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Best Running Subscription Boxes in 2023


Running subscription boxes are a great idea, either as a gift for the runner in your life (and that includes yourself), or just as a way to send yourself a little running-related love every month or two. Many great subscriptions are available to land a stash of exciting, practical, running-related stuff right on your doorstep.

Any subscription box is fun to unpack, but if you’re passionate about running, then one that’s specific to the sport would be a fun way to stock up on useful stuff and try products you’d never usually buy for yourself.

If you’re looking for a way to treat yourself or a runner in your life, the best we’ve come across is The RunnerBox. It contains a great mix of nutritional items and accessories, gives you the chance to test brand new products on the market, and works out very affordably in the long run.

We’ve chosen 9 more that we feel are the greatest choices out there. Scroll through the rest of our list while you’re waiting for that first installment to arrive!

Top 3 Best and Favorites


The RunnerBox


  • Mix of nutritional items and accessories
  • Well-known and new products
  • Gives you access to insider discounts
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Fit Snack


  • Discounted first box
  • 7 to 10 snacks per box
  • Monthly Fit Life Guide
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Gainz Box


  • High-quality fitness gear
  • Variety of interesting items
  • Premium pieces of apparel
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Best Overall

1. The RunnerBox

TheRunnerBox is one of our favorite subscription boxes. When you subscribe, you’re signing up to receive a box packed full of goodies every second month, and for a price you can’t beat.

They take great care to provide a varied list of stuff each month. You’ll get nutritional items, accessories, and even products aimed at recovery.

Some of the brands and products you’ll be familiar with, while others are the latest thing on the market for you to try out.

RunnerBox partners with different companies every few months so they can bring you the best of the best. You won’t get bored with their offerings, as they’re constantly searching for new, useful stuff to share with their subscribers.

Some examples of nutritional products you can expect include energy bars, rehydration packs, energy gels or chews, trail mix, smoothie mixes, protein powder, and other healthy snacks.

Accessories include things like lip balm, belts and waist packs, lubricant, socks, and other useful items.

You can choose to pay per box, for 6 months upfront, or for a year upfront. The only thing that we feel could offer more options is their shipping frequency. You only have one option, which is to receive a box every two months. We’d love the chance to grab one of these on a monthly basis!

As an added bonus, when you become a RunnerBox subscriber, you’ll get exclusive discounts on some of the products they feature if you want to stock up in between boxes.


  • Mix of nutritional items and accessories
  • Combination of well-known and new products
  • Three payment options
  • Gives you access to insider discounts


  • Only one delivery frequency option (every other month)

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Top Running Snacks

2. StrideBox

The folk at StrideBox are committed to helping you perform better and adding some excitement and motivation to your running life.

They do that by shipping you a thoughtfully curated box every month that’s packed with running-related items.

Their boxes are quite comprehensive. In each one, you’ll find 4 to 6 products from big-name brands, and an array of new products from smaller companies that you may have never even heard of.

We all love snacks, and StrideBox offers a great range of them. This is a great way to test out new products from companies you haven’t tried before. And who knows? You may find something you really like.

They have some big names on board, so you can be sure you’re getting high-quality stuff in every box. The same can be said for the lesser-known brands’ products, though – there’s no junk in these boxes!

Aside from the amazing snacks, you may find accessories like a water bottle, anti-chafing cream, sunscreen, and other hygiene and safety-related products. A nice touch is the inclusion of useful things like recipes or workouts, to add extra motivation and excitement to each unboxing!

They’re also quite affordable. You can sign yourself up or give StrideBox as a monthly gift!


  • Monthly box
  • Comprehensive selection of items
  • Opportunity to find new brands
  • Auto-renew monthly payment


  • Gift subscriptions need to be paid for in full upfront

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Best Premium Service

3. RunLocker

RunLocker’s website claims that they’re more than a subscription box – that they’re a premium membership service for runners.

This company takes plenty of care selecting products and putting together high-quality boxes packed with great stuff.

When signing up you’ll need to provide your t-shirt and sock size, as well as your gender. You’ll get a variety of products tailored to you, in your size when apparel is included. You can also specify any particular dietary preferences, so nobody is excluded.

