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Best Suunto Watches for Running in 2020


A running watch is a critical piece of gear these days. More than being a simple timekeeper, today’s sports watches help measure your progress, create training programs, encourage you to work out, and keep you socially connected.

They come in many different styles and customizations to fit every runner’s needs, from the basic to the very, very techy. If you’re worried about style, Suunto watches are worth your attention. Their models are designed to be worn daily and weigh as little as 36 grams. The modern designs reflect the needs of the stylish runner who wants to look good, stay healthy, and create detailed and usable fitness data.

Below are just a few of the best Suunto running watches on the market today.

Top 3 Best and Favorites

Best Overall

Trainer Wrist HR

Best Battery Life

9 Baro

Best Deal

Ambit3 Peak

Best Suunto Running Watch

1. Spartan Trainer Wrist HR

The Suunto Spartan Trainer is simple and yet packed full of great features for the hobbyist or athlete, including 80(!) different sport modes. Simply tell the watch what you’re doing (running, biking, hiking, etc.), and it will keep track of all relevant stats for you so you can focus on the journey ahead.

With GPS navigation, this watch ensures you always know where you’re running. Key navigation features include a basic altimeter, which is handy for mountain biking or other related sports, heatmaps to track your favorite routes, and estimated time of arrival indicators.

As with all Suunto watches, the Spartan Trainer is sturdy and holds up to the elements. This particular model is water resistant to 50 meters, just in case you want to take a swim after a long run.

One of the most convenient features of the Spartan Trainer is its heart rate monitoring capabilities. Not only does this watch keep track of your heart rate during a run, but it also produces comprehensive statistics related to heart health and activity levels throughout the day.


  • Lightweight
  • LED backlighting
  • Low Price


  • No touch display
  • Basic altimeter (vs. barometric altimeter found in other models)

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Best Suunto Multisport Watch

2. Spartan Sport Wrist HR Baro

The Suunto Spartan Sport watch is designed for the athlete who likes to do it all, with GPS navigation, a digital compass, barometric altimeter, and wrist heart monitor.

It’s a step up from the Spartan Trainer, with an impressive collection of features designed for everyone. This watch includes all of the characteristics of the Spartan Trainer model, along with a few other gems to make your running experience even more enjoyable.

Like its cousin, the Spartan Sport includes 80 different sport modes and GPS navigation. However, the Spartan Sport also houses a digital compass with tilt compensation and declination correction. Add a barometric altimeter to the mix, and you’ll never stray off course.

Together with barometric altitude, the watch merges weather and GPS data to produce a more accurate look at your surroundings at any given moment. For trail ultra-runners, this is particularly important, especially when weather changes can be drastic and unpredictable.

The Sport incorporates a wrist heart rate monitor as well, along with an optional heart rate belt. These features, along with the watch’s durable stainless-steel bezel, make the Spartan Sport stand out as one of the best Suunto running watches on the market.


  • Color touch display
  • 14-day battery life
  • Digital compass


  • Heavier watch
  • Doesn’t include 24/7 tracking

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Best Suunto for Trails and Ultras

3. 9 Baro

If you enjoy taking your outdoor adventures to the extreme, the Suunto 9 Baro provides solid construction, an intelligent, long-lasting battery, and FusedTrack technology for long-distance journeys.

The Suunto 9 Baro was created for the professional athlete, with a rock-solid, stainless-steel bezel and sapphire crystal glass face. Add water resistance to 100 meters, and you’ve got a tough watch that will go wherever you go without complaint.

A key feature of this multi-sport watch is the intelligent battery that enables you to record up to 120 hours of activity using three modes: Performance, Endurance or Ultra. If one mode doesn’t provide the battery life you need on your journey, simply switch to another one and keep running.

With such a long-lasting battery, it’s no wonder Suunto developed the FusedTrack system to combine GPS (which is typically a drain on your battery) with motion sensors to increase accuracy for long distance runs. Simply put, your battery won’t give out before you do.

The 9 Baro also features a digital compass and barometer, along with GPS navigation, to ensure you know where you are and what weather-related issues you might encounter along the way. It will even alert you to approaching storms in plenty of time to seek shelter.


  • Impressive 120 hours of recording capability (long battery life)
  • Step and calorie counters
  • Water resistant to 100 meters


  • Expensive
  • Big and heavier than other watches

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Top Suunto for Hiking

4. Traverse

The Suunto Traverse offers a simple, modern design; smartphone connectivity; flashlight backlight; and the option to create a 3D map of your favorite hikes using the accompanying Suunto Movescount app.

The Suunto Traverse packs a significant punch when it comes to features, but also provides simplicity in its design. Key features are easy to find and use when you’re hiking or just on-the-go with everyday life. Link the watch to your smartphone, and you’ll be alerted when you receive calls or texts.

Despite the fact this is a sports watch, its modern look means you can wear it anywhere. The Traverse is designed to withstand the elements, with a lightweight composite casing and stainless-steel bezel. It may look modern in design, but it won’t slow you down.

