Best Running Magazines in 2024


As with many things, chances are when you got into running you devoured any information you could find on it. Like any sport, there’s a lot of information out there about running, and new runners especially might enjoy learning new things.

There was a time when the best running magazines were only in print form. These days, you can get a magazine subscription on your Kindle.

Magazines are very accessible, so if you’re looking for a great gift for the runner in your life or some extra motivation for yourself, it would be worth signing up for a subscription.

In this article, we’ll cover the best running magazines in the US, the UK, and Canada. No matter where you’re from, there’s a great magazine out there to inspire you.

Our favorite US magazine is Runner’s World. It’s packed with expert tips and info, advice on nutrition, recovery, and fitness, and is suitable for men, women, youth, seniors, neophytes, and seasoned pros alike.

Read on to see our favorite US, UK, and Canadian running mags…

Top 3 Best and Favorites


Runners World


  • Get expert advice and tips
  • Kindle or print versions
  • Something for every level of runner
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Women’s Running


  • Geared towards women specifically
  • Get free workouts
  • Tips and advice for runners
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Runners World UK


  • Local running events around the UK
  • Advice on technique, nutrition, recovery and kit
  • One issue per month
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Canadian Running


  • Nutrition information and recipes
  • Tips on the best places to run
  • Bi-monthly magazine
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Best Overall

1. Runner’s World

Runner’s World is the best-known and most highly-regarded running magazine. It’s published by Hearst Magazines and comes out six times a year, which means you’ll receive an issue once every two months.

You’ll find an abundance of information related to the sport and everything surrounding it.

Some of the things you’ll come across include real-life stories of runners who have overcome adversity, personal stories about how running changed people’s lives, reviews on a variety of different types of running gear, advice on training, nutrition, and how to recover after injury.

The magazine has taken on a more serious tone since the departure of the previous editor, and now covers a variety of journalistic topics about how running fits in and influences the world around us. Some individuals may find this to be a step away from the traditional running-related content. Our thought is that one can only read so many articles on the importance of tempo runs, and since we all love talking with friends about their running stories, Runner’s World‘s forays into running-tangent topics is a welcome expansion of our world view.

If you can handle that and having advertisements scattered throughout the magazine articles, then this is definitely a subscription for every level of runner.


  • Get expert advice and tips
  • Kindle or print versions
  • Something for every level of runner
  • Discounted price when you subscribe


  • Some readers may not like the occasional use of profanity
  • In recent times the advertisements have increased substantially

Top Women’s Running Magazine

2. Women’s Running

One of the great things about running is that it’s all-inclusive. You can run and take part in competitions, no matter your gender, age, or experience.

But there is no denying that men and women experience sports differently, and so this magazine is our choice as the top women’s magazine.

Ladies will find a lot of value in these pages. You will find things like training guides, free workouts to supplement your running, advice on nutrition that caters specifically to women, as well as things aimed at women that you wouldn’t normally find in other general magazines, such as articles about menopause or running while pregnant.
(Editorial aside: Dear all runners who will never go through menopause or pregnancy: please read articles written by women about running during menopause and pregnancy)

You’ll also find in-depth reviews on gear from shoes to watches to apparel. It’s easy to keep up to date with news from brands and be inspired by other women runners’ stories and advice.

If you choose to subscribe to the print version, be aware that it can take up to 16 weeks to arrive. The Kindle version also has delays, but it arrives more promptly than the printed one.


  • Yearly marathon training guide included
  • Geared towards women specifically
  • Get free workouts
  • Tips and advice for runners


  • The print issue takes up to 16 weeks to arrive

Best Trail Running Magazine

3. Trail Runner

This magazine is written by authors who are also trail runners, so you know the quality of the content is going to be good.

They only have a print version of their magazine, and your subscription would be supporting their website, which they offer free of charge. All they ask is a donation or a magazine subscription.

Despite the abundance of useful information on their website, the print magazine covers useful topics every month that aim to get your form right, to have you wearing the right gear, to get your eating right and training right, and ultimately staying healthy and enjoying trail running.

You’ll also find advice on the best trail routes and a list of interesting and exciting adventure and obstacle races for the year. There is a lot of advice on how to build stamina if you’re new to trail running or if you’re training for a particular trail or race.


