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Best Running Belts in 2021


If you’re running regularly, especially if you run longer mileage and enter a lot of races, there’s a good chance a running belt will help you. You’ll be able to pack your keys, gels, phone, pepper spray, or whatever else you might need during your run.

With running belts, the key is balance between capacity and comfort. You want to be able to carry everything you need to get you through a long run or race, but you also don’t want to be constantly aware of the belt being there.

We’ve done all the hard work and found the best running belts on the market. Each has pros and cons, but just figure out what you need, and you’ll find a running belt on this list to suit your needs.

Top 3 Best and Favorites


Amphipod Air Flow Microstretch Plus Belt


  • Fits variety of phones
  • Just right size
  • Slim profile
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SPIbelt Endurance Series


  • Bib holder for races
  • Doesn’t chauf
  • Lightweight
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Camelbak Flash Belt


  • Holds 17 oz fluids
  • Minimalist style
  • Holds phone and keys
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Best Overall Running Belt

1. Amphipod Air Flow Microstretch Plus Belt

The Amphipod AirFlow Microstretch Plus belt combines everything you need in one running belt. It is low-profile and bounce-free, and you can fill it with plenty of stuff. Even given its ample capacity, you’ll be able to secure your phone and other running essentials without compromising on comfort.

The zippered pocket keeps your stuff from accidentally falling out, and expands to over four times its original size. It will easily fit everything that you need, even a spare t-shirt. New large-screen smartphone? Pack it in. This belt can easily accommodate and secure any model.

Plus, the belt is fully adjustable from 18 to 60 inches, so it can comfortably fit runners of any size. Reflective detailing on the belt keeps you visible in low light.

Finally, the micromesh design of the belt wicks away moisture and circulates air between your back and the belt, so you won’t have any excess sweat. Whether you need it for runs or race day, you can’t go wrong with the AirFlow Microstretch Plus belt.


  • Stretchy mesh is breathable and expandable
  • Easily fits newer iPhones, unlike other brands
  • Perfect size—not too small, not too large
  • Doesn’t jiggle around
  • Holds many items with the slimmest profile


  • Can rip if you try to tighten it too much

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Best Running Belt for a Marathon

2. SPIbelt Endurance Series

If you’re running a marathon, you want a running belt that is going to be light and still fit everything that you need for hours on the road. The SPIbelt Endurance series fits the bill. Designed with marathon runners in mind, the elastic loops and thicker band allow for more stability, even with heavier loads.

The Endurance Series is built around a large neoprene pocket to carry all your running and/or race day essentials. Add to this holsters for energy gels and an adjustable race bib toggle, so you won’t ever have to worry about remembering safety pins again.

Complete with reflective trim for increased visibility and a unique, weather-resistant lining incorporated into the fabric of the pocket, you’ll be ready for any run at any time of the day or year.

The wider, 1.5-inch elastic allows the belt to stay stable with heavier loads, and the belt fits waist sizes 29 to 50 inches. Finally, the pockets will expand to 6” x 3” x 2”, meaning that you can fit whatever you need in this bounce-free belt.


  • Bib holder means you don’t have to use safety pins
  • Lightweight and doesn’t move around
  • Easy to use
  • Thicker material helps to wick sweat away
  • No chafing


  • Pouch could be larger
  • Can fit more tightly than other running belts

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Top Hydration Running Belt

3. Camelbak Flash Belt

If you’re trying to decide between a larger hydration belt and a simpler running belt, the Camelbak Flash Belt is a great option that has features of both. You can store your phone, keys, and gels, as well as carry 17 ounces of hydration.

Included with the belt is a Peak Fitness Chill Bottle that will keep your fluids cool for your whole run. An elastic strap keeps everything securely in place. Thanks to the zipper pocket on one side, you can store phone, gels, and keys, helping you kill two birds with one stone.

Finally, its breathable air mesh design will bring you ventilation so that you won’t have to deal with lots of sweating. All this in a cushioned design with reflective accents to keep you comfortable, visible, and prepared for any condition.


