover For Triathlon Bike


  • Water-repellent cover
  • Stretchy fabric
  • Machine washable
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VELOSOCK Indoor Bike Cover


  • Can be used with wall bike racks
  • Blended, stretchy fabric
  • Will fit most bikes
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Best Overall

1. ZEAL Pro Bike Bag

The Zeal Pro Bike Bag is made to fit bikes from 48 to 63 cm—18.8 to 24.8 inches. It also includes an expandable front section to accommodate aero bars and an expandable seat section to properly cover bicycles that have water bottle cages behind the seat.

This bike bag is designed to be used with standard vehicle bicycle racks. The bags are made to be placed on the rack with the bike already inside, keeping your bicycle safe and protected before, during, and after loading.

The nylon and neoprene external surface keep your bike safe from the elements and dust. The inside a is non-abrasive and waterproof rubberized material to prevent water from leaking in.


  • Non-abrasive interior
  • Water-resistant
  • Compatible with standard rack types
  • Designed to fit bikes from 48 cm to 63 cm


  • This bike cover is much more expensive than the others

Top Cover For Car Racks

2. VELOSOCK Full Bike Cover For Triathlon Bike

If you travel often with your bike and have a car trunk rack, then you may benefit from this bike cover. It is compatible with horizontal wall racks when in storage, and with car trunk racks when being transported.

It is a full cover that’s made of stretchy fabric, making it easy to get it over the bike even if you don’t have someone to help you. The zipper runs the length of the cover along the top. Once it’s on your bike, just place it on the wall rack like you normally would.

This cover is also ideal if you have to store your bicycle on a rack in a dusty area like a garage. It protects your gears and chain from building up dust and oil, so you don’t have to clean and maintain twice as often.

The bike rack features zippers on the side and bottom that are compatible with most car trunk racks. Some may be slightly too big for the zippers, but thanks to the stretchy material many times a plan can be made. The zippers are not compatible with vehicle roof racks.

The water-repellent cover keeps dust, dirt, rain, sand, and debris from getting on your bike while in transit. To clean, you can put in the washing machine—at 80 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit—when you get home.


  • Water-repellent cover
  • Horizontal opening on both sides
  • Stretchy fabric
  • Machine washable


  • Not suitable for roof racks

Best Indoor Bike Cover

3. VELOSOCK Indoor Bike Cover

If you don’t need a full cover, then you may like this wheel and chain cover. It’s created from flexible but durable material that makes it easy to put on and get off by yourself.

This cover leaves the seat, handlebars, and top part of the frame exposed but it protects the wheels and chain. It is ideal for traveling with your bike inside your car. It provides protection against scratching, which can happen when placing your bike inside the car.

After your event, use the cover to prevent dirt from being wheeled into your home before you have a chance to clean your bike. The cover also doesn’t get in the way when placing it on a wall rack, so you can even store a dirty bike safely inside until you can clean it.

The flexible and stretchy fabric allows this cover to fit on any size bicycle. Make sure that there are no sharp edges on your pedals as the material may rip from the inside if it is punctured. These bike covers also come in a large range of colorful designs.


  • Can be used with wall bike racks
  • Variety of designs
  • Made from blended, stretchy fabric
  • Will fit most bikes


  • The material may rip easily from the inside if a pedal has a sharp edge

Top Value

4. Puroma Bike Cover

This bike cover may be simple but it does the job of protecting your bike from the elements and even from theft as it features a lock hole in the front wheel so you can lock your bike even while this is on it.

It’s made from 190T Oxford cloth, which is waterproof and has a UV-protection rating of 50+. If your bike needs to stand outside, then this cover would be a good choice, especially to protect it from sun damage. Bear in mind that the cover may not protect your bike against the effects of extreme temperature fluctuations, or condensation forming inside the cover due to rapid cooling.

The cover has a double-stitched elastic hem that hugs the bottom of your bicycle, providing the most comprehensive coverage possible and preventing it from blowing around in the wind. There’s also a handy buckle so you can pull it as tightly closed as possible.

The extra-large size cover measures 78.7 x 27.5 x 43.3 inches (length x width x height). This should fit any bike up to 29 inches wheel size. If your bike is larger, you can also purchase an XXL.


  • UV protection up to UPF 50+
  • Double-stitched elastic hem
  • Water-resistant
  • Front wheel lock hole


  • Some people may find that the material doesn’t stand up in extreme weather conditions

Biggest Size

5. Aiskaer Bicycle Cover with Lock Hole

This bike cover is ideal for families or triathletes who have more than one bike. It can cover up to three bicycles at once with a size of 82 x 44 x 44 inches.

It’s made from 210D Oxford polyester, which is heavy-duty and waterproof. The interior surface is polyurethane, which adds extra water resistance and is non-abrasive and won’t scratch your bicycle.

Elastic bands at the bottom allow a snug fit over the bicycles inside the cover. You can adjust it as tightly as you wish using a buckle, which keeps it in position even when it’s windy outdoors.

There are two lock holes with eyelets in the front section of the cover which allow you to slip a bicycle lock through the wheels of the bicycles inside to keep them safe no matter where they are standing.

Individuals who use bike racks to mount two bikes may find that the cover doesn’t fit over the bikes when they are mounted, as the rack offsets the bikes slightly and they don’t fit properly.


