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Best Shoe Deodorizers And Odor Eliminators in 2022


Whether you are a runner, gym rat, or simply wear your favorite shoes often, footwear starts to take on odors pretty quickly. This isn’t because you don’t take care of them. And it’s not because you have especially stinky feet. Rather, moisture from sweat and weather conditions will build up over time and cause the materials to smell.

You can get rid of that odor with the help of shoe deodorizers and eliminators. These products will not only rid your shoes of bad smells. They also work to get rid of the moisture and odor for good. Your shoes stay fresher for longer. That means you get to wear them more.

Our favorite is 10 Seconds Shoe Disinfectant and Deodorizer, but depending on your needs there might be other options that will work for you.

We have selected some of the best shoe deodorizers and odor eliminators to check out. Read the full review below to see which choice is best for your shoes, and what each option is best used for.

Top 3 Best and Favorites


10 Seconds Shoe Disinfectant and Deodorizer


  • Disinfects while deodorizing
  • Ideal for heavily-soiled shoes
  • EPA approved
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Sofsole Fresh Fogger


  • Low-priced option
  • Concentrated spray for total coverage
  • Works for other items besides shoes
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Gold Mountain Natural Shoe Deodorizer & Foot Odor Spray with Tea Tree Oil


  • Gentle, natural formula
  • High-strength for maximum relief
  • Made in America
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Best Overall Deodorizer

1. 10 Seconds Shoe Disinfectant and Deodorizer

The 10 Seconds deodorizer is a spray for heavily-used shoes that have developed an unsavory odor. This spray is one of the only available shoe deodorizers that also contains a disinfectant that can help prevent and kill MRSA. This will prevent dangerous infections on the foot and keep your shoes free from bacteria that could harm you.

This product is approved by the EPA and comes in a 5-ounce can that will last you quite a while. It is ideal for use once a week to keep shoes smelling fresh and clean. Use it on sneakers, dress shoes, heels, and flats. The can should be sprayed upright as you move the shoe to get all areas of the interior covered, and you will want to spray for ten whole seconds to get the best result.

Although this spray has a good nozzle that does not get clogged often, you should shake the bottle well before each spray to get the most out of it.


  • Disinfects while deodorizing
  • Ideal for heavily-soiled shoes
  • Kills MRSA bacteria to prevent infection
  • EPA approved


  • Might have to spray multiple times to get best results
  • Has a strong smell when spraying

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Top Value Odor Eliminator

2. Sof Sole Fresh Fogger

Fresh Fogger odor eliminator works to absorb odors and then destroy the source of the stink. This spray is scented and leaves a fresh smell for immediate improvements. It’s a color-safe, material-safe formula that you’re able to use on any shoe you like. It is recommended to shake well before use.

The spray nozzle is extremely focused so you can pinpoint the interior of the shoe better to prevent spray from getting used on the exterior. Any other cloth item (or hard surface) can benefit as well. Gym bag absorbing odors from your workout clothes? Try Fresh Fogger. Gym locker getting a little ripe? Give it a spray. Fresh Fogger can help control odors everywhere and leave your belongings smelling fresh.


  • Is a low-priced option
  • Offers concentrated spray for total coverage
  • Will not alter the exterior color of fabric
  • Works for other items besides shoes


  • Product is highly flammable
  • Has a strong smell until dried
  • Comes in a small bottle

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Top Value Odor Eliminator

3. Elite Sportz Equipment Foot Spray

The Elite Sportz foot spray is a top value option that delivers strong deodorizing power for less money. The spray works to get rid of pesky odors in your shoes and equipment while also moisturizing your feet. This product is made in the U.S. and uses eleven different botanicals and herbs and seven essential oils.

This spray is ideal for children or adults who participate in sports but don’t wear their shoes every day. Leaving football cleats, golf shoes, or other sports equipment to absorb the spray for a long time is the best option for maximum results.

The moisturizer helps your overworked feet stay healthy by preventing drying and cracking. There are also added ingredients that help give your foot a cooling sensation to help soothe aches. Although this product provides a lot of benefits, the ingredients are natural and non-toxic.


  • Top value option
  • Deodorizes and moisturizes
  • Provides a cooling sensation
  • Non-toxic formula


  • Smell can be too strong for some customers
  • Cooling sensation doesn’t always work
  • May need to use often for best results

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Best All-Natural Odor Eliminator

4. Gold Mountain Natural Shoe Deodorizer & Foot Odor Spray with Tea Tree Oil

The Gold Mountain shoe spray is a high-strength option that works extra hard to eliminate odors. The smell of this product comes from a blend of tea tree oil and peppermint, which leaves a clean, sweet scent after spraying. The formula is made with natural ingredients and doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals or additives.

These gentle ingredients make it a great choice for those with sensitive allergies. This keeps them from having any reaction to chemicals present in other sprays and offers the same odor-fighting results.