  • Simple and lightweight
  • 17 oz of hydration is plenty for longer runs
  • Phone and keys fit easily in the pocket
  • Excellent minimalist running belt
  • Effective design


  • You must use their bottle, as the bottle is non-standard size
  • Only one single zippered pocket (and not too much room in the pocket)

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Best Running Belt to Carry a Large Phone

4. BANDI Large Pocket Belt

This running belt is designed with large phones in mind, so if you have a larger phone, such as any of the newer iPhones, you’ll be able to fit it in this belt. Plus, the sleek, stylish design helps the belt blend in with the rest of your running outfit.

Made of soft spandex, this knit belt will keep you comfortable during your runs and workouts with two interior compartments for cash, gels, phone, keys, or whatever you might need. It’s easily adjustable for a tight, snug fit that will stay in place.

Since it is more aesthetically pleasing than other running belts, you can leave it on for everyday errands. The stretchy material will keep you comfortable the whole time.

You also don’t have to worry about the bulk of a zipper, as the patented pocket fold is specifically designed to secure your essentials without one. And it’s so lightweight that you will forget that you have it on!

Finally, you’ll get low-bounce comfort for running, and its adjustable size fits high hip measurements of 28 to 42 inches. All in a package that fits that large phone that won’t seem to fit into any other running belt!


  • Great design and fabric
  • Soft material that doesn’t cause chafing
  • Functional plus stylish
  • Additional side pocket for hotel key or credit card
  • Easily blends in with yoga pants


  • Looks bulky and bounces a bit when there is a lot in the pocket
  • Can be difficult to adjust
  • Better for thinner women

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Top Spibelt

5. Original SPIbelt

Oftentimes, you can’t go wrong with the original, and that’s definitely true for the original SPIbelt. If you need to keep your small personal items secure when you run, the Original SPIbelt is the perfect option.

Complete with a low-profile pocket that will expand, the Original SPIbelt can fit a smartphone, money, credit cards, keys, and gels. And you don’t have to worry about bouncing or chafing, as it features soft elastic, a sturdy buckle, and adjustable glides.

Because it’s lightweight and can be worn under or over clothing, it’s a favorite among marathon runners. Thanks to the pocket that enlarges to 6.5” x 3” x 2”, it is compatible with phones that are up to 6.5 inches long, which includes newer iPhones.

Finally, if you decide to purchase a set of race bib toggles (sold separately), you can easily use this running belt during races and never have to worry about safety pins again.


  • Great to keep small items handy and contained
  • Doesn’t bounce—you tend to forget it’s there
  • Flexible placement—around the back, high on waist, or low on hips
  • Doesn’t look like a fanny pack


  • Depending on the tightness of the belt, it can bounce
  • Zipper pull tab can rub against untucked shirt and leave snag marks

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Best Running Belt with Bottles

6. Nathan Trail Mix Plus Insulated 20

If you want a running belt that comes with two water bottles for hydration but still includes the pocket you need for your running essentials, the Nathan Trail Mix Plus Insulated 20 is it. Equipped with two 10-ounce reflective and insulated flasks, your water will stay cool, and your stuff will stay safe.

On top of getting the hydration you need, the belt also fits larger phones, such as the iPhone 7 Plus, while offering a multi-directional stretch that helps to eliminate bounce. The zip pocket has a special front stash pouch specifically for easy access to gels.

Thanks to the SpeedFit holsters, you’ll have easy, on-the-fly access to your hydration. All in a design that features reflective trim to keep you visible during low-light runs, and two shock chords with a one-pull tension lock at the sides to provide extra capacity.

Finally, this running belt is ergo-shaped, and soft. You’ll stay comfortable even during longer runs, equipped with everything you need: phone, keys, gels, and hydration.


