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Best Phone Cases For Running in 2022


For most of us, a phone is a big investment. For a smartphone that can link up to your running watch, download fitness apps, and do all the other important things, you’re looking at spending a pretty penny.

The last thing you want is to drop it while you’re running! The best phone cases for running keep your priceless smartphone safe and secure so you don’t have to worry about your phone while you’re out on the road.

If you need an upgrade to a more robust, safe phone case, we recommend the LifeProof FRĒ Series. It’s waterproof and drop-proof, has an integrated screen cover, and also features sealed ports for extra protection against moisture.

Check out the rest of the products to find the right thing to protect your phone!

Top 3 Best and Favorite


LifeProof FRĒ Series


  • Sealed ports
  • Waterproof and drop-proof up to 2 meters
  • Integrated screen cover
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Speck CandyShell Pro Grip


  • Raised ridges for better grip
  • Microban antimicrobial protection
  • Drop-proof up to 8 feet
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Spigen Tough Armor


  • Reinforced kick-stand
  • Tough Armor dual-layer protection
  • Cutouts for easy and quick access
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Best Overall

1. LifeProof FRĒ Series

This hardy phone case is made from polycarbonate. It offers 360° protection, with a robust case wrapping around the back, while the front features a built-in screen cover to protect the most fragile part of your phone.

It does a great job of keeping your phone safe. It’s fully sealed, including sealed ports, so no dust can get in. Water won’t do harm either, as it comes with an IP68 rating. Your phone can be submerged up to 6 feet underwater for an hour in this case and there should be no lasting damage.

As if that’s not enough, it’s also drop-proof from heights of up to 6.5 feet! No matter whether you’re taking a light jog on asphalt or going hard on the trails, this case should survive anything you can throw at it.

It’s pretty lightweight too, weighing between 1.4 and 1.7 ounces depending on the model. There’s no bulk to add extra weight; it fits snugly and keeps your phone slim and light.

You’ll still have full access to your screen and buttons. The cover also features front-facing audio ports so you can make and receive calls without worrying about sound quality.

There is a downside, though – if you own an Android other than Samsung, you won’t be able to use this cover. They only make covers for iPhone and Samsung.

If you do own one of these two, make sure you choose the right size cover for your specific phone!


  • Sealed ports
  • Waterproof and drop-proof up to 2 meters
  • Integrated screen cover
  • Compatible with QI wireless charging


  • Covers are only available for Apple and Samsung phones

Top Handheld Grip

2. Speck CandyShell Pro Grip

Just a look at the CandyShell Pro Grip phone case gives you an idea of how grippy it is when you hold it.

Two fused layers provide optimal protection for your device – a hard outer polycarbonate shell and a soft, inner cushion. This keeps your phone safe from the elements and has a second soft, shock-absorbing layer underneath.

It also features a scratch-resistant, soft-touch finish so it feels good in your hands and won’t fall victim to accidental unsightly scratches in your pocket, bag, or running belt.

As well as this soft and comfortable touch, your grip will be improved by the addition of raised ridges across the case. This allows you to get a good finger grip, whether you’re taking a selfie, gaming, texting, or just hanging onto it while running at a speed.

There’s also no need to worry about dropping and damaging your phone. Whether you’re on a wooden floor or a rough road, this case is designed to be able to handle drops of up to 8 feet.

If you happen to drop your phone face-down, the raised bezel provides extra protection for your screen.

It’s not just strong – it’s unusually hygienic too. Microban antimicrobial treatment prevents bacteria from growing on the case, keeping your phone, hands, and face cleaner throughout the day.

As a bonus, this case comes with a one-year warranty.

You can get it for iPhones, Samsung, LG phones, Motorolas, and HTC phones. Double check before buying though, as they’re not necessarily available for all models.


  • Raised ridges for better grip
  • Microban antimicrobial protection
  • Drop-proof up to 8 feet
  • One-year warranty


  • May attract dust
  • Not as grippy as past versions

Best Slim Design

3. TORRAS Decency Series

If you have a Samsung or iPhone and you’re looking for a super non-bulky, slim phone case, we highly recommend this one.

It’s just 0.03 inches thick and weighs just over half an ounce, so there’s barely any extra weight or bulk added when you slip this cover onto your phone.

Another feature we like a lot is the matte finish. It feels soft and silky, making it easier to grip and a more pleasant experience overall.

This feature also makes it scratch-resistant and fingerprint-resistant, keeping it looking sleek and bright at all times.

There are durable and responsive buttons on the case for easy use. Raised bezels around the screen and camera protect the most vulnerable parts of your phone from bumps.

