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Best Personal Alarms for Runners in 2021


As an avid runner, you know how common it is to find yourself several miles from home while on a long run. But, it seems that the further you get from home, the more unsafe you tend to feel. When you’re in an unfamiliar environment while running, safety should be your number one priority.

Personal alarms designed specifically for runners are a great safety tool to have. They’re extremely easy to strap around your wrist or arm. And all it takes is a simple pull of a chain or click of a button to activate the high-pitched sound when you’re in danger. There’s no doubt that people will come running to help you!

We know how much you value high-quality running products. That’s why we did our research and developed a list of some of the best personal alarms for runners on the market today. We tried our best to break down the best features of each personal alarm to help you figure out which would be best for you.

So, now that we’ve kept you waiting long enough, let’s take a look at some of our favorite personal alarms for runners…

Top 3 Best and Favorites


Nathan Personal Alarm


  • Easy to hold and attach
  • Alarm can be heard up to 600 feet away
  • Time Magazine 2019 Best Invention award
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Sabre Runner Personal Alarm With Adjustable Wrist Strap


  • Adjustable wrist strap
  • 130-decibel siren sound
  • Reflective wrist strap
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Run Angel


  • Bluetooth connectivity to alert family and friends of emergencies
  • Strap around the wrist like regular watch
  • Rechargeable battery
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Best Overall Personal Alarm

1. Nathan Personal Alarm

The Nathan Personal Alarm is our favorite personal alarm for quite a few reasons. The first is obviously the actual sound that this alarm can put off when it’s activated. With a 120 decibel siren that’s audible up 600 feet away, there is no doubt that any possible attacker will be scared off immediately.

We also really like how small and portable the Nathan Personal Alarm is. All you have to do is clip it onto any piece of your running attire and it’ll stay with you and within arm’s reach at every point in your run. If an attacker approaches, just pull the ripcord and the alarm will sound.

We think it’s important to mention that this alarm actually was awarded Time Magazine 2019 Best Invention. So, not only is it pretty cheap and heavy-duty, but it’s also considered one of the best personal alarms out there! And if this personal alarm doesn’t exactly do it for you, this company also includes this high-powered alarm attached to many of its other products (like phone sleeves, as you’ll see later).


  • Can easily be attached to any piece of clothing or gear
  • The 120-decibel alarm can be heard up to 600 feet away
  • The alarm is pretty easy to reset when your would-be attacker runs off
  • The product won the Time Magazine 2019 Best Invention award


  • We don’t know too much about user feedback just yet, but it seems to be decent so far
  • It could be a little hard to access if you put it somewhere out of immediate reach

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Top Value Safety Alarm

2. Sabre Runner Personal Alarm With Adjustable Wrist Strap

The Sabre Runner Personal Alarm is definitely one of the most affordable personal alarms among our favorites on this list. What we like best about this alarm is that it fits snugly around one of your wrists. That makes it extremely easy to access if a threat approaches and you have to pull the ripcord to alert people of your situation.

When you’re in a situation where you do have to pull the cord, the 130-decibel siren can be heard nearly 1,000 feet away. That makes this personal alarm great if you tend to find yourself out in the wilderness or off the beaten path while running. We’d say that this is one of the most audible personal alarms out there, especially given the sheer size of the device.

There’s also an additional safety feature if you’re the type of runner that saves your long runs for after dark. The wrist strap is made of a reflective material that’ll alert nearby drivers and walkers that you’re on the move. And the wrist strap is sweat-resistant, so no more uncomfortable runs.


  • This product comes from one of the most trusted brands in personal alarms
  • You can adjust the wrist strap to better fit your wrist and prevent chafing
  • The 130-decibel siren can actually be heard up to 1,000 feet away
  • The reflective wrist strap material makes it a great personal alarm for night running


  • Many users have reported that the alarm isn’t 100% reliable
  • The strap seems to be a little flimsy and will wear away after only a few uses
  • Though advertised as reusable, some report that it only seems to work once

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Best Safety Alarm for Running and Personal Use

3. Mace Personal Alarm Wristlet

Mace is one of the most trusted brands in personal safety products, and you won’t be disappointed by the Mace Personal Alarm Wristlet. Unlike some of our other favorite products, this one simply hangs from the wrist. So, you might find it a bit uncomfortable to constantly be holding your personal alarm in your hand while on a run.

