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Best Sports Bras for Running in 2023


For us women, there’s one thing we have to take into consideration that men don’t have to even think about. That’s our upper body support, more specifically a good sports bra to keep ‘the girls’ in place. That can be harder for some than others, depending on how much support you need and your activity level.

Last thing you want a few minutes into your run is to feel like your bra isn’t controlling things enough, or feels too tight or too lose. So, when you are shopping for a good supportive sports bra there are some key features of the bra you’ll want to look for and compare to get the right kind of support you need.

This article will go over some of the better bras we’ve found for running, going over the pros and cons of each.

Top 3 Best and Favorites


Nike Rival


  • Molded cups
  • Highly adjustable
  • Breathable
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Brooks Fiona


  • Clasps in back
  • Flexible cup for natural fit
  • Adjusts in back and straps
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Under Armour Seamless Plunge


  • Soft fabric and design
  • Breathable
  • Supportive for smaller chests
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Top High Impact Running Bra

1. Nike Rival

For those of you ladies who put on a ton of miles, or even if you cross train with a lot of jumping and plyometric moves, you need some strong support. The Nike Rival is built with control in mind as it has molded padded cups built into the bra for a more customized fit.

Nike is good at offering many sizes, so this bra comes in 30 size options from 30A to 38E but only in colors black or white. The bra is also made with Dri-Fit technology, or sweat-wicking fabric to keep you dry. There’re a few different mesh sections on the bra to provide good air flow.

Made from spandex, nylon, and polyester, the Nike Rival bra is built to withstand frequent washing. It is also machine washable, which makes it a little more convenient. The racerback straps are adjustable to give you the best fit.


  • Adjustable straps
  • Molded cups for best fit
  • Made with breathable fabric


  • Some indicated the straps don’t stay in place as well as desired

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Top Medium Impact Running Bra

2. Brooks Fiona

A popular sports bra for Brooks customers is the Fiona medium impact sports bra. This bra has molded cups that also have a little flexibility to them for added comfort. With that added flexibility the cups will more easily shape to your body’s natural shape, rather than being forced into an unnatural cup shape.

Unlike most bras except Brooks, the Fiona bra can actually be adjusted in the front and the back of the bra, so you can make the fit as customized as possible. The design in the back is more open, and has three rows of hooks for sizing options. The unique adjustable straps in the front will help the bra fit your shoulders just right.

The Brooks Fiona bra is made for medium impact, so it would still be suitable for an avid runner. Although it is recommended to hand wash to prolong the life of the bra, it can still be machine washed on the delicate cycle.


  • Adjustable in front and back
  • Fashionably designed
  • Flexible cup shape for a more natural fit


  • Some users felt the bra was not very supportive
  • Some users found the lower fabric band had a tendency to roll up

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Top Low Impact Running Bra

3. Under Armour Seamless Plunge

The Under Armour Seamless Plunge bra is a high rated bra, but it is a low impact bra so it’s not going to be ideal for long runs. It’s also built for women who require a smaller cup size, only up to size C. Although the bra is offered up to a DDD, it’s just not recommended for running if you are heavy chested.

If you are smaller up top though, you will absolutely love how comfortable this bra is, so much it could be worn all day. It’s built with a high compression design, to keep everything held securely. The Seamless Plunge also has extra support built into the inner layer of the bra.

This bra is also made of breathable fabric, to help keep you dry. The seamless design is fashionable but also made to improve flexibility as you move.


  • Extremely comfortable fabric and design
  • Breathable and supportive for smaller chested women


  • Not designed for high mile runs or large chested women
  • Bra tends to run a little small, or too tight

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Most Supportive Sports Bra

4. Brooks Juno

The Juno sports bra from Brooks is actually one of Brooks’ best-selling bras. It is made for high impact and high mile running. Brooks refers to the bra as their “powerhouse” bra, because it offers a lot of benefits due to the level of support it provides, customized fit options, and comfortable shape.

Brooks has designed this in their customary fashion with adjustable front straps so that it fits the short or taller woman. The racerback design in the back also has three hook options for best fit and control. Lastly, the design uses a unicup, which is meant to keep everything in place and fit to your natural form.

The Brooks Juno comes in cup sizes B – E and in 13 different colors, so you can run fashionably in your favorite color. As with other Brooks bras, this one is also recommended for hand washing, although delicate machine wash is an option.


  • High impact support
  • Great option for larger cup sizes
  • Adjustable for best comfort and fit


  • Foam padding is less breathable
  • Some complaints mention that it is not as supportive as desired

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Top Compression Sports Bra

5. Under Armour Mid Crossback Bra

The Under Armour Mid Crossback Bra was designed primarily with compression in mind. They also used a cross back strap design that is intended to provide extra support. This sports bra, however, is designed as a low impact sports bra, not intended for long runs or high impact sports.

It’s also best for smaller cupped women, from size A to C, who could probably get away with light running in this bra.  It does come in sizes up to DDD for those larger chested women who want to wear it for low impact activities.

