Best Timex Watches For Running in 2019

Timex brand watches have helped people keep time for over one hundred years. All Timex watches use a backlight feature that evenly illuminates the watch dial. But if every Timex watch were identical, finding the right watch for your needs would be a lot easier.The Indiglo backlight makes Timex watches a good choice when running in the evening or morning. But some Timex watches are designed with other unique features to provide a variety of watch options. And if you need a GPS system, a chronograph watch, or other key features, finding the right Timex for you can be difficult.

Our list includes the most durable Timex watches, the lightest, and the watches that provide the best value. Here are some suggestions based on the most requested running watch features. Timex watches are designed to assist you when running, whether you do so on a treadmill, in the morning, or during any time of day you choose.

Top 3 Best and Favorites

Best GPS Timex

Ironman GPS

Best Timex Chrono

Ironman Classic 50

Best Value

Ironman Sleek 30

Best Timex GPS Watch

1. Ironman GPS

The Timex Ironman GPS watch is one of the best Timex running watches for long distance runners and running athletes. The GPS feature in this watch is designed to hold a charge for 12 hours so it will last long enough to assist 5K runners and triathletes.

Timex calls the Ironman GPS their simplest watch. The Timex Ironman GPS displays the time, your average pace, and the distance traveled by default. The watch is targeted at beginners to running, so they wanted the interface to be as simple as possible.

The Ironman GPS is one of Timex’s most lightweight watches. A light watch is better for new runners because it is less likely to chafe the wrist. They also knew that long-distance runners using the Ironman GPS would want a lighter watch that they could comfortably wear for hours.

The Timex Ironman GPS requires a micro USB cable to charge the GPS system inside. While micro USB cables and places to plug them in are becoming more common, you should still take that into consideration when purchasing an Ironman GPS. The Timex Ironman GPS may not come with a micro USB charger cable since they expect you to already own one.


  • Lightweight
  • The GPS system has a long battery life
  • Simple interface design
  • Uses the same micro USB cable to charge as cell phones and mobile devices


  • May not come with a USB cable
  • It is designed to be a runner’s first watch and may be too simple for experienced runners

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Top Timex Chronograph Watch

2. Ironman Classic 50

The Ironman Classic 50 can be used to track splits and lap times with ease. Its ability to track your last 50 laps allows you to track particular points in your run where you struggled. The Classic 50 creates a dated log including your best lap and average lap time. You can replay the entire log, or specific laps, to understand what problems you might have in your running form.

The Ironman Classic 50 has two interval timers. You can create presets in case you only have a limited amount of time to run, and the watch saves the two timers once set. It also has three separate alarm features. You can set these to give you hourly, daily, or weekly reminders.

The Classic 50 is water resistant, though not waterproof, so you can safely wear it in the rain or during triathlons. The watch can track a total of 100-hours on the chronograph, so you should need to clear the chronograph less than once per week. And while it can only replay your last 50 laps, it can count up to 99 laps if you want to do more.


  • Countdown timer with stop and repeat functions
  • Playback function that replays your last 50 laps
  • Customizable alarms for daily and weekly reminders
  • Durable and water resistant


  • Does not include instructions to set time or date
  • Not waterproof

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Lightest Timex Running Watch

3. Ironman Sleek 150

The Ironman Sleek 150 was developed to be a noticeably lighter watch without taking away functions that previous Timex runner watches had. The watch offers nutrition alerts based on the information it gathers. This is useful for avoiding dehydration or fatigue, which can undo all of your hard work.

The Ironman Sleek 150 can track five different workout sessions. So if you feel too tired to analyze your data just after a run, you can still choose to analyze it later. The Target Time Pacer gives audible performance feedback when it logs your lap times, so you don’t need a trainer to tell you if you’ve improved on a lap while running.

The Sleek 150 has a fully functional tapscreen. The ability to use either buttons or the touchscreen to control the watch make the interface easier to use. The watch uses a menu system for all of its lap tracking and records, so having two ways to interface with the watch helps.

Although the watch is light and thin, the display is wide and uses a white reflector display to make all of the information easy to read. It also has an on the fly recall system for splits and laps. The digits are larger than on some Timex watches to make the information as clear as possible at a glance.


  • A larger than normal display, while being a very lightweight watch
  • Tapscreen and button controls
  • Nutrition and hydration alerts to help prevent exhaustion
  • Audible feedback when you beat or fall behind previous lap times


  • The menu can make finding the feature you want harder
  • Can have a gray background with poor contrast, making it harder to read at a glance

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Best Value Timex Running Watch

4. Ironman Sleek 30

The Ironman Sleek 30 does what most Timex watches do, just slightly less of it. It has a 99 lap counter and can recall your last 30 laps. This lets you keep track of how long you’ve been running, and analyze your best and worst laps. Recalling 30 laps is a substantial help for the Timex watch that offers the best value.

As one of the best Timex running watches, the Ironman Sleek 30 can function as a countdown timer or a traditional stopwatch. The countdown timer can be set for up to a 24 hour period and has stop, repeat, and resume functions. There are also daily and weekly alarm options, which can help you plan around your run.

The Sleek 30 has a high contrast digital screen to make it easy to read in dim or dark settings. Of course, any running watch that’s heavy is going to feel unpleasant after a while, but luckily the Sleek 30 is lightweight even when compared to other Timex watches. It also features on the fly split and lap recall so you can easily review your running performance.

The Ironman Sleek 30 offers on-screen prompts to help you during setup. This makes it easier to use for first-time runners. It also has two time zone settings, so if you travel a lot during your running, the Sleek 30 can switch between time zones automatically to remain accurate.


  • Affordable without losing any major features of a Timex running watch
  • Not as heavy as standard Timex watches
  • It has a simple interface due to its lack of excessive features


  • Other than its 30 lap recall, it’s basically just a timer
  • No tapscreen or bonus interface features

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Most Durable Timex Running Watch

5. Expedition Base Shock 45MM

The Expedition Base Shock 45MM is the natural conclusion of Timex’s Indiglo technology. It has a night mode with a night light setting, so the screen is always readable. The screen is water and glare resistant, to improve readability while outside during both the day and night.

The Shock 45MM is resistant to shocks and electrical damage according to I.S.O. Standards. The resin reinforced body of this watch is also more durable than most running watches. As a result, the 45MM can survive being shocked, stomped, covered in mud, and almost any other outdoor trauma at least once.

Although the expedition base shock 45mm might be one of the larger Timex watches, it has enough features to match its size. It has daily and weekly alarms, a countdown timer, and can function as a stopwatch for up to 24 hours consecutively.

And as a running watch, its 100-hour chronograph recorder is essential. It uses it to track your last 99 laps and record your splits and laps for review later. It also has a larger display area than most running watches. This again couples with the night mode and Indiglo backlighting options to ensure maximum visibility, even at night, during a workout, or in the middle of inclement weather.


  • Incredibly durable
  • Has a backlight, night mode, and large screen for maximum readability
  • It has numerous running watch features to track laps, splits, and more


  • One of the heavier Timex running watches
  • May not be able to recall your laps to the same degree as other Timex watches

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