Best Socks For Running In The Rain in 2024


Socks are often seen as small, basic pieces of equipment. But wearing the wrong socks can have big consequences!

This is especially true if your daily runs are outside, rain or shine. Wet socks can cause extreme discomfort, chafing, and increase your chances of developing conditions like athlete’s foot.

To give you a head start on keeping your feet dry in wet weather, we’re reviewing the best socks for running in the rain.

Our top choice is Feetures Merino 10 Ultra-Light No-Show Tab socks. They’re made of thermoregulating Merino wool that insulates your body heat, they feature light but effective padding, and they have an anatomical design for the best possible fit.

But they’re not the only great choice. Check out our 7 recommendations to find the right one for you!

Top 3 Best and Favorites


Feetures Merino 10 Ultra Light No Show Tab


  • Merino wool insulates body heat
  • Anatomical left-right design
  • No irritating toe seam


Darn Tough Stride Micro Crew Ultra-Lightweight


  • Fast-drying Merino wool
  • True Seamless toe
  • All-weather performance


Rockay Razor


  • Anti-blister construction
  • Mesh zones for ventilation
  • Polygiene anti-odor coating

Best Overall

1. Feetures Merino 10 Ultra-Light No-Show Tab

Whether running, walking, or just hanging out, Feetures Merino 10 Ultra-Light No-Show socks will keep your feet super comfortable. Even better, they’re the ideal choice for exercising in the rain.

First, Merino wool is the perfect fabric. It’s soft and comfortable, almost luxurious on the feet. When it does get wet, it has insulating properties that prevent your feet from getting cold.

Mixed with the Merino wool is something called Tencel fibers, which are sustainable fibers that offer incredible strength and moisture-wicking properties.

Feetures’ anatomical left/right design, Custom-Like Fit tech, and targeted compression provide an almost tailored fit to your feet. The Perfect Toe seamless design means no seam at the toe, eliminating the possibility of chafing.

Ultra-Light Cushioning is their thinnest, but it’s ideal for minimizing friction and takes up hardly any space in your shoe. This allows for the most natural in-shoe feel.

In keeping with the minimalist design, the sock sits just below the ankle. A no-show tab at the back makes it easy to get on and off and protects your Achilles from friction.

Note that due to the blend of materials in these socks (Merino wool, nylon, Spandex, and Tencel), they may be slippery inside your shoes if your shoes aren’t a perfect fit.

The company offers a lifetime guarantee, which is a testament to their quality.


  • Merino wool insulates body heat
  • Anatomical left-right design
  • No irritating toe seam
  • Thin cushioning


  • May be slippery in your shoes if shoes aren’t a close fit

Top Micro-Crew

2. Darn Tough Stride Micro-Crew Ultra-Lightweight

If micro-crew is your preferred length, we highly recommend the Darn Tough Stride.

They’re ultra-lightweight but still extremely durable, and have several characteristics that make them excellent for running in the rain.

Made of soft, smooth Merino wool and enhanced with mesh patches, this sock is both comfortable and breathable. Reinforced knit on the heel, outside toes, and footbed means the chance of developing holes is much less than regular socks.

Another feature that contributes to it being lightweight is the “no-cushion” design. Considering your cushion should come from your shoes, you aren’t losing anything here, but it does reduce the weight of the sock.

Two performance features make these socks even more comfortable. Performance Fit promises no bunching, slipping, or blisters. All-Weather Performance uses Merino wool’s unique properties to keep your feet cool in summer and warm in winter.

They’re also moisture-wicking, quick-drying, and odor-resistant. Rain may cause these socks to get a little damp, but the fast-action wicking properties will get them dry again as soon as possible. A True Seamless toe reduces the risk of developing blisters.

You’ll also get a lifetime guarantee on these socks. If they do develop holes, simply contact Darn Tough and they’ll send you a brand new pair.


  • Fast-drying Merino wool
  • True Seamless toe
  • All-weather performance
  • Lifetime guarantee


  • May be too thin for some

Best Crew

3. Rockay Razor

The Rockay Razor wins our choice for best crew length. They’re categorized as trail socks, so they’re built for hard running.

Made from a blend of Econyl regenerated nylon, recycled polyamide, and recycled elastane, they have excellent cushion and compression properties.

Strategic sections of technical mesh allow for both greater flexibility and increased breathability. Light compression provides extra support for the arch.