The double-layer HeatGear fabric used in this sports bra is designed to be so comfortable you barely notice it’s there. Plus, the fabric has a 4-way grain stretch for optimum flexibility.  The cups are removable, which is a nice option for those who don’t want to use them.


  • Extremely comfortable
  • Great compression to control movement


  • Not adjustable, so not a great fit for everyone
  • Some users complained that the bottom band rolls up

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Best Sports Bra for A Cup

6. Nike Pro Classics Bra

The Nike Pro Classic bra is designed for women with a smaller chest or A cup. This is a great option, as there are some sports bras that don’t even offer a bra with an A cup. This bra is built with compression in mind, giving you a close tight feel when working out.

The Nike Pro uses Dri-Fit technology in their bra design, keeping you dry during even your most intense workouts. The racerback design helps with mobility, and the style keeps you feeling fashionable at the gym.

This bra is machine washable, which is convenient for those with less time on their hands. There are many color options to choose from which is great if fashion is a concern.


  • Great compression to minimize movement
  • Perfect for small chested women


  • Not adjustable, so it may not fit every body

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Best Sports Bra for B Cup

7. Lululemon Free To Be Bra Strappy Sports Bra

This sports bra is designed for a smaller chested woman, ideally around a cup size B. Also noted as a great yoga bra, it may still be okay for light running in short distances. The four-way stretch Luxtreme® fabric is also sweat-wicking so you stay drier. The Lycra added to the fabric helps with movement.

The strappy backs on this sports bra are one of the more unique style features, but also helps to minimize resistance. This will allow you to move with ease. The cups are also removable if you prefer not to use them.

Conveniently machine washable, this bra will become a favorite for light workouts.


  • Flexible stretchy fabric for more movement
  • Great for small chested women


  • Some complaints mention that the fabric is too stretchy

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Best Sports Bra for C Cup

8. Brooks Hot Shot

A sports bra built for most women, an average size C cup is best suited in the Brooks Hot Shot sports bra. The back design has a unique look to the straps, to help make it even more comfortable and fashionable at the same time.

DriLayer fabric is used in this sports bra to help keep you dry during your workout. This bra really is designed with comfort in mind. The pads are removeable and it was built with a brushed bottom band, and the straps are bonded to improve their fit.

Brooks always recommends hand washing for longevity of the bra structure, although you could still wash on delicate cycle.


  • Very comfortable
  • Stylish design


  • Not adjustable, so may not fit everyone well
  • Runs small
  • Not as supportive as some desire

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Best for D Cup

9. Brooks Rebound Racer

The Brooks Rebound Racer is designed for optimum control, even for larger cupped women. This bra uses molded cups with minimal stretching to keep everything where it should even after a high mile run. Minimal padding helps this bra feel like a more natural fit.

Adjustability is well known in Brooks sports bras, and the Rebound Racer has that too. Front adjustable straps make it convenient for all runners, and the 3 hook back allows for the best fit for each woman.

DriLayer sweat-wicking fabric and mesh placed in just the right spots keeps you from feeling drenched during even your toughest runs.


  • Superior support for high mile runs
  • Adjustable to fit the shape of any woman


  • May run small for some
  • Some expressed it’s a difficult bra to get in and out of

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Best For DD Cup

10. Zensah Gazelle

The Zensah Gazelle sports bra is designed for chesty women, for medium to high impact support. It is designed with ultra-soft fabric and built without seams to make the bra very comfortable and minimize chafing spots. Zupport Yarn is used within the bra is added for extra support.

The flexible, anti-odor fabric also allows for easier movement in any athletic activity and minimizes sweat smell afterwards. Plus, it’s sweat wicking, to help keep you dry.

The wide, racerback straps on the Gazelle bra help keep things in place, but also add comfort against the shoulders. You can use this bra for running, cross training, or yoga – a true everyday bra for large chested women.


  • Seamless, soft and flexible feel
  • Minimizes chaffing


  • Not adjustable so it may not fit all women
  • Quality of fabric is lacking for some

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Top Nursing Sports Bra

11. CAKE Sports Bra

As an athletic mother, probably the most frustrating sports bra to shop for is the one you may use while you are nursing. Important factors to look for would be access for nursing of course, but without losing the support you need in a sports bra.

The Cake maternity and nursing sports bras are really the way to go. These bras are made with a flexible underwire, supportive construction, molded cups and Smooth Spacer technology to reduce friction and maximize support. While most importantly, providing drop down cups for easy feeding.

The mesh fabric panels help keep you dry, but an additional benefit is the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 materials to ensure the bra is free from anything that might be against your skin and then harm your baby. The racerback conversion clip is a nice feature, giving you two different options on how to wear it.


  • Superior support while still being able to nurse
  • Uses fabrics and products that are free from harmful ingredients
  • Breathable  
  • Sturdy for high impact and long runs


  • Hand wash recommended
  • Some complained this bra was not comfortable
  • Minimal adjustment options, making it harder to fit everyone

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Christine Adorno
The Wired Runner