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Best Superfeet Insoles For Running And Walking in 2023

Adding over-the-counter insoles to your shoes can provide a ton of great benefits. They can correct overpronation, stabilize ankles, alleviate plantar fasciitis and knee pain, and add arch support.
Superfeet have been one of the most popular brands of insoles for almost 40 years. They have a variety of styles with different levels of arch support, thickness, and styles to fit different kinds of feet, shoes, and boots.
Most styles of Superfeet are trim-to-fit. This means you take your existing insole, trace around the Superfeet insert at the front, and cut with scissors. This gives you a perfect, custom fit when you place them in your shoes.
Our top choice for runners is the Superfeet RUN Comfort. This model is unisex, but there is also a women-specific version available. And if you don’t run, Superfeet has many other models to fit your specific needs.
In this article, we’ll review the best Superfeet insoles. Read below to see which Superfeet insoles are best for different situations.

Top 3 Best and Favorites


Superfeet RUN Comfort


  • Great arch support
  • Helps Achilles problems
  • Comfortable for long runs


Superfeet COPPER


  • Memory foam layer
  • Odor-removing coating
  • Deep and supportive heel cups
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Superfeet RUN Pain Relief


  • Independent heel stabilizers
  • Cushioned foam to increase comfort
  • Helps with plantar pain
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Best For Running

1. Superfeet RUN Comfort

Superfeet RUN Comfort insoles are designed to reduce fatigue and pounding, while enhancing arch and heel support as you run.

In the heels, you find Heel Impact Technology (H.I.T) that works to reduce shock and provide a natural cushion to land on and push off.

These insoles are designed for durability. The Evolyte stabilizer that runs from the heel to midfoot area works to provide support by quickly bringing itself back to its original shape after each stride. They also come with Moisturewick, added to prevent odor in the insert.

On the top sides of the insoles, they’ve implemented moisture-wicking technology with Aerospring comfort foam. This foam will provide the runner with a smooth ride that will reduce the impact their feet are experiencing.

The women’s version of the RUN Comfort insoles feature a slimmer heel, as well as a narrower arch length that will more appropriately fit the proportions of their feet.


  • Great arch support
  • Helps Achilles problems
  • Comfortable for long runs
  • Soft and cushioned


  • Expensive

Best For Walking

2. Superfeet COPPER

Sometimes, you just need a pair of insoles that will help out your feet during everyday activities, such as being at work, commuting, or just simply being on your feet.

In this case, the best insole to go with would be the Superfeet COPPER. These insoles contour to the shape of your feet thanks to the layer of pressure-sensitive memory foam. Once they shape to your feet, you’ll be good to go for hours!

The heel cups on these insoles are deep and supportive. From the heel to midfoot area, there is a stabilizer cap that works as the base, which further supports your foot and enhances the stability of your insoles.

The enhanced structure feeds into the durable construction of these insoles. These insoles are promised to support you for at least a year, or hundreds and hundreds of miles.

On the top sides of the insoles, Superfeet has also implemented a coating that works to reduce the amount of odor-causing bacteria.


  • Memory foam layer
  • Odor-removing coating


  • Too thick for some people

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Best For Plantar Fasciitis

3. Superfeet RUN Pain Relief

Plantar fasciitis is a common problem, and many people – runners especially – deal with it on a daily basis.

Many types of inserts can help with plantar pain, but the Superfeet RUN Pain Relief insoles are our top Superfeet for managing the pain from plantar fasciitis.

These insoles have heel stabilizers for support and stability. Stabilizing this part of the foot is important in controlling pain from plantar fasciitis. They also have a layer of therapeutic foam to help cushion your foot.

An Evolyte stabilizer cap runs from the heel to midfoot area. This stabilizer cap provides added support with less weight – while still providing a responsive ride as you run.


  • Independent heel stabilizers
  • Cushioned foam to increase comfort and decrease hot spots


  • Arch support can be limited for some

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Best For High Arches

4. Superfeet GREEN

Many people have high arches. It can cause heel, arch, or ankle pain. To help combat these issues, try Superfeet GREEN insoles.

The heel cup on these insoles was deliberately designed to be deeper and wider to allow for better comfort and shock absorption.

These insoles feature high-density foam cushioning and shock absorption. The foam provides walkers and runners with long-lasting comfort, giving them the ability to go for long distances.

