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The Best Sandals for Plantar Fasciitis in 2023


As much as we love running and running shoes, we all have those moments where we just want to wear our relaxed shoes and loaf around. And sometimes, sneakers aren’t the greatest for chilling out.

Sandals are perfect for relaxing, although those with foot conditions need to be super selective about which ones they choose.

So we’ve reviewed the best sandals for plantar fasciitis because you should totally still be able to wear something casual and fun without developing foot pain.

We highly recommend the OOFOS OOriginal Sandal. It’s nice and lightweight, absorbs shock really well, and offers excellent arch support thanks to a molded foam footbed.

Check them out and find something that you can picture wearing on the beach!

Top 3 Best and Favorites


Oofos Ooriginal Sandals


  • Soft cushioning in heel and arch
  • Machine washable
  • Lots of colors/styles
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Vionic Tide


  • Lots of arch support
  • Numerous colors/styles
  • Men’s and Women’s versions
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Hoka One One Sandals


  • High cushioning
  • Rocker design
  • Good traction
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Best Overall

1. OOFOS OOriginal Sandal

Their name is pretty close to the sound you’ll make when you slip your feet into these soft sandals! Comfy and yet supportive.

What We Like

There’s nothing complicated about this sandal, but it provides everything someone with plantar fasciitis needs to support and comfort their feet.

Made of OOfoam, it’s said to be 37% more shock-absorbing than regular foams. This is excellent news for sufferers of plantar fasciitis, as it disperses vibrations from impact and eases up the tension in the plantar fascia.

Although the entire sandal is made from foam, it offers top-notch arch support. The foam molds to your feet, hugging the arches and supporting you where you need it.

It’s super lightweight on your feet too, making you feel light and breezy on your feet. There’s also a rocker bottom, which means walking is effortless and easy on the plantar fascia.

A decent heel cup paired with the wide but soft straps keeps the foot fairly stable once your feet are in these shoes.

As a bonus, these sandals are moisture-resistant, bacteria-resistant, and easily washable, making them super convenient.

Sizing is a little confusing. The sandals are unisex, but the sizes are men’s and they don’t come in half sizes. Women should choose the size that’s 2 below their regular size. For example, a woman with size 7 feet should choose a man’s size 5.

Why We Like It

The OOFOS OOriginal Sandal has a minimalist look but it provides more than enough cushioning, shock-absorption, and a nice rocker bottom for an extremely comfortable foot environment. It gets bonus points for having excellent arch support.


  • Molded footbed provides excellent arch support
  • Flexible medium-density midsole
  • Moisture- and bacteria-resistant foam
  • Lightweight, shock-absorbing foam


  • Unisex sizing can be a little confusing

Most Fashionable

2. Vionic Tide

The Vionic Tide (for men) and Tide II (for women) are stylish-looking sandals, but they don’t just look good – they’re great for your feet too.

Available in different colors, they’re on the smarter side for sandals but also very supportive.

What We Like

The Tide and Tide II are orthotic sandals that come with an APMA Seal of Acceptance, so you know they’ll be good for your feet!

Vionic’s tech has the biomechanical footbed contouring to your arches, providing excellent support even though the shoes are fairly minimalistic. This support, along with a deep, molded heel cup, does a great job of keeping the plantar fascia free of pain.

The EVA midsole is thicker in the heel, offering super shock absorption every time you put your foot down. A light TPR outsole adds to the impact absorption, and a lightly patterned tread stops you from slipping.

They come in a range of different colors, so there’s something to suit every outfit and every feeling!

Why We Like It

These are orthotic sandals, but they’re much nicer-looking than you’d expect. They provide all the support you’d need to keep that plantar fascia safe and pain-free!


  • Built-in orthotic insole
  • EVA midsole cushions and absorbs shock
  • Deep heel cup promotes stability
  • Textured outsole provides excellent traction


  • The sizing is somewhat inconsistent

Most Cushioned

3. Hoka Ora Recovery Flip

Like all Hoka shoes, the Ora Recovery Flip has a seriously chunky EVA midsole that makes this shoe as comfy as a cloud. Cushioned, comfortable, and protective enough to reduce plantar pain.

What We Like

The shoe is plush! A thick, chunky midsole made of soft EVA foam provides not only step-in comfort, but shock-absorption and cloud-like comfort underfoot.

Not only is it super comfortable, but the anatomical footbed gives you amazing arch support. While the arch is supported, the rocker bottom helps to alleviate stress on the plantar fascia even more, lowering your heel and foot pain.

A really nice lowered heel cup keeps the heel in place quite nicely, with the foot being held quite solidly by the thick straps. Take note that the straps may have sharp edges when new, so be careful when sliding your feet into them for the first time!