It’s also compatible with wireless charging and NFC payments, so you never need to remove this case from your phone until you buy a new one!

Double-check that you’re buying the right model for your phone before making the purchase.


  • Ultra-thin at 0.03 inch
  • Matte finish
  • Compatible with screen protectors
  • Bevels around the screen and camera


  • Only available for Samsung and iPhone

Top Value

4. Spigen Tough Armor

This is a tough phone case for the price. It’s a dual-layer case featuring a TPU and polycarbonate cover that’s certified MIL-STD 810G-516.6 in terms of protection.

There are also Air Cushion Technology foam reinforcements in the back for an extra layer of shock protection.

The Tough Armor double-layer construction provides protection from scratches and damage due to dropping.

Cutouts in the phone case provide easy access to the necessary buttons, while raised lips around the camera and screen keep your screen safer from drops and bangs.

Something we like a lot is the reinforced kickstand. This handy little pop-out leg allows you to place your phone safely on a surface so you can watch videos without your hand going numb. It’s not necessarily useful for running but it’s ideal for recovery!

There have been some reports of buyers’ screen protectors peeling off when using this cover. For its price, though, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a case of equivalent quality.


  • Reinforced kick-stand
  • Tough Armor dual-layer protection
  • Cutouts for easy and quick access
  • Raised bezels to prevent screen and camera bump


  • May not be compatible with screen protectors

Best Magnet Mount

5. Rokform Crystal Case

Do you like having the ability to mount your phone to anything?

The Rokform can mount to bike handlebars, motorcycles, your car, the treadmill, the elliptical, and a variety of other things. It’s ideal for active athletes who spend time on the treadmill and other exercise machines.

A polycarbonate outer shell adds a layer of shock-proofing while remaining lightweight. Inside, a soft impact-resistant layer protects your phone from the inside out.

The back of the phone case features an attachment for a lanyard, a raised bezel around the camera, and a textured, anti-slip pattern. Reinforced corners and raised edges offer protection against 6-foot drops.

The magnetic system features two magnets right in the center. These uniquely-designed Neodymium magnets will let you stick your phone to almost any surface, provided it’s magnetic.

If you are worried about magnets wrecking your phone, the case won’t have any negative effect on your phone, GPS, Bluetooth, or any other feature.

Rokform’s easy-to-use RokLock Twist system is user-friendly and mounts easily to a wide variety of different accessories (sold separately!).

For even more convenience, the case is wireless charging compatible and has oversized ports for easy use. If you don’t like wireless charging, you can charge it the old-fashioned way.

Your screen protector will be safe too, fitting easily without interference. This phone case also comes with a 2-year warranty.


  • Dual magnets for more power
  • Shockproof and drop-proof
  • Built-in RokLock Twist
  • Anti-slip grip


  • You’ll need to buy a few different attachments separately if you want to mount your phone in different places

Top With Wallet

6. Vena vCommute

If you carry cards or cash with you when you go running, it makes sense to get a phone cover that can carry those for you at the same time as protecting your phone. The Vena vCommute gives you space for cards and cash without adding too much bulk.

The hidden wallet on the back allows you to store up to 4 cards, so you can keep your ID, debit or credit card, and any other card you need on your person. There’s a TPU layer inside the wallet so you can rest assured your cards won’t get scratched.

It’s a tough product, too. Made from a combo of tough polycarbonate and impact-absorbing TPU and featuring CornerGuard technology, it meets military drop-testing standards and can handle being dropped from a height of 4 feet.

The leather flap on the wallet has a few other unique properties. It’s magnetic, allowing you to use magnetic car mounts or stick your phone to any magnetic surface for hands-free use. This doesn’t affect your credit and debit card magnetic strips.

It also folds into three different positions so you can use it as a stand when you want to watch something without needing to hold your phone.


  • Hidden card slot
  • CornerGuard technology
  • Foldable kickstand
  • Magnetic mount friendly


  • When taking photos with flash, the deep camera opening may cause overexposure

Best Environment-Friendly Materials

7. LifeProof Wake Case

If doing your bit to save the environment is important to you, this phone case may be right in your zone!

It’s made from more than 85% recycled plastic from the ocean, and it comes in recyclable packaging. It also has a cool wave pattern on the back to remind you of the difference you’re making to the ocean!

The one-piece design makes it super light and easy to carry with you. It’s also perfectly safe from drops on the road, being able to handle falls from 6.5 feet. You’ll also get a one-year limited warranty.


