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Best Running Rain Jackets in 2022


When the weather gets bad and you still want to get out there and run, these running rain jackets will help you stay dry. While keeping out the elements, these jackets also do a great job of staying breathable, so you won’t overheat.

We’ve reviewed and tested over 20+ different jackets. These are our favorites….

Top 3 Best and Favorites


Gore R3 Gore-Tex Active Hooded Jacket


  • Soft and flexible fabric
  • Lightweight and water/wind-proof
  • Adjustable fit


ASICS Thermostorm Jacket


  • Soft, comfortable fabric
  • Breathable
  • Two zip-pockets


Mountain Hardwear Exponent


  • Packable design
  • Made of VaporDry
  • Adjustable hood

1. Gore R3 Gore-Tex Active Hooded Jacket

This rain jacket made by Gore Wear uses breathable Gore-Tex fabric to keep you comfortable while protecting you from the nastiest elements.

Unlike many of the other jackets we reviewed, the R3 jacket is lightweight and flexible. While many rain jackets are stiff and bulky, the R3 jacket is soft, feels great, and allows for free range of motion.

A problem with running rain jackets is they’ll keep you dry from rain – but don’t breath. So you end up soaked on the inside from sweat. Venting helps somewhat but also allows more openings for rain and wind to get in.

One advantage of Gore-Tex is it breaths while still protecting you from nasty weather. It’s the best of both worlds: cool and breathble with protection from water and wind.

Additional features help keep you dry. A waterproof hood with a bill keeps the rain off your head. It can be cinched up with two elastic cords for a secure fit. Unfortunately, there is no way to store the hood when it’s not needed. So it flaps around a little as you run.

The jacket zips up to your chin to protect your neck. Additional elastic cords are fitted in the front zip pockets. These can be used to cinch the waist tight and keep out rain and wind.

Smaller details are also nice. Every zipper has a tag to make opening and closing easy. A great feature when your fingers are numb from the cold.

We also liked that the jacket has two zippered pockets and a smaller key pocket inside one of the pockets. And the cuffs use velcro and elastic for a custom fit.

The biggest downside to the jacket is the cost. It’s one of the more expensive jackets on this list. But what you get is a breathable jacket that protects you from the elements. And it’s the only jacket that has the soft feel and flexible fit. Something you don’t normally find in a rain jacket.


  • Soft and flexible fabric
  • Lightweight and water/wind-proof design
  • Breathable without being overaly vented
  • Adjustable fit on the hood, waist, and cuffs


  • Expensive
  • Hood doesn’t store when not being used

2. ASICS Thermostorm Jacket

Light rain won’t affect your run when you’re wearing the ASICS Thermostorm Jacket. It has a softshell finish that’s treated to be water-resistant.

At the same time, it’s highly breathable thanks to vents at the back of the jacket. While this enhances airflow, it doesn’t let the cold in.

Other features that help to keep you warm include thumbholes for coverage of the hands, and a dropped hem to prevent the wind from getting in.

The regular fit design of this polyester jacket makes it comfortable without being overly fitted. This allows for a full and comfortable range of movement that won’t interfere with your running style.

There’s also a chin-guard, which covers the zipper and protects your skin from being hurt. Two pockets in the front of the jacket feature zippers to keep your belongings safe while you’re running.

This jacket is available in both men’s and women’s sizes. It doesn’t pack down, so if you do need to take it off mid-run you’ll have to carry it with you.


  • Soft, water-resistant knit fabric
  • Thumbholes at cuffs
  • Chin-guard
  • Two front zip pockets


  • The jacket doesn’t pack down so it can be bulky to carry during a run

3. Outdoor Research Helium II Jacket

This lightweight rain jacket is designed for sudden storms and rain showers. Its packable design means you can throw it in your pack and pull it out when the weather gets bad.

It doesn’t provide much warmth but does a pretty good job at wind protection. The thin fabric won’t withstand all-day rain and wind, but will provide that necessary protection if you suddenly find yourself in a bad storm. Or if you need a light jacket for showers or drizzle.

Its real strength is the lightweight design. The jacket is featherlight. You can use the front pocket to pack the jacket into itself. This makes it easy to store and toss in your bag as a “just in case the weather gets bad quick” jacket.

And even though this jacket is waterproof, it’s still breathable. A hood completes the waterproof capabilities of this jacket.


  • Extremely lightweight
  • Packable design
  • Wind and waterproof>
  • Tons of color options


  • Some felt the fit was small
  • No pockets other than the small chest pocket

4. Adidas Marathon Jacket

If wind and light rain are things you have to contend with on your runs, the Adidas Marathon Jacket will be your new best friend.

Designed with a DWR (durable water-repellent) coating, and double-weaved for protection, you’ll stay warm and dry your whole run.