Performance cushioning offers light support underfoot, while seamless toes and an Anti-Blister construction eliminate any worry about developing blisters on your toes.

In fact, Rockay offers a “Blister-Free Guarantee”. If you get a blister wearing these socks, they’ll refund you or replace your pair of socks for free!

Another feature we love is the Polygiene anti-odor coating. This handy tech not only absorbs odors, but it has another awesome feature – you only need to wash it every few wears.

This may sound unhygienic, but it’s designed this way to be more eco-friendly. You’re using less water to keep your socks clean. In between wears, simply lay them out in a well-ventilated space and allow them to dry.

If your socks develop holes, Rockay’s lifetime guarantee has you covered.


  • Anti-blister construction
  • Mesh zones for ventilation
  • Polygiene anti-odor coating
  • Made from moisture-wicking material


  • Only one length available

Top Drymax

4. Drymax Hyper Thin

This sock’s name itself tells you that they should be great socks for running in the rain! The Drymax Hyper Thin sock is light, cool, and excellent for keeping your feet dry.

Their flat-knit construction guarantees a thin sock. But the addition of specific technology means these socks provide better protection against moisture and friction than most super thin socks do.

Using their Drymax Dual-Layer Sweat Removal System, these socks are able to allow hot air and moisture to escape through special mesh vents.

They also use an anti-blister system, which incorporates a variety of different features. These include seamless insides, a supportive arch band, and moisture-wicking drymax fibers.

It also uses their unique True Fit sock system. The socks are designed using a 3D model instead of a 2D last, which offers a more comfortable and accurate fit.


  • Drymax Dual-Layer Sweat Removal System
  • Flat knit construction
  • Anatomical 3D fit
  • True Fit sock system


  • May be less durable than others due to its hyper thin design

Best Microbial

5. Balega Silver No-Show

Is “antimicrobial properties” at the top of your new-sock checklist? Balega is a super sock choice.

They’re crafted from a mix of Drynamix polyester, nylon, and elastane. The yarn is infused with antibacterial silver ions, providing exceptional antimicrobial and odor-resistant properties.

Varying knit patterns and tensions are incorporated throughout the sock, designed specifically to offer light compression in areas that need it most.

Extra reinforcement in the heel and midfoot provide an unusual amount of support in this sock. A deep heel cup ensures a snug fit and prevents the sock from slipping into the shoe. The seamless toe box allows for toe freedom and reduced chafing.

Medium cushioning ensures comfort and a high degree of durability. These socks are available in four sizes. Check their size chart to make sure you’re getting the right fit for your feet.


  • Drynamix polyester blend
  • Infused with antibacterial silver ions
  • Extra deep heel pocket
  • Compression-fit


  • Only one height available

Top Waterproof

6. Sealskinz All-Weather Ankle-Length Sock

Although most socks come with moisture-wicking and quick-drying properties, that doesn’t make them waterproof. If you want the best possible protection for your feet from damp, then you should be wearing the Sealskinz All-Weather Ankle-Length sock.

They feature a hydrophilic membrane as well as three bonded layers to offer the best protection against water. Merino wool provides exceptional temperature-regulating properties and polyester allows for a 4-way stretch.

Despite these layers, the socks are surprisingly breathable. Even if your feet sweat, perspiration and warm air are easily released, preventing discomfort and unpleasant warmth.

A seamless construction with strategically-placed elasticized support provides impressive comfort and structure.


  • Hydrophilic membrane
  • Three-layer bonded construction
  • 4-way stretch
  • Strategically-placed elastic support


  • The slight increased thickness may make your shoes feel tight on your feet

Best Trail

7. Swiftwick PURSUIT Four

Trail running needs slightly more robust socks than road running, due to its more technical nature.

The Swiftwick PURSUIT Four is a tough sock, designed to last a long time and protect vulnerable areas of the foot.

Reinforced heels and toes provide optimal protection for parts of the foot that take the most beating when running. They’re also the parts of the sock most vulnerable to wear and tear.

The “Four” in this sock’s name refers to it being a four-season sock! Made from Merino wool, it cools your feet in summer and warms them up in winter.

The fabric also absorbs and wicks away moisture without feeling waterlogged. It also has odor-resistant properties, keeping your feet as fresh as can be.