With the free Suunto Movescount app, you can share your favorite hiking spots with your friends and family with a few clicks. You can even use the app to create a 3D map of your journey with the data the watch collects as you hike. Throw in a few pictures, and share your experience through YouTube.

The base price for the Suunto Traverse is $419, making it an excellent buy for the wealth of features it possesses. Unlike the models above, the Traverse features a flashlight backlight option, making it easy to find your car keys in the dark or make a midnight run from your campsite to the restroom.


  • Save and store up to 250 points of interest
  • Plan your route using the Suunto Movescount app


  • Comparable to the 9 Baro, but doesn’t have the extended battery life
  • Moderately expense

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Best Suunto Smartwatch

5. 3 Fitness

For the smartwatch enthusiast who doesn’t want to break the bank, the Suunto 3 Fitness combines the convenience of a smartwatch with the health benefits of a sports watch.

Looking for a Smartwatch that connects you to your world (via your smartphone) and helps you stay healthy? If so, the Suunto 3 Fitness is exactly what you need. This stylish watch is priced at $229, making it a budget-friendly alternative to other higher-priced smartwatches.

Most smartwatches keep track of your daily activity, including steps, calories, and sleep patterns, but the 3 Fitness goes a step beyond the standard. This intelligent watch creates 7-day exercise plans based on your fitness level, and adapts to the data it collects as you progress through your training.

You can choose from three different training modes based on your current and future fitness plans. Couple the 3 Fitness with the Suunto app, and you can keep track of your activities and sleep, as well as share your successes with friends and family.

The 3 Fitness includes many of the features found in more expensive Suunto watches, such as wrist heart rate monitoring, 30-meter water resistance, and GPS tracking. It will measure your speed, laps, and pace, and includes 70 different sport modes.

If you’re seeking a smartwatch more so than a true sports watch, the 3 Fitness is likely a good choice. Keep in mind, although it does have GPS tracking, it does not include the weather-related data or storm alerts found in higher priced models.


  • Extremely lightweight
  • Stylish and good for everyday wear
  • Creates 7-day exercise plans for you


  • Color display, but not a touch display

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Best Discontinued Suunto for Running

6. Ambit3 Peak

With elite-level watches commanding eye-popping prices, recently discontinued models warrant serious consideration. If you’re willing to forgo the incremental upgrades from a previous model, a watch such as the Suunto Ambit3 Peak is a great option. It features FusedAlti technology, steel construction, and smartphone connectivity, along with an extensive battery life.

The Ambit3 Peak is currently only available via customization from the manufacturer, starting at just over $400. This watch features a long battery life (over 200 hours) and GPS capabilities that will keep you on the right trail and get you home on time.

Similar to the 9 Baro, the Ambit3 Peak uses FusedAlti technology to combine GPS and barometric data to determine your elevation and predict weather patterns. Storm alerts are also included with this model.

The Ambit3 Peak works seamlessly with the Suunto Movescount app to allow you to map out your route. As you run, easily locate yourself on your watch to determine timing, remaining mileage, and even how many hills you have left to traverse.

This sturdy watch is constructed of steel, polyamide and sapphire crystal, and will hold up in most conditions. It links to your smartphone to help you manage your daily activities, including phone calls, text messages and push notifications.

One of the best Suunto running watches out there, the Ambit3 Peak is packed with great features. However, it is heavier than others at a whopping 92 grams. For most, though, the long battery life will more than compensate for the added weight.


  • Share your journey with friends and family via the Suunto Movescount app
  • FusedAlti technology
  • Weather alerts


  • Fairly heavy compared to other models
  • Moderately-priced
  • Discontinued, so not widely available

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Best Budget Suunto for Running

7. Ambit3 Run

The Suunto Ambit3 Run offers a simple, yet feature-rich design for a lower price. This is a great starter watch for the beginner who wants to experiment before trading up to a more sophisticated design.

The Ambit3 Run was constructed with the runner in mind, with a focus on training and discipline. At a great price ($180), this versatile watch is tough and built to last. The Ambit3 Run boasts an impressive 14-day battery in standard time mode, and connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth Smart.

If you’re a runner, you’ll instantly see the advantage of this particular watch via the various features designed to make your running experience better with every step. With GPS navigation at your fingertips, you can plan your route to the minute or just run for the fun of it.

A digital compass with 1-degree resolution is standard, along with speed and distance measurements. Measure heart rate and set limits to keep yourself on target. The Ambit3 Run even includes a calorie counter for the runner who’s balancing nutrition and calorie burn.

You can download training plans from the Suunto Movescount app to help you manage progress and test yourself by increasing the difficulty of your workout. Use heat maps to explore fun, new routes and take your workout to new places.

The Ambit3 Run boasts a number of great features for the price, so if you’re looking for a good budget-friendly watch, this is your top choice.


  • Inexpensive
  • Lightweight
  • Durable


  • Fewer features than other Suunto watches

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