As common in Superfeet insoles, the GREENs also include a stabilizer cap that will work to support your rear-foot.

But while they have high arch support, this does make them a bit thicker than other inserts. It can be tough to fit them in certain shoes as the insert pushes your foot up too high in the upper.


  • Wide and deep heel cup
  • High-density foam layer


  • Hard to fit in some shoes

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Best For Flat Feet

5. Superfeet BLUE

Having flat feet can lead to a bunch of problems including knee and ankle pain. Most commonly this is from overpronation.

Luckily, Superfeet BLUE insoles are ideal for adding support to help overpronation. With a thinner insole, they are suitable in a wide range of shoes, such as athletic and work footwear.

High-density foam was used in the insert to help cushion your foot. This foam combined with the arch and heel support can provide help for flat feet, Achilles tendonitis, and plantar fasciitis. The foam is further complemented by the stabilizer cap, which provides support by adding a layer of protection from the heel area to the midfoot area of the insole.

Multiple consumers online have stated their satisfaction after using these Superfeet insoles to ease flat feet issues. For some, they worked much better than the expensive custom orthotics recommended by medical professionals.

These insoles feature medium arch support. They are great for adding support like the GREEN inserts, but do a better job at fitting into more types of shoes.


  • Help stabilize knees, ankles, legs
  • Good price for aiding medical issues


  • Not as cushioned as the RUN Superfeet inserts

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Best For Hiking

6. Superfeet TRAILBLAZER Comfort

Hikers know that trails vary widely, going from even to uneven, hard to soft. While out on the trail, your insert should provide you with support, comfort, and balance.

With Superfeet TRAILBLAZER Comfort insoles, you’ll feel reduced fatigue and soreness during and after your hike.

These insoles feature a deep heel cup. This helps to prevent your toes from jamming and hitting the front of your boots. This heel slip prevention is especially ideal while hiking downhill. The heel also features a Heel Impact Technology (H.I.T) Pod that will spread out impact while hiking.

Aerospring Ascent Dual Comfort Foam layers provide comfort and stability to the front foot/toe area. This enhanced stability will keep your toes from becoming cramped or sore during hikes. Moisture-wicking material is used to prevent the build-up of odor-causing bacteria.

Like Superfeet’s RUN Comfort inserts, a carbon-fiber stabilizer cap runs from the heel to the midfoot. It’s intended to increase stability and comfort while hiking.

Also, like the RUN Comfort, there is a unisex and women-specific version of the insert.


  • Trail comfort for a good price
  • Work with various hiking boots


  • Specialized for boots, may not work if swapped into regular shoes

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Best For Dress Shoes

7. Superfeet EVERY DAY Slim Fit

If you have ever had to stand in dress shoes for an extended period of time, you know how uncomfortable they can be for your feet, ankles and knees. This problem is solved with Superfeet’s EVERY DAY Slim Fit insoles.

The problem with many dress shoes is their tight fit, which doesn’t allow for much comfort or cushion. With the EVERY DAY insoles, cushion and support is provided all day.

They have a slim profile that is meant to easily slide in and fit well to most dress shoes. These insoles have a deep cup to cradle and hold your heel, and provide shock absorption with each step.

On the women’s EVERY DAY insoles, there is a slimmer heel and arch length that is more appropriately dimensioned to women’s feet.

These insoles are smaller than others, and extend from just below the midfoot area back to the heel, in order to fit well into slim dress shoes. The whole insole is fitted with a stabilizer cap to improve the responsiveness in each step.

The tops of the insoles are covered in Auraluxe Brushed Microsuede, which give them a very soft feel, keeping your feet comfortable while on your feet or sitting down.


  • Slim fit for dress shoes
  • Microsuede for increased comfort


  • Too narrow for some people
  • Can slip around when sliding foot in

Best For Soccer Cleats

8. Superfeet CARBON

Playing sports can be tough on your feet, especially a sport like soccer. Additionally, if you have flat feet or need extra support, cleats themselves have almost no stability.

The problem with most inserts is that they don’t fit well in soccer cleats. But the Superfeet CARBON insoles are thin enough to fit in most cleats. And they still provide great support.

These insoles bring together super-soft foam and carbon fiber to create a long-lasting, comfortable feel. The Evolyte stabilizer cap provides comfort in the heel to midfoot area, through the carbon fiber material.

