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Best Running Sunglasses for Small Faces in 2023


When you’re in the open wind with the sun in your face, running can seem like one of the most exhilarating things ever.

But if you’re running during the summer, a lack of proper sunglasses can impede your visibility in the sun and expose your face to harmful UV radiation.

Plenty of sunglasses exist on the market, but many are not ideal if you have a small face. Luckily, we’ve compiled a list of the best sunglasses for small faces.

These sunglasses have been designed with modest frames and lenses to fit runners with smaller faces.

We recommend the Tifosi Wisp, as it comes in a variety of styles suitable for both men and women, has a sleek semi-frameless design, and is specifically fit for smaller faces.

Read on to see our other favorite sunglasses.

Top 3 Best and Favorites


Tifosi Wisp


  • Lightweight, impact-resistant lenses
  • Rubber nosepiece
  • Minimalist frame
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Tifosi Alpe 2.0


  • Tinted lenses
  • Comfortable fit
  • Great for all shaped faces
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Oakley RadarLock Path (Low Bridge Fit)


  • Lightweight, durable frame
  • Wraparound lenses
  • Doesn’t bounce as you run
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Best Overall

1. Tifosi Wisp

The Tifosi Wisp is a good-looking pair of sunglasses, and its petite design is available in a variety of colors to suit both men and women with small faces.

What We Like

These sunglasses are compact and work well on small faces. With a semi-frameless design consisting of two separate lenses, these sunglasses are available in various colors that both men and women will like.

One of the best features is the hydrophilic rubber pieces on the nose bridge and ears. They offer a good grip when dry, but their grip increases when you become sweaty, preventing the glasses from sliding down your nose.

The minimalist frame stays out of your peripheral vision, and it’s made of a special compound that’s engineered to be extremely lightweight and flexible at any temperature.

The two separate lenses are lightweight, shatterproof, and impact-resistant. You can easily remove them and switch them out with other lenses if you want a different tint for different situations.

Whichever lenses you use, they block UV rays, protect your eyes, and provide excellent clarity and contrast of color.

However, these sunglasses don’t have a fog vent, so if you’re prone to your sunglasses fogging up, that could be a deterrent.

Why We Like It

These sunglasses are stylish for men and women with small faces; they have excellent grip and come with interchangeable lenses. All you need in a pair of sunglasses!


  • Lightweight, impact-resistant lenses that are interchangeable
  • Rubber nosepiece and temples grip increases as you sweat
  • Minimalist frame that won’t interfere with your peripheral vision
  • Blocks harmful UV light while providing clarity and contrast


  • These sunglasses don’t have a fog vent

Top Value

2. Tifosi Alpe 2.0

The Tifosi Alpe 2.0 is a full-frame design with small enough lenses to look good on a small face while still providing everything your eyes need.

What We Like

These sunglasses have a full-frame design, made from Tifosi’s Grilamid material which is lightweight but extremely durable.

You can choose from a range of different tints depending on your preference, although none of the lenses are polarized.

The glasses come equipped with Glare Guard technology to reduce eye fatigue. The lenses also offer excellent clarity and contrast, providing you with razor-sharp vision.

A slip-free design helps these sunglasses stay safe on your face while running. The adjustable temple arms allow you to get an almost custom fit, while hydrophilic nose pads grip better when you sweat, stopping the glasses from bouncing.

Although these sunglasses have a full-frame design, they allow good airflow, so they shouldn’t fog up as you run.

But the full-frame also means that you can’t change out the lenses. You will need to buy a new pair for every tint you want.

Why We Like It

These sunglasses are affordable, come in multiple lens tints, and offer many features that make them great for running.


  • Tinted lenses block the glare providing clarity and razor-sharp vision
  • Comfortable fit on the face that won’t slide or bounce
  • Choose from a range of different lens tints
  • Great for all shaped faces, including a rounder face


  • The lens design means you can’t interchange them

Most Durable

3. Oakley RadarLock Path (Low Bridge Fit)

These sunglasses are extremely durable, and the low-bridge fit is perfect for runners who have smaller faces and like this style of sunglasses.