The sole is two separate pieces, with patterned tread underneath to help keep your footing stable on slippery or loose surfaces. Another nice feature is that the entire shoe is waterproof, which makes it extra easy to clean.

Why We Like It

It’s incredibly cushioned and comfortable! Fans of classic Hoka shoes will love the Ora sandals, and you’ll get exceptional shock-absorption every time you take a step.


  • Thick layer of EVA is plush and comfortable
  • Anatomical footbed provides extra support
  • Rocker-shaped bottom ensures smooth heel-to-toe transitions
  • Water-resistant with quick-drying straps


  • When new, the straps’ edges may be sharp

Best Orthotic Sandal

4. Powerstep ArchWear Orthotic Sandals

Even the name of these sandals suggests that they provide excellent arch support! Great for reducing pressure on the plantar fascia and looking casually relaxed at the same time.

What We Like

The Powerstep ArchWear Orthotic Sandals are an excellent choice for sufferers of plantar fasciitis. Supportive, stable, and comfortable, they really offer the best combination of features for pain relief.

Semi-rigid arch support in the orthopedic footbed provides impressive support for the plantar fascia. This works with the deep and sturdy heel cup to keep the foot from moving unnecessarily and aggravating the plantar fascia.

Shock is absorbed by the EVA midsole, providing comfort as well as protection. Underneath, a non-slip outsole keeps you safe on your feet wherever you may roam.

The men’s sandal has a slightly lower heel than the women’s, but both have sufficient heel cushioning to protect this vulnerable area.

Take note that these sandals may take some breaking in! Orthotic sandals provide great support, but they’re usually a little more firm than some people may be used to.

Why We Like It

You can’t go wrong with an orthotic sandal that’s built for excellent foot health! The PowerStep ArchWear Orthotic Sandals have all the features you need to ease the pain of plantar fasciitis and look chilled at the same time.


  • Built-in semi-rigid arch support
  • EVA foam midsole absorbs shock
  • Deep heel cradle provides support and stability
  • Non-slip rubber outsole


  • May take some time to break in

Best for Casual Wear

5. Reef Flex (men) and Reef Ortho Woven (women)

Super casual but also super supportive, the Reef Sandals do two great jobs in one. They’re also comfortable and water-resistant, so you can take them almost anywhere with full confidence.

What We Like

These sandals (the Flex for men and the Ortho Woven for women) come in natural, earthy colors and have a casual vibe. If you’re looking for sandals to wear to the beach, a barbecue, or around the house, they’re ideal, but they’ll also do an excellent job of protecting your feet while you’re wearing them.

Created with the input of orthopedic specialists, the sandals have strong, anatomical arch support and a fairly stable heel cup. The EVA midsoles offer comfort and a good bit of shock-absorbing cushion under the heel to ease PE pain.

They’re eco-friendly shoes, with the straps being made of recycled materials and a biodegradable footbed.

The molded rubber outsoles are wide and stable, and feature a lightly treaded pattern for stability on multiple surfaces.

They run a little small and narrow (especially in the women’s version), so order a half-size up if you can!

Why We Like It

Both the men’s and the women’s sandals look good and feel good. Protective, stylish, and effective at preventing the symptoms of plantar fasciitis. What more could you want from a sandal?


  • Provides all-day comfort right out of the box
  • Anatomical arch support
  • Comfortable and supportive EVA cushioning
  • Molded rubber outsole


  • Run slightly narrow

Most Supportive

6. OrthoFeet Cambria (men) and OrthoFeet Malibu (women)

If you’d prefer a sandal with some support around the heel, we highly recommend the OrthoFeet Cambria for men and the Malibu for women. They’re very similar in design and support and have a nice casual style.

What We Like

These sandals, both the men’s and the women’s, are greatly supportive. With a slightly adjustable hook-and-loop strap on the forefoot and a fully-opening strap at the ankle, you can get a superb lockdown on your foot with these shoes.

Once your foot is locked down, it’s also super well-supported by the contoured footbed. It has gel-like comfortable cushioning and robust arch support, which can be strengthened even more by using the arch booster which comes with every purchase of these sandals.

The footbed can also be removed to make way for custom orthotics if you need extra support underfoot.

The cushioning in the heel is thicker and provides exceptional shock absorption, lowering the painful symptoms of plantar fasciitis. It works really well with the rocker bottom to reduce foot fatigue.

Why We Like It

These sandals are excellent for those who need stable, sturdy support. They wrap comfortably around the foot, provide good arch and heel support, and have the ability to be fitted with custom orthotics. All-round great for support!


  • Arch booster included
  • Cushioned heel provides protection from impact
  • Mild rocker bottom reduces foot fatigue
  • Removable contoured footbed accommodates custom orthotics


  • The Velcro on the back strap may be too short to tighten properly on smaller heels

Best Deep Heel Cup

7. Spenco Yumi Plus

If your PF pain is aggravated by too much heel movement but you’d really like to wear open-backed sandals, these ones are a great choice! Their deep heel cup is effective at keeping the foot properly in place.