  • Made from recycled plastic
  • One-piece, ultra-thin design
  • Compatible with wireless charging
  • One-year limited warranty


  • Only available for iPhone and Samsung

Top Anti-Bacterial

8. OtterBox Commuter Series

Does the thought of bacteria on your phone case freak you out? The OtterBox Commuter Series takes this worry away, with a silver-based antimicrobial treatment being integrated into the case itself.

The antimicrobial protection is inside the actual material of the case, so it can’t be rubbed off or lose its effectiveness due to wear and tear.

As well as keeping your hands cleaner and bacteria-free when handling your phone, the stiff outer case and soft rubber inner slip provide protection against everyday bumps and scrapes.

Although the cover itself is sleek and silky, making it easy to slip into a pocket or belt, there are extra-grippy sections on the sides so you can keep a good handle on it while running (or texting, or phoning).

Raised edges to keep your screen safe from drops and covered ports to keep dust out are other useful features. You’ll also get an OtterBox limited lifetime warranty when you buy this phone case.


  • Silver-based antimicrobial technology
  • Dual-layer protection
  • Secure grip texture sections
  • Covered ports


  • The edge angles may make it uncomfortable against the ear when talking on the phone

Best For Samsung Galaxy

9. Speck Presidio2 GRIP

Own a Samsung Galaxy? We recommend the Speck Presidio2 GRIP. It not only looks and feels great in the hands, but it’s also supremely protective.

Armor Cloud technology envelopes your phone in air-bag-like protection. Air capsules integrated into the case compress when an impact happens, keeping your phone safe by suspending it in a safe bubble.

But if you do drop your phone, this case has been tested to withstand drops of up to a staggering 13 feet! For those times when your phone lands face-down, a raised bezel protects against screen shattering.

Each side of the phone case is reinforced with no-slip grips so you’ll always have a good grip on your device, despite a soft-touch finish.

Speck’s Microban antimicrobial technology makes this case 99% more resistant to bacteria. While this surface is cleaner than other cases, you’ll still need to take care to keep your hands clean – it won’t add bacteria to your hands, but it won’t get rid of what’s already there.

It’s also slim enough to allow you to charge it wirelessly without removing it from the phone. It’s also not so bulky that it adds extra weight or size to your already-large phone!


  • No-slip grips
  • Armor Cloud Technology
  • Slim design
  • Microban antimicrobial treatment


  • The color may vary significantly from what’s pictured


Interested in buying one of the best phone cases for running? Here’s what you need to know before you choose one.

What to Consider When Buying a Phone Case for Running

If you’re planning on running with your phone, consider the following features when choosing the ideal phone case.


There’s always a chance of dropping your phone while running, especially if you’re holding it in your hand while you run.

The phone cover you choose should be able to withstand drops of at least 4 feet, preferably 6 feet.

It should have built-in shock-absorbing technology that also protects against everyday bumps and knocks.

Good Grip

If you’re keeping your phone in an armband, running belt, or pocket, grip is a little less important. But if you’re going to be running with it in your hand, good grip is essential.

Choose a phone case that offers some form of traction in its material. Raised grip ridges, rubber textured sections, or similar features are excellent to see on a case.

Added Safety Features

Things like raised edges and bezels around the screen and camera offer extra protection against screen shattering during drops. Some cases offer a lanyard attachment, in case you need something around your wrist while holding it.

Extra Convenience Features

If you’re a distance runner, you may benefit from finding a phone case that can accommodate a battery charger pack so you don’t lose connection during longer runs. These are rare though.

Many phone covers offer space for credit, debit, and ID cards. This eliminates the need to carry a separate wallet and keeps your cards and cash well hidden.

If you need a hands-free system, a magnetic mounting system might be the best thing for you.

Size & Fit

Not all phone cases are compatible with all phones. Check and double-check that the case you’re choosing fits the phone you have.

Also, if you do like a particular case but it’s for a particular phone, double-check if the same case is available for your phone before assuming it’s not.

Protect From Accidental Drops

Phones aren’t cheap! The case you choose should protect your phone to the max. It’s worth investing in a robust phone case to protect your expensive phone.

Remember, it’s likely that you have a bunch of important info on your phone too, so it’s well worth spending a little more to get a case that will stop your screen from shattering and your phone from becoming damaged if dropped.

Be Slim

The slimmer the better when it comes to phone covers! If you want your phone to fit in your pocket, armband, running belt, or hydration pack, you don’t want something bulky.

Be Lightweight

Nobody wants to be dragging around a brick of a device when running, regardless of whether it’s a quick jog around the block or a marathon.

You should be aiming to add as little weight as possible to your run. While your phone cover should be lightweight, its lightness shouldn’t be at the expense of protection!

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