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Best Running Recovery Sandals And Shoes in 2023


Running is rough on your feet. Runners know that effective training isn’t simply about workouts that build strong legs and feet. It’s about recovery as well. After all, recovery is where your body gets stronger.

Recovery shoes are specifically designed to assist in the recovery process.After a long run or challenging race, a good recovery shoe not only feels great, but helps reduce soreness and fatigue.

The best recovery sandals and shoes are very comfortable, with arch support and tons of cushioning.

Our favorite recovery shoe is the OofosOoahh Slide. It has high, soft arch support, and soft cushioning throughout. As you’ll see below, Oofos makes a variety of styles – all of them make great recovery shoes.

But there are many other great options out there as well. You may prefer something with a different style, like a traditional sneaker. Or a thong-style flip. And we’ve found models for every budget.

With these reviews, we’ve narrowed down the best recovery shoes and sandals available now. Read on to see which is right for you…

Top 4 Best and Favorites


Oofos Original Ooahh Slide Sandal


  • Great arch support
  • Lots of cushioning
  • Shock absorbent
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Gone For A Run PR Soles Original Recovery Slide Sandals


  • Decreases swelling and tension
  • Helps to stimulate foot nerve endings
  • Improves circulation
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Olu Kai ‘Ohana


  • Durable and flexible
  • Compression midsoles for comfort
  • ICEVA footbed for support


Oofos OOmg Low Shoe


  • OOFoam Technology
  • Provides comfort and durability
  • Reduces stress on lower back, knees, and ankles

Best Overall Recovery Sandal

1. Oofos Original Ooahh Slide Sandal

The Oofos Original Sandal has great arch support and cushion to help your feet recover fast.

The midsoles of the sandals have patented OOfoam that work as a shock absorber for your feet. This foam absorbs up to 37% more pounding than regular shoes and sandals.

These sandals reduce the amount of stress on your feet, knees, and back by providing support. They are made with lightweight materials so you won’t feel weighed down. They are also machine washable and resistant to bacteria.

A high arch feels great after a long run. It can also be a comfortable sandal for runners experiencing heel or plantar fasciitis pain.

One complaint is that these aren’t the prettiest of sandals. While they come in a variety of colors, they’re not winning any fashion awards. But we believe the comfort overrides their chunky look.


  • Great arch support
  • Lots of cushioning
  • Shock absorbent
  • Lightweight materials


  • Don’t come in half sizes
  • Not stylish

Top Men’s Recovery Sandal

2. Hoka One One Ora Recovery Slide

The Hoka One One Ora recovery slides are similar to the Oofos but feature Hoka’s unique rocker midsole design.

The slip-on design makes these sandals easy to put on and off. Like Hoka’s running shoes, they have lots of cushioning for maximum comfort. The bottom of the soles has a textured pattern for solid traction.

There is also a top-layer EVA footbed for a comfortable slip-on feel. The rocker midsole aims to ease your gait. It takes some getting used to but feels normal once you do.

The padding on the heel and high arch helps ease plantar fasciitis pain by reducing pressure on your feet.


  • Supportive design
  • Slip on and off easily
  • Provide good traction
  • EVA top-layer for added comfort


  • They have chunky soles

Top Women’s Recovery Sandal

3. Oofos OOlala Luxe Sandal

These sandals have a sleek style but still provide support and cushioning for your feet.

They are like the OofosOOahh Slide from the midsole down, but come in nicer colors and design. They also have a more traditional flip flop design – unlike the slides.

The OOFoam Technology absorbs shock and impact of walking to reduce fatigue in your feet. They also feature a high arch that feels great, especially after a long run.

The materials used to make these sandals are lightweight yet durable. They are easy to clean because they are machine washable. It is moisture and bacteria resistant and can last a long time without problems.


  • Sleek style and design
  • OOFoam technology for shock absorption
  • Cushioning for comfort and support
  • Lightweight, durable material


  • Doesn’t come in half sizes

Best Value Recovery Sandal

4. Gone For A Run PR Soles Original Recovery Slide Sandals

The Gone For A Run PR Soles original recovery slide sandals are the best value option on our list.

