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Best No-Tie Shoelaces in 2020

No-tie shoelaces are one of the best inventions for shoes in the 20th century.
For runners, they eliminate the risks from laces coming untied. Plus, they make it easy to quickly take your shoes on and off.For kids, they make wearing shoes much less of a struggle. And for the rest of us, they simply look and feel great!
No-tie laces can give shoes a clean and polished look while providing generous flexibility and resilience. They reduce the hassle of putting on shoes by allowing you to slip in and out of them with ease (a plus for those with limited mobility). They also give you great versatility and the ability to transfer among multiple pairs of shoes.
There are two main types of no-tie shoelaces that you should be familiar with before reading our reviews: Bungee-style and individual lace-up. The bungees are elastic and end with a closure tab to tighten and release for the best fit possible. Individual lace-ups come with a separate piece per eyelet, held in place by silicone grips that can be adjusted if needed.
We spent time researching the various no-tie shoelaces options on the market today and put together our top picks for each category. We found amazing options for a wide variety of needs and uses, and think you will have no trouble finding the right pair. Keep reading to learn more about our choices and decide which style will be best for you.

Top 3 Best and Favorites


Lock Laces Original


  • One-size-fits-all
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to adjust
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Yankz! Sure Lace System


  • 2 points of adjustment
  • Fits every major shoe brand
  • Budget-friendly
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Nathan Reflective Run Laces


  • Extra-tight clip grips
  • Highly reflective striping
  • Quick installation
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Best No-Tie Shoelaces For Running

1. Lock Laces Original

It’s no coincidence that the best no-tie shoelaces for running were created by a runner. These laces were developed in the 1990s by a track athlete who was frustrated by untied laces during competitions. He decided to make a lacing system to save runners time and energy while improving their safety.

The Lock Laces Original is simple in concept and design but flawless in execution and efficacy. You lace them as you would any traditional laces. Then, you close them with the plastic close-tab. Tighten or loosen as needed to create the perfect fit. The elastic should stretch with your movement. They are easy to put on and comfortable while running and walking alike.

These laces are 48” in length with a trim-to-fit design, and each order comes with the necessary clips and stoppers to complete the installation. And the best part? They are a one-size-fits-all solution, meaning they will work for adults and kids. The durable build means they should outlast many pairs of your running shoes.The company even guarantees as much.

Buy these no-tie shoelaces and prepare to complete your run faster than ever before. You’ll be amazed by how much better you run when you aren’t distracted by your laces.


  • One-size-fits-all
  • Easy to use and easy to adjust
  • Many color options available to match any pair of shoes


  • There is only a single adjustment point at the ankle, which means you have a slightly reduced ability to customize the fit

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Top No-Tie Shoelaces For Triathletes

2. Yankz! Sure Lace System

The Yankz! Sure Lace System provides exceptional fit and flexibility for athletes of all kinds. We found them to be the best option for triathletes because they can help save valuable time in transitions. Theyare especially useful for triathletes using special cycling clip shoes who need to switch to running shoes for the third event.

The Yankz! System is incredibly easy to both install and use.Triathletes can jump straight into their shoes straight from the bike be through T2 in record time. We like that these come equipped with a 2-point adjustment system, allowing users to adjust the fit at both the ankle and the toe. This is useful for triathletes who want to exert total control over the fit of their shoe.

Yankz! products are created specifically for customers who want active lifestyles. The materials are high-quality and will hold up well under different conditions and heavy use. Users can wear these in rain, sun, and snow without fear of deterioration.

If you’re looking for laces that will be an asset instead of a risk during your triathlon, you won’t be disappointed by Yankz!


  • 2 points of adjustment for maximum fit control and customization
  • Fits every major shoe brand
  • Budget-friendly so you can carry a spare for emergencies during the race


  • Some users report fraying when used in shoes with smaller eyelet holes

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Best Reflective No-Tie Laces For Runners

3. Nathan Reflective Run Laces

Reflective gear is critical for anyone running at night or early morning. We recommend having as many types of reflective material on you as possible, starting with your shoelaces.

The Nathan Reflective Run Laces are a great option to ensure that you can be seen by oncoming traffic in the darkest of settings.

The Nathan Reflective Run Laces are built for performance and will last through heavy use at least as long as the shoes themselves. The reflective striping is well attached and integrated for a reliable finish. The fastening system offers a strong grip on the laces without sacrificing usability.

Customers report that they are very easy to use, highly reflective, and provide a comfortable amount of stretch during runs. And while these are primarily marketed for runners, they are a great option for the elderly and children as well. We found the laces to be quick to install and easy to adjust, with a reliable lace grip that held up well during our tests.


  • Extra-tight clip grips
  • Highly reflective striping for increased visibility
  • Quick installation with little need for adjustment


  • Not as many color options as other styles
  • Could be too flashy for daily or daytime use

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Best No-Tie Shoelaces for the Elderly

4. HICKIES Laces

HICKIES laces are individual thermoplastic elastomer laces.Each loop connects an individual pair of eyelets for a set-it-and-forget-it approach. You can adjust the tightness by utilizing the classic, loose, or tight formations (or a combination of the 3). The 2.0 model has improved the grip and altered the design to better fit more athletic shoes.

We have chosen these as the best no-tie shoelaces for the elderly because you never need to touch them after initial installation. The bungee-style laces may need adjustment here or there (or a replacement part), but HICKIES laces are good-to-go almost immediately. These would be best for someone who does not expect their foot size to change significantly over time.

Customers who have limited mobility and are less able to bend down and manipulate individual shoelaces will love HICKIES laces. You never need to tie your shoes again, and you aren’t limited to Velcro or no-lace styles. HICKIES laces let you wear fashionable shoes while maintaining accessibility.


