Best No-Tie Shoelaces in 2024


No-tie shoelaces might be a small part of your running gear, but they can make a huge difference in your training.

Besides eliminating the risks from laces coming untied, they make it easy to quickly take your shoes on and off. And if you are buying them for kids, they make wearing shoes much less of a struggle.

There are two main types of no-tie shoelaces that you should be familiar with before reading our reviews: Bungee-style and individual lace-up.

The bungees are elastic and end with a closure tab to tighten and release for the best fit possible. Individual lace-ups come with a separate piece per eyelet, held in place by silicone grips that can be adjusted if needed.

We spent time researching the various no-tie shoelaces options on the market today and put together our top picks for each category.

Our first choice would be the Lock Laces Original. They have a durable locking mechanism to keep them in place, come in various colors, and are water-resistant.

Keep reading to learn more about our choices and decide which style will be best for you.


Top 3 Best and Favorites


Lock Laces Original


  • One-size-fits-all
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to adjust
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Yankz! Sure Lace System


  • 2 points of adjustment
  • Fits every major shoe brand
  • Budget-friendly
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Nathan Reflective Run Laces


  • Extra-tight clip grips
  • Highly reflective striping
  • Quick installation
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Best for Runners

1. Lock Laces Original

Lock Laces may have a simple design, but they work exceptionally well for runners and triathletes. They come in many different colors to match most styles of shoes.

What We Like

Lock Laces are straightforward and inconspicuous. They are an excellent choice for runners, as they’re highly effective at locking your feet in your running shoes.

The durable locking mechanism is intuitive to use. The stretchy elasticated laces hold your feet in but have enough give to be comfortable.

Just keep in mind that if you aren’t used to the shape and elasticity, it may take you a few runs to get used to the feel.

You cut them to the perfect length, so excess lacing doesn’t flop around your shoes. Just don’t cut them too short or they will slip out of the locking mechanism.

They are also water-resistant, so you can run in the rain with your laces getting soggy or heavy. Lock laces are also straightforward to install, making it simple to swap between shoes.

Why We Like It

Lock Laces are very easy to use and highly effective at locking your foot down in your running shoes. You will be able to run and not worry about your laces coming undone as you go.


  • Durable locking clamp keeps the laces in place
  • Trim the extra length off for a perfect fit
  • Elasticated laces are water-resistant
  • Available in a variety of colors


  • These shoelaces may take some time to break-in

Top for Triathletes

2. Yankz! Sure Lace System

The Yankz! Sure Lace System is highly recommended for triathletes who need to put on their shoes quickly during the T2 transition.

What We Like

Yankz make getting your running shoes on and off a breeze. And their durability makes them highly recommended for triathletes who want a pair that won’t break mid-race.

The elasticated laces stretch with your foot, allowing you to get them on and off without worrying about lacing them up.

The unique double-lock system helps you get a good lockdown on your feet to keep your shoes securely laced up.

With a lock at the top of the foot and one b your toes, you can get a much more customizable fit. It also helps to distribute the pressure evenly across your foot, reducing hotspots.

Why We Like It

These made-in-USA shoes are perfect for triathletes as they’re adjustable and provide a great lockdown. The company also serves the local community in Atlanta, Georgia, with employment and sponsorship opportunities.


  • Double lock system maintains pressure and tightness you set it to
  • Laces stretch and move with your foot
  • Installation video provided
  • Made in America


  • Installing these laces can be a bit complicated

Best Reflective

3. Nathan Reflective Run Laces

The Nathan Reflective Run Laces add visibility and safety on the road while providing a no-tie fit.

What We Like

These elastic laces are flexible and stretchy enough to turn any pair of shoes into an easy slip-on.

Plus, multiple reflective details on the laces catch the light and make you more visible to passing motorists while running in low-light conditions.

The stretchy nature of these laces allows you to get a good, tight fit on your feet, but still slip them off easily when you need to.

You only need to get them to the ideal tightness once before locking them in.

We suggest walking in them for a few days to ensure they’re comfortable. Once you’re sure, you can trim the excess lace off for a more aesthetic look.

Why We Like It

These no-tie shoelaces are easy to use, convenient, and highly reflective, adding an extra element of safety and visibility to your evening or early morning runs.


