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Best Nike Running Jackets in 2023


Nike is one of the best known brands in the world, both inside the sports industry and outside. And for good reason. They produce some of the best athletic apparel, from shoes to shorts to jackets.

The best of the best in many many sports wear Nike gear and use it to win championships, set records, and look great doing it. Everybody recognizes that telltale swoosh!

If you live in an area with a cooler climate, you may need a running jacket. Although your feet are the most important thing to protect when you run, it’s also important to protect your core. A good jacket is an indispensable piece of kit.

We’ve chosen the Nike Run Division jacket as our top choice, as it’s made from a weather-resistant material, has strategically placed vents for airflow, and comes with built-in mittens.

Let’s have a look at the rest of the options so you can choose for yourself.

Top 3 Best and Favourites


Nike Run Division Jacket


  • Weather-resistant fabric
  • Strategically placed vents
  • Built-in mittens


Nike Windrunner Jacket


  • Water-resistant finish
  • Breathable mesh lining
  • Ribbed sleeve cuffs


Nike Flash Run Division Jacket


  • Reflective design elements
  • 3-panel hood
  • Built-in mittens

Best Cold Weather Jacket

1. Nike Run Division Jacket

The Run Division jacket is a great product, although it’s important to know that the men’s and women’s jackets have some noticeable differences.

This isn’t a problem, but you may find that one has a feature you like, and be surprised when you order yours and it looks different.

They are similar in certain ways. Both are made of weather-resistant fabric that should keep you safe from water and wind. They also both have strategically-placed air vents in various places across the jacket that you can open and close with zips, so you have a certain amount of control over how warm or cool you feel.

Both the men’s and women’s have reflective detailing, which is an essential safety feature when you’re running in low light conditions. And both are made from polyester.

The men’s jacket has a slightly longer back than the front, for extra coverage in cold weather. The hood has a slight peak on it, which helps to shield the face from rain or snow. The women’s jacket is the same length front and back. It also has a hood without a peak, but with a drawstring for a tighter closed fit. On both, mittens that cover the whole hand are hidden just inside the sleeves.

You’ll have plenty of space for valuables, with two front pockets and two chest pockets.

Both the men’s and the women’s are high-quality, but some people may prefer the features on the opposite gender’s model.


  • Weather-resistant fabric
  • Strategically placed vents
  • Built-in mittens
  • Reflective detailing


  • The men’s and women’s jackets have different features and some may prefer the opposite model

Top Windbreaker and Lightweight Jacket

2. Nike Windrunner Jacket

If you’re a lifelong Nike fan, you might recognize that this jacket is a throwback to the original Windrunner from 1978.

The look is old-school, but the tech is fully updated and modern. The latest model is a high-quality piece of apparel and we’ve chosen it as the top lightweight windbreaker.

It has a full-length front zipper that zips up to under the chin for the best coverage. A drawstring allows you to close it even tighter around your face for keeping the wind and rain out as much as possible.

The outer finish of the jacket is water and wind-resistant, keeping you warm and dry in all kinds of weather. But it’s lightweight enough to be taken with you as an everyday jacket, too. Despite its water-resistant outer, the inner mesh lining is very breathable, so you won’t overheat while wearing it.

Like the original 1978 design, this one has ribbed cuffs and an eye-catching chevron chest design.

The Windrunner is designed to be spacious, so if you want something more fitted you should order a smaller size than your usual.


  • Water-resistant finish
  • Breathable mesh lining
  • Ribbed sleeve cuffs
  • Iconic chevron design


  • The jacket is a large fit and you may have to order a size smaller

Best Reflective Jacket

3. Nike Flash Run Division Jacket

If you’re going to be running in the dark or during twilight, having some reflective elements on your jacket is important.

In this case, the jacket serves a dual purpose—keeping you warm if you’re running at night or in the cold, and making you more visible to motorists and other runners.

This is another jacket where the men’s and women’s jackets are noticeably different. The biggest difference is in the reflective design elements.

On the women’s jacket, the reflective areas are large rectangular pieces of material that run along the arms and hood. This is one of the most reflective jackets, and you won’t be missed on the road.

On the men’s jacket, the reflective detailing is different. The lower half of the jacket is covered in fine lines in a spiderweb-like pattern. These are reflective, and while they do work well, they are much less noticeable than the reflective areas on the women’s. On both, the Nike Swoosh and the name of the jacket are also reflective.

Both jackets are made of water-resistant fabric and have zippered air vents that open and close easily to let more or less air in. They also have 2 zippered pockets for storing items or just keeping your hands warm.

The men’s jacket has fold-away mittens in the sleeves, which the women’s doesn’t. Both men’s and women’s have a longer back hem than front, for full coverage.


  • Reflective design elements
  • 3-panel hood
  • 2 lined, zipped pockets
  • Built-in mittens


  • Gender-specific elements may not be suitable for everyone

Top Warm Weather Rain Jacket

4. Nike Blue Ribbon Sports

Just because you live in a warm place doesn’t mean you don’t need to invest in a high-quality jacket. Sometimes, the weather is warm but wet, and you still need something to protect you from the elements but keep you cool at the same time.

