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Best Nike Running Pants And Tights For Men in 2023


Nike’s products are exceptional, across the board. Their use of pro-athlete feedback to help design high-tech, high-performance gear doesn’t stop at running shoes. Their apparel is also the result of heavy investment of time, talent, and money in their clothing lines. And the effort pays off.

Nike running pants and tights are great pieces of apparel for any man to have in his collection. They’re designed to keep you comfortable no matter what weather you’re running in. They provide support, and can be worn alone or as a base layer underneath shorts or other pants.

Our top choice is the Nike Dri-FIT Swift Running Tights. They use Dri-FIT technology to keep you dry, they have convenient storage options, and are made with a ribbed fabric that helps to keep you cool and comfortable while you run.

Here are our top Nike running pants and tights for men.

Top 3 Best and Favorites


Nike Dri-FIT Swift Running Tights


  • Strategically placed perforated details
  • Built-in liner
  • Dri-FIT technology
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Nike Run Thermal Tights


  • Brushed back knit
  • Adaptable center-back pocket
  • Elongated ankle zips
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Nike Therma Essential Pants


  • Knit fabric on the front
  • Zonal water-repellent design
  • Reflective design elements
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Best Overall

1. Nike Dri-FIT Swift Running Tights

These shorter-style tights are great for summer runs to provide both comfortable support and ventilation.

They’ve been created with a special fabric and useful technologies using real-life feedback from a vast range of runners.

The tights are made from a ribbed material that helps air flow through it better, cooling you down as you run.

A unique perforated Flyvent waistband adds even more airflow where you need it most. The front has a drawcord so you can tighten the waistband to what feels right for you. On the back, a zippered pocket can expand to fit your phone.

There’s a small zippered pocket on each hip for storing smaller items you may need on your run. An elastic loop provides a place for you to keep a jacket or shirt if you need to take a layer off during your run.

Nike’s Dri-FIT technology wicks moisture away from your skin to keep you dry and cool, while drying your tights quickly if they become damp from running in the heat.

Other useful features: a built-in liner for extra support, and reflective details so you’ll be more visible.

Some men may not like the short length, but they are only available in one length.


  • Strategically placed perforated details
  • Built-in liner
  • Dri-FIT technology
  • Expandable center-back pocket


  • Some men may not like the short leg length

Top Thermal Tights

2. Nike Run Thermal Tights

Thermal tights can be a lifesaver in winter. A good pair can help you enjoy running on brisk mornings instead of wanting to stay in bed.

Nike Run Thermal Tights are built for warmth, and the fabric is wind and water-resistant. Whatever the weather outside, you’ll stay warm and protected.

They are made of warm knit fabric, and the backs of the legs have a brushed knit texture for extra warmth. The legs also have a DWR finish (durable water-repellent). For added comfort, the wide waistband comes with an internal drawcord for a custom fit.

You do sweat even in the coldest of conditions, so Nike Dri-FIT technology will keep you as dry as possible by moving moisture away from your skin and helping the fabric to dry quickly.

A back center pocket holds your valuables and keeps them safe from moisture and cold.

Another nice feature is the elongated ankle zips. These can be unzipped if you find yourself getting too warm and you need extra airflow. They are also helpful when it comes to getting the pants off, and make it easier to slip them over the ankles.

These tights seem to run slightly small, so you may want to consider getting a size up.


  • Wind and water-repellent fabric
  • Brushed back knit
  • Adaptable center-back pocket
  • Elongated ankle zips


  • These tights are a tight fit, so look at getting a size up

Best Thermal Pants

3. Nike Therma Essential Pants

Tights aren’t for everyone. Men especially sometimes prefer something a little looser, but still want to maintain the benefits of warmth and comfort. Given that, these pants could be your new favorite pair for winter running.

They are lightweight and feature a water-repellent finish that not only keeps you dry but keeps you warm, too. A back pocket stores a phone safely, and you won’t have to worry about your device getting wet, as it has a waterproof liner.

If you need more pocket space, there are two side pockets for you to store your keys, energy gel, or snack. When you get home and want to change your pants, the extended ankle zips make it easy to get them off.

The lower legs are tighter and shorter than average for pants, which some men may find uncomfortable.


  • Knit fabric on the front
  • Zonal water-repellent design
  • Cropped length
  • Reflective design elements


  • Some men may not like the tightness in the lower legs

Top Hybrid Design

4. Nike Run Division Hybrid Running Tights

These tights have a very modern hybrid design. Nike has designed them to have the feel and support of tights with the look and coverage of shorts. With these, you won’t have to wear a pair of shorts over your tights, because the design already includes one.

These full-length tights have a unique yarn pattern on them that helps to create more airflow, keeping you cooler. Woven material uses Dri-FIT technology to wick perspiration away and prevent you from becoming damp when you sweat.

There’s a zippered back pocket and an internal pocket for a small item like a key or a card. Reflective details on the side and back of the shorts ensure that you’re always visible.

Some men may feel that the shorts part of the design is too tight and doesn’t offer enough coverage.


  • 2-in-1 design
  • Internal pocket
  • Innovative fabric
  • Dri-FIT technology


  • Some may find that the shorts part of the hybrid pants is too tight

Best Value

5. Nike Running Tights

You don’t need a snazzy name when the performance and value say it all. Nike Running Tights are simple but do the job well. They’re made from a single type of material and fit snugly to prevent chafing as you run. The waistband is wide and sits comfortably without rubbing or riding down.