  • Made from flexible, stretchy material with reflective detailing
  • Great degree of tightness while allowing you to slip your shoes on and off
  • Trim the laces to fit your needs
  • Easy to adjust the tension of the laces if needed


  • It can be challenging to get the ends of the laces into the clip when installing them for the first time

Top Value

4. Udaily No-Tie Shoelaces

These shoelaces are handy for turning any shoe into a slip-on, and they’re also quite affordable. They’re suitable for adults and children.

What We Like

These no-tie laces are simple, easy, and affordable.

They come in either 2 or 4 in a pack. With universal sizing, you can even split the pack between the entire family!

They are easy to add to your shoes and tighten to your preference. They do a good job of distributing pressure evenly across your foot, to reduce hotspots.

At 47.2 inches long, you can easily cut these to size after they’re in your shoe, although we recommend walking around for a bit to make sure the fit is right before trimming.

Keep in mind that these no-tie laces may be less durable than others. Although you get 4 pairs in a pack, so it’s still a great value.

Why We Like It

These no-tie shoelaces are easy to install, adjust, and slip on and off. They come 4 in a pack and are affordable, so they’re a great choice if you’re considering no-tie laces for the first time.


  • Easy to install and adjust
  • Made in one size and can be used in a variety of shoes
  • Distributes pressure evenly across your foot
  • You’re able to swap them over to a new shoe


  • These laces may be less durable than others

Best for Seniors

5. Hickies Laces

The Hickies Laces are unique in that they aren’t actual laces. Instead, they’re small rubber clips that hold your shoe closed and turn it into an easy and convenient slip-on.

What We Like

These laces are unique and innovative. Unlike the rest, they aren’t string laces, but instead are small rubber clips that run through a set of eyelets and fold over on themselves to close.

To get your foot in and out of the shoe, the rubber stretches easily and returns to its original shape after you put it on.

This allows them to be used on almost all shapes and sizes of feet. Once they’ve been put on a pair of shoes, there’s no need to adjust them as they move with the foot.

They come in many different colors. You can even mix and match different colors on the same pair of shoes. There are also multiple ways of lacing your shoes with them to get the ideal fit.

Hickies are less adjustable than other no-tie laces, so they’re best for seniors or others who don’t need a snug fit.

Why We Like It

These no-tie rubber laces are innovative and easy to use. They’re ideal for seniors or those with disabilities who struggle with tying and untying laces, and the exciting colors add an element of fun.


  • Multiple ways of lacing your shoes to get the perfect fit
  • Stretchy rubber moves with your foot
  • Create your own color combinations
  • Can be used on shoes that accommodate wide feet


  • Less adjustable than other laces
  • May cause pain for those with a high instep

Top No-Tie Laces for Converse

6. Xpand Lacing System

These no-tie laces look very similar to traditional laces. They have a flat design which makes them ideal for sneakers like Converse.

What We Like

These flat elasticated laces are ideal for Converse. If you wear them in “stealth mode” without the Lace Anchor clips showing, they look like the originals.

You can also wear them in normal mode, where you can see the Lace Anchors on the ends of the laces.

The laces are 52 inches, and they can stretch to double that! That makes them suitable for both low-top and high-top Converse. You can simply trim the leftover, just make sure to break them in first.

They come in over 40 different colors. Whatever Converse you have, you can find the best no-tie shoelaces for that exact pair!

You should note that they can be used in other shoes as well. They are slightly expensive but still worth the price for the convenience.

Why We Like It

These shoelaces are flat, look traditional, and are very easy to use. The two different usage modes also add versatility.


  • Laces are kept in place with the patented Lace Anchor
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Flat, stretchy design makes them compatible with most shoes
  • Lets you easily slip into your shoes


  • These laces are a little expensive

Best No-Tie Laces for Kids

7. Silly Feet No Tie Shoelaces

These no-tie laces are cute and kids will love the curly personality these shoelaces bring to their shoes! They’re also extra safe for kids to wear.

What We Like

The Silly Feet No-Tie Shoelaces are excellent for kids who haven’t yet learned how to tie their shoelaces. It lets them put on their own shoes without waiting for mom or dad to tie their laces, making them feel more independent.