  • Latex free
  • Flat-front finish for sleek look
  • One-time adjustment so you can forget about your laces for the lifetime of your shoes


  • These are harder to adjust once installed, because they do not have adjustment buttons like the bungee-styles
  • Higher cost than some of the other options on our list

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Top No-Tie Shoelaces For Converse

5. Xpand Lacing System

The Xpand No-Tie Shoelaces System is one of the most unique products we found during our research. These can work very well for a variety of uses but seem to be most popular for casual sneakers with a more finished look. We think this style looks the best for Converse All-Stars.

Unlike most elastic bungee-model laces, these are flat instead of round. And unlike almost any other no-tie lace we researched, these provide a “stealth mode” option. This means that you can lace-up your Chucks or other casual sneakers while maintaining their original look and style.

You can also secure them with the “visible mode” option, which gives you better access for adjustments or removal. This is the choice for anyone using their laces for athletic activity, as that will most often require adjustment.

Xpand laces are some of the longest on the market, coming in at about 52” and expandable to 100” when stretched. This makes them useful for all kinds of shoes, from kid shoes to sneakers to boots. They even come in reflective options if you want some extra visibility.


  • Flat lacing to maintain style
  • No-show mode
  • Lots of color options
  • Extra long for use in boots as well as low-rise sneakers


  • Less adjustable for athletes or those needing to significantly change the length for use with different shoes

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Best No-Tie Shoelaces For Kids

6. Silly Feet No Tie Shoelaces

No-tie laces are life-savers when it comes to getting kids dressed and out the door. Aside from struggles over wearing any shoes at all, many kids are slow to tie their shoes or are prone to trip over untied laces throughout the day. The no-tie laces from Silly Feet make shoes fun and easy for both kids and parents.

These no-tie laces come in “crazy” mode, with swirly elastic laces in lots of fun bright colors that kids love. There is no need for small parts to clip laces in place- this is accomplished by the shape of the laces themselves. If you have a little one that likes to put everything in their mouth, you’ll appreciate the lack of clips and guides on these laces.

Silly Feet No-Tie Shoelaces for kids are available in a wide range of colors, making them great for all genders. They are affordable enough to buy for the whole family. And for picky kids, stock up on a few different colors to make sure you can stay one step ahead of a meltdown!


  • No small parts as choking hazards
  • Fun design to persuade kids
  • Many colors to choose from
  • Budget-friendly for multiple orders


  • Less grip than in the adult-models
  • Might be inappropriate for more formal occasions depending on the dress-code

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Top Budget No-Tie Shoelaces

7. Udaily No-Tie Shoelaces

The Udaily No-Tie Shoelaces are a standard bungee-style no-tie shoelace at a greatly reduced price. You can actually get 4 pairs of these for the price of 1 pair from the competition (at the time of this writing). If you want to try no-tie laces for the first time but aren’t sure, take these out for a test run.

These laces are stretchy elastic, with an adjustment grip at the ankle and a lace clip at the end to secure them at your chosen length. You can adjust as needed or just set it once and leave it alone. These laces can be transferred among different shoes and should work for most standard brands.

Customers seem to be thrilled with the product, writing, “These laces give a nice but not overbearing tension on the shoes which keeps them on and tight but not too much to cause them to dig in.” They are popular among parents, runners, and those with injuries or limited mobility. We think they are a great option for occasional use in low-stress settings.


  • Very affordable
  • Bright colors provide extra visibility in dark settings
  • A favorite among customers and reviewers


  • Adjustment grip is larger than others and can look bulky on some shoes
  • Some concern over their endurance given the extremely low cost

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Best Budget Reflective No-Tie Laces

8. Stout Gears No-Tie Shoelaces Lock System

Stout Gears no-tie shoelaces are a great option for anyone who occasionally runs at night or early morning and appreciates a bit of extra visibility. The no-tie features of this product are comparable to others on our list, utilizing a one-spot adjustment point at the ankle and a lace clip near the toe. The material is less absorbent than standard cotton laces.They are quick to dry and less prone to germ collection.

The elastic provides adequate stretch and flexibility, and we found no discomfort during our tests. The laces are easy to install and adjust, with no surprises or mishaps. We think these make a great choice for anyone on a budget who would like to cut shoe-tying out of their daily routine.

The reason these are not listed as our Best Reflective laces overall is simply that they do not offer as much reflective surface as the Nathan laces. The visibility on these laces is more subtle, allowing them to be more appropriate for day use. However, you should make sure to have other modes of visibility while running in darkness, such as a reflective vest or headlamp.


  • Very affordable for those on a budget
  • Multiple color options available
  • Solid construction and design features
  • Fits most major shoe brands with standard-sized eyelet holes


  • Not as reflective as other brands, but suitable as a backup option
  • Some users reported that the adjustment button required a strong grip to use

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Final Thoughts

If you are new to no-tie shoelaces, we guarantee you will be impressed by your first pair. The products outlined above represent the best of the best currently on the market and showcase a wide range of styles and uses. You can find no-tie shoelaces designed to meet specific athletic needs or to accommodate mobility issues and everything in between.

Our picks were chosen with care and attention so that you don’t have to pore through hundreds of options to find what suits you best. Each pair was researched and reviewed for overall quality and best-use features. We think everyone should be able to find a pair of these laces that suits them perfectly.

Whether you are an avid runner, a frustrated parent, or just looking for an easy shoe solution, you will not be disappointed with your no-tie shoelaces. While knowing how to tie shoes is important, there’s no need to do it multiple times a day. Buy some of the no-tie shoelaces listed above and you’ll become an immediate no-tie convert.

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