The heel cup on these insoles is made to absorb the natural shock experienced while playing soccer. In order to be able to fit into the various types of soccer cleats, the forefoot of these insoles are made a bit wider, but can be trimmed down to fit in narrow cleats.

And the chances of your cleats becoming smelly and worn over time are reduced by the odor-controlling coating present on the insoles.


  • Can fit in most soccer cleats
  • Beveled edges for side support


  • Reports of them being too stiff

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Best For Women

9. Superfeet BERRY

Men and women have different foot shapes, so it’s important for insoles to adjust for these differences. For women, Superfeet has the BERRY insoles, made specifically for women’s feet.

BERRY insoles were designed to fit in a wide selection of women’s shoes, ranging from athletic shoes to work shoes. These insoles feature a slim and deep cup heel, which absorbs shock while walking or running. The slimmer heel is more suited for womens feet, so they won’t slip off or move around.

Closed-cell foam on these insoles provides extra cushioning and support on the front half of the insert. The foam layer is further supported by the stabilizer cap, which increases stability and comfort in each step.

The ankles and knees of women using these insoles will experience more stabilization and comfort, thanks to the durable construction of the insoles as a whole.


  • Foam layers to improve comfort
  • Slim fit for womens feet and shoes


  • May not have enough arch support

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Best For Wide Feet

10. Superfeet wideGREEN

Like the regular GREEN inserts, Superfeet wideGREEN insoles provide arch and heel support – but they are made specifically for those with wide feet.

These insoles feature a wide and deep cup to support wide feet, and absorb much of the shock experienced while stepping. There is a contoured shape implemented on these insoles, and this works to reduce the stress brought to your ankles and knees.

As with most Superfeet insoles, this pair also features a stabilizer cap that runs from the heel to midfoot area. This further increases stability and comfort while walking, working, running, etc.


  • Best support for those with wide feet
  • Contour shaped with deep heel for enhanced comfort
  • Good for plantar fasciitis


  • High arch means it can be harder to fit in certain shoes

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What Are the Differences Between Superfeet Insoles?

There are multiple differences that separate Superfeet insoles from one another. These aspects include;

  • Arch Height: Different arch heights can determine which insoles will be most comfortable for each person. You will need a different model of insole, dependant on how high or low your arch is. A tall arch height can be developed over time, or run in the family. There are different ways to determine your arch height. After doing so, you’ll have a good idea of which insole arch height is best for you.
  • Insole Thickness: Insoles vary in thickness, and range from 5 mm, to 10 mm, to 15 mm or more. Max thickness is common in many types of insoles available. Different insole thicknesses are better for different types of shoes; it all depends on what the shoe can accomodate.
  • Cushioning / Comfort: Many insoles feature memory foam, or a foam layer in general, that further increases comfortability and support. Companies may have their own foam technology that they use, and they may be preferred by some customers rather than others. The cushioning/comfort styles and technology will always be discussed on the insole’s product page.
  • Full Length / Half Length: Full-length insoles are very common for most types of insoles, such as ones for athletic shoes, work shoes, regular shoes, etc. Half-length insoles are most commonly used in ones for dress shoes, so the users toes do not become cramped due to the slim profile of dress shoes.
  • Anti Microbial: Many insoles, especially ones for athletic shoes, are equipped with antimicrobial technology, which works to reduce the amount of odor-causing bacteria present after each use. This technology is most commonly seen in insoles that are meant to support those on their feet for most hours of the day.

How Long Do Superfeet Insoles Last?

Practically every Superfeet insole is made to last up to around 500 miles of use, or up to a year, whichever comes first. These insoles are designed for durability, and can last their users a very long time.

How Do I Clean Superfeet Insoles?

It’s best to handwash them with soap and warm water. To provide a deeper clean, you can use a toothbrush for its bristles. Do not put them in the dryer. Let them air dry naturally.

How Do You Fit Superfeet In Shoes?

  • Superfeet insoles come in size ranges, so be sure to pick the ones that match up with your shoe size.
  • Make sure your shoe does not have the original insole in them. If so, take it out.
  • Use the shoe’s original insole to trace around your Superfeet insoles. Cut the new insert along the trace line so that they fit into your shoes well.
  • After cutting, fit them into your shoes.
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