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Best Nike Hats for Runners in 2023


The best running hats are lightweight, breathable, and provide protection from sun, rain, and other elements. One of the best known running brands – Nike – has some great caps ideal for runners.

We tested and reviewed their hats and we found the best ones for runners. Our top pick for is the Nike Featherlight Cap.

But Nike has plenty of hats to offer, so you can be sure to find your perfect match. Here is how the list breaks down…

Top 3 Best and Favorites


Nike Featherlight Cap


  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Super breathable
  • Dries quickly after workouts
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Nike AeroBill Legacy91


  • Holds its original shape
  • Breathable and light
  • Machine washable
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Nike Women’s Aerobill Cap


  • Breathable and light
  • Material designed to remove moisture
  • Great for long runs
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Best Overall


1. Nike AeroBill Featherlight Running Cap

Once you wear this hat once on a run, you will have no questions about why it’s our top choice.

It is made from recycled polyester and includes a built-in sweatband – perfect for keeping sweat away from your eyes during a run. It is also super breathable to help you keep cool.

The hat dries out quickly. That way you can easily store it without worrying about the moisture getting on your other items.

Overall, the Nike Featherlight Cap does a wonderful job of keeping your head dry and comfortable during a run.


  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Breathable and perfect for keeping you dry
  • Dries quickly after workouts
  • Good value for the cost


  • Not as durable as previous version

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Best Men’s Nike Hat


2. Nike AeroBill Legacy91

This hat is also pretty light, although not as light as the Featherlight Cap. One of its best features is its durabilty – it will keep its shape for years. Even after putting it through the washing machine a few times, it will still retain its original shape.

Since it is so durable, it should be able to withstand any activities you find yourself getting into. The breathable materials also help with moisture and keep sweat from running into your eyes.

The band on the back can be adjusted to many sizes. So, if you have a smaller head, you won’t need to worry about it flying off during your run.

The bill on the hat seems to have the most issues. It is not as thick as many runners prefer and is not as sturdy in the middle as it is on the sides. The stitching on the band may also be a weak point, as it started to fray quickly.


  • Holds its original shape
  • Breathable and light
  • Many options for sizes


  • Bill is not sturdy enough
  • Weak stitching on the size band

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Best Women’s Nike Hat


3. Nike Women’s Aerobill Cap

This hat is also designed with breathable materials that aid in removing moisture.

Like the man’s version, this cap also comes with a built-in sweatband- making it a great choice for heavy sweaters. The lightweight of the cap also makes it perfect for long runs, you will barely notice that you are wearing it.

On the other hand, this product tends to run small. If you have a larger head, the fit might feel too tight. The band can only be adjusted so much, so be sure to check the sizing before you make any final purchases.


  • Breathable and light
  • Material designed to remove moisture
  • Great for long runs


  • Tends to run small
  • Adjustable band still might not make it fit

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Best Women’s Lightweight Cap


4. Nike Dri-FIT Aerobill Featherlight

This hat utilizes Nike’s Dri-FIT technology to manage sweat. This feature helps keep your head dry and is great at keeping moisture from dripping into your eyes. These colorful hats also resist fading, so you can expect the color to hold for years to come.

This is a quality women’s cap, plus, it’s quite durable. The only negative aspect of this product is the price, which is a little on the higher side for a hat. However, this should be a one-time purchase, as it will last you a while.

Finally, as its name might suggest, it is lightweight and comfortable. This feature is especially great for runners, as it will not put a lot of pressure on your head.


  • Dri-FIT technology
  • Fade-resistant
  • Handles moisture well
  • Lightweight


  • On the expensive side for a Nike product

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Best Kid’s Nike Hat

5. Nike H86 Cap Futura

This hat features 6-panel construction, so it will hold its shape no matter how rough your child is with it. It also offers interior tapping to increase its durability and keep it stable on an active child’s head.

It is easy to see how a durable hat would be our best pick for children- they tend to be rougher on their headwear, so they need a hat that will hold together better. Plus, this hat has an amazing value for its price.

However, this hat does tend to run smaller than the listed size. This is not a problem for toddlers, as it usually makes them fit better. But, with older children, the cap might not fit as intended.


  • Durable
  • Stable on child’s head
  • Great value
  • Comes in many colors


  • Tends to be smaller than expected

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Best Nike Visor


6. Nike Aerobill Featherlight Visor

Sometimes, a visor feels better on a long run than a hat.

