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Best Running Hats in 2023


Runners know it’s important to have the right gear before they go out for a run – including a hat! Rain or shine, a good running hat will help you stay comfortable throughout your run.

A running cap is not a regular ball cap. The best running hats use sweat-wicking material to help you stay cool, dry, and comfortable. Many running hats also have built-in UV protection to shield you from the sun. In the rain, they shield water from your eyes and give you some protection on top as well.

Running hats are especially helpful for runners with long hair. If you’re working on your form, endurance, or learning a new trail, you don’t want any distractions while you run. But long hair likes to swing into your eyes and mouth at the worst possible moment.

A good hair tie and running cap will work wonders for keeping your hair contained while also keeping you comfortable and distraction-free.

In this article, we’ll look at some of the best running hats available. We recommend the Salomon XA Cap for our top pick. It has an integrated sweatband, mesh vents for breathability, and is UPF protected.

It’s not the only great one, though! Let’s get started so you can find your ideal running hat.

Top 4 Best and Favorites


Salomon XA Cap


  • Flexible design
  • Moisture-wicking sweatband
  • Suitable for a wide range of weather
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Headsweats Reflective Race Running Hat


  • Highly reflective
  • Lightweight design
  • Fabric wicks away heat and moisture
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Buff Pack Run Cap


  • Super lightweight
  • Packable design
  • UPF 50 UV protection
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On Lightweight Cap


  • Quick-drying material
  • Laser-cut side venting
  • Rigid, wide brim
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Best Overall

1. Salomon XA Cap

This unisex running hat is made for performance. It comes in a range of bright colors as well as black and white plus it’s lightweight and comfortable.

What We Like

As hats go, this one is top of our list. It’s made of lightweight material and weighs just 38 grams in total, so you’ll hardly feel it on your head as you run or do other exercises.

It’s ideal for hot weather, with additional mesh venting running in strips along each side of the hat; if your head does get a little sweaty, the polyester material dries quickly, so you never feel damp or uncomfortable.

As well as being extra ventilated, the hat’s material features UPF50 sun protection to keep you safer in sunny weather, as well as an integrated sweatband to stop sweat from dripping into your eyes and causing stinging or discomfort.

You can wear this hat in cooler weather as well. Advanced Skin Shield technology stops wind, rain, and cold from getting in.

Choose from three different sizes—all of which have some stretch in the headband—but an adjustable buckle closure at the back allows you to get the perfect fit. It’s an excellent choice for those with large heads who struggle to find hats to fit.

Why We Like It

The Salomon XA running hat is aerodynamic, keeps you cool, allows for adjustability, and looks good on anyone, man, woman, or child! Get it in the color you like best.

What to Consider

Multiple buyers have complained that the logo peels off of the material quite easily. However, this is the only real complaint about this hat!


  • Lightweight material protects you from the wind and rain but remains breathable
  • Mesh vents increase airflow while running, helping you maintain body temperature and keeping you cool on hot days
  • Integrated sweatband keeps you dry and prevents sweat from getting in your eyes
  • Material is UPF +50 for ultimate protection from the sun


  • The logo peels off quite easily

Top Reflective Hat

2. Headsweats Ultra Reflective Race Hat

If you run at night or during the early hours, the Headsweats Ultra Reflective Race Hat can go a long way towards keeping you seen and safe.

What We Like

This hat is made of the brand’s Eventure knit material, one of the most quick-drying fabrics.

As the material itself is more reflective than most, there’s a highly reflective trim around the brim and the lower edge of the hat. Underneath the brim, the under-visor is black to reduce any potential glare.

You’ll find a 2-inch headband that effectively catches sweat before it gets to your eyes and dries quickly. This also assists with creating a comfortable fit around your head, along with the buckle closure that you can use to create an almost custom fit.

There’s also a space for a ponytail to fit easily, so this hat is suitable for both men and women to wear.

You can add your own logo to the front panel of the hat, and it’s also suitable for machine washing without shrinking or losing its shape.

