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Best Treadmills for Tall Runners in 2023


When you’re a taller-than-average person, many things don’t work quite as well for you as they do for everyone else.

For example, when you’re tall, a treadmill isn’t just a treadmill. It can double up as a pain-inducing torture device if it’s not the right size for your legs.

With this in mind, we’ve gone and found the best treadmills for tall runners. They’re designed specifically to allow tall people to get their full stride in when running, so there’s no compensating or cutting your stride short.

The XTERRA Fitness TRX5500 comes out on top. It has a spacious 60 x 20-inch deck, a handy folding design, and comes preloaded with apps.

But it’s not the only good option out there. Check out the full list to find the best one for you, your space, and your needs.

Top 3 Best and Favorites


XTERRA Fitness TRX5500


  • Powerful 3.25 CHP motor
  • Folding frame design
  • 20 x 60-inch running surface
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Horizon Fitness T202


  • Easy-to-use console
  • Built-in tablet rack
  • Advanced Goal Center
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LifeSpan Fitness TR7000i


  • 17 preset programs
  • Large running track
  • Weight capacity up to 400 pounds
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Best Overall

1. XTERRA Fitness TRX5500

This treadmill is an excellent choice for taller runners.

First and foremost, it features a powerful 3.25 CHP motor that can handle almost anything you throw at it. It’s covered by a lifetime warranty, so you can be assured that it will serve you well for a long time.

You can reach speeds of up to 12mph on this treadmill. Best of all, you can do it comfortably and without shortening your stride on the deck, which measures a generous 60 inches in length by 20 inches wide.

The deck also uses XTRA Soft Cushioned Deck technology, which helps to absorb shock with every step and protect your joints.

Despite its extra size, it still folds up easily into a compact and easy-to-store design which is made even easier by built-in wheels so you can roll it from place to place.

For your convenience and entertainment, the treadmill comes preloaded with a bunch of different apps, including Netflix, YouTube, a variety of news channels, Facebook, and Twitter.

You can also screen mirror your smartphone on the 10.1-inch touchscreen, so whatever you want to do, you’ll be able to stay entertained while you’re running. This also gives you the opportunity to use apps like Zwift or Wahoo SYSTM for virtual experiences.

You can connect a set of Bluetooth headphones, plug in a wired set with a 3.5mm audio jack, or use the built-in speakers, which provide great quality sound in stereo.

Other handy things include a built-in reading rack, accessory trays, cup holders, and handlebar-mounted pulse sensors, speed and incline controls. As a bonus, you’ll get a chest strap heart rate monitor when you buy this treadmill!


  • Generous 20 x 60-inch running surface
  • Powerful 3.25 CHP motor
  • Folding frame design
  • Preloaded apps & HRM included


  • Comes with a premium price tag

Top Runner-Up

2. Nautilus T618

The Nautilus T618 comes in at a close second. It’s a little more affordable than the above option, but offers a nice range of features that will make your at-home training more fun, convenient, and effective.

For the price, you’ll get the same size motor as our first choice (3.5 CHP), which is a huge pro. Taller runners will appreciate the 20 x 60-inch deck, which is equipped with advanced Rebound cushioning to provide a soft landing for your joints and muscles.

You can get a top speed of 12mph on this machine, and if you want to do incline training, you’ll be able to set it electronically up to a 15% incline.

It comes preloaded with almost 30 workout programs, so it’s literally plug-and-play (or plug-and-run). The T618 is also integrated with RunSocial, offering you an immersive running experience through a range of beautiful locations across the world.

While the display is a healthy-sized 3.75 x 5.5 inches, it’s quite a lot smaller than the above choice. Those who struggle with their eyesight may have a bit of difficulty with this in comparison to the top product.

The treadmill also comes with a media shelf, built-in speakers, handrail pulse monitors, water bottle holders, a 3-speed fan, and an accessory rack below the console. You’ll get a chest strap HRM with your purchase of this machine.

For ease of use and safety, the treadmill is equipped with soft-drop folding tech that makes it simple to fold and move out of the way when you’re not running on it.


  • 26 workout programs
  • Virtual outdoor training
  • 3.5 CHP motor
  • Rebound Cushioning


  • Fairly small display screen compared to our first choice

Best Value

3. Horizon Fitness T202

The Horizon Fitness T202 is one of the most affordable options out there for what you’re getting, coming in at less than $1000. For that price, you’ll get a value-packed treadmill that will work for most runners’ training needs.

Like the first two treadmills, this one features a 20 x 60-inch deck. It comes with 3-Zone Variable Response Cushioning, which is a unique technology that adapts to the runner’s stride to provide the best possible cushioning for your joints.