The gentleness of this formula allows for use on your feet as well as on your shoes so your feet don’t begin to smell from moisture either. This formula is natural, gluten-free, vegan, and made-in-America. It also sells at a reasonable price so it will work with all budgets and is safe for use on all material types and shoe styles.


  • Gentle, natural formula
  • High-strength for maximum relief
  • Made in America
  • Reasonable price for low budgets


  • Covers odors more than getting rid of them
  • Requires spraying for a long time
  • Strong peppermint smell may not be ideal for all consumers

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Top Powder Deodorizer

5. Foot Sense All-Natural Foot and Shoe Powder

The Foot Sense powder is an ideal option for customers who want a powder to use for deodorization. You can use the powder to coat the interior of the shoe and leave it there to absorb smells. It sits on the material and soaks up the moisture while deodorizing it and leaving your shoes smelling fresh and clean.

It can also be used on the feet. The ingredients include natural choices such as botanicals and zinc oxide for a gentle yet powerful formula. This powder works particularly well for intertrigo skin issues between skin folds. This product also comes with a money-back guarantee of satisfaction.

This powder is also ideal for families who have one or more members with sensitivities to chemicals in other products, or allergies. The formula makes sure all ingredients are harm-free and will not cause any negative reactions.


  • All-natural ingredients
  • Powder works well to coat and absorb moisture
  • Leaves a clean smell
  • Helps intertrigo


  • Less effective than other products against odor
  • Comes in a small bottle that runs out fast
  • Works for a short time

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Best Shoe Deodorizer Ball

6. Sof Sole Sneaker Balls

These Sof Sole Sneaker Balls are the best deodorizing ball options and help to absorb bad odors and nasty bacteria that can build up over time. They are also usable in gym bags, lockers, and anywhere else where else that might need freshening up. The balls are small in size and can fit in any shoes you need them for.

These balls need to be activated. Twist the two halves to get them started. After that, they will last up to 2,000 hours. These sneaker balls come in fun sports options: baseballs, basketballs, and footballs, and also happy faces for children’s shoes. Each option comes in a pair so you get more for your money and will have one for each shoe.

These are easy to use, and because of the fun patterns that are a part of the design, children will not have a problem keeping them in their shoes for a while. They are best used when left overnight, or for a few days at a time. You can also reposition the ball each day to ensure that the entire inside of the shoe is being deodorized.


  • Best deodorizing ball option
  • Usable for any materials
  • Lasts up to 2,000 hours
  • Comes in different style options


  • Strong scent may be too fragranced for some customers
  • Helps cover smell but not get rid of it
  • Will only last for a month or two

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Top Neutral Smell

7. 2Toms Stink Free Shoe & Gear Spray

The 2Toms shoe spray is a great choice for those who don’t want a strong fragrance option. This spray has no scents or perfumes, and will not overwhelm a sensitive nose. This spray’s formula has ingredients that are designed to neutralize the smell completely.

2Toms is not exactly as fragrance-free as it claims. Although it may have a slight fragrance, the smell is not overpowering. Also, even though it doesn’t have any scents added, you don’t have to use more to get the job done.

This spray is designed for deodorizing, and will help get rid of bacteria that could grow and cause odor. It is also made in America using the finest ingredients. It also comes with a satisfaction guarantee that provides extra confidence for your purchase and a guarantee that you will love the results or your money back.


  • Neutral smell with no perfumes
  • Neutralizes odors and prevents new ones from forming
  • Gets rid of bacteria
  • Made in America


  • May need to use it after every wear
  • Not great for long-term deodorizing
  • Not the cheapest option for the size

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Best Deodorizer with Essential Oils

8. Lumi Outdoors Extra Strength Essential Oil Odor Eliminator

Lumi Outdoors Extra Strength odor eliminator is a spray that works to get rid of odors from old and well-worn shoes. The ingredients include lemon, eucalyptus, and mint, which all absorb and cover the odors while offering antibacterial properties. Mint and eucalyptus also provide a cooling sensation when you put your shoes back on.

This spray also comes with an anti-fungal property that helps prevent fungal infections. The maximum-strength formula can handle ridding your shoes of the toughest odors. Both bottle and formula were made and packaged in the USA.

The scent from this spray is clean and fresh. A bit of citrus in the mix makes it smell like spring. The fragrance is not harsh and won’t irritate those who are sensitive to fragrances.


  • Natural ingredients
  • Creates cooling sensation
  • Anti-fungal and anti-bacterial
  • Made in USA


  • Has a strong essential oil smell
  • May need to use often
  • Better for lesser worn shoes

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Best Shoe Deodorizer Bag

9. Mini Moso Bag for Shoes

Moso Bags are designed to get rid of nasty odors that collect over time. Simply place the bags inside the shoes, and leave them overnight. The upside of using these bags is that they offer a waste-free, reusable option to rid your shoes of odor. The bags are filled with Moso bamboo charcoal that absorbs odors and prevents them from coming back.

