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The Best Plantar Fasciitis Inserts for Runners in 2023


Whether you have mild plantar fasciitis or struggle to get a run in without caving to flare-ups, you’re probably familiar with plantar fasciitis inserts.

These orthotic devices slip inside your shoes to align and support the plantar fascia. End result: less pain.

As WebMD explains, orthotic arch supports and heel cups can often relieve symptoms of plantar fasciitis, enabling you to keep running when you feel like it, not when your symptoms subside. And if your heel pain is due to pronation, that’s another reason to try an orthotic insert.

We recommend Superfeet Green for our top pick. They have thick heel-to-toe cushioning, provide stability and shock absorption, and have a sturdy heel cup.

Here are the best plantar fasciitis inserts for runners…

Top 3 Best and Favorites




  • Thick cushioning
  • Shock absorption and stability
  • Wide, deep heel cup
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EASYFEET 220+ LBS Mount Strength


  • Forefoot pad and heel cushion
  • Excellent balance of support and comfort
  • TPU heel cup
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  • Lightweight
  • Full-length cushioning
  • Gel-pod in the heel
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Best Overall

1. Superfeet Green

Superfeet Green full-length insoles are medium-volume, supportive insoles ideal for medium to high arches.

What We Like

Superfeet Green insoles are stable but low-profile, allowing them to fit comfortably into most shoes.

For runners with plantar fasciitis, these insoles provide the ideal amount of support to reduce pain in your arch and heel.

Strong biomechanical arch support keeps the foot properly aligned and reduces strain across the entire foot.

Most of the insole is made of thick, high-density foam, which cushions your feet and provides excellent shock absorption, reducing vibration on the plantar fascia.

They also have a wide, deep heel cup to keep the heel in position. A rigid, carbon-fiber heel-stabilizer cap absorbs impact and offers a high level of support in the back of the foot.

An antimicrobial top cover also reduces friction and prevents blisters and odors.

Why We Like It

These insoles offer excellent biomechanical arch support for stability and thick cushioning that protects the plantar fascia from vibrations that could cause pain.


  • Thick cushioning from heel to toe is great for long runs
  • Provides shock absorption and stability in all the right places
  • Wide, deep heel cup supports and stabilizes your heel
  • Antimicrobial top fabric prevents blisters


  • These insoles may not provide enough support for low arches

Top Runner-Up

2. Tread Labs Pace

Tread Labs insoles have a unique two-piece design that allows you to get ideal arch support and last a very long time.

What We Like

The Tread Labs insoles use a unique two-piece design, with a molded arch support and separate top cover.

Runners who suffer from plantar fasciitis can find the right amount of arch support for their feet by choosing between four different arch heights—low, medium, high, and extra high.

This medical-grade support reduces the load on the plantar fascia, lowering pain. A deep heel cup in the molded arch support helps keep your foot in the right place so that the support is always where it needs to be.

The polyurethane top cover is 5 mm thick and helps to provide comfort and absorb shock when you walk or run.

It also has PURE antimicrobial treatment so that your feet can stay fresh all day long, whatever level of activity you do.

The best thing about these insoles is that the molded arch support is guaranteed for life. And when the top cover wears out, you replace it rather than buying a brand-new set of inserts.

We should note that some people may find it takes time to break-in, as the design takes some getting used to.

Why We Like It

These insoles offer the ideal amount of support for all arch types, and their unique design makes them long-lasting.


  • Low-profile design will fit in most running shoes
  • Firm arch support for all arch types
  • Lightweight, open-cell polyurethane foam cushions every step
  • Structured heel cup absorb impact


  • These insoles may take some time to get used to

Best Value

3. EASYFEET 220+ LBS Mount Strength

This insole is quite affordable and designed to withstand more than 220 pounds of weight without losing its support.

What We Like

The EASYFEET insole is robust and can handle more than 220 pounds of weight without losing its shape or diminishing its support.

The arch support is robust and suitable for people with high arches. There is built-in anti-pronation technology, which will also be extremely helpful for those who overpronate.

While the strong arch support stabilizes and reduces strain on the plantar fascia, there’s extra gel padding in both the heel and the forefoot to absorb shock and reduce jarring.

A deep heel cup cradles the foot without being intrusive or uncomfortable. This provides the optimal amount of support for the plantar fascia.