A mid-calf length and double-cuff design also protects your lower leg from debris and mud that rainy weather may bring out.

The sock comes with medium cushion, but is also available in ultra-light. This is ideal if you enjoy that barefoot feel.


  • Reinforced heel and toe
  • Medium cushion
  • Contoured arch support
  • Double-cuff construction


  • Somewhat pricey


Got questions about the best socks for running in the rain? Here are some of the most common questions we hear.

Why Should I Avoid Wet Feet?

Wet or damp feet create an environment for foot conditions to develop. Bacteria like a moist, warm environment, which is exactly what happens in your shoes when your feet get wet.

That doesn’t mean you’ll definitely develop a horrible foot condition if your feet get wet once or twice! But if it’s a common occurrence and your feet stay damp for long periods of time, you’re opening yourself up to the risk.

Feet that stay damp for extended periods of time are susceptible to fungal infections, athlete’s foot, and blisters, among others.

What Kind of Socks Can Dry Fast?

Quick-drying socks are the best kind to look for to keep your feet as dry as possible. They’re not miracle workers, but they’ll keep your feet safer from harm than regular socks.

Look for a sock that specifies that it’s quick-drying or moisture-wicking. These incorporate specific technology or fibers that don’t stay wet for long.

If the environment is wet but not cold, ultra-light or thin socks are the best choice. These offer quick-drying properties but also have the smallest chance of chafing. Unless you need extreme padding in your socks, they should be perfectly adequate.

Merino wool is the ideal material to choose. It’s not only light, comfortable, and quick-drying, but it also regulates your temperature so you’re not likely to get cold feet.

What Other Features Are Important?

Being moisture-wicking and quick-drying is obviously the number one thing to look for in a pair of socks for running in the rain. But there are a few other features that contribute to the comfort of socks.

Whether or not you choose these features is up to you. Not everyone will feel the need to tick these boxes. It depends on your own preferences!


Seamless is the way to go! If you’ve been wearing socks with seams and you’ve never noticed, then you may not necessarily need a seamless sock. But removing the seam on the toes helps reduce chafing immensely.

If you struggle with blisters and you’re still wearing socks with seams, switching to seamless could be the best choice you make.


Your running shoes should contain the right amount of cushion for your feet. If you aren’t getting enough padding from your shoes, no amount of cushion in your socks is going to help.

But if you feel the need for a light layer of padding between your foot and the insole of your shoe, a more padded sock could help. Keep in mind that a more padded sock will be thicker and slightly less breathable than a thin one.

Typically, the best socks for running in the rain will have light padding. Usually, these socks will have something like “Light”, or “Ultra-Light” in their name.

If your shoes are adequately cushioned, you won’t need to worry about using thin socks rather than thicker ones.


Light compression may provide a more stable feel on your foot. Socks with compression hug the foot more tightly in the arch, offering a touch more support than regular socks.

It’s up to you whether or not you choose lightly compressive socks. For some, the compression band in the arch may be uncomfortable, so it’s wise to experiment with a cheap pair before deciding if it works for you or not.


We all have our own preference when it comes to sock length! Double-check the length before you buy. If you choose the wrong length, it could make your run uncomfortable.

Anti-Odor Tech

Anti-odor technology isn’t essential, but it’s nice to have. Many socks that use moisture-wicking technology also incorporate anti-odor tech in some form.

If the sock you like doesn’t have any form of odor-resistance, it’s really not a problem. As long as you wash your socks after running, you’ll be good to go!


Some of these socks come with impressive warranties. They’re built for the long haul, but they typically carry a bit of a higher price tag than those that aren’t.

If you can’t invest in one of these pairs yet, choose something that’s known to be fairly durable. While most socks aren’t made to last forever, they shouldn’t fall apart after a few wears either.

To make your socks last longer, make sure to keep your toenails cut, wear the right size shoes, follow the washing instructions, and own enough pairs that you can rotate them so you aren’t wearing the same pair every day.

Tips for Washing Socks

Do you just throw your socks in the washing machine with the rest of your gear? That’s totally okay, but if you want to extend the life of your socks, here are a few useful tips.

  • Choose a cool setting on your washing machine.
  • Avoid using fabric softener.
  • Avoid the tumble dryer! Air dry instead.
  • Turn socks inside out before washing.
  • Keep similar colored socks together.
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