  • Join the #run1000miles community
  • Get advice on little-known and can’t-miss trail routes
  • Tips and advice on how to build endurance and stamina
  • List of adventure and obstacle races


  • There are only 7 issues per year

Top Ultra Running Magazine

4. UltraRunning

If you’re the kind of runner who enjoys a challenge and takes on ultra marathons, then this is the magazine for you. They have been around since 1981, and are committed to bringing their readers the best and latest information.

Their website is also filled with useful information for all ultra marathon runners, but the magazine is where you’ll find the really valuable content. You can choose between the Kindle version or the print version, although the print version is almost twice the price and takes 6 to 10 weeks to arrive.

Ultra running is in a class of its own, and a general runners’ magazine wouldn’t nail down all the unique aspects of it. But UltraRunning does a good job of providing valuable information for ultra runners of all levels.

You can find detailed information on most ultras, as well as gear reviews to help you choose only the best for you and your needs. There are also personal stories to inspire and motivate.

With a subscription, you also have online access to archived issues, so you have a whole extra stash of information right at your fingertips.


  • Information that covers all aspects of ultramarathoning or ultra running
  • Get ultra running training plans
  • Yearly calendar included in December issue
  • Online access to archived issues


  • The print version is more expensive than other subscriptions

Best Outdoor Magazine

5. Outside

If you enjoy running but the general outdoors is more your thing, then you may enjoy this magazine. It’s aimed at people who lead an active lifestyle or are interested in starting. It’s not specific to running but includes plenty of it, as well as advice on general fitness, health, and nutrition.

There’s a focus on adventure, and exciting, active events happening in the world, from sports journalism to active travel. It’s a very comprehensive magazine with a wide variety of content, including sports, environment, adventure, travel, and even political information.

The magazine is colorful and well-laid-out, in both the print and the digital versions. The inclusion of high-quality photos is a plus, especially for those adventurers who like to see what they’re getting themselves into. You’ll also find detailed gear reviews and tips on adventure planning.

With your subscription, you’ll get access to the Outside+ app. The only possible downside is that if you have the Kindle app on an iPad, you won’t be able to read this magazine in it.


  • Fitness and nutritional advice
  • Get access to Outside+ app
  • Risk-free 28-day free period for Kindle subscriptions
  • Covers multiple outdoor activities


  • It’s not supported on the iPad Kindle app

Top Triathlon Magazine

6. 220 Triathlon

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a beginner or an experienced triathlete. 220 Triathlon magazine has some value for you. It contains the latest information on triathlon, duathlon, and aquathlon events so you can choose which ones you want to do.

There’s advice for every level of a triathlete in these pages. Every issue features special advice from top coaches on triathlon techniques and training, reviews on the latest gear that’s come out, and athlete profiles to inspire you.

The magazine is filled with incredible value, as it covers multiple sports and how to train for them, as well as nutrition and recovery information to maximize your potential on the road, on the bike, and in the water.

It is one of the most expensive subscriptions, but if you’re a serious triathlete, you will love the information, advice and motivation you get from it.


  • Get the latest on triathlon, duathlon and aquathlon eventing
  • Advice for beginner, intermediate and seasoned athletes
  • Multi-sport improvement advice
  • Training and performance-improving advice


  • This magazine is one of the most expensive subscriptions

Best UK Overall

7. Runners World UK

Runners in the UK don’t have to miss out on Runners’ World issues, as they have their own UK version of the magazine. This is helpful as it covers location-specific events, so you can find races near you.

Runners World UK is laid out slightly differently than its US counterpart, but it’s still user-friendly and easy to read. The articles are informative and well-written, and cover unique topics such as how to deal with running nerves, building better habits, quick and easy meals, and tips and tricks for better recovery.

Unfortunately, there is no print version of this magazine. If you don’t have a Kindle or the Kindle app, you may not be able to subscribe.


  • Get information on local running events around the UK
  • Advice on technique, nutrition, recovery and kit
  • One issue per month (12 per year)
  • Printed copies may include supplements or covermount items


  • This magazine subscription is a little expensive

Top Runners-up UK

8. Like The Wind

If you are looking for a magazine that will inspire and motivate you to do better with your running, then try Like The Wind. It’s a collection of real-life running stories that come complete with high-definition photos to make you want to get out on the road, trail, or track.