Each box will include a thoughtful selection of apparel, accessories, snacks, and recovery aids. As well as getting new, cool, and delicious things, every box will contain motivation, advice, and support.

The RunLocker store also stocks products for individual purchase if you want to re-buy something you really liked.


  • Premium service
  • Thoughtful variety of products
  • Monthly delivery
  • RunLocker store for extra products


  • Comes at a premium price

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Top for Healthy Snacks

4. Fit Snack

Sometimes, the snacks we choose first are not the healthiest ones! The good news is that there are plenty of healthy snacks out there that are just as delicious as the not-so-healthy ones.

You won’t get apparel or accessories in this box, but that’s not surprising – its name lets you knoe its focus is on fuel by way of snacks.

You’ll get between 7 and 10 snacks per box, and your subscription will renew automatically every month. Fit Snack makes sure the products they provide are high-quality, nutrient-dense, and made with clean ingredients.

This is one of the best running subscription boxes for those who are health-conscious and make an effort to eat clean. There’s no need to forgo tasty snacks, but this box will help you find the healthy ones among those that aren’t so good for you.

In addition to receiving a monthly treat box, you’ll get a monthly Fit Life Guide, packed with snack facts, nutrition and diet tips, recipes to try, specially developed workouts, guided meditations, and even discount coupons.

When you sign up, you’ll get a large discount on your first box. When you buy your box every month, Fit Snack donates to kids in need.


  • Discounted first box
  • 7 to 10 snacks per box
  • Monthly Fit Life Guide
  • Donates to kids in need with every box sold


  • No apparel or accessories

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Best Fitness Subscription

5. Gainz Box

If you’re the kind of runner who enjoys getting into the gym when you’re not running, this could be the ideal subscription box for you!

It’s geared towards gym-goers, so it’s more general fitness and less specific to running.

In each box, you’ll get an assortment of gym apparel, practical gear, equipment, snacks, and nutritional supplements. These are from some well-known brands, and some lesser-known ones.

In every third box, though, you’ll receive a piece of premium apparel ($30+) from a big name brand. Even in the boxes where you aren’t getting a premium piece, it’s stated that the value of the box is double or more what you end up paying.

Because you’ll be receiving apparel, you need to provide your shirt size, underwear size, and bra size (if you’re a female).

There is the risk of developing an overflowing wardrobe and a water bottle for every day of the week, but for the price, you can’t beat the value.


  • High-quality fitness gear
  • Premium piece of apparel in every third box
  • Variety of interesting items
  • May be able to buy past boxes


  • No option to mention dietary preference when setting up profile

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Top for Dog Lovers

6. Bark Box

Is your pup your trusty running buddy? Treat him or her to a monthly subscription box packed with themed, size-specific treats and toys!

Choose a box based on whether your dog is a small, medium, or large breed. Your lucky pooch will receive 2 toys, 2 bags of treats, and a dental chew in each monthly package.

You can choose an allergy-friendly option if your dog is sensitive. If they get bored easily, you can choose from a variety of toy styles so they don’t end up with multiple toys of the same type.

If your dog gets overly excited and rips his new toy to shreds, you can get hold of the company and they’ll replace it for you!


  • Allergy-friendly options
  • Healthy dog treats included
  • Unique monthly themes
  • Choose according to your dog’s size


  • Depending on your dog, the toys may not last long

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Best for Paleo/Keto Snacks

7. Bunny James Box

It can be difficult to find quality snacks if you’ve committed to following a paleo, keto, or vegan way of eating. Thankfully, the Bunny James Box is here to fulfill all your snack needs.

Choose from paleo, casual keto, vegan, and vegan + gluten-free. There’s something for every healthy eater here!

Each box has more than 10 snacks that suit your dietary preference. Some buyers have reported that they received snacks that weren’t appropriate for their preference, though.

They take care to include a mix of sweet and savory, as well as crunchy and chewy.


  • Choose from four healthy diet options
  • New items every month
  • Sweet and savory mix
  • Low-carb snacks


  • Some buyers feel the price is too much for what they’re getting

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Top Outdoor Box

8. Cairn

Trail runners and ultramarathon runners, this could be an exciting box for you! Every item in this pack is aimed at outdoor adventure.

