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Best Treadmill Desk Attachments for Laptops and Tablets in 2022


You don’t need to set aside 30 minutes or an hour every day to the exclusion of everything else just to get your exercise in. With one of the best treadmill desk attachments for laptops and tablets, multitasking is a breeze.

Simply attach your holder tightly to your treadmill and place your device on it. You can watch a TV show, read a book, or even get some work done while you walk or run.

There are no more excuses for skipping exercise with these attachments. Your health and productivity both get a boost at the same time. As John Schuna discovered with his small study, treadmill desks are a great way to boost the number of steps you get each day.

We’ve chosen the TACKFORM Tablet Holder as our best choice for tablets, because it has a 360-degree swivel, adjustable legs, and is made from Automotive Grade plastic.

For laptops, our top choice is the VIVO Universal Laptop Stand. It can hold 8.8 pounds, has an adjustable support bar, and is very easy to assemble.

How We Chose These Treadmill Attachments

When researching treadmill desk attachments, we considered these main features for each product: attachment mechanism, support, durability, and price.

The key feature is how well the holder attaches to the treadmill. One that can’t secure stay on to the treadmill or hold your laptop or tablet isn’t practical and can potentially be a safety hazard.

We also examined support and the sturdiness. Even if it secure attaches to your treadmill, if it can’t support your laptop, then it is nearly useless.

Finally, we checked durability and price. A quick search reveals hundreds of treadmill desk attachment options. Unfortunately, many of them are poorly made and won’t last. We researched these holders to make sure they were well-made products. Additionally, none of them are wildly expensive either.


Top 3 Best and Favorites


TACKFORM Tablet Holder


  • 360-degree swivel
  • Rubber lining
  • Adjustable legs
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VIVO Universal Laptop Stand for Treadmills


  • Adjustable support bar
  • Weight capacity of 8.8 pounds
  • Easy assembly
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Sunny Health and Fitness Universal Bike Mount Clamp Holder


  • Adjustable mount width
  • Pivots and rotates 360 degrees
  • Adjustable clamp
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Best Tablet Holder Clamp

1. TACKFORM Tablet Holder for Treadmill or Exercise Bike

If you use your tablet more than you use your laptop, you don’t need a large attachment. TACKFORM’s tablet holder is easy to clamp onto any bar from 0.6” to 1.5”, whether it’s on a treadmill or another piece of exercise equipment.

The cradle is universal, so it can fit most tablets easily. The bracket itself is made from Automotive Grade plastic, so it’s durable and should stand up well to wear and tear. A rubber lining on the inside of the tablet’s feet means that your tablet won’t get damaged when putting it in or removing it from the holder.

You can flip easily between landscape and portrait orientations, and tilt it slightly if you need a different angle. It works well with smartphones, too.


  • 360-degree swivel
  • Rubber lining
  • Made from Automotive Grade ABS plastic
  • Adjustable legs


  • Some may find the initial assembly of the tablet holder to be confusing

Top Laptop Holder

2. VIVO Universal Laptop Stand for Treadmills

This laptop holder is made from stainless steel, so the chances of it breaking or buckling while you’re running on the treadmill are very small. It can hold up to 8.8 pounds of weight, which should be more than enough for modern laptops or tablets.

You can change the width of the horizontal bar to suit the width of your treadmill’s arms. Make sure that you fasten it tightly with the Velcro straps. The vertical bar is also adjustable so you can set it to exactly the right height for you.

It has a 10-degree tilt both backwards and forwards, a 20-degree swivel and 360-degree rotation. It has a manufacturer’s warranty of 3 years.

The only potential problem is that if you like to run quite close to the front of the treadmill, you could accidentally hit your knees or legs on the vertical bar, if it’s low enough.


  • Adjustable support bar
  • Weight capacity of 8.8 pounds
  • Tray articulation
  • Easy assembly


  • Some people may find the instructions for assembly difficult to understand
  • If you run close to the front of the treadmill, the vertical bar may be in your way

Best Value Clamp

3. Sunny Health and Fitness Universal Bike Mount Clamp Holder

This tablet clamp is affordable and serves its purpose well. Great adjustability means it fits most tablets and smartphones. Just press the two buttons on the side to slide out the retractable arm, place your tablet in the gap, and let go of the arm to create a tight clamp on your tablet.

The tablet holder can pivot and rotate 360 degrees, so no matter what you want to do you can get your phone or tablet in the right position for it. The universal bar mount fits on almost all bars, so you can use it anywhere you like and you’re not limited to just using it on the treadmill.

The part where the holder attaches to the clamp is not as durable as the rest of the tablet holder and can be broken if bumped or forced.


  • Adjustable mount width
  • Pivots and rotates 360 degrees
  • Adjustable clamp
  • Can be used with most mobile devices and tablets


  • Some people may find it difficult to get the device holder to click into the t-notch adapter

Top Standing Tablet Holder

4. LEVO G2 Deluxe Tablet Stand

If you don’t like the idea of connecting your tablet holder directly to the treadmill, you can try something like LEVO’s G2 Deluxe Tablet Stand, which stands on the floor.

You can adjust it from 30 to 56 inches in height, so you can use it just as easily while on the treadmill as you would be able to in bed. It changes easily from portrait to landscape and can tilt to almost any position.