Why We Like It

This hat is easy to see in low light, which will help keep you safer on the road or trail. It’s also good at reducing sweat dripping and dries quickly as you run.

What to Consider

The “one size fits all” and the fact that these hats are made in various places may mean that the sizing varies between colors. However, you should be able to get a good fit using the buckle, but you should treat it with care as it can be fragile.


  • Reflective piping on the brim of the hat increases your visibility in low-light conditions
  • 2-inch terry sweatband lining effectively absorbs and wicks sweat on short and long runs
  • Easily adjustable buckle closure allows you to personalize the fit and can comfortably accommodate a ponytail
  • Offers a comfortable fit for most head shapes and sizes


  • Sizing may vary between colors
  • The buckle is fragile and can break if handled roughly

Best Lightweight

3. BUFF Pack Speed Cap

If weight is a consideration for you, then the BUFF Pack Speed Cap is an excellent choice. Plus, it comes in great colors that aren’t the usual ones.

What We Like

This cap weighs just over an ounce—30 grams—and aside from its lightweight nature, we love that you can pack it down into a tiny shape and carry it almost everywhere you go, and it retains its shape when you unpack it again.

It uses 4-way stretch Fastwick fabric, which now only helps it to get a comfortable fit on your head but also does a good job of wicking away moisture. Ventilated side panels allow air to flow close to your head and cool you down as the sweat is wicked away.

Despite its lightweight design, it still features an integrated sweatband, which keeps your eyes safe from sweat. The top panel of the hat also offers UPF50 sun protection, so your head is safe from the harsh rays as you run.

This lightweight cap uses an elastic drawcord rather than the conventional buckle or Velcro strap for adjustability. This is handy and easy to use and allows you to get a great fit on almost any head.

Why We Like It

This hat is extremely lightweight and comfortable on the head. It’s ideal for summer weather, as it won’t weigh you down, but it’s protective and comfortable. You can pack it down into your pocket to take it anywhere!

What to Consider

The brim is about 2 inches long, shorter than most regular caps. Some people may find that this doesn’t provide enough coverage for their face in sunny conditions.


  • Super lightweight at around an ounce in weight—30 grams
  • Packable design allows you to fold it and stow it away on the go without it losing its shape
  • Material is quick-drying with mesh side panels that improve breathability
  • UPF50 rating offers maximum sun protection


  • The brim doesn’t offer as much coverage as others

Most Breathable

4. On Lightweight Cap

Swiss brand On Running is known for its unique-looking running shoes, but they also make some great running apparel. Their cap is highly breathable and looks good too.

What We Like

Just one look at this cap shows why it’s the most breathable on our list. It’s easy to see the large laser-cut perforations on the side of the hat, which lets air circulate freely around your head.

If you sweat a lot, his cap is a must-have. It’s not only well-ventilated, but it has a built-in sweatband that protects your eyes from the sting and reduces chafing, and the material is quick-drying so that if it does get damp, it doesn’t last for long.

The fabric is also tear-proof, which significantly improves the lifespan of this cap and makes it worth the slightly higher price tag.

You’ll find a buckle strap that’s easy to adjust on the back. Although the cap is one-size-fits-all, the strap should allow you to get a comfortable and effective fit on your own head.

One of the best things about the cap is that if you have a smaller head, there’s a handy little sleeve to tuck away the excess strap, so it doesn’t flap and cause irritation.

With a wide, stiff brim, you can also expect your face to be quite well shielded from the sun’s harsh rays.

Why We Like It

This running hat offers excellent breathability, high durability, and great comfort. It’s well worth the price.

What to Consider

This hat isn’t the most affordable, but you’re paying for a high level of quality. This may not be it if you’re looking for a budget cap.


  • Soft, quick-drying, tear-proof material is appropriate for all weather conditions
  • Laser-cut side venting and one-inch-wide sweatband keeps you dry and cool on long runs
  • Rigid, wide brim shields your face and neck from the sun
  • Adjustable fabric band delivers a snug fit with every wear


  • This hat is a little pricey

Best With Neck Shade

5. Salomon Xa+

Protecting your head is one thing, but protecting the back of your neck should come a close second, especially in the heat. The Salomon Xa+ is the perfect hat for it.