While anyone can use this insert, the arch support is quite firm and may feel uncomfortable for some people.

Why We Like It

This insole is affordable and provides excellent support for the plantar fascia and the rest of the foot. It’s also suitable for all body types.


  • Great option for people weighing over 200 pounds
  • Forefoot pad and heel cushion help with shock absorption
  • Excellent balance of support and comfort
  • TPU heel cup provides strong arch support


  • The firm arch support could be a bit too much for some

Best No-Trim Inserts

4. Powerstep Original

The Powerstep Original insole is a “no trimming required” insole that fits snugly into your shoes. It’s ideal for supporting your feet and relieving plantar pain.

What We Like

The Powerstep Original insoles are designed for a neutral arch, and they’re easy to move from shoe to shoe with no trimming required.

These semi-rigid insoles provide excellent arch support, working with the deep heel cup to take the load off the plantar fascia and reduce arch pain.

They’re a low-profile design, making them easy to slip into almost any kind of shoe. However, some may feel that the light cushioning isn’t as comfortable as other inserts.

It consists of a full-length, dual-layer EVA foam cushion that provides light stability and shock absorption.

A deep heel cradle keeps the foot stable, and the antimicrobial top cover helps keep your feet fresh.

Why We Like It

These insoles fit easily into any shoe without trimming. They provide excellent arch support for plantar fasciitis.


  • Semi-rigid arch support provides flexible support
  • Two layers of EVA foam provide supportive cushioning
  • Antimicrobial top fabric keeps your feet dry and odor-free
  • Deep heel cup helps with natural alignment of the foot


  • Some may feel that the insole is too thin

Most Comfortable

5. Superfeet Run Comfort

Comfort is crucial when choosing insoles, and the Superfeet Run Comfort insoles are our top choice for the most comfortable.

What We Like

These insoles are lightweight, comfortable, and supportive. They use Aerospring Rebound foam to absorb shock on every step and cushion your foot, reducing vibration that could aggravate your arch.

As well as being soft and comfortable underfoot, they use a Heel Impact Technology Pod for better shock absorption and foot protection. They also cradle your heel and keep your foot in the correct position.

The women’s insole has been specifically designed to fit a woman’s anatomy. A deeper, narrower heel cup helps keep a female runner’s foot safely in place and relieves plantar pain.

These inserts may not be supportive enough if you have flat feet and overpronate. We advise checking the arch support feels right before trimming them.

Why We Like It

The full-length cushioning and shock-absorbing gel pod make this insole comfortable and supportive. Gender-specific designs make it contour even more to the foot.


  • Lightweight but provides effective support
  • Great for those who have medium to high arches
  • Full-length cushioning with gel-pod in the heel for additional shock absorption
  • Trim for a customized fit


  • These insoles may not provide enough support for those with overpronation

Best for Wide Feet

6. SOLE Performance Wide Thick

People with wide feet will appreciate the extra-wide toe box on these insoles. Most inserts only come in standard widths, so it’s nice to see one made for wide feet that will help relieve plantar fasciitis.

What We Like

The wide toe box of these insoles will give your forefoot room to splay, allowing it to spread out naturally and not be annoyed by the insole edges, like with narrow insoles.

They mold to your feet with heat and wear to get near-custom support. The footbed is made from cork and offers firm, semi-rigid arch support that helps ease plantar fasciitis pain.

Polygiene odor control allows you to wear them confidently and not worry about smelly feet. The top cover also wicks away moisture to keep you cool and dry.

You can trim them to fit in your shoe. The cork base is made of recycled materials, eco-friendly, moldable, and latex-free.

Why We Like It

The unisex insoles offer moldable arch support, a sturdy heel cup, and come in a wide fit for the best forefoot support.


  • Extra-wide toe box
  • Molds to the unique shape or your foot
  • Cushioning provides shock-absorbing comfort
  • Great option for both men and women


  • The heel is still a little narrow

Most Supportive

7. Vionic Active Orthotic Insert

Runners who need an insole that counters overpronation will find the Vionic Active Orthotic Insert highly supportive. They are great for controlling pronation and providing plantar relief.

What We Like

The Vionic Active Orthotic Insert is ideal for overpronators. It has a reinforced plastic shell for stability and a 4-degree rearfoot wedge to prevent overpronation.