They pack their boxes with products from a few different categories, all of which are essential for great outdoor experiences. You’ll get stuff like apparel, gear, food or snacks, skincare products, and emergency/medical supplies.

Because you’ll be getting full-size products and not samples in this box, it’s common to only get three or four items per shipment.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to customize your dietary preferences or gender, so you may receive apparel that’s not quite suitable for you.


  • Great for trail runners and ultramarathoners
  • Up to $50 value in each box
  • Industry-leading outdoor goods
  • Full-sized products – no samples


  • No ability to set food or gender preferences

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Best for Coffee Lovers

9. Un’kuppd

Nothing beats a cup of coffee before your long run or race. If you’re a coffee-loving runner, you may enjoy this box. If you love a flavorful cup of strong brew, then this barista-approved coffee should hit the spot.

You can choose between a 15-pack or a 5-pack, and every month you’ll receive your box of coffee grounds. It’s not instant coffee, either.

These are coffee grinds that come in a handy self-contained package that turns into an on-the-go filter.

Each month you’ll receive a different flavor from around the world. There’s no variation in the box, so you’ll have the same coffee for the next month, but the variety you’ll get as the months go is great for those who are passionate about coffee.

Just make sure you go running after your morning coffee. Otherwise, this is just a coffee subscription! Still, this makes for a great pre-workout caffeine boost!


  • Barista-approved
  • Specialty-grade coffee
  • 5-pack or 15-pack
  • New flavors each month


  • Some may not like the coffee grounds texture

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Top for Self-Care and Recovery

10. TheraBox

It’s great to have a subscription box that will improve performance and keep you motivated for exercise, but this one is a little different. Recovery is just as important as action, and that’s what this box is geared towards.

Honestly, women are likely to love this box, but men might be less inclined to sign up for it (although they need recovery and relaxation as much as women!).

Each monthly box is packed with up to 8 products and includes things like essential oils, skincare or bath products, and body care products.

A nice touch is the happiness activity that’s included with each box. A pampering for body, mind, and soul!


  • Up to 8 full-sized goodies in each box
  • Often includes organic products
  • One happiness activity included
  • Curated by therapists


  • Men may not enjoy this box as much as women due to the contents

Check Price on Amazon



Wondering about getting or giving a running subscription box? Here are some of the questions you may be asking yourself while deciding.

Why Should You Order or Give a Subscription Box?

Subscription boxes are a fun, unique way of shopping for running-related stuff! Part of the fun of being a runner is trying out new accessories and snacks.

Imagine getting a birthday gift every month! That’s the feeling a subscription box brings. Unboxing is super fun because you have no idea what to expect. and may find a tasty, useful, or unique item.

There’s no pressure, either. If you don’t enjoy being spoiled and receiving thoughtfully chosen, useful items every week, you can cancel at any time.

Are the Items Safe/Organic, etc.?

Well, safe and organic are two different questions. Rest assured that any product has been well-vetted and beaten out a number of competitors for inclusion. Your box will almost certainly be high-quality, even if not always to your taste. Take care with allergies and sensitivities, though.

In terms of being organic or “clean,” it depends on the specific box. Read the fine print to make sure you know what you’re getting into. Terms like organic and clean already only have the broadest of meanings, so make sure that if these things are important to you, that the company’s definition aligns with yours.

Some companies will have you fill in some questions regarding your gender, shirt and sock sizes, and dietary preferences.

It’s safest not to assume that items will be organic (or vegan, or low-sugar, or, or, or…). Of course, most of them will be as safe as possible, but anything special can’t be guaranteed unless the company has specified it.

Could I Just Create the Box Myself and Save Money?

Well, you could. One of the great values of subscription boxes is that they generally have more value in the box than the price you pay for them. If you had to buy each item separately from the store, you’ll most likely pay more. That’s because, in essence, a subscription box is a type of advertising for the companies whose products are inside. Yes, you are getting a snack bar at a decent price in your subscription. The real hope is that you go out and buy a whole box of them next week.

Some of the products in your subscription box may also be from small companies that are hard to find unless you’re specifically looking for them. If you’re shopping for yourself, you’re less likely to try/find new things!

The surprise factor will be ruined if you create one yourself!

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