What We Like

This running hat is perfect for the best possible protection on hot days. Although Salomon calls it a “medium” in terms of breathability, the hat features large perforations throughout to allow air to circulate.

A light, removable neck guard provides you the best protection against the sun. It’s light enough not to weigh you down or cause overheating but robust enough to protect you properly. The brim is wide and curved, so you’re also protected on the front.

If you want to turn this into a normal cap, you can easily remove the neck guard and wear it like a normal one, even backwards if you want to.

The material is highly breathable, and AdvancedSkin Shield technology provides a layer of protection against wind, rain, and even snow. It dries quickly, so no matter how it gets wet, it won’t be for long.

An integrated sweatband keeps you comfortable and catches sweat before it can drip down your head into your eyes.

You can adjust the Velcro closure at the back to get the ideal fit on your head.

Why We Like It

This running hat offers everything you need in a cap and more—a protective neck shade to provide the best possible coverage from the sun. If you need back-of-neck protection, this is the right choice.

What to Consider

If you listen to music while you exercise, you may find it challenging to use earphones with this hat when the neck shade is on.


  • Lightweight and removable neck guard with a barely-there feel provides comfortable coverage from the sun
  • Wide, curved brim shields your face from the sun’s rays and glare
  • Breathable, moisture-wicking fabric absorbs perspiration and dries quickly
  • Integrated sweatband feels soft against the forehead and catches tons of sweat


  • It may be difficult to use earphones with this hat

Top Waterproof Cap

6. Salomon Bonatti Waterproof Five Panel

If you run in a location where it rains a lot, a waterproof hat might be a great choice. Salomon products are made to handle rough weather, and this hat doesn’t disappoint.

What We Like

If you worry more about moisture from the outside than moisture from the inside affecting your head, you may want to consider a waterproof hat.

A waterproof membrane is laid over the breathable hat fabric. It’s laminated to the fabric and also features taped seams, so there’s very little chance of water getting in.

Five panels across the hat give it a contoured and comfortable feeling on your head. You can adjust it to your liking with a buckle strap at the back.

Why We Like It

This hat protects your head from the sun when necessary but does an excellent job of protecting you from the rain or splashes. It’s the ultimate all-weather hat with a modern, stylish, unisex look!

What to Consider

This hat is quite expensive in comparison to others. However, it’s worth the price tag thanks to the waterproofing and the well-known brand name.


  • Waterproof shell and taped seams prevent water from entering while remaining breathable
  • Firm bill provides structure and keeps the rain out of your face while running
  • Dark underbill prevents glare while running in bright sunlight
  • Stylish, unisex fit with an adjustable back to accommodate larger heads


  • This hat is more expensive than most

Best Hat for Running a Marathon

7. Outdoor Research Swift Cap

We highly recommend this cap for long races. It’s comfortable and breathable enough to wear for long distances.

What We Like

The Outdoor Research Swift Cap is made for comfort in the long haul. It’s very lightweight and made of moisture-wicking, quick-drying fabric that keeps you comfortable for as long as possible.

It’s very breathable, with large mesh sections along either side. A solid piece of fabric runs down the middle of the head, protecting you from the sun with UPF50 sun protection.

It also has some water-resistant properties, which protect against rain, wind, and splashes. You’ll be covered in whatever weather you come up against while running a marathon.

Another excellent feature is the dark underside of the brim. This helps to reduce glare, which can significantly improve your performance on race day.

Why We Like It

This running hat offers all you need for running a marathon in terms of comfort and protection. It also comes in various colors to suit everyone.

What to Consider

There’s a noticeable gap between the mesh side panels and the solid panel on the top of the head. This offers excellent ventilation, and if there’s wind, it can catch the hat and lift it off your head if the fit isn’t snug.


