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Best New Balance Running Shoes in 2023


If you’re looking into buying a new pair of running shoes, you’ve probably thought of Adidas, ASICS, and Nike, These major brands have big-name sponsored athletes and have their logos emblazoned on marquee events. But there are other brands out there, with shoes that just might be a better fit for you. One such brand is New Balance. I have several friends who swear by them, and you’ll definitely get a decent running shoe. In fact, my current running shoes are New Balance.

We’ve done the research so you don’t have to. A number of New Balance running shoes might meet your needs, so we’ll make recommendations in a few popular categories. Depending on your needs, we’ll be able to tell you the New Balance running shoe that is going to be best for you!

We’ve included links to both Amazon and New Balance to accommodate your online shopping preferences. Pro-tip: you’ll often find a better selection and price on New Balance’s website.

Best Everyday Trainer

1. 880v13

If you liked the New Balance 880v12, you’ll love the v13. The v13 update is quite similar to last year’s version, so the upgrade should be seamless; however, you’ll love the new additions. Some minor updates to the v13’s upper make the shoe that much more breathable, so you’ll experience an even more comfortable run.

You