Just roll this tablet holder up next to your treadmill, set the correct light, and extend the arm so you can see your screen properly.

Make sure it’s not positioned in a spot where someone else could trip over it, or where you might step on it accidentally when you get off the treadmill. The base weighs 20 pounds, so it’s sturdy enough not to fall over easily but it’s still a good idea to be careful not to bump it when your device is in it.


  • Pro Clamping Ends
  • Quick-lever height adjustment locks
  • Adjustable angles
  • Movable floor stand


  • Devices heavier than 4 pounds won’t be supported and you may need to remove their protective covers

Best Laptop and Tablet Combo Holder

5. SurfShelf Treadmill Desk

This attachment is designed in such a way that it can be used for tablets, phones or laptops. Just hook it over the back of your treadmill with the easy-to-use straps and place your device on it.

It’s made from polycarbonate so it’s quite tough. There’s also a handy Velcro strap that holds your tablet or laptop in place so it will be safe even if you’re shaking the treadmill a little.

This kind of attachment is useful if you use various devices and may find yourself wanting to do different things while you’re on the treadmill. It can even fold up to fit inside a gym bag so you can take it with you to work or the gym and use it there.


  • Easy assembly
  • Made from transparent polycarbonate
  • Fits most treadmills, bikes and ellipticals
  • Velcro strap to secure device


  • Some may find reaching the console on the treadmill difficult when the SurfShelf is mounted

Top Laptop Desk

6. HumanCentric Treadmill Desk Attachment

If you need to get a few more hours of work into your week and you don’t want to give up on your exercise, then using a treadmill desk while you reply to emails, do some typing, or catch up on other work is a good idea. You can even take part in a conference call or Zoom meeting if you are just walking.

This treadmill desk attachment is very simple. It has a rubberized surface to make sure there is no chance of your laptop slipping off while you’re busy. Just place the desk on top of the treadmill arms and secure it with the straps. You will need to measure your treadmill before buying, as this will not fit if the arms are more than 33 inches apart.

It’s 34 inches wide and 14.4 inches deep, so it will fit most laptops. It doesn’t tilt, so you won’t be able to use tablets or phones if you are working or watching something.


  • Easy to install
  • Rubber surface
  • Universal design
  • 34 inches wide x 14.4 inches deep


  • You’ll need to measure the distance between the handlebars as this will not be suitable for treadmills where the inside edge is wider than 33 inches

Runner-up Laptop Desk

7. Ollieroo Treadmill Desk Attachment

This wooden desk attachment has a widening design so it can fit on most treadmills. You will need to be careful if fully extending it often because the wood could be under strain and crack.

Part of the desk tilts, so you can get your laptop at exactly the right angle. Or, use this with a phone or tablet if you want to. It has a useful rubberized mouse pad on the right-hand side. If you are left-handed you may need to adjust to the mouse being on the wrong side, or you might not use it at all.

Another nice feature is the small “heat dissipation holes” in the wooden surface which help to prevent your laptop from overheating. A small nifty side drawer allows you to store little things like papers and pens.


  • Protective stop block design
  • Adjustable height and expandable length
  • Small side drawer
  • Has a removable mouse pad


  • When it’s fully extended it may bend or the wood could crack with the weight

Best Transparent Laptop Desk

8. STYLEZONE Treadmill Laptop Desk

A transparent desk is useful for treadmill users who want to be able to still see the treadmill console. Solid desks can obstruct the view, but this transparent desk allows you to still see all your metrics as long as you can see behind your laptop.

It’s a simple but effective design. Place it on top of the treadmill arms and secure it with the straps. There is a small block at the front of the desk to keep the laptop in place and prevent it from slipping off.

You can get it in a rectangular shape or a curved shape, depending on your preference. Make sure you choose the right one when buying to avoid disappointment.


  • Protective stop block design
  • Can choose from two different shapes
  • Made from acrylic
  • Adjustable velcro straps


  • Some people may find that they need to use additional straps to secure the desk to the treadmill



Why use a tablet or computer holder?

Using a tablet or computer holder while you’re on the treadmill will help to keep your device secured so you can use it while you get a workout. This will allow you to distract yourself with your favorite TV shows or even read a book.

You can also use this as a dedicated workspace where you can respond to emails, type up letters, or even have Zoom meetings while your device remains secure and safe. It will also allow you to be productive while getting in a workout, which is great if you’re under tight deadlines.

What should I consider when buying a treadmill desk attachment?

When you’re looking to buy a treadmill desk attachment, first and foremost you want to consider the size of the device you’re going to be using. If you’re getting an attachment that will be secured to the arms of the treadmill, then you’d need to measure the inside distance between the arms. This will help you find an attachment that will fit your treadmill.

You’ll also want to get a desk attachment that is easy to set up or that has setup instructions that are easy to follow. If you’re using a treadmill in the office or in the gym, you want to be able to set the attachment up in a few seconds and be able to take it down just as easily and quickly.

The attachment needs to be stable and there should be very little to no shaking when you’re running or walking on the treadmill. You may have to check the straps that secure the attachment to the treadmill regularly to make sure they haven’t lost their tension.

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