These bags are smaller than other bag options and can fit in any shoes you have. They work for boots, heels, sneakers, and flats, and can be used for children’s shoes as well. This pack includes two bags of Moso deodorizing bags so you get a great value for the price.

These bags are non-toxic, chemical-free, and fragrance-free. The bags can be used for years without diminishing the effects. They are also easy to use – all you have to do is place them inside your shoes so that they cover the interior sole.


  • Rids shoes of odors
  • Easy to place inside shoes
  • Produces no waste
  • Made from non-toxic materials


  • If ripped, the charcoal may stain
  • Must leave in sunlight between uses
  • Expensive if needed for multiple shoes

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Best Natural Cedar Shoe Deodorizer

10. CedarFresh Natural Shoe Deodorizer

CedarFresh shoe bags are another bag option for deodorizing foul-smelling shoes. They are also easy to use and come in a pack of six bags, enough for three pairs of shoes at a time. The bags each come with hanging support that allows you to hang them on a shoe rack to keep both the bags and shoes organized.

The bags are made of pure cotton and are filled with Red Cedar shavings. Cedar not only gets rid of odors, but also keeps insects away. These are also a great value for the amount that you get because they come in a pack of six, or twelve. If you don’t use all the bags deodorizing footwear, you can also throw a bag in your dresser or closet. It’ll keep bugs away and spread a faint fresh woodsy scent.

Unlike charcoal bags, which can stain fabrics if opened or ripped, the cedar will not dirty anything if the bag is accidentally torn. This can be especially important in a home with pets since they will likely sniff out the smell and wonder what the bag is.


  • Made from cotton and cedar shavings
  • Easy to use and position
  • Hanging support for use on shoe racks
  • Multiple uses available


  • Doesn’t have a strong scent
  • Easy to take when traveling
  • May come in different colors than advertised

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Top Charcoal Shoe Odor Eliminator

11. BMBU Charcoal Shoe Deodorizer

These BMBU bags are made to absorb and dissipate the odors that collect with the heavy use of shoes. The bag itself is made from polyester fabric and filled with bamboo charcoal that neutralizes the odor. Each bag is about 200 grams in weight (7 oz.), and can last for weeks of odor-free shoes.

The bags are easy to move and position within the shoe to get the best absorption of moisture and odor. Packs of 12 offer a great value option for those who like to use bags for all of their shoes. Or, spread the bags around your family and deodorize the whole shoe rack.

There are no chemical additives or harsh ingredients, so these bags are safe to use and don’t require any special handling. If your shoes have all been treated, try a bag in your closet, diaper bag, drawers, or laundry room. They will also last up to a full year, or you will get your money back.


  • Durable and made with bamboo charcoal
  • Neutralizes odors in shoes
  • Twelve in a pack
  • Great value for families


  • Takes several days to make a difference
  • Works better in enclosed spaces
  • Not great for everyday shoes

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Q: Why do my shoes smell so bad?

A: Shoes often come without any sort of ventilation to allow your feet to breathe or have proper airflow. This humid environment allows bacteria to breed and grow within the materials of your socks and shoes. These bacteria will produce a foul-smelling odor that is absorbed into your shoes. This is also why they do not smell better after being left to air out.

Q: What kills shoe odor?

A: The best way to kill these growing bacteria is to use a spray that contains bacteria-fighting ingredients. These will absorb the smell to lessen the odor, but also target the bacteria at the source to destroy it and keep it from growing. This will ensure that the odor will not come back.

Q: How do I get the smell out of my shoes?

A: You can get rid of the odor that is in your shoes by either using a chemical or all-natural spray, absorbing bags or powders. All of these forms do the same job of ridding your shoes of the smell. You can also use home remedies to get rid of the smell if buying a commercial product is not an option.

Q: What home remedies kill shoe odor?

A: One of the best home remedies for shoe odors is baking soda. This works because the powder absorbs the moisture in the shoe as well as the odor. This keeps your shoes from smelling but doesn’t necessarily take away the source of the odor. You can also choose to use citrus fruit peels to do the same job.

For this option, peel the fruit and place only the peel inside the shoe. The lemon, lime, or grapefruit smell will overtake the odor; however, this will have to be done often to keep them odor-free.


Purchasing a nice new pair of shoes is a wonderful thing, but after even just a few long days in them, the moisture could cause them to develop an odor. With deodorizing sprays, bags, or powders, you can get rid of that smell quickly and easily. With each of the hand-selected choices on our list, you will likely be able to discover the best option for you and your family.

Whether you are looking for a powder to leave in your shoes for a few days, or you want a bag option that will allow you to remove and replace the bags with different shoes throughout the month, you can find an option above that works for your specific needs.

Our favorite option? The 10 Seconds Spray, listed as our Best Overall Deodorizer. But even if you opt for a different choice on the list, you can’t go wrong with any of the options above.

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