Its long bill will provide you protection from the sun, and also help you see better. This visor is easily adjustable and the long band makes it fit many different sizes of heads.

It’s a great option if you want to keep the sun out of your eyes. Construction from breathable materials will keep moisture away as well.

It will not stop sweat from running down your face like the other hats with sweatbands on this list, but its open top can help keep you from sweating a lot in the first place.

The Featherlight Visor is also perfect for women who prefer to wear their hair in high ponytails or buns while exercising- closed caps will not have enough room for you to wear them on top of your head.


  • Very breathable and light
  • Keeps the sun out of your eyes
  • Fits many head sizes
  • Room for more hairstyles


  • Not the best at catching dripping sweat

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Best Winter Beanie


7. Nike Run Crew Radar Beanie

This piece of headwear is great for runs when it is cold outside. It is breathable and uses Dri-FIT technology to help keep moisture off of your head. Many people also prefer the knitted look this hat has to offer.

The Run Crew Radar beanie is made from a stretchy material that makes it conform to the shape of your head easier. You can be sure that this feature will help keep the beanie stable on your head during a run.

However, a beanie will not keep your head as dry during rain as a hat will. Water can soak through the knitted materials easier than polyester, which is the case with this beanie as well.

Still, the added brim is great for blocking out the sun and the beanie is comfortable and will help keep sweat from running down your face.


  • Breathable and uses Dri-FIT
  • Best for colder months
  • Knitted appearance


  • Does little to keep out rain
  • Not a lot of room for longer hair- no gaps for ponytails

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Buyers Guide

Before you determine which Nike hat would best suit your needs, you should know what criteria we used to assess them. That way, it can make the shopping process a little easier for you.

What to Look for in a Running Cap

Lightweight, Breathable Material

First, you want to be sure that the material is breathable. Otherwise, heat will build up between your head and the hat, causing you to sweat much more than you would without it.

Many Nike products feature mesh or other light materials that your skin can breathe through. It is easy to spot- simply look for gaps or holes in the top of the hat.


Many of Nike’s athletic hats also are made from moisture-wicking materials. These add to the breathability of the hat, but also absorb sweat before it becomes a problem for you. This material also dries out quickly.

For example, the Best Overall Hat includes features that help the hat dry out faster than other hats- this would be moisture-wicking. It is extremely useful for joggers.

Long Bill

You also want to be sure that the bill is long enough to keep the rain out of your eyes. If you frequently run outside, you will likely be caught in a storm at some point. So, you want to be sure that the bill is long enough to protect you on your run back home.

What to Look for in a Winter Beanie


Just like the caps, you want your winter beanie to be made from a moisture-wicking material. You will sweat during the cold months too, so materials that handle moisture well are important. Your hair can freeze if it is drenched in sweat during the winter, so moisture-wicking is crucial for running outside year-round.

Stretchy Fabric

Stretchy fabric is also important in a beanie. That way, the hat will conform to your head and you will not be constantly adjusting it. Knitted fabrics are on the stretchier side by default, but Nike tends to enhance this feature when they add breathable materials to the beanie.


What is Nike’s Dri-FIT?

Dri-FIT is the technology Nike uses to keep you dry. It is made from a unique polyester fabric that is made to be super breathable and handle a lot of moisture. You will only find this feature in Nike products and it will help you stay comfortable during intense workout sessions.

How do I safely wash my Nike hat?

You will want to be sure that you use only cold water. You can either hand wash it or put it in your washing machine. If you use the machine, be sure to flip the hat inside out and use a powder detergent.

Alternatively, you could add detergent to a sink and soak the hat for half an hour. You will want to let it air dry afterward- and be sure not to squeeze excess water out of the hat, as this could damage it.

How do I find my hat size?

You will need to take a measuring tape and wrap it around your head, about an inch above your eyebrows. Once you have the circumference of your head, you will be able to find your hat size. Nike has a helpful chart available that you can use for their products.

Do Nike hats contain any hazardous materials?

No, you will be safe with this brand. They use a restricted substance list to track and keep harmful chemicals away from their products. Nike has stated that they embrace green chemistry and make the products out of materials that are safe for the environment.

Is a Nike hat worth buying?

Yes! A Nike hat will last you a long time. They are durable, easy to clean, and can hold their shape and color for many years. It is worth buying one since you can be sure that the quality materials will hold up under a lot of stress. Even with a higher price tag, they are worth it.

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