What We Like

The Oakley RadarLock Path Low-Bridge Fit are great quality glasses for small faces. The low-bridge fit helps provide a better fit, while the wraparound lens helps to provide excellent coverage.

Oakley’s O-Matter frames have been tested rigorously and found to be impact-resistant. While incredibly strong, they’re also flexible enough to withstand use in a variety of situations.

The lenses on these glasses use Prizm Lens technology, which means each lens is designed to provide the ideal contrast and color correction for use in a particular situation

However, the square lens shape may not be to everyone’s taste, and some may feel that it makes their face look bigger.

Depending on the pair, some of these models are polarized, and others aren’t, so be careful when selecting your lens color. But you can also switch out these lenses, thanks to Oakley’s Switchlock technology.

Why We Like It

These sunglasses are hardy and come with interchangeable lenses. You can choose between polarized and non-polarized lenses to accommodate your every activity. .


  • Lightweight, durable frame that doesn’t bounce as you run
  • Wraparound lenses provide plenty of coverage with good peripheral vision
  • Rugged lenses block UV, minimize distortion, and provide excellent clarity
  • Easily swap out lenses to accommodate for different light conditions


  • The square lens shape may not be to everyone’s taste

Best Anti-Fog

4. Nike Show X3

Nike fans will be happy to see that these glasses win our top spot for anti-fog glasses. They’re sporty and stylish and will provide clear vision on every wear.

What We Like

The Nike Show X3 sunglasses are excellent for ventilation, thanks to the strategic venting in the frame above the nose bridge and the unique saddle bridge design.

These features allow for consistent airflow, ensuring that your glasses never fog up as you’re running.

The saddle bridge design also helps to absorb shock while running, preventing bouncing.

Contoured wraparound lenses provide excellent coverage and block bright light while enhancing the contrast to provide greater clarity of vision.

The temple arms and nose piece are adjustable, so you can get a good fit on your face even if it is smaller!

Be aware when you buy these sunglasses, it’s not clear which lenses are polarized and which aren’t. So you risk buying lenses that are less protective than you think.

Why We Like It

The venting system on these glasses is excellent, and you can count on them never fogging up while you’re running!

What’s New

The Nike Show X3 is an update from the X2, which was larger. The X3 is much more suited to small faces. Most importantly, the ventilation system found on the X3 is new, although it adds a little weight to the glasses.


  • The vented upper frame and nose pad allow for excellent airflow
  • Contoured lenses block bright light and enhance contrast for increased clarity
  • Easily adjust temple arms for a snug and secure fit
  • Excellent coverage to protect your eyes from wind and debris


  • It’s not clear which lenses are polarized and which aren’t when you buy a pair

Top Frameless Design

5. Smith Parallel 2

These sunglasses are almost entirely frameless, giving them a sleek and minimalist design that’s attractive on small faces.

What We Like

The Smith Parallel 2 sunglasses are light in weight and design, have a minimalist frameless design, and look great on small faces.

Although minimal, whatever small sections of frame you see are constructed from TR90 nylon, which are durable and temperature-resistant.

The nose and ear pads conform to the shape of your face for a more comfortable fit. They also become more grippy the more you sweat, so you don’t need to worry about these glasses slipping or bouncing as you run.

Each arm is equipped with auto-lock hinges, which means you can easily take these off and put them back on one-handed.

Their TLT lenses are polarized and protect your eyes from harsh light and deliver clear, color-enhanced vision that’s free from distortion. They’re also resistant to water, impact, and oil.

However, the lenses are fairly high and may cause the sunglasses to be uncomfortable on higher cheekbones

Why We Like It

We like the rimless design of these sunglasses, which makes them an ideal design for small faces. They also offer many features that make them an excellent choice for runners.

What’s New

The lenses on the Parallel 2 are larger than those of the original Parallel. Smith has also changed the frame material, and the Parallel 2 is labeled for medium faces while the original Parallel is for narrow faces.

If you like the design of the Parallel 2 but find that the lenses seem slightly too large or the fit is a bit wide, the original Parallel might be a much better fit for you.