  • Mesh sections enhance breathability and prevent you from overheating
  • Provides UPF 50+ sun protection keeping your skin safe from harmful UV rays
  • Water-resistant properties and moisture-wicking material keeps you dry from inside and out
  • Dark fabric under the brim prevents glare from the road


  • The gap between the solid and mesh on the top is larger than appears

Top Cap to Keep Hair Dry

8. New Balance 5 Panel Performance Hat

Nobody wants to take their hat off after a run and have soaking wet hair. This hat is excellent for keeping your hair dry throughout your run.

What We Like

This 5-panel hat fits snugly to the head thanks to the contoured design. You can cinch down on the strap at the back for a closer fit that won’t move while you run.

The lightweight, comfortable, soft material wicks moisture away from your head. Heat escapes through the mesh panels running along the head, so moisture is easily wicked away and evaporates quickly, keeping you as dry as possible.

One of the best features of this hat is the darker underside of the brim. The brim is stiff and protective of the face, and a darker underside means you don’t get a glare in your eyes as you run.

Why We Like It

This hat comes in a range of bright colors and does a good job of keeping the head and hair dry while running. It’s well-ventilated and also very reflective.

What to Consider

This hat is a unisex design, but it may be a little too big for those with smaller heads. Women, in particular, may find that it doesn’t fit them as well as they hope.


  • 5-panel design creates a contoured shape that fits the head comfortably
  • Highly reflective design makes you very visible in low light conditions
  • Light and comfortable material wicks moisture away from your head
  • Mesh panels allow heat to escape from the hat, preventing sweating


  • Might be a little big for those with small heads

Best Nike Cap

9. Nike AeroBill Tailwind

Nike fans will appreciate the AeroBill TailWind running hat. It’s sleek and streamlined and can be worn while running outside, running errands, or out with friends.

What We Like

This hat has a stylish design that’s versatile enough for both exercise and casual wear. But it looks good and is designed to boost performance and keep you comfortable as you run.

It has a hook-and-loop closure on the back, which can be adjusted with a single hand as you’re running.

You’ll find a panel that runs around the whole hat, with laser-perforated ventilation holes throughout it, mapped specifically to high-heat areas of the head.

This does a great job of allowing air to circulate, heat to escape, and look cool simultaneously.

This is also one of the most reflective hats you can find. If you choose the white cap, the entire hat stands out quite starkly in the darkness. Both the white and the black hats feature a reflective line along the brim, along on the front and side, and the tag on the back strap.

Why We Like It

The Nike AeroBill TailWind has a stylish, modern design that looks equally good when running and wearing it in casual settings. It’s also designed to keep you cool and comfortable all the time.

What to Consider

Those with smaller heads may find that there’s not enough Velcro on the back strap to tighten this hat.


  • Classic, stylish design that can be worn while exercising and socializing
  • Extremely reflective, keeping you safe no matter when and where you run
  • 3D-heat-mapped laser-perforated panel for the best ventilation possible
  • Hook-and-loop Velcro closure allows you to adjust the fit with one hand


  • May not have enough Velcro to tighten around small heads

Top Hat for Maximum Sun Protection

10. Outdoor Research Sun Runner Cap

If you need extra protection from the sun, the Outdoor Research Sun Runner is the hat for you. No rays are getting through this hat!

What We Like

Everything about this hat is designed to be protective. The fabric is tough and water-resistant, which will help when you find yourself in the occasional shower.

But most of all, it’s protective against the sun. It has built-in UPF50 sun protection and is also moisture-wicking and surprisingly breathable, keeping you cool and safe from harsh rays.

The hat’s brim is wide and offers great coverage of the face. It’s also darker underneath to prevent glare. To protect the neck, you can clip on the handy neck cape, which means no sun gets to your head or neck from any angle.

You can remove it if you want to wear just the cap for a warm but not dangerously hot day. The material of the neck cape is lighter than it looks, so you aren’t likely to overheat when wearing the cape.

It comes in four different sizes and has a Velcro strap that can be adjusted for a near-perfect fit. There’s also an elasticated drawcord on the bottom of the cape that can be drawn in to bring the shield closer around the face.