The Blue Ribbon Sports jacket is lightweight, water-repellent, and wind-resistant. But it’s also breathable, with underarm vents and a back vent to keep the air flowing through. The 2-way zip also helps with airflow, keeping the jacket secure while you’re running but providing more ventilation.

If you need to go for a run in warm weather, this jacket won’t weigh you down or trap heat inside of it.

You might even forget you’re wearing it, as it’s so light. If it gets warm enough that you need to remove it, it packs into its own pocket, and you can store the small packed version in a bag easily.


  • 2-way zipper
  • Underarm and back vents
  • Packs down to a small size
  • Water-repellent fabric


  • Some might feel that it’s flimsy because it’s so light

Best Cool Weather Rain Jacket

5. Nike Essential Run Division Flash Jacket

Sometimes you just need an extra layer to keep the cool air out while being light enough to not be bulky. This minimalist jacket design is great for cool weather but isn’t too heavy.

Both the men’s and women’s designs are simple, with just a few reflective details on them. The fabrics are water-repellent, which means you can run in rain or snow without worrying about getting cold or wet.

The men’s jacket is a straight hem at the bottom, while the women’s has a contoured hem that is longer at the back than the front.

It is light enough to be a good top layer and keeps the weather out without getting in the way of your run.


  • Weather-resistant fabric
  • Strategically placed vents
  • Minimalist design
  • Side pockets


  • The hood may not be deep enough for women with tied-up hair to wear comfortably

Top Lightweight Winter Jacket

6. Nike Aerolayer Jacket

Running in winter can be difficult when you have layer upon layer of clothes to keep you warm. Sometimes you can feel like the Michelin man with all that extra fabric on you!

These jackets are made to be warm but lightweight, so you can stay warm without sacrificing comfort. A “quilting” design makes the jacket quite plush, and although the pattern is different on the men’s and women’s, it serves the same purpose.

It uses Nike Aerolayer Technology to keep you insulated. A water-resistant shell, followed by a light layer of insulation, ending off with an inner lining keeps body heat in and warms you from the inside out.

The polyester shell is designed with voids in it, to allow for good airflow so that you won’t overheat, but stay just warm enough.

The ladies’ jacket has a high neck to keep you as warm as possible while still allowing space for a ponytail. Some women may find that the lack of a hood is a problem for them. The men’s has a hood.

These jackets tend to run small, and it would be a good idea to order a size bigger than you usually do.


  • Nike AeroLayer technology
  • Zipped side pockets
  • Water-resistant shell
  • Made from lightweight woven fabric


  • These jackets can run small and you may have to order a size up from your regular size
  • No hood on the women’s design

Best Lightweight Hoodie

7. Nike Dri-FIT Hoodie

If you need a hoodie that will take the chill away but not be heavy on you, then the Dri-FIT could be the one for you.

It’s made from a soft and comfortable material, so whatever activity you’re doing, it will move and stretch with you and stay comfortable with your movements. It’s also sweat-wicking, so whether you’re wearing it for running, yoga, or other types of cross-training, it should keep you dry and cool.

The jacket is designed for light, low-impact activities like yoga that require a lot of movement within the jacket. It’s for this reason that you may notice the shoulders don’t fit like other jackets. The seams are placed slightly differently, to accommodate specific movements.

An oversized hood keeps you safe from the elements and also falls nicely out of the way while you’re doing yoga poses or reps in the gym. Simple front pockets can carry your valuables, but they aren’t zippered.

This jacket runs on the larger side. Order down a size if you’re looking for something more form-fitting.


  • Made from soft, sweat-wicking fabric
  • Relaxed fit
  • Side pockets
  • Oversized hoodie


  • These hoodies can run on the bigger size and you may have to go a size smaller for a comfortable fit


Why do you need a running jacket?

A running jacket will protect you against cold, rain, wind, and even snow when you’re out running. Usually, they are made from water-resistant material that will keep you dry even when it’s wet out.

Jackets come in a variety of weights. You can get everything from a lightweight running jackets that will just take the chill away on cool evenings, to heavier winter jackets that will keep you insulated in the cold without weighing you down.

If you want extra protection for the head, choose a running jacket with a hood. Most running jackets also have reflective elements on them as a safety feature for running in low light.

You will also be able to carry small items with you in the pockets if you need to. Running jackets are good for warming up in, to get the blood flowing.

What are the different jacket styles?

Running jackets come in many styles and the one you choose depends on your preferences and what you need it for.

A light jacket is just as it sounds. It is a lightweight, thin garment that is usually used in cool weather or sometimes in warm weather just to keep the elements away.

Windbreakers are usually made with a wind-resistant fabric and have elasticated cuffs and waistbands, and a hood that can be closed tightly with a drawstring. They allow very little space for breezes to get in.

A vest or gilet is a sleeveless jacket. These are good for keeping the chest and core warm, and the lack of sleeves means that the airflow is quite good and your chances of overheating are low.

Rain jackets are made from water-resistant material and are often slightly longer than other jackets. Many rain jackets these days are made from fabrics that are also breathable, like Gore-Tex.

Hoodies are light and soft jackets – some might say sweathshirts – that have a hood. They are built for comfort more than protection.

A winter jacket is designed to keep you warm even in the coldest of conditions. These jackets are insulated and are often also water and wind-resistant. Most of them have hoods, and some even feature built-in mittens or balaclavas.

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