What We Like

The deep heel cup of this sandal helps to properly align the foot and leg joints, reducing pain throughout the lower leg. It’s also excellent for both overpronators and supinators, keeping the foot very stable.

Substantial semi-stiff orthotic arch support also means that your plantar fasciitis symptoms should ease up as pressure is taken off of the foot.

The EVA foam footbed molds to your foot shape over time, so you’ll always have custom support. As well as this foam absorbing shock, there’s a +5mm heel lift, which means you’re getting super shock-absorbing cushion in the exact place you need it.

Another nice feature is the metatarsal arch support, which also goes a long way towards reducing fatigue and stress in the underside of the foot.

Why We Like It

Your heel won’t be going anywhere in these sandals! The heel cup is substantial and comfortable, keeping the foot nicely aligned and protected.


  • Deep heel cup helps align your foot and leg
  • Built-in metatarsal support reduces forefoot pressure
  • Molded EVA foam footbed
  • Increased heel cushioning


  • May feel slightly narrow on wider feet

Best Slide Sandal

8. Hoka Ora Recovery Slide

If you don’t like the idea of a toe post, we recommend the Hoka Ora Recovery Slide. It features all the things we love about Hoka, and you won’t find a more comfy footbed.

What We Like

This dual-layer sandal features an EVA upper that stretches nicely across the top of the foot, holding it fairly effectively in place. This allows the bottom of the foot to take full advantage of the thick, soft footbed.

Although it’s super soft and marshmallowy, there’s some good arch support and a deep heel cup, both of which help reduce the pain of plantar fasciitis.

A Hoka-typical serious chunk of EVA foam underfoot provides both impact absorption and great support for the heel, which is necessary for PF sufferers.

The rocker sole also does a good bit towards reducing fatigue in the foot muscles as you walk. However, you should note that these sandals may be a little unstable when walking due to the thick midsole.

There’s no rubber underneath this shoe. Instead, the EVA foam runs throughout the sole, making this sandal a little less durable than others that use rubber.

Why We Like It

Despite being a slide-on sandal, the thickness of the sole makes it a stable choice. Great arch support and heel support give plantar fasciitis sufferers some relief.


  • Soft, supportive footbed
  • Provides great arch support
  • Early-stage meta-rocker offers smooth transitions
  • Durable, wide outsole


  • Feels a touch unstable when doing a lot of walking
  • EVA sole is less durable than others with rubber

Top Sandal for Recovery

9. Gone for a Run PR Soles

This funky-looking sandal just looks like it’s going to give you a great massage, which is exactly its point. There’s actually no particular arch support, so we don’t recommend wearing these out, but they’re helpful and soothing for wearing during recovery.

What We Like

These unisex sandals immediately stand out for their knobbly footbed. Their ACUPOINT footbeds gently massage the underside of your feet as you walk or stand, increasing circulation and stimulating tissue repair.

There’s no arch support on them, so we recommend not taking them out of the house or being on your feet for long periods. But the footbed does conform to the feet a little, just enough for them to be great for walking around the house.

They provide plenty of comfort and keep the blood flowing through the plantar fascia, reducing pain and stress in the tissue. A roomy toe box makes the sandal all the comfier, and soft, quick-drying straps finish it off nicely.

Why We Like It

These sandals are comfortable and will provide much needed relief after wearing shoes all day or post-long run.


  • ACUPOINT footbeds massage your feet as you walk
  • Mold to the shape of your feet
  • Soft, quick-drying straps
  • Roomy toe box


  • Not suitable for walking around outside of the house

Best Grip and Traction

10. Telic Energy Flip Flop

If you spend a lot of time walking around on slippery surfaces or loose ground, you need a sandal that will keep you safe. The Telic Energy Flip Flop offers excellent traction on numerous surfaces, and it looks nice and casual too.

What We Like

This one-piece sandal is made of Novalon, which is Telic’s lightweight foam material. It offers great cushioning which isn’t just comfortable but also does a great job of absorbing shock.

It’s activated by heat, which allows the footbed to mold to your foot, providing good, orthotic-grade support for a variety of differently-shaped arches. The substantial heel cup keeps the foot pretty safe and sturdy, and together these features keep the foot in proper alignment.

They come in a wide range of colors, so there’s really something to suit every kind of person. Designed for recovery, the sandal’s material is also great for gripping multiple surfaces and keeping you safe on your feet.

Why We Like It

It’s simple but supportive, and great for grip. The large range of colors and heat-moldable arch make them super suitable for anyone.