  • Stylish, lightweight rimless design
  • Polarized lenses reduce glare and enhance definition
  • Temple and nose pads become grippier the more you sweat
  • Auto-lock hinges make it easy to put them on and take off with one hand


  • People with high cheekbones may find that these lenses cause a hot spot

Best Adjustable Design

6. Tifosi Optics Podium XC

Small face or not, some of us just need more adjustability for sunglasses to fit snugly and comfortably. These glasses are highly adjustable and should fit most people.

What We Like

The Tifosi Optics Podium XC sunglasses are designed to suit small faces, and they also come with very malleable temple and nose pieces, ideal for adjusting to suit you.

The single-piece mirrored lens lacks a frame, which means your field of vision is wide and completely unobstructed. It’s optically decentered to ensure constant clear, undistorted vision.

It’s also shatterproof, lightweight, scratch-resistant, and impact-resistant. They also offer excellent ventilation, so you can count on them staying clear.

You can choose from various tints, and the lenses are easily replaceable and interchangeable to offer the best protection in all lights.

Although there’s no frame above your eyes, the arms are made of Tifosi’s Grilamid material, which is lightweight, impact-resistant, and temperature-resistant.

The nosepiece sticks when you sweat, ensuring a no-bounce fit that comes in handy when you’re running.

Why We Like It

The temple arms and nose piece on these glasses are malleable and quite adjustable, helping you get a great, comfortable fit that allows you to run without thinking about your glasses.


  • Interchangeable single lens to accommodate all light conditions
  • Adjustable rubber nose pad and temples for a customized fit
  • Provides excellent coverage and unobstructed visibility
  • Hydrophobic coating on the lens helps moisture bead and roll off


  • The lenses seem to be non-polarized, with no options for polarized

Top Lightweight Sunglasses

7. Oakley Flak 2.0 (Low Bridge Fit)

The Oakley Flak 2.0 Low-Bridge Fit sunglasses are both stylish and lightweight. They won’t weigh you down while you’re running, and they offer a variety of great features to benefit you on the road or trail.

What We Like

The Oakley Flak 2.0 sunglasses are good-looking and lightweight, fitting comfortably on your face whether walking or running. Unobtainium nose pads and temple pads offer excellent comfort and superior grip.

Despite being lightweight and comfortable, they’re protective and durable and should last you a long time.

The lenses come in a large variety to choose exactly what you need. Be aware that not all of them are polarized.

However, they do all provide full UVA and UVB protection and reduce glare and prevent eye fatigue from brightness.

Like all Oakleys, their O-Matter frame is unusually light but resistant to impact and damage to a high degree.

Some people may feel that the low-bridge style feels too wide for their face.

Why We Like It

These sunglasses are lightweight and fit so comfortably that you’ll hardly notice them there while you’re running.


  • Durable, lightweight frame sits comfortably on your face
  • Unobtainium nose and temple pads provide a comfortable and secure grip
  • Provides UVA/UVB protection, reduces the glare, and prevents eye fatigue
  • Wide variety of lens options to choose from


  • Some people may find the low-bridge fit to be too wide for their faces

Best for Triathletes

8. Julbo Rush

The shape of these sunglasses makes them comfortable for wearing when running and when cycling as they fit very well underneath a bike helmet.

What We Like

If you’re looking for a pair of sunglasses that works equally well with or without a bicycle helmet, the Julbo Rush is it.

Although the single-piece lens is among the largest offered by Julbo, it goes great on a smaller face and means you don’t need to switch sunglasses halfway through your triathlon.

Despite their size, the lenses have a full frame with multiple vents to allow good airflow. Soft, flexible temple pads and 3D Nose Fit nose pads provide a customizable fit and use Grip Tech material to prevent slipping while you’re moving.

The lens is light-reactive, so it’s ideal for changing conditions. It offers excellent color contrast and clarity of vision.

They’re also very easy to switch if you’d like to change to a different lens. Just note that not all the lens choices are photochromic, so choose carefully when you buy.

Why We Like It

These sunglasses are protective and comfortable whether you’re going hatless, wearing a hat, or even wearing a bicycle helmet.