The laces are tightly curled, but straighten out when you run them through the shoes. The end pieces that stick out of the shoes stay curly and out of the way, so they look cute but don’t become a tripping hazard.

These laces are made of elastic material and can stretch up to 32 inches in length. It’s highly durable and not easy to break, although they do come in a pack of 10 for kids who are hard on their shoes.

You can choose from neon or pastel colors so your child looks adorable whenever they are wearing their shoes.

Why We Like It

These laces are fun, cute, and come in multiple colors that suit all genders. Your kids will love the fun element and you’ll find it easier to get the kids dressed in the mornings!


  • Made from durable, thick elastic that can stretch up to 32 inches
  • Come in a pack of 10 pairs
  • Available in funky neon or pastel colors
  • Makes it easy for the kids to put their own shoes on


  • These laces may not be long enough for kids with bigger feet

Top Budget Reflective No-Tie Laces

8. Stout Gears No-Tie Shoelaces Lock System

These no-tie laces are easy to use and convenient while also being reflective and more affordable than many others.

What We Like

These laces use a similar locking mechanism to others, with a lock button that sits on the top of the shoe around the ankle area.

Reflective detailing on the laces allows you to be seen from afar, while the price of these laces is less than what you would expect for a reflective pair.

They’re about 39 inches in length and can stretch another 10, making them suitable for most shoes.

The thick elastic material is durable, although some may have trouble fitting it through narrow eyelets on their shoes.

Why We Like It

These no-tie laces are an excellent choice if you want something easy to use, effective at keeping your shoes comfortable and snug, and helping you stay visible on the road.


  • One size fits all as it stretches to 48 inches
  • Reflective material increases visibility in low-light conditions
  • Laces are dyed using organic dye that won’t fade
  • Can be swapped over to a different shoe


  • Stiff button may not be suitable for children

Buyer’s Guide – No-Tie Shoelaces

Why Use No-Tie Laces?

No-tie shoelaces are easy to use and convenient. They’re perfect for runners who want a quick way to lace up with less chance of their laces coming undone.

They are also great for triathletes who need to lace up quickly between legs. Kids who haven’t learned to tie their laces appreciate shoes they can put on themselves.

And elderly or people with disabilities who can’t bend for long enough to tie their laces will also appreciate no-tie laces.

Features to Look For:

Locking Mechanism

The best no-tie shoelaces will have a high-quality locking mechanism. It should be durable and hold the laces tightly in place when locked. But it must also be easy and quick to use.

Lace Elasticity

Most no-tie shoelaces have some stretchiness, which makes them easier to get on and off.

However, keep in mind that the stretch may prevent you from getting a tight, stable lockdown on your feet.

If you want to use no-tie laces for running or triathlons, you may want to consider a less stretchy pair.


The no-tie laces you choose should be made of high-quality, durable material.

Although your laces are a small part of your shoe, they undergo wear and tear, and you don’t want them to break while you’re wearing them.


You can find no-tie shoelaces in several different styles, colors, and even shapes. Choose something that works for you practically and reflects your style.


Are No-Tie Laces Good?

No-tie shoelaces are very convenient for creating a pair of slip-on shoes out of your casual sneakers.

They’re also an excellent choice for those who may not be able to tie their own laces, whether it’s due to being too young, not being able to bend for long enough, or even having arthritis in the fingers.

However, if you’re a competitive athlete, you may need to shop around for higher-quality no-tie shoelaces to ensure that you can still get a good lockdown.

Why Are No-Tie Shoelaces Good for Triathletes?

Triathletes favor no-tie shoelaces as getting shoes on and off can save them precious seconds.

Rather than untying and retying laces, they simply need to slip their feet out of one pair and into another.

Why Are No-Tie Shoelaces Good for Kids?

Before kids can tie their own shoelaces, using a pair of no-tie shoelaces can help them have some independence as they don’t need an adult to help them with their shoes.

Why Are No-Tie Shoelaces Good for Older or People With Disabilities?

No-tie shoelaces are excellent for senior citizens and those with disabilities.

No-tie shoelaces allow you to stay active and live life without the worry of shoelaces coming untied, and without needing to bend over for long periods of time to tie them when you put your shoes on.

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