The sandals have a patented ACUPOINT footbed that provides maximum comfort for worn-out feet. They also feature massage points that improve circulation and reduce lactic acid build-up.

These sandals work to decrease swelling in your feet and legs from long runs. The massaging insoles stimulate nerve endings to help speed up the recovery process.

The PR Soles slide sandals are constructed with water-proof materials,so simply toss them in the washing machine to clean. They also keep bacteria from growing due to excessive moisture.

If they get a bit dirty, you can wipe off the area with a damp rag and use a little water and soap to get them looking like new again.


  • Water and moisture-proof
  • Decreases swelling and tension
  • Helps to stimulate foot nerve endings
  • Improves circulation


  • Not the best-looking design
  • The slide strap tends to run small

Top Recovery Flip Flop

5. Olu Kai ‘Ohana

Olu Kai ‘Ohana flip flops look and feel great on your feet.

They are made with a waterproof synthetic material that is durable and flexible, allowing for natural movement. They also have a high arch to support your feet after a hard run.

The lining of the shoe is jersey knit fabric and has a nylon toe post. These flip flops come in both slit-strapped or solid strap options.

The compression EVA midsoles provide comfort for better mobility after an intense run. The ICEVA footbed conforms to your foot for the most comfortable recovery you can get with a flip flop.

The outer sole is made from non-marking rubber, textured on the bottom to provide traction on wet surfaces. These flip flops tend to run a bit wide, so you should remember to order them a size smaller for the perfect fit.


  • Waterproof synthetic material
  • Durable and flexible
  • Compression midsoles for comfort
  • ICEVA footbed for support


  • More expensive than other options
  • They tend to run wide

Top Recovery Slide

6. Adidas Adilette Boost Slide

The Adidas Adilette Boost Slides offer a comfortable fit with cushioning to support your feet in the arch and heel.

The slide construction lets you slip your foot right into the strap. The sandals are made with durable material that’s waterproof and moisture-resistant. The upper is a synthetic material that won’t stretch.

The midsole comes with excellent cushioning to help your feet stay comfortable.

The classic color choices also make this stylish option.


  • Midsole for added protection
  • Cushion for heels and arches
  • Durable material
  • Classic adidas colors


  • A higher priced option that could be too much for some customers
  • Material doesn’t allow for any stretching if too tight

Best Running Recovery Shoe

7. Oofos OOmg Low Shoe

The OofosOOmg Low Shoe is the perfect choice for runners who want a recovery shoe instead of flip flops or slides.

These OofosOOmg shoes are designed with the same OOFoam Technology found in other Oofos shoes. This provides comfort and support while giving your feet a soft, cushioned ride.

The foam material used for the interior of the shoe makes this pair comfortable for any type of runner. It also helps reduce the amount of stress that is put on your knees, ankles, and lower back when you run.

The material used to make these shoes is lightweight and allows your feet to breathe. This keeps sweat and moisture from building up and causing bacteria to grow.

These shoes are also machine washable, which makes them easy to clean. Also, because the material is lightweight and breathable the shoes dry fairlyquickly.


  • OOFoam Technology
  • Provides comfort and durability
  • Reduces stress on lower back, knees, and ankles
  • Machine washable for easy cleaning


  • Don’t come in half sizes
  • Might need to buy one size larger due to the closedtoe

Top Running Recovery Clog

8. OosfosOOclog Luxe Clog

The Oosfos Luxe Clog is a shoe that feels more like a sandal thanks to a closed front and an open back.

The open back allows them to slip on and off easily whenever you need to take them off. These clogs also come with the patented OOFoam Technology that all Oofos shoes are made with.

These clogs have a unique look, but feature Oofos’ high arch support. The shape of the inner sole forms to your foot, and that reduces stress and pressure on your legs.

The thick sole has tons of cushioning to reduce impact when walking. Like all other Oofos options, these clogs are machine washable for a simple way to keep them clean.


  • Open back for breathability
  • Easy to slip on and off
  • Protective foam for reduced impact
  • Lightweight and machine washable


  • A more expensive option than other shoes
  • Not the most stylish option available

Most Durable Recovery Sandal

9. Birkenstock The Arizona

Birkenstock Arizona Sandals offer great support and comfort with classic style.