Why We Like It

This hat is incredibly robust and features a removable neck cape that provides complete protection from the sun.

What to Consider

The Velcro on the back strap can catch on the fabric inside the cape, causing irritation and possibly causing damage if you can’t remove it quickly.


  • Water-resistant, sweat-wicking, and breathable for complete protection and comfort
  • Removable neck cape can easily be added or taken off depending on the weather
  • UPF50+ sun protection ensures that you stay out of harm’s way in summer
  • Four different sizes and an adjustable hook-and-loop strap allow you to get a perfect fit


  • If there’s excess Velcro, it could get stuck on the fabric of the cape

Best Value Running Hat

11. Gadiemkensd Running Cap

If you’re looking for a great budget running hat, the Gadiemkensd Running Cap is an excellent choice. It’s light, ventilated, and serves its purpose well for a great price.

What We Like

For an affordable running hat, this cap offers everything you need to run safely and comfortably. It’s a foldable hat with a unique folding bill that allows you to slide it easily into a pocket or bag and carry it wherever you go.

The material is water-repellent, so you can safely take it out in a light shower. To keep you cool, mesh netting strips run across the head to allow air in and around the head, keeping you cool and dry.

There’s also UPF50 protection across the entire hat, including on the mesh, which is unusual. Reflective detailing keeps you safe from motorists, other runners, and the sun!

It also comes in various colors so you can match your hat to your favorite outfit or personality.

Why We Like It

The Gadiemkensd Running Cap offers everything you need in an affordable package. It’s light, convenient, and comes at a reasonable price point.

What to Consider

Multiple buyers have mentioned that this hat is relatively shallow. It stops above the ears rather than coming down, which some people may find uncomfortable.


  • Breathable mesh netting across the cap provides good ventilation
  • Water-repellent but quick-drying if it does get wet
  • UPF protection across the entire top, including the mesh
  • Its foldable design means it’s convenient and easy to carry this cap anywhere


  • The hat is shallow and may be uncomfortable for some

Top Running Hat for Soaking Sweat

12. Headsweats Race Hat

If your head sweats a lot while you run, you need a highly absorbent hat. The Headsweats Race Hat is a good option.

What We Like

If you struggle with a sweaty head as you run, this hat will help prevent the sweat from getting into your eyes. An integrated terry cloth sweatband inside the hat catches all the sweat before it can run down your face.

The knit shell also absorbs moisture, and there’s a wide hole in the back for a ponytail or simply to allow air to get in. There’s a buckle closure there so that you can fit it nicely around your head.

It’s machine-washable, so no matter how sweaty your head gets, you can wash it and wear a clean hat the next time you run.

Why We Like It

This hat has an integrated terry cloth sweatband that does a great job of absorbing sweat before it lands in your eyes. It’s comfortable and great for those who sweat a lot on their head.

What to Consider

There are no mesh panels on this hat, which reduce the breathability despite having a large ventilation hole at the back. This can increase sweat production!


  • Eventure knit shell and terry cloth sweatband absorbs sweat quickly and easily
  • Unusually wide back closure hole allows for good ventilation
  • Machine washable, so your hat never develops an odor no matter how much sweat it absorbs
  • Easy buckle closure helps you to get a great fit


  • This hat isn’t very breathable

Best Adidas

13. Adidas Superlite Hat

Adidas fans will enjoy this hat as it’s lightweight, breathable, has the brand name, and comes in a range of neutral colors.

What We Like

This hat is super light, as its name suggests, made of polyester and spandex, providing the best durability and light stretch.

A 6-panel design fits the head quite snugly to allow for the best fit and the highest level of comfort. This also makes it aerodynamic and sleek.

For ventilation, you’ll find a large back hole and small mesh sections on the head for breathability. There’s also a Velcro strap that you can adjust to your liking.

Why We Like It

This hat is an excellent choice from Adidas. It’s light and comfortable, and the 6-panel design makes it tight-fitting and aerodynamic.

What to Consider

The Velcro can wear out quickly if you adjust it often. Multiple people also mentioned that the logo peels off easily.