This magazine is not published by a company. There are only four people involved in the end production, and their goal is to bring inspiration to runners across the globe, not just in the UK. Runners from all over the world contribute their stories and photos so that readers can gain value out of their stories and advice.

They use sustainable paper, so every page of this 116-page magazine looks beautiful and shows you running adventures in crystal clear detail.


  • 116 pages per magazine
  • Sustainable materials used
  • Running stories from across the globe
  • Reportage and beautiful photos


  • There are only four editions per year

Top Men’s UK Running Magazine

9. Men’s Running

Men and women experience running, health, and fitness differently, and this magazine is dedicated to men who love to run. It’s suitable for runners of every experience level, covering topics that benefit beginners just as much as pros.

Whether you’re looking to prepare for a race, lose weight and get fit, be inspired, or get help on which gear to buy for your collection, you’ll find a lot of useful information in the pages of this magazine.

In each edition, there’s advice from professionals and tips and tricks for improving your running performance. There’s also a lot of advice on how to build the best lifestyle to support your running, from how you eat, how you sleep, to how you learn to recover from injury.


  • Credible testing of the latest running technology
  • Training and nutrition advice
  • Caters to beginner and experienced runners
  • Training plans included


  • It may be hard to find print versions of this magazine

Best UK Trail Running Magazine

10. Trail Running

Trail runners in the UK will appreciate the useful content this magazine has to offer. If you’re a road runner, you won’t find much of use here – it’s aimed especially at those who love to hit the trails. You can buy the magazine in print or digital versions, and they even have a print and digital combo special.

Aside from their variety of training tips, informational articles, and trail information, you can also join the #run1000miles challenge, which is an inspirational challenge to prove to yourself how much running you can really do, and enjoy. It also improves mental and physical health, while being fun at the same time.


  • Three format options
  • Join the #run1000miles challenge community
  • Trail-specific training tips
  • Get 10 easy-to-follow mapped UK trail running routes in every issue


  • The print version may take some time to arrive after you’ve subscribed

Top Canadian Magazine

11. Canadian Running

Canadian runners don’t have to miss out, as they have their very own running magazine, Canadian Running. It is a bi-monthly magazine that’s packed with professional tips and advice in every area of running, to make you faster, healthier, and better.

There’s also information on the elite running scene, so you can keep up to date with the latest news. Equipment reviews are comprehensive, honest, and helpful for when you need to buy something new. You will also find information on local running events you can take part in.


  • Nutrition information and recipes
  • Tips on the best places to run
  • Tips and advice to enhance your running
  • Bi-monthly magazine


  • May not work on some devices, so check carefully before buying



Why subscribe to a running magazine?

If you’re wondering why a magazine subscription is a good idea, here’s why: browsing the internet for running information keeps you limited to what you’re looking for. If you pick up a magazine and read it cover-to-cover, you’re more likely to find something new. As well as the excited anticipation of receiving your copy every month, you’ll keep up to date with the latest running calendar and newest gear so you don’t miss anything.

You’ll also be getting advice and tips from experts in the field. This isn’t just information on running, but also on nutrition, supplementation, training, and recovery. Everything is put together to motivate and inspire runners who are reading it, and to give you the best and most accurate information possible to turn you into the best runner you can be.

Thoughts and insights into past events and motivational stories add an extra bit of inspiration.

How can I unsubscribe?

The unsubscription process varies from magazine to magazine. Usually, it’s a month-by-month thing, and you can unsubscribe at any time, but you will need to check before subscribing to make sure that you know what to do in case you need to.

Should I get a printed or digital version?

The version that you choose to get is up to you. Each one has its own advantages.


If you spend a lot of time on your device, the digital version could be for you. It’s easy to read on tablets, computers and even some smartphones. When you subscribe, you will get your first magazine instantly, so you can start reading immediately.


Some people may prefer a print version. While the print version takes time to arrive, unlike the digital version, it can be easier to read for some people. Some people still like the feeling of holding a magazine.

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