The cork-latex footbed makes this pair of sandals the most comfortable and durable recovery sandals on the market.

Your feet will shape the footbed so that it adjusts to provide arch and heel support. Because these sandals are open-toed, they also offer great airflow and breathability.

The outer sole is made from durable rubber. It helps to provide impact protection while also making the sandals more durable.

The straps of The Arizona are made from leather suede for a soft feel.They come in a large variety of different color choices.

They are also available in several different patterns and colors. These sandals come in half sizes, so you will be able to get the perfect fit.


  • Cork-latex footbed for comfort and support
  • Provides great arch and heel support
  • Prevents foot odor and bacteria growth
  • Comes in several colors and patterns with half sizes available


  • Much higher price than many other options
  • Not designed specifically to be a recovery sandal

Top Sandal for Running and Plantar Fasciitis

10. Vionic Tide Toe Sandals

Vionic Tide Toe Sandals are durable flip flops that give you more support than standard flips.

Tide Toes come with EVA footbeds that are soft, comfortable, and help support your feet by molding to the shape of your foot.

These sandals are made from full-grain leather. This makes them durable and long-lasting if you take care of them.

The outer sole is extra thick for more protection from impact. This allows you to walk for a long time without feeling the need to sit down and take a rest.

The footbeds of these sandals are designed by podiatrists, so you know that you are getting the highest quality with the best support.

They are approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) and granted their seal of acceptance.

These sandals can be work for daily use, and they are perfect for foot recovery after intense or long runs.


  • Flip flops with breathability
  • EVA footbeds designed by pediatrists
  • Approved by the APMA for foot health
  • Can be used for daily use or foot recovery


  • The material between the toes can rub against your skin
  • The sizes run small. You may need to order a size up for the right fit

Best Recovery Sandal for Wide Feet

11. Spenco Yumi Plus

SpencoYumi Plus sandals are a sturdy and durable option for runners who want their recovery sandals to last.

These non-slip and non-marking sandals provide orthotic-grade arch support for your feet and heels. The sandals have deep heel cupping soles that allow your heel to have extra padding to ease pain from heel spurs and plantar fasciitis.

Yumi Plus sandals come with EVA footbeds that mold to the shape of your feet for customized support. There is also a metatarsal dome on the insole that keeps your feet in the proper position for support and comfort.

These sandals also have antimicrobial properties that help fend off bacteria growth caused by moisture. This will keep your sandals smelling fresh and clean for the long-term.


  • Non-slip and non-marking sandals
  • Orthotic-grade arch support and deep heel cupping
  • Compression-molded EVA footbeds for comfort
  • A heel lift for maximum heel protection


  • They come at a higher price than many other options


Do recovery sandals and shoes actually work?

The claim that these shoes help speed up or increase recovery is not completely proven. There are anecdotal factors that show they can help with support and comfort. But there is no consensus about these shoes.

However, these shoes offer way more support than the average sneaker or sandal. They allow you to feel more comfortable while your feet are recovering. In other words, they feel great when you put them after a long or hard run.

Is it ok for runners to wear regular flip flops?

For a day at the beach, maybe it wouldn’t hurt. However, running can cause a lot of stress on your feet. Whenever you aren’t running or training for a race, you need to ensure your feet have proper support to prevent foot injuries.

Wearing regular flip flops forces your feet into an isometric contraction. This can cause your feet to fatigue and also cause the muscles to tighten. If this happens, it will affect your running performance and make it tougher to run in the future.

It is better to take care of the most important part of your body that will affect your performance. So, you want to have recovery sandals whenever you are walking for maximum protection. Stay away from flat flip flops.

How do you clean recovery sandals like Oofos?

Many recovery sandals are machine washable. This will be the fastest and most efficient way to clean your shoes.

Set the water to a cold temperature and use a mild detergent to prevent any breaking down on the materials.

You also don’t want to use bleach, even on all-white sandals, because it is too harsh and could ruin your footwear. And always wash them on the delicate cycle.

If you don’t want to put them in the washing machine, you also have the option of washing them by hand. You can do this by using a mild soap and a brush to scrub the sandals clean.

You will need to use cold water when hand-washing as well, and you don’t want to use a brush that has hard bristles.

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