The motor is a little smaller than the two we’ve already reviewed, at 2.75 CHP. This should still be more than adequate for runners who won’t be doing sprints or heavy training.

There’s also a 12% incline, which adds some challenge to any workout. It also comes with a free Sport app, and 12 built-in workouts so you can set it up and get running immediately.

The useful Advanced Goal Center allows you to schedule workouts for a full month and work on long-term training goals.

While there’s plenty of space for long-legged runners to get their full stride in on this deck, take note that the weight capacity is 325 pounds, which is a little lower than most other treadmills.

Other top-notch features include a Surround Sound speaker system, a dual-grip monitoring system, cooling fan, and tablet rack. A decently-sized console features 2 windows with all the data you need to know.

Easy to fold and move makes this treadmill convenient no matter what your space situation is. All in all, an excellent product for the price!


  • Easy-to-use console
  • 3-Zone Variable Response Cushioning
  • Built-in tablet rack
  • Advanced Goal Center


  • Weight capacity of 325 pounds is less than others

Longest Running Deck

4. LifeSpan Fitness TR7000i

If 60 inches seems a touch short for you, then the LifeSpan Fitness TR7000i offers 2 inches more for that little bit of an extra stride.

It’s also slightly wider, at 22 inches, so there’s plenty of space for runners of all sizes and heights.

The deck features large, 3-inch rollers for smooth running. It’s also multi-ply, double-thick, and has shock absorbers underneath to provide as much protection as possible to your joints when you run.

With a 3.5 CHP motor, top speed of 12mph, and 15 angles of incline, you can get a really decent workout on this extra-length treadmill.

Also, choose from 2 heart rate-based programs, 5 weight management programs, 5 “healthy living” programs, 7 sports programs, and 2 customizable ones. If you sign up for a LifeSpan Fitness Club membership, you’ll get unlimited personalized workouts, as well as other benefits.

Two USB ports allow you to charge your devices while you’re running, dual speakers provide loud entertainment over the sound of the motor, and you can connect your iPad to play music or watch TV series.

This treadmill also has a really decent weight capacity, at 400 pounds. It’s suitable for all members of the family!


  • Large running track, 22 x 62 inches
  • 17 preset programs
  • 15 incline levels
  • Weight capacity up to 400 pounds


  • Doesn’t include a wireless heart rate monitor strap

Best With App for Fitness Classes

5. NordicTrack Commercial 1750

If you want a treadmill with built-in fitness classes so you don’t have to follow along on your phone or tablet, this is the one for you.

The NordicTrack Commercial 1750 comes with a one-year iFit membership, which includes unlimited workout programs to get you motivated.

For runners of all sizes, the 60 x 20-inch deck offers plenty of space. You can also turn the cushioning on or off, which means you can customize your running feeling underfoot.

iFit Coach workouts are a superb feature, allowing you to virtually run on routes across the world. The treadmill automatically adjusts the incline to match what’s on the screen, giving you an excellent real-world feel.

If you just want to train towards something specific instead of virtually exploring a new continent, iFit Coach also offers goal-based workouts and keeps track of your running data.

The 3.75 CHP motor is smooth, quiet, and powerful, allowing for speeds of up to 12mph. An excellent feature of this treadmill that you don’t find on all others is a decline function, as well as incline. You can go down to -3% or up to 15%, depending on your goals.

Other features include a generous 10-inch screen with touchscreen capabilities, a tablet holder, Bluetooth capabilities, a fan, and the ability to fold it up to a compact size for easy storage.

Take note, though, that if you don’t continue with the iFit membership after a year your treadmill capabilities will be fairly limited. In this case, it becomes a very basic treadmill for the price!


  • iFit Coach offers unlimited workout options
  • ● -3 decline to 15% incline
  • Powerful 3.75 CHP motor
  • Can turn cushioning on or off


  • Limited scope of use without iFit

Top Folding Treadmill

6. 3G Cardio Pro Runner

Space can be a huge deterrent when it comes to getting a treadmill, especially if you live in a compact apartment.

The 3G Cardio Runner removes that issue by folding up into a nice compact size (40 x 35 inches) that can be pushed into a closet or corner of any room.

Take note that the belt is 20.5 inches wide but only 58 inches in length. This should still be all right for tall runners who aren’t planning on doing sprints on this treadmill but may be just a touch too short for those who want to run intensely.

A 3.0 CHP motor allows for speeds of up to 12mph. You can also incline the deck up to 15% for more of a challenge, and it can easily handle up to 350 pounds of weight.