  • Polyester and spandex blend for comfort and durability
  • 6-panel design fits the head snugly for the best aerodynamics
  • Spacious back hole and mesh sections for the greatest breathability
  • Superlite design makes it comfortable for long hours of wear


  • The logo and Velcro can wear out quickly

Top Hat for Big Heads

14. Under Armour UA Iso-Chill ArmourVent Stretch

If you have a larger-than-average head, you might struggle to find a hat to fit you comfortably. The Under Armour UA Iso-Chill ArmourVent Stretch is an excellent option.

What We Like

This hat is a good fit for runners who have large heads! There is not an adjustable closure on this hat, but the stretch material makes it easy to fit over larger heads comfortably.

ArmourVent technology features perforations along the hat for breathability, and an Iso-Chill sweatband built into the hat absorbs the sweat before you even notice it. The material is also quick-drying, making it perfect for summer.

Why We Like It

The stretch design makes it easier to fit this hat over larger heads. It comes in four different sizes so you should be able to find a good fit for your head.

What to Consider

Although this is our best hat for large heads, the hat does run small. You may need to order a size up to get the best fit. There’s also no adjustability on this hat.


  • Stretch construction allows this hat to fit even bigger heads comfortably
  • Iso-Chill sweatband mops up the sweat before it rolls down your face
  • ArmourVent Technology offers the best breathability and quick-drying properties
  • Available in a range of neutral, sophisticated colors


  • The hat runs small
  • No adjustability

Best Running Hat for Small Heads

15. 2XU Run Cap

On the other hand, if your head is smaller than average, it may be frustrating to try to find a hat that you can tighten enough to work for you. The 2XU Run cap is ideal.

What We Like

This hat is thin, lightweight, and has a 6-panel design that fits comfortably over the head. It has a naturally shallow design, which could be a great fit for those who prefer a shallow fit or have a naturally smaller head.

Four strategically-placed mesh vents allow air to flow through the hat easily and keep your head cool. A semi-curved brim provides excellent, wide coverage of the face.

You’ll also find reflective elements on the hat that keep you safe, moisture-wicking properties, and a Velcro strap for adjustability.

Why We Like It

This cap fits smaller heads very well in terms of circumference and depth. It also has the bonus of coming at a nice price!

What to Consider

The shallow design of the hat might be uncomfortable for some, even if the hat fits a smaller circumference head.


  • The design fits smaller heads comfortably
  • Strategically-placed mesh panels for good airflow
  • Semi-curved brim for best face coverage
  • Reflective elements keep you visible on the road


  • Shallow design could be uncomfortable

Top Hat With High Ponytail Hole

16. Trailheads Race Day Performance Running Hat

Runners with long hair who run with a ponytail will appreciate this hat. It has a high and wide ponytail hole at the back to allow you to wear your hair the way that’s comfortable for you.

What We Like

The Trailheads Race Day Performance Running Hat isn’t just for the trails! Wherever you plan on running, this hat is ideal for those who need space for a ponytail.

The back hole is higher than average, so no matter how you like to wear your ponytail, it should fit comfortably. It also has an adjustable Velcro strap so you can tighten it as much as you need for comfort.

It weighs just 2 ounces, so you won’t be weighed down, which is great if you’re already dealing with a heavy ponytail.

It’s also very breathable thanks to the mesh construction, is highly reflective, and has a darker shade underneath the brim to eliminate glare.

Why We Like It

This cap is light, looks good, and has a great ponytail hole for all hair types and styles! Perfect for comfort and practicality.

What to Consider

If you have thick hair, this hat may fit a little tighter than it should. If you want a looser fit, you may need to go a size up.


  • Spacious, high ponytail hole so you can wear your hair as you like it
  • Adjustable Velcro closure allows you to get a good fit even with a ponytail
  • Weighs just 2 ounces, lightweight and comfortable on your head
  • Dark under-brim allows you to see and reflective trim allows you to be seen


  • May fit a little small on those with thick hair

Best Running Trucker

17. Headsweats Trucker

If you’re a fan of trucker hats rather than sporty hats, the Headsweats Trucker is a good choice. It comes in a few cool designs, mostly in shades of blues, with various pictures.