  • Single-piece, light-reactive lens isn’t obstructive and provides excellent clarity
  • 3D Nose Fit nose pads provide the clearance required for a comfortable fit
  • Venting on the top and at the corners allows air to circulate, keeping them fog-free
  • Flexible temples allow you to customize your fit


  • Not all their lens choices are photochromic, so you need to choose carefully

Top With Interchangeable Lenses

9. Rudy Project Rydon Slim

These sunglasses are sporty but look good in any situation. The lenses are interchangeable and come in a wide variety of different tints and polarized and non-polarized choices.

What We Like

The Rudy Project Rydon Slim looks great on small faces. You can choose from a wide range of tinted lenses, most of which offer sport-specific tints that provide the optimal contrast and color mix for that particular sport.

The lenses are very easy to interchange, making these glasses versatile enough for use in many situations.

As well as being tinted, the lenses reduce glare, protect against UV rays, and don’t distort your vision.

Although compact, the lenses provide adequate coverage against the sun, wind, and debris.

Adjustable temple arms and nose pieces also allow you to get the ideal fit.

Why We Like It

These sunglasses have an athletic design and come with a large range of sport-specific tinted lenses in various colors that are easily interchangeable.



  • Choose from a variety of sport-specific tinted lenses
  • Improved contrast provides sharper details and clarity without distortion
  • Ample coverage but allows air to circulate
  • Fully adjustable temple arms for a secure fit


  • It’s not immediately apparent which lenses are and aren’t polarized

Buyers Guide – Sunglasses for Small Faces

Small Frames

People with small faces will find that not all frames fit their faces correctly. You should check carefully to see if the frame style is suitable for small faces.

Sometimes a smaller fit is labeled as Low Bridge or Slim Fit on many sunglasses. While some regular sunglasses may fit those with small faces, not all of them will, and you should check for these labels if you want a good-fitting pair of sunglasses for small faces.

Adjustable Nose and Ear Pieces

Adjustable nose and ear pieces are essential as they will help you customize your face’s fit. You can adjust them to fit your nose and ears better, so the sunglasses stay put on your face.


Your sunglasses should offer 100 percent protection from UVA and UVB rays. It doesn’t matter if you’re wearing them for sports or to the mall—if you’re going to wear them outdoors, they need to be protective.


Sunglasses lenses come in a variety of different tints, and some are polarized. If you’re wearing yours for a particular sport, you can choose a tint that enhances particular colors and contrasts to help you see the ball or the road in front of you.

Polarized lenses reduce glare, which is a separate feature from tinted lenses. A lens can be tinted and polarized or tinted and non-polarized.


The design of the sunglasses comes down to personal preference. Some prefer a wraparound style to offer the highest level of coverage, and they offer the widest field of vision.

Others may prefer separate lenses rather than wraparound. However, as long as the sunglasses offer excellent eye protection, the design is up to you.


What Sunglasses Look Good on a Small Face?

There is no right answer to this question, but it will come down to what you feel looks good on you.

However, sunglasses with oval or rectangular lenses generally tend to look better on small faces.

People with small faces should avoid square or circular lenses, as they may look too large on your face.

Frameless or semi-frameless designs are also the best sunglasses for small faces as they’re less bulky.

What Size Sunglasses Fit a Small Face?

When shopping for sunglasses for small faces, you should consider how wide the full frame is to get the right size for your face.

If your face is narrow and small, you should choose a frame between 4.9 and 5.07 inches in size. You can find the perfect size by measuring your face from temple to temple.

You should also consider lenses between 1.9 and 2.1 inches in width to prevent wearing lenses that look too big for your face.

Do Big Sunglasses Look Good on Small Faces?

Big sunglasses can still look good on small faces if you want them to be noticeable and eye-catching. They can be quite trendy, but make sure to choose the right frame style and thickness to make them look good on your face.

However, big sunglasses are probably not the best choice if you’re looking for sunglasses you can wear while playing sports. Big sunglasses don’t usually fit as snugly on the face as smaller sunglasses do.

Do Aviators Look Good on Small Faces?

Aviator sunglasses can look good on small faces; however, they look best on faces with a heart shape, oval shape, or square shape. Aviators will look good on small faces with the right shape in most cases.

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