Although it’s extremely protective, it’s lightweight, breathable, and easy to run in, with a regular fit that’s comfortable for most runners. Partially elasticated cuffs also provide protection in an area that’s vulnerable to wind.

To prevent you from losing heat from your head in cold weather, the jacket features a full hood with a zip at the chin. As an extra safety feature, the jacket features reflectivity all the way around.

Zippered pockets in the front of the jacket allow you to carry valuables with you comfortably and safely on the run. There’s also a sweat-guard phone pocket that keeps your electronics safe from moisture.

This jacket is made from Primeblue, which is a recycled material that’s made partly from Parley Ocean Plastic. When you buy this jacket, you’re also contributing to the environment!


  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Reflective detailing
  • Features a sweat-guard pocket
  • Water-repellent coating


  • This jacket may not stand up to heavy rainfall

5. Ultimate Direction Deluge Jacket

This lightweight, breathable jacket packs down into itself, making it an excellent choice for use in a variety of weather conditions. It may look light, but it meets waterproof standards of the Ultra Tour Du Mont Blanc.

Made of 20D Nylon Ripstop, this jacket is extremely durable. A silicone layer provides the waterproofing, and a soft PU inner keeps you comfortable.

It provides ultimate coverage, with a Tunnel Effect hood that keeps water out while allowing airflow to prevent overheating. There are also Flip Mitts, integrated waterproof mittens that can be used to cover your hands in cold weather.

Considering the material is waterproof and not breathable, ventilation is provided by underarm vents that move hot air out and cold air in as your arms move.

At just 5.5 ounces in weight, this jacket won’t weigh you down whether you’re wearing it or carrying it. It packs down into its own pocket, down to the size of a water bottle.


  • Breathable and waterproof upper
  • Built-in hand mitts
  • Adjustable, brimmed hood
  • Packs down into the chest pocket


  • Water may collect in the hand mitts in rainy weather

6. Mountain Hardwear Stretch Ozonic

The Mountain Hardwear Stretch Ozonic Jacket is versatile and made of 4-way stretch 40D nylon material.

The stretchiness of the jacket significantly increases the comfort levels, it’s able to contour to your body.

Both the hem and the sleeves are slightly extended to provide optimal coverage and protection against both rain and wind. The back hem is 4 ½ inches longer than average for the best coverage.

Dry.Q technology keeps the water from getting into this jacket. It’s extremely light, so you may feel like you’re getting soaked as the heaviness of the rain hits the material, but no moisture should get in.

The material itself is breathable and the manufacturer has redesigned the pit vents to allow more airflow. They now span 13 inches, more than enough space for air to flow in and out. Take note that the breathability of this jacket could cause you to become cold if there’s severe wind.

Three pockets allow you to carry your valuable belongings safely. The jacket can pack down into its own pocket, making it very convenient and easy to carry with you.


  • Lightweight, stretch fabric
  • Durable waterproof protection
  • Redesigned pit-vents
  • Three pockets


  • May not be very windproof

7. Outdoor Research Motive AscentShell

The 3-layer shell of this jacket provides excellent weather-proofing properties.

AscentShell helps to keep the rain out and prevent the wind from chilling you, although it’s breathable enough to allow for hot air to escape.

The seams are taped to cover any small spots that may allow wind to get in. For even better protection, the sleeve cuffs have hook-and-loop closures to get a tighter fit. The hood uses a similar cinch mechanism to close tightly and provide the most coverage.

Two zippered hand pockets and an inner pocket at the chest allow you space to carry valuables or nutrition with you.

Take note that although this jacket keeps the rain off of you and light wind away, it doesn’t necessarily do a good job of keeping you warm. It’s best used as part of a layering system.


  • Lightweight, breathable 3-layer shell
  • Waterproof and windproof
  • Two hand pockets and an internal chest pocket
  • Adjustable hood


  • This jacket may not keep you warm in cold weather

8. Marmot PreCip Jacket

The packable PreCip Jacket has been one of Marmot’s best-selling rain jackets for years.

Made with NanoPro waterproof fabric, the jacket both repels water and breaths to allow sweat to escape. Venting under the arm adds more breathability to the jacket while limiting how much water can get in.

The waterproof hood helps keep the rain out. When it’s not in use, it can be rolled up and velcroed down so it doesn’t flop around while you run. A tall collar zips all the way up to your chin. Elastic and velcro sleeves lock water out.

And if it’s only threatening rain, the jacket packs into itself for easy storage and packing. Throw it in your pack and only take it out when it starts to rain.


  • Waterproof and breathable
  • Packs into itself
  • Waterproof hood that can be cinched down
  • Good value
  • Numerous color options


  • Sleeves are tight, might not fit over light jacket
  • Some runners complained it wasn’t waterproof enough

9. Craft PRO Hydro Cargo Jacket 2

The Craft PRO Hydro Cargo Jacket 2 is made of a double layer of perforated Ventair fabric. Although it’s perforated, the jacket is water-repellent—it lets hot air and moisture out.