What We Like

The Eventure sell of this hat is sturdy and durable. The back panel is mesh, allowing a great airflow through the hat, keeping you cool.

On the front panel, there’s an artistic design. Most designs are in blue shades, so if you want a different color, you may be disappointed!

A terry sweatband inside the hat absorbs sweat and keeps you as cool as possible. To ensure that the sweatband sits flush against your head, you can adjust the fit using the snapback closure at the back.

A wide brim helps to shield your face from the sun, and the darker color underneath the brim also protects your eyes from glare.

Why We Like It

This is a classic trucker hat with many properties that make it a great choice for running. It looks good and feels good too!

What to Consider

The fit of a trucker hat is slightly different from a regular hat. Those who haven’t worn a trucker hat before may find it a strange fit.


  • Terry sweatband absorbs moisture from your head as you exercise
  • Snapback closure allows for good adjustability
  • Glare-reducing visor protects your eyes from damage
  • Variety of fun designs that add some personality to your gear


  • The fit might not be comfortable for someone who hasn’t worn truckers before

Buyers Guide – Running Hats


The head can overheat easily, so ventilation is essential in a running hat. If you run in hot weather, choose a lightweight hat made of polyester or mesh or with mesh sections for air to flow through.

It’s also a good idea to choose a lighter-colored hat, as dark colors tend to absorb heat and can make you even warmer.


If you can, find out your hat size before shopping for a hat. Some are one size fits all, but choosing an adjustable running hat is your best option to ensure that it fits you comfortably.


The best running hats are lightweight materials like polyester or mesh. Not only are these materials comfortable due to how light they are, but they’re also moisture-wicking.

Many hats also have a built-in sweatband that stops sweat from running down your eyes.

Reflective Elements

If you’re running in low light conditions—early morning or late at night—choosing a hat with reflective elements can help to make you more visible to others, keeping you safer.


A durable running hat is likely to cost a little more, but it should last you much longer. You want a hat made with high-quality materials that feel robust.


We recommend choosing an adjustable closure. Even if you find a non-adjustable closure that fits your head, it could stretch out after a while and be too loose on your head.

The adjustable closure can be Velcro, buckles, a plastic snapback, or various other choices. Velcro is more adjustable in small increments than the others, but it can wear out faster.


Should I Wear a Hat When Running?

There’s no right or wrong answer for wearing a hat while running. If you want to wear a hat, you can. If you hate the thought of wearing a hat, you don’t have to.

However, wearing a hat while running does have some benefits. It protects your scalp from the sun, stops sweat from dripping into your eyes, and keeps your hair under control. They may also have reflective elements.

Should You Wear a Hat When Running in Hot Weather?

Running hats are designed for hot conditions, so we recommend wearing one in hot weather. A good hat will help to keep your head cool by encouraging air flow, stopping you from getting sunburnt on your head, and will help keep the sun out of your eyes.

Which Is Better, a Visor or a Running Hat?

A visor can help to protect your eyes and is more breathable than a regular hat, but it won’t protect your scalp from the sun or the top of your head from the rain.

A running hat protects you from the sun and light rain. However, it’s less breathable than a visor because it covers the entire head.

A visor could be a good choice if you’re only looking for something to help shield your eyes. But we would choose a running hat for the best protection.

How Do I Make My Hat Fit Perfectly?

It’s a good idea to measure your head before you buy so you can make sure you choose the correct size hat. Make sure you measure the part of your head where a hat would usually sit and not too high or too low.

Even once you’ve selected the right size, we advise choosing a hat with an adjustable closure. When the hat is on your head, you can easily adjust the size of the hat to fit you perfectly. In most cases, once it fits perfectly, you don’t need to change it again.

Ben Drew

Ben Drew

Ben is an avid road and trail runner, and has completed multiple marathons and ultras. A former running store owner, he now shares his knowledge and experience writing these articles.

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