This provides excellent support in the arch, easing plantar fasciitis pain. Vio-Motion Tri-Planar technology helps keep the foot aligned and prevent excess strain on the plantar fascia.

For better shock absorption, it also features a shock dot in the heel, which will help to ease the heel pain that comes with plantar fasciitis.

You can trim the forefoot to fit in your shoe, and it also features an EcoFresh antibacterial cover for odor and moisture control.

You should note that the firmness of these insoles and the extra support may take some time to break in.

Why We Like It

This insole provides excellent support for the arch, preventing overpronation and keeping the foot in alignment. It’s also APMA-approved and reduces foot pain.


  • Supportive and firm without being too hard
  • Antibacterial helps combat foot odor
  • Tri-Planar Motion and rear foot wedge supports and stabilizes the foot
  • APMA-approved orthotics


  • These insoles may take some time to break in

Best Cushioning

8. Protalus M-100

The Protalus T-100 is the thinner model of Protalus insoles, so it’s a good choice for those who have low-profile shoes. They’ll fit well and offer good support for plantar fasciitis.

What We Like

These insoles offer comfortable, full-length cushioning that absorbs shock and adds a level of comfort to every step.

This reduces vibration, which could aggravate the plantar fascia. It also uses Tri-Planar Motion technology to align the foot, joint, and tendons to reduce strain.

A sturdy, supportive shank in the rearfoot helps to stabilize the heel and prevent rearfoot movement that could aggravate the tendon.

They are low-profile and can fit into many different types of shoes, although they’re not suitable for dress shoes.

They also come in men’s, women’s, and youth sizes, so there’s something for every kind of runner.

Why We Like It

These insoles have light but comfortable cushioning to protect your feet and keep you comfortable while reducing strain on the plantar fascia.


  • Low-profile, thin design fits into most shoes
  • Comes in men’s, women’s, and youth’s sizes
  • Full-length comfortable cushioning
  • Sturdy shank for better support


  • These insoles don’t provide enough support for those with flat feet or low arches

Buyer’s Guide – Plantar Fasciitis Inserts for Runners

Arch Support

Choose an insert that offers the correct arch support for your feet. For example, an overpronator should choose an insole suitable for low arches.

Having adequate arch support will help to keep your feet more stable and distribute pressure and body weight more evenly across your feet, reducing pressure.

Shock Absorption

The insert you choose should have enough cushioning to absorb shock on every footfall. This will help minimize vibration when you walk or run, aggravating the plantar fascia.

Insole Volume

The volume of the insole—low, medium, or high—depends on the type of arch support you need. High arch insoles are often high-volume, referring to how much space they take up in your shoe.

If you want to add the insert to low-profile shoes like Converse, a high-volume insole may not fit. However, high-volume inserts are excellent for shoes like hiking boots.


Most inserts match up to shoe size, but they can be trimmed down to fit precisely inside your shoe. If you are unsure, choose a size larger than your usual size and cut it down to size.


Inserts are made of a variety of different materials. Foam insoles are soft and comfortable, and memory foam molds to your feet to provide good support. Gel insoles are excellent for shock absorption.

You can also get air-cushioned insoles and leather insoles. The insole you choose will be up to you and your preferences.


Can Insoles Help Plantar Fasciitis?

Adding an insole to your shoes instead of the custom insert that comes with your shoes can help support your feet and reduce the chances of developing plantar fasciitis.

If you are already suffering from plantar fasciitis, an insert can help to reduce the pain associated with the condition.

However, it will only be effective if you choose the correct size inserts for your foot.

Is Walking Good for Plantar Fasciitis or Should I Rest?

Plantar fasciitis is most often caused by overuse, so you should rest your feet as much as you can.

While you may not be able to stop walking completely, you should stop any walking you were doing as extra exercise, as it will put more strain on the plantar fascia.

However, if you do walk a lot for your job or you cannot rest your feet adequately, an insole or insert can be helpful.

How Do Runners Treat Plantar Fasciitis?

Runners will often roll their plantar fascia with a foam roller or massage ball. Icing your plantar fascia will also help to ease the pain associated with plantar fasciitis.

Many runners will do both of these actions by rolling a bottle of frozen water underneath their feet.

Do Professional Runners Use Insoles?

Most professional runners don’t use insoles, as they are sponsored by running shoe brands who custom make shoes to support their feet.

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