To reduce strain on the joints, this machine comes with a built-in Ortho Flex Shock Suspension System, which helps to cushion every step.

One Touch controls make for easy use, and the console screen is split into three sections: a heart rate section, a distance tracker, and your data screen.

Onboard fitness tests and 8 built-in workout programs with the option to create your own means you’ll have an unlimited workout variety at your fingertips. There’s also 2 water bottle holders and a cooling fan, although there’s no audio port or speakers.


  • Folds easily
  • One Touch Controls
  • Ortho Flex Shock suspension system
  • Can customize your workout


  • No audio port or speakers

Best Cushioned Belt

7. Sole F85

Struggle with your joints when you run? A treadmill will definitely be a better option than the harsh, hard road.

But some treadmills are better than others in this regard, and the Sole F85 is one of the most cushioned belts you’ll find.

It’s got a seriously powerful motor, 4.0 CHP which will power you for as vigorous a run as you want to go. You can hit 12mph on this belt, and it can easily deal with weights of up to 400 pounds.

The deck measures 22 x 60 inches, plenty of space for tall runners with long legs. That amazing cushioning comes in with their CushionFlex Whisper Deck technology, which reduces impact by up to 40%!

As an extra bonus, this layer of cushion quietens the sound of your feet pounding on the deck, which others living in the home will appreciate.

With 6 built-in programs, 12 customizable workouts, and a 15% incline with 30 steps, you have a full range of training options here. You can also save user data for 2 different users, which is ideal for couples or families.

For convenience, it’s easily foldable and storable. And for your entertainment, it comes loaded with a variety of apps, including Netflix, YouTube, and news channels.


  • CushionFlex Whisper Deck technology
  • Two-ply track belt
  • Save 2 user profiles
  • Includes pre-loaded apps like YouTube and Netflix


  • The handrails may be a bit short for some

Top Treadmill With Screen

8. Bowflex Treadmill 22

If you’re in the market for a top-of-the-range treadmill with all the goods, then you can’t beat the Bowflex Treadmill 22.

First, you’ll be able to see absolutely everything with the massive 22-inch touchscreen! It’s not height-adjustable, but it’s not difficult to see from wherever you are.

This is great for using the JRNY app, which you’ll automatically get for a year upfront when you buy this treadmill. It allows you access to virtual running experiences in more than 40 scenic locations, virtual coaching, on-demand classes, and adaptive workouts that scale with you as you get fitter.

However, after your free year is up, you’ll need to pay $20 per month to keep these features. If you aren’t on a JRNY membership, your options on the treadmill will be fairly limited.

Other features on this treadmill include a whopping 20% incline, a -5% decline, a 400-pound weight capacity, a spacious 22 x 60-inch running deck with Comfort Tech cushioning, and the ability to fold and lock in place for safety.

Also take note that even when folded, this treadmill takes up a good bit of space. IT’s best for those who have the space available in their home already.


  • 22-inch HD touchscreen
  • ● -5 % decline and 20% incline
  • Comfort Tech cushioning
  • Weight capacity up to 400 pounds


  • Need the JRNY subscription to access most of the fancy features

Buyers Guide – Treadmill for Tall Runners

Belt Size

The belt size will have a direct effect on your running form. If the belt is too short, you’ll find yourself cutting your stride short in order to not fall off, which isn’t natural or comfortable.

Tall runners need a belt that’s not only long enough for their stride but wide enough to allow plenty of space laterally too.

Console Height

If you want to use the console on the treadmill, it needs to be at a decent height. The console should be adjustable so you can lift it to the required height and lower it again later if necessary, especially if others in the house are also using it.

Weight Capacity

The weight capacity of a treadmill usually indicates how well it’s made. If it can handle a high amount of weight, you can be sure it’s constructed of excellent materials and it’s solid enough to handle quite a bit.

On the other hand, if it’s got a low weight capacity, it could be a sign of worse quality materials used in the building of the machine. It also often means a less powerful motor.

With this in mind, it’s always a good idea to go for a treadmill with a high weight capacity. You’ll be more stable, especially when running at a speed.


What Engine Is Recommended for a treadmill?

If you’re only planning on walking on your treadmill, you can get away with a motor of 1.5 CHP (continuous-duty horsepower).

But if you intend to run on the treadmill, especially often, we highly recommend going for a 2.5 to 3 CHP motor. These are obviously more powerful, and they’ll provide you with a better treadmill experience while lasting longer.

What Is the Best Treadmill Length for Running?

For tall people, a minimum deck length of 60 inches is best. This should give you enough space to stretch out and not hold back when running at your hardest.

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