What we find interesting about this product is that it’s actually advertised as being ideal for an outside pocket or placement in a purse. You can use this personal alarm while on a run, and store it in your pocket or purse when you’re going about your daily life. All it takes is a simple pull of the pin and a 130-decibel siren will go off.

What’s pretty cool is that the Mace personal alarm also comes with an LED light for added security. If the sun suddenly begins to set while you’re running, you can easily use the flashlight to help guide you back home. Drivers will know exactly where you are and, when combined with reflective gear, you’ll be visible to everyone!


  • One of the cheaper options, but doesn’t skimp out on the minor details and features
  • LED light feature that can be useful for night running
  • Isn’t just for running and you can easily store it in your purse or pocket
  • Comes from one of the best personal safety brands in the world


  • It might be a little uncomfortable to constantly be holding your personal alarm in your hand while on a run
  • The wristlet is also the ripcord, might accidentally set off the alarm

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Top Personal Alarm and GPS

4. Run Angel

The Run Angel personal alarm system is undoubtedly the most high-tech option on our list. That’s because you’re not just getting a small device that needs to be set off manually: there’s much more to it. You’ll be getting a personal alarm that’ll notify those around you and those you care about that you’re in danger and need assistance.

Our favorite part of this personal alarm is that it’s strapped around the wrist like a watch or a FitBit. It’s much more comfortable than some of the other personal alarms, but it’s still easy to set off and emits a sound of 120 decibels. To guarantee it’ll work whenever you need it, simply plug the device in and recharge its battery.

What’s really cool is that this wearable personal alarm comes with an app that you download on your smartphone device. When you trigger the alarm, those in your chosen sphere will be notified of the time and place of your emergency. This is perfect if you want to keep your family members in the know about your safety and running habits.


  • It has a rechargeable battery to guarantee you a working alarm at all times
  • This alarm has Bluetooth connectivity to alert your family and friends of emergencies
  • It’s very easily strapped around the wrist like a regular watch or fitness watch
  • Your sphere will know exactly where you are and when the emergency took place


  • It’s a bit more expensive than most of our other favorite options
  • It won’t be too effective if you don’t have Bluetooth connectivity or cell service
  • Accidentally setting the alarm off might cause panic among your loved ones

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Best Personal Alarm for Joggers and Walkers

5. Vigilant Personal Wrist Alarm with Sweat Proof Band

The Vigilant Personal Wrist Alarm is a pretty good example of what a simple-yet-effective personal alarm should look like. It’s really simple to strap around your wrist and, sits as snugly as a normal watch would. Once it’s on, all it takes is the click of a button to activate the alarm siren and alert others of your danger.

When you do happen to find yourself in a dangerous spot, the 125 decibel sound will truly keep any possible assailants at a distance. And, the best part about the physical design of the device is that you won’t have to fumble around with it when you’re in danger. Plus, the battery can withstand up to 30 minutes of alarm time, meaning it’ll last for years without you having to replace the batteries.

In addition to the alarm, you’ll love the LED lights that can be turned on at night to let drivers know that you’re on your nightly walk. Another feature that we personally enjoy is the water and sweat-resistant band. You might work up a sweat on your jog or walk, but you won’t be able to smell it on this personal alarm.


  • It has a hands-free design, so all you have to do is strap it around your wrist
  • The band is water and sweat-resistant meaning it won’t begin to smell
  • This personal alarm comes with LED lights for added safety at night
  • It emits a sound of about 125 decibels


  • You’ll have to replace the batteries once you reach about 30 minutes of alarm time
  • It doesn’t seem too reliable and works only sometimes
  • Many users believe that the alarm wasn’t as loud as it was supposed to be

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Top Arm Sleeve Alarm Combo

6. Nathan SaferRun Arm Phone Sleeve

This arm phone sleeve design is excellent, and it’s super comfy to wear. In addition, you have a touchscreen that allows you to access your larger smartphone if needed.

You also don’t have to worry about it bouncing around because it’s ergonomically designed to prevent slipping down your arm. There are adjustable sizes even after you select a size, but if you have small arms, this might not fit you – not even a small/medium one.

It also has a place where you can attach the SaferRun ripcord siren that you can easily pull if you’re in a bad situation. You’ll be able to hear the siren up to 600 feet away. It’s as loud as an ambulance siren and sounds like the chirping of a car alarm.