Taped seams prevent rain and wind from penetrating the material, and there’s a light layer of fleece in the collar for extra warmth and comfort.

Two spacious chest pockets and one on the upper sleeve give you plenty of space for valuables to be stored while you’re running.

The length of the jacket is slightly shorter than some others and some people may find that it rides up as they’re running and lets the cold in.


  • Breathable, water-repellent fabric
  • Thin fleece trim on collar
  • Large chest pockets
  • Reflective details


  • Style isn’t for everyone

best running rain jacket buyers guide

Running Rain Jacket Buyer’s Guide

We’ve had our fair share of runs in rainy weather. It goes without saying, that the best (maybe only?) way to make these runs enjoyable (tolerable?) is to wear the right rain gear.

That starts with a running rain jacket.

We’re going to break down what to look for when shopping for a rain jacket. We won’t be covering all the technical aspects of these jackets – just practical things to look out for when shopping.

The first thing to keep in mind is what kind of tolerance you have for wet runs. Not all rain is created equal. There’s a big difference between cold, winter rain and warm, summer rain. Wind, temperature, and amount of rain coming down all play in a role in which jacket is going to work best.

Some jackets are heavy and wouldn’t be good in warm weather. Others are too thin or vented for windy or cold runs.

If you are the type of runner where no amount of rain or cold will stop you, it might be worth investing in a heavier jacket for cold rain and a lighter jacket for the summer. It’s difficult to find a jacket that will satisfy both.

That being said, let’s get started with what to look for when buying a rain jacket for running.

Waterproof vs Water-resistant vs Breathability

No question the biggest challenge in finding a good rain jacket is finding the right the balance between breathability and waterproofing.

Jacket material that totally blocks rain and water often doesn’t breath well. This means you get steamy inside the jacket. You may even sweat more and be just as wet from that as you would from the rain.

To allow for more breathability, most jackets have venting built-in, usually under the arms or midway up the back, to allow some airflow.

But we’ve found the best way to balance rain-resistance and breathability is to buy a jacket made with Gore-Tex or a similar material. This fabric breaths better but still repels water.

Gore-Tex has been the mainstay since it was invented in the 70s. But some major brands offer their own, similar competing material.

But even this type of fabric has its limitations. While it does breath better than rubber or nylon fabric, it can still feel warmer than other lightweight running jackets.

Waterproof vs Water-resistant

There are different levels of rain-resisting jackets. A water-resistant jacket will keep you dry during a rain shower but may not stay dry during a downpour or long, extended runs.

But when it comes to breathability, a water-proof jacket – even if made from Gore-Tex – won’t breathe as well as a water-resistant jacket.

Wind Protection

Running rain jackets do a great job at blocking wind. But like their water-protection powers, their windproof-ness varies by jacket. Usually, the more waterproof jackets protect you better from the wind. But again what you need will depend on how likely you are to go out in bad weather.


As we mentioned earlier, running rain jackets almost always have vents to help with air circulation.

Make sure you find a jacket that has ventilation or you may otherwise find yourself overheating regardless of how breathable the jacket claims to be.


Most running rain jackets have hoods, but it’s not true for all. Generally, the water-resistant jackets forgo a hood. Not a huge problem, just make you wear the right headgear.

More hardcore rain jackets do include a hood. Look for a hood that’s big enough to go over a hat, especially one with a bill. 

Some jackets have a hood with a built-in bill. This helps keep rain out of your eyes. 

The jacket should also include a high collar that can be zipped up to keep wind and rain away from your face. The hood should also be adjustable and able to cinch tightly against your head.


Since jackets are full of zippers – and because it’s easy for water to seep through – running rain jackets usually have coatings to help keep out water or a cover or flap to protect the zippers from the rain.

We prefer flaps over a rubber coating. The coating can sometimes make the zipper harder to zip and unzip.


Check the sleeves at the cuffs to make sure there is a way to tighten them. Loose cuffs allow water to seep inside the sleeve, making your arms just as wet as if you weren’t wearing a jacket.

We like sleeves with velcro rather than elastic cuffs. The velcro is more adjustable and comfortable to wear. We’ve found it’s easier to keep water out this way.


Some jackets can be tucked into themselves via a pocket, allowing them to be stored and carried as a small bundle. These packable jackets are great to stash in your pack or carry when the weather is iffy and threatening rain. Pull these out and unpack as needed.

Cold weather or warm weather jacket

The final consideration is whether you want a jacket for cold weather or milder temperatures. 

Most running rain jackets are made of fabric that’s layered together. An outer layer is formed with an inner liner to provide rain and wind protection on the outside and a comfortable liner on the inside. The most robust jackets are made with 3-layers sandwiched together. 

The heavier the material, the warmer it will be. Depending on the season you plan on running, this will dictate how thick of a jacket you’ll need.

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