  • Good quality
  • Easy to retrieve and put back bottles
  • Perfect size to hold everything needed for a long run
  • Stays snug
  • Fits a larger phone


  • Can fall apart after extensive use
  • Amount of water is more conducive for runs shorter than a half marathon

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Best Reflective Running Belt

7. Reflective Running Belt SPIbelt

If safety is one of your primary concerns (as it should be), you need a running belt that is reflective, especially if you run at night. For this, the Reflective Running Belt SPIbelt is the best option. The reflective pocket and elastic ensures that you have 360 degrees of reflectivity. And it is bright!

Plus, the reflective SPIbelt has all the basic necessities you need in a running belt: room for a smartphone, keys, ID, cash, and gels. It’s even compatible with phones up to 6.5 inches, including the iPhone 8 and SE, so you don’t have to worry if you have a larger phone.

Finally, its sturdy buckle and glides work for even the most active users, staying bounce-free with a soft, comfortable elastic that prevents chafing. And it fits all waist sizes from 24 inches to 47 inches.


  • Really bright when light hits it
  • So light you forget that it’s even there
  • Very firm elastic
  • Fits most phones


  • A little tighter for some body types

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Top Nathan Running Belt

8. Nathan The Zipster

With the Nathan Zipster running belt, you have zipper-secured storage for your phone, keys, cards, gels, and other small essentials. Fortunately, the zippers are secure and weather-resistant, so you can be sure that your stuff will stay safe while you run.

This handy, low-profile belt is sized to fit comfortably around your waist with super soft stretchy material that contours to your body. You’ll have four pockets, including two zippered and weather-resistant pockets, where you can keep your running essentials handy.

The Nathan Zipster will even fit larger phones, such as the iPhone 8/8 Plus and the Galaxy S8/S8+. The belt is cross functional. It’s as usable for accessing cash and passports while travelling as it is at the gym or on a run.


  • Fits well and is comfortable
  • Doesn’t move around but don’t restrict your movements
  • Fits the bare necessities without adding bulk
  • Can’t even feel that you’re wearing it
  • Fits even smaller individuals


  • Can ride up after some time running
  • May have to remove phone case to fit it in the belt
  • Fabric is a little heavy and can get hot in warmer weather

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Best Cheap Running Belt

9. Amphipod RunLite AirStretch Belt

If you’re on a budget, you still can get a great running belt with the Amphipod RunLite AirStretch Belt. The best part is that you can customize it by adding bottles, flasks, pouches, and race bib clips.

Thus, the AirStretch running belt is a great entry-level belt, because it gives you what you need originally—a place to store your running necessities easily—with the option of upgrading it later.

Comfortable and breathable, the belt won’t bounce or chafe skin as you run. Plus, the low-profile velcro closure is secure and allows you to easily make fit adjustments while running.

Finally, if you do decide to upgrade to make a unique hydration belt, you can position the add-ons anywhere on the belt to meet your needs. You can’t go wrong with this simple, sleek belt and the ability to customize it.


  • Great for everyday summer runs
  • Easy to customize
  • Straightforward to use


  • May have some issues sizing

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Best Flipbelt

10. FlipBelt Classic Running Belt

Marketed as the alternative to fanny packs and arm bands, the FlipBelt will fit everything that you need on your run. With four individual pockets and a key hook, you’ll easily be able to store your keys, phone, cards, and gels.

Made from bluesign-approved, machine-washable Lycra spandex, the FlipBelt will comfortably grip your skin to hold its position, while at the same time preventing chafing. You’ll be able to lock your items down in an extremely comfortable and versatile fashion.

While fanny packs are definitely not in style and may make you look like your grandparents, the FlipBelt is fashionable, while maintaining its functional, no-bounce, no-riding-up design. All while being able to fit the latest iPhone updates, so you don’t have to worry if you have a larger phone.


  • No matter what you do—running, squats, and so forth—this belt will stay secure
  • Secure fit and easy access
  • Comfortable and flexible
  • Ample capacity for all your needs
  • You’ll forget that you’re even wearing it


  • For some, can move around
  • Not the best wicking material

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