  • Could wear this all day, it’s so comfy
  • Bounce/slip free
  • Adjustable sizes
  • Easy to clip the SaferRun ripcord siren to
  • Quick access to your phone through touchscreen


  • Might be too big for small arms
  • If you’re listening to music on a run, you might not hear an assailant approach.

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Best Personal Alarm for Women Runners

7. Mace KUROS Personal Alarm with Keychain

The Mace KUROS Personal Alarm is the perfect combination of compact and effective, which makes it perfect for female runners! Though it comes with a keychain feature for easy carrying during your daily life, it can also be attached to the waistband of your shorts or leggings for better access when running. It’s hidden from view from the outside world, but it’s there when you need it!

The biggest issue with many keychain personal alarms is the risk of accidentally triggering the alarm by pulling the keychain. What’s great about this product is that it comes with two buttons: One that sets the alarm off and one that turns it off. That greatly reduces the risk of accidentally triggering it, but still gives you immediate access when you really do need it.

For such a small device, it sure does put off a mighty sound. Like many of the more popular personal alarms, this one is capable of 130 decibels! If you need to ramp up the prevention technique or would rather use another method to scare off assailants, you’ll love the backup whistle that’s included in the alarm’s base.


  • It comes with a backup whistle if the alarm itself just isn’t doing it
  • This alarm is really easy to attach to your keys or hold firmly in your hand
  • It’s really compact and doesn’t take up as much space as some personal alarms do
  • The 130-decibel siren will surely scare off any possible attackers


  • You’ll have to be holding this alarm if you’re on a run since it’s a keychain

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Top Running Belt Combo

8. Nathan SaferRun Waistpak

This waistpak is extremely comfortable to wear. You’ll be pleased with how comfy it is against your body. There’s a little extra padding to make it more comfy and to avoid rubbing/hitting your body the wrong way.

The fastener is very secure and isn’t annoying, so you won’t have to worry about anything that you store in the waistpak coming out. What you’ll especially love is the smartphone pocket with an easy touch window that fits most large smartphones.

It’s designed to be bounce-free, but we did have some minimal issues with bouncing, especially when running faster. It could just be a simple solution of ensuring that you have it as tight as possible when you start out on your run. 

Finally, you can easily clip the SaferRun ripcord siren on the waistpak for added safety. You simply pull away from the ripcord siren to activate it, and you’ll be able to hear it up to 600 feet away. In our experience, it sounds like the chirping of a car alarm. Having this added safety measure is great.


  • Sleek design
  • Super comfortable
  • Easy to access your phone
  • Comes with ripcord siren for safety
  • Durable design and construction


  • Some minimal issues with bouncing

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Top Personal Alarm for Keychain

9. Sabre Ruger Personal Alarm

The Sabre Ruger Personal Alarm is one of the more popular personal alarms because it’s so compact and easy to carry around on a keychain. That means you’ll always have it with you no matter where you end up on your run (or in your life!). What’s even better is just how simple the design of this personal alarm truly is, literally only having one feature.

The manufacturer got rid of all the complicated features of the more popular personal alarms and simplified personal safety for us runners. This one has no other features other than a ripcord that you can pull if you’re in danger. Just be careful that you don’t accidentally pull the ripcord when it’s attached to your keychain.

There’s no doubt that you’ll be impressed by this alarm’s ability to put off a high-pitched siren registering at an incredible 130 decibels. In fact, everyone within a 1,000-foot radius will hear it as well! For added safety, this personal alarm system comes with a 20-lumen flashlight, which can prove to be pretty useful when you’re running at night or looking for something in the dark.


  • The 130-decibel siren can actually be heard up to 1,000 feet away from you
  • This product comes from one of the more trusted personal safety brands in America
  • It also includes a 20-lumen flashlight for night runs and added safety in the wilderness
  • It’s probably the most affordable personal alarm of our favorites


  • It might be pretty easy to accidentally pull the pin since it’s a keychain
  • The alarm seems to be hit or miss in regards to whether it works or not

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Best Hydration/Alarm Combo

10. Nathan SaferRun Speedview 18oz Insulated Flask

If you want to be well-equipped for your run, you’ve got to try this hydration option from Nathan. Not only can you attach the SaferRun ripcord siren that can be heard from up to 600 feet away, but also you can access your phone and get hydration.

This handheld bottle doesn’t require you to ever grip onto your bottle, due to the hand sleeve. You can adjust the hand strap so that it’s comfortable, and it even comes with a thumb hole for added comfort.