  • Heat-activated foam molds to the shape of your foot
  • Suitable for a wide range of foot shapes
  • Deep heel cup
  • Made in the USA


  • Run slightly small

Buyers Guide – Sandals for Plantar Fasciitis

Planning on buying a pair of the best sandals for plantar fasciitis that aren’t on this list? Here are the things you should be looking at to ensure you’re getting a great shoe.

Arch Support

Part of what causes pain in the plantar fascia is a lack of arch support. This causes the arch to fall inwards, which places the plantar fascia under quite a bit of strain.

Strong arch support is an absolute must, and you’ll need to make sure it’s appropriate for your foot. For example, overpronators will need different arch support to those with a neutral foot.

Heel Counter

A firm heel counter will prevent the rearfoot from moving around while you walk. The strap around the back of the heel should be able to tighten enough to keep the foot stable without hurting or chafing.

Keep in mind that open-backed sandals won’t have this! Instead, an open-backed sandal should have a deep and solid heep cup that your heel sinks into, which will help to prevent that lateral movement that could aggravate the plantar fascia.


A good amount of padding in the midsole is essential, especially in the heel, where the most pain occurs. The cushion is what absorbs shock and keeps achy vibrations away from your painful feet!

Flip-Flop vs Slide

Everyone has a sandal preference! Are you a flip-flopper or a slider? Whichever one you prefer, you should still be looking for these same qualities to ensure that your foot is properly supported.


Wondering about the best sandals for plantar fasciitis and why you need them? Here’s our answers to those important questions.

What Is the Main Cause of Plantar Fasciitis?

Plantar fasciitis doesn’t just have a single cause! It’s usually a result of a few different factors working together, which leads to pain and inflammation in the plantar fascia, the thick band of tissue that connects the heel to the forefoot.

Some of those factors could include wearing the wrong type of shoes or shoes with insufficient support for your feet, a lot of high-impact activity, especially with impact on the heel area, and your own unique foot structure.

What Happens if You Leave Plantar Fasciitis Untreated?

Treating plantar fasciitis can be done at home and you should definitely be taking preventative measures to make sure it doesn’t reoccur.

If you don’t change your shoes, limit your high-impact activity, and take other precautions, there’s a chance of the plantar fascia tearing or rupturing. This can also cause your arch to collapse, which can alter your gait and lead to pain and injury.

Remember, it’s a tendon and won’t just heal by itself! While it may take some time and effort to get it back to a state of feeling good and being well-supported, you’ll need to make the effort to treat it and take measures to prevent reoccurrence.

Which Sandals Are Not Recommended if You Have Plantar Fasciitis?

If you suffer from plantar fasciitis, you’ll know that certain shoes just make the pain worse. You should avoid cheap-made sandals or flip-flops with thin, flat soles that don’t give you enough arch support.

Any sandal or flip-flop that doesn’t support the foot and keep it steady and stable is not likely to be a great option!

How to choose the right sandals for plantar fasciitis?

When shopping for sandals to help relieve plantar fasciitis pain, be sure to find a pair that are supportive with a high arch.

Supportive and sandals may not sound like they go in hand, but that’s what makes these sandals different than your standard flip flop.

Good sandals for plantar fasciitis have a high arch – almost like an insert or orthotic – that helps realign the foot to a more natural position. Some sandals like Oofos and Hoka have a soft, cushiony arch. This style is also cushioned in the heel to help ease plantar pain. Other models like those made by Vionic or Superfeet are harder and sit higher inside your arch.

Either style does the same thing: takes pressure off the spot in your heel where plantar pain strikes.

Another consideration should be whether you buy a flip-style sandal or a slide. Either should work and will depend on your preference. If you are unsure, we recommend a slide. Wearing a flip-style sandal may put extra strain on the tendons in your feet.

How do I treat plantar fasciitis?

Plantar fasciitis can be maddening. It can come for no reason. And disappear just as quickly. Only to have it suddenly emerge once again months later.

To treat plantar, it’s advised to stretch and ice your feet, especially on the arch and heel where you feel pain. A good option is to freeze a water bottle and roll your foot on top of it.

If you have been wearing old shoes or unsupportive footwear, it’s also a good idea to change to a new pair.

Will inserts help me with plantar fasciitis?

Yes, probably, but with a caveat. They’ll likely provide more support (which is good), and they’ll also likely relieve some pain (also good). But the downside is that they don’t do much to heal plantar fasciitis. Inserts for plantar are better used for pain relief rather than as a way to cure plantar.

What are the best running shoes to wear for plantar fasciitis?

Like sandals, the best running shoes for plantar fasciitis have tons of support and cushioning. The support will help ease plantar pain. And the cushioning will help you cope with everyday pain. We’ve gathered up the top running shoes for plantar fasciitis here.

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