Ankle zippers allow you more space to get these tights on and off without struggling, as they are skin-tight. But the material stretches a certain amount, so you should be able to get them on comfortably and remove them easily too.

There’s a reflective Nike Swoosh on the front thigh to show motorists and other runners where you are when you’re out for a run. The only thing that some runners may not like is that the ankles might be too short in their size. You can get a size up to get the right ankle fit but then the tights may not fit as snugly.


  • Stretchy fit
  • Ankle zips for easy use
  • Reflective Swoosh
  • Wide waistband


  • The ankles may be too short

Top 3/4 Tights

6. Nike Pro 3/4 tights

If you don’t mind a three-quarter fit, then these tights could be the ones for you. They come down to the lower calf and can be worn by themselves or underneath a pair of shorts for extra support and compression.

A stretchy fit offers support where you need it most and keeps your muscles aligned as you exercise. The fabric is infused with sweat-wicking technology, so even though the fit is tight, you’ll be able to stay cool.

For even more breathability, the waistband is vented to allow air to flow more easily through it. It’s positioned higher than usual and is thicker than usual to offer more support.

Flatlock seams and a tight fit means there’s no need to worry about rubbing or chafing. A double-layered mesh pouch adds extra breathability in strategic areas to keep you as cool as possible.

These tights run small, and you may want to order a size larger to be safe.


  • Flatlock seams
  • Double-layered mesh pouch
  • Stretch fabric
  • Vented elastic waistband


  • These tights run small in size, so you may want to order a size up

Best Tights with Pockets

7. Nike Pro Basketball 3/4 tights

Because of how form-fitting they are, tights don’t always have effective pockets. This pair has a useful media pocket on the thigh. It’s a good size and has an overlapping closure that will keep your device safe even if you’re doing vigorous exercise.

With a wide waistband and skin-tight fit, these tights are great for running but also for sports that require a lot of movement. They stretch well and allow a full range of movement. For high-intensity activity, the knees are reinforced to prevent abrasion.

These tights are also lightly padded, which is helpful but may cause chafing despite the flatlock seams.


  • Form-fitting
  • Reinforced knee details
  • Media pocket on the thigh
  • Anatomical support


  • The padding inside may cause chafing

Top Yoga Tights

8. Nike Yoga Dri-FIT Tights

Yoga requires flexibility, and you need a durable and comfortable pair of tights to be able to extend fully and use your full range of motion in your practice.

These are tights made specifically for yoga, and they can withstand as much stretching and flexing as you can do.

The material is Nike Infinalon, which is very soft, smooth, and stretchy to provide comfort and support. It also provides light compression to keep good blood flow to the muscles while you’re exercising.

Dri-FIT technology in the fabric wicks moisture away so you can continue with your yoga without feeling sweaty or damp.

There’s a small pocket on the side to store your valuables. The waistband is thin and higher than average to offer some core and lower back support. There is a drawcord to tighten it to your preference, but some may find that it folds over while they’re busy exercising.


  • Made from Nike Infinalon fabric
  • Flat waistband
  • Gentle compressive feel
  • Flat seams


  • Some people may find that the waistband folds over during an activity



Why is it beneficial to run/workout in tights or pants?

Running in tights or pants has a number of benefits, and provides a number of functions other than just keeping you comfortable during your run. Most tights are made from materials that come with UV protection to protect you from the harmful rays of the sun.

On colder days, your tights can help keep you warm by insulating your body heat—especially during the winter months— as they can be made with either thermal or insulating fabrics. Tights are often made with wind and water-repellent fabric which helps to keep you warm during your run.

Innovative fabrics will also draw moisture away from your skin and allow it to evaporate quickly. This helps to regulate your body temperature and keep you comfortable while you run. Running tights often have reflective detailing that helps to make you visible when you run in low light conditions.

The material also has enough stretch so that it moves with your body so your movements aren’t restricted. Most tights are constructed with flat seams, which helps to reduce friction and chafing.

Running tights can have elastic panels that support specific muscles in the legs while you run. You may find that your tights offer enough support that they seem to double as compression tights, which can help improve muscle recovery times. Some tights even do actually double as compression gear.

Another benefit of wearing tights is that they have pockets that are located in convenient places, and they usually keep your phone or keys from bouncing around while you run.

What materials are tights/pants made with?

Running tights may not be made from just one material. More often than not, the fabrics are a blend of polyester, nylon, and elastane.

Synthetic materials like polyester, nylon, and polypropylene are better at keeping you comfortable while you run, no matter what the weather may be outside.

Polypropylene has gained popularity in running gear, especially for base-layers. This fiber makes fabrics with great water-resistant properties. It’s also super-efficient at wicking moisture away from the skin while remaining dry to the touch.

Nylon is another popular fabric that’s found in most running gear. It’s very breathable, draws moisture away from the skin, dries quickly, and has four-way stretch. This not only keeps you dry and comfortable when you run, but the fabric moves with your body, giving you a more comfortable ride.

People who are concerned with synthetic fabrics and micro-plastic pollution can opt for natural-fiber tights. Merino wool is a natural product, and it’s great for running in both cold and hot weather. Merino regulates your temperature, remains breathable, and removes moisture on the skin, keeping you dry.

The fiber is also naturally antibacterial, so you don’t have to worry about odors. It’s usually combined with spandex, which helps it to keep its shape and provides stretch.

Really, all of the above materials can all be blended with spandex to create material with flexible and stretchy properties. You’ll be able to go through your workouts without having to worry about restrictions on your movement, and even after multiple washes, your clothing will retain its shape.

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