  • Internal PU coating
  • Two lock keyholes
  • Adjustable elastic bands
  • Can cover up to three bikes


  • Some people may find that this cover doesn’t cover two bikes if they’re mounted on a floor rack

Most Durable

6. ClawsCover Bikes Covers Waterproof XXL

This bike cover is made from more heavy-duty material than others—420D Oxford cloth, which is resistant to water, wind, dust, UV rays, fading, and tearing. You can safely use this cover indoors or outdoors, and it should stand up to any weather.

It feels thicker to the touch and the stitching on the top of the cover is reinforced with a seam-sealed waterproof strip that can withstand up to 2400 Pa of pressure before there’s a chance of any leakage.

Underneath there is an elastic hem and two adjustable, windproof buckles to get a tight fit around your bike or bikes.

This cover is one of the larger ones and can fit over 2 standard bikes with a size of 83 x 28 x 43 inches. It comes with its own storage bag so when you aren’t using it you can fold it up and keep it out of the way. The cover also comes with a one-year warranty.


  • Made from 420D Oxford cloth
  • Seam-sealed waterproof strip
  • Universal fit
  • Two adjustable buckle straps


  • This cover may tear when used on a bike rack when driving

Best Lockable Cover

7. VACNITE Bike Cover Waterproof

If safety is a concern for you, this bike cover might be the best choice for you. Like many others, it features lock holes for passing a bicycle lock through the wheel and cover to keep your bicycle secure. But unlike the others, this cover doesn’t just have one lock hole—it has both front and rear lock holes that are rust-proof.

It is also highly durable, made from 210D “Ripstop” Oxford cloth. Double-stitched and heat-sealed seams allow it to be able to withstand a pressure of 2000 Pa before it leaks. It is also windproof, with drawstring closures at the front and back and an adjustable strap in the middle underneath the cover. This comprehensive coverage prevents it from being blown away in high wind.

The cover is designed for just one bike, but it is of a generous size—77 x 39 x 25.5 inches—and should cover most bikes very comfortably. It folds up and fits into a small bag that can easily be carried with you so you can use it anywhere.

The cover may run small, so it may be best to order a size larger when you buy.


  • Drawstring closure
  • Front and rear lock holes
  • Made from Ripstop material with PU coating
  • Two grab handles


  • This cover can run small so you may have to order a size up

Top Waterproof

8. FifthStar Bike Cover

Riders who live in wet areas will appreciate this waterproof bike cover. Manufactured from 210D Ripstop fabric, it has a waterproof rating of 1500mm, which is more than enough to prevent rain from getting to your bicycle. To make sure nothing gets in, there’s an extra layer of polyurethane inside.

Condensation build-up can sometimes be a problem underneath a bike cover. This bicycle cover removes that worry by using integrated breath valves, which let condensation escape and dry up quickly. This prevents mold from forming, which helps the cover to last longer.

The lock holes in this cover are unique, with a double-webbing strap design that prevents wind and water from getting in at the lock holes. Not only is this cover fully waterproof, but it also offers some of the best coverage. The 360-degree elastic base forms a tight fit, and there are two straps with buckles that fit underneath the wheels and keep it closed.

It also comes with a 12-month warranty. If you are planning on traveling with this bike cover, some buyers have reported that it has been damaged due to high winds when traveling with it.


  • 360-degree elastic base with double clips
  • Integrated breath valves
  • Louver lock channels
  • Waterproof rating of 1500mm


  • May not survive road trips with high wind

Best Budget

9. Favoto Outdoor Bike Cover

Cyclists or triathletes on a budget will appreciate the wallet-friendly price of this bike cover.

It is not as sleek as some others, but it will still do the job well if used properly and in the right conditions. The 210D Oxford fabric is durable but not as thick as some others which have been reinforced.

You can fit one 29-inch bicycle or two 26-inch bicycles under this cover, which measures 79 x 27.5 x 44 inches. The bottom features a double-stitched elastic cord, which will help to mold the cover to the shape of your bicycle. There are two windproof buckles that help to prevent the cover from being blown about in the wind.

A lock hole in the front is punched into the fabric using metal eyelets so it’s not likely to rip through. When you aren’t using the cover, you can fold it up and place it in the storage bag until you need it again.


  • Aluminum alloy lock hole
  • Windproof buckles
  • Elasticated edge
  • Universal size


  • The seams are not sealed so this cover may not withstand heavy rains


Do I need a bike cover?

If you want to keep your bike safe from the elements and environmental hazards, then yes.

The first and most obvious use of a bike cover is that it prevents snow, rain, and sunlight from landing directly on your bicycle. While bicycles can handle these elements on the road or trail, if they’re exposed to them for long periods of time—or if snow or water sit on the bike for a long time—it can cause problems.

Being exposed to water for extended periods of time can lead to rust. Snow melts, leaving your bicycle at the same risk for rusting. Prolonged exposure to harsh sunlight can fade the color on your bicycle and cause plastic elements to crack and break.

But a bike cover will also protect your bike from dust when it’s standing in one position for some time. Dust can build up on the gears and chain, making them dirty and clogging them.

It is also important to know that a bicycle cover will not protect a bike from high or low temperature, humidity, condensation, or salt buildup in coastal areas.

Which bike cover material is best?

The best material for a bike cover would be one that is waterproof—or at least water-resistant—and abrasion-resistant. 100 percent polyester or Ripstop fabric are good options.

Are covers packable?

Most triathlon bike covers pack down into a small size and come with their own storage bag. This makes them easy to pack if you need to transport them without them being on your bicycle.

Is it lockable?

The best triathlon bike covers have built-in lock holes. These are sometimes metal but stitched holes are the better choice as they won’t rust. All you need to do is slip your bicycle lock through the holes and lock it like you normally would.

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