It will be really comfortable to wear and easily get hydration during long runs. It also allows you to carry your phone in a separate pocket with a touchscreen. It’s big enough that you can fit your keys or cards/cash in there too. There’s even headphone access at the bottom.

Finally, the flask is double-insulated, meaning that you don’t need to worry if it’s hot outside because your fluid will stay cool. As one downside, when you’re running, the water will slosh, but this is going to be true of any hand-held hydration option.


  • Super comfortable to wear
  • Easy to access your phone
  • Comfortable to drink from
  • No need to grip your water bottle
  • Double-insulated to keep water cold
  • Adjustable hand strap


  • Can hear water sloshing when you’re running
  • Hands might get sweating on hot days and rub some (perhaps causing blisters)

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Loudest Personal Safety Alarm

11. Deeram 150 db Emergency Personal Alarm

The Deeram 150 db Emergency Personal Alarm is actually exactly what it sounds like! Capable of producing a sound up to 150 decibels, everyone within several city blocks will know that you’re in danger and need help! All it takes is the pull of a pin and the alarm will sound, scaring your intruder off in the process.

What we find really cool about this product is that it’s pretty durable. It’s capable of surviving all types of falls and damage, meaning you won’t have to worry about getting a new one every time you drop your personal alarm! It’s also really easy to attach to your waistband, keychain, or backpack when you’re out on your next run.

There are a few key features that really set this personal alarm apart from some of the other products on this list. Firstly, this alarm comes with an 85-lumen flashlight, which is one of the more powerful flashlights that we’ve seen and can be really useful at night. It also seems to come in a five-pack on Amazon, so you can actually order these personal alarms for the whole family!


  • This is by far one of the loudest alarms out there at 150 decibels
  • You can buy these alarms in a five-pack at a really good price
  • They’re durable and resistant to wear-and-tear and type of shock or force
  • It also comes with an 85-lumen flashlight for added visibility at night


  • The personal alarm might suddenly stop working, so you need to constantly test it
  • Pin known to break, which means you might have a personal alarm screaming in your garage until the battery dies

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How do I use a personal alarm?

Personal alarms are really easy to use. Most personal alarms for runners will be strapped around your wrist or attached to some piece of your clothing for convenience purposes, but some come in the form of keychains.

When you find yourself in a dangerous situation, all you have to do is click the button or pull the ripcord on your personal alarm. This will cause an extremely loud and high-pitched sound to begin playing directly from the device.

After the would-be assailant leaves you alone and you’re in a safer location, you can press the button again (or return the ripcord to its original positioning) to silence the alarm. It’s then reset and ready to be used again in the future!

What does a safety alarm sound like?

It varies from product to product, but most personal alarms would be accurately described as sounding like a high-pitched siren. Some personal alarms can actually put out a sound that’s well over 130 decibels!

Yet, it’s not as much about the type of sound that comes out as much as it’s about the volume and getting other people around you to recognize that you’re in danger. The whole purpose of personal alarms is to draw attention to you and the situation you’re in.

Most of these personal alarms let off a sound that can be heard at least 600 feet away. Though, some of our favorite products can actually be heard from up to 1,000 feet away. You want to make sure that you’re picking a product that fits your running style and where your runs tend to lead you.

Which is better for safety – pepper spray or a personal alarm?

In all honesty, both types of personal safety tools can be really effective in helping you to stay safe while on a run. There’s no doubt that pepper spray and personal alarms can both scare off potential assailants, but each has its own pros and cons.

When it comes to runners, personal alarms tend to be the better option when it comes to safety and convenience. That’s because you have immediate access to a personal alarm when it’s on your wrist or attached to your clothing. Just pull the ripcord or press the button and everyone around you will know that you’re in danger.

The one downside of personal alarms is that they don’t always work. If your battery is dead or the alarm suddenly malfunctions, you’re kind of left to your own devices. That means you can’t always depend on your personal alarm to have your back.

Pepper spray isn’t difficult to use. However, you might find yourself fumbling around with the canister when you’re in a panic. They might scare an assailant off, but they won’t draw the attention of those around you that can potentially help you. The best part about pepper spray is that, as long as there’s liquid in the container, you know it’ll work.

It all comes down to personal preference, but we would recommend personal alarms when you’re looking to stay safe while out on a run. Just make sure that you’re picking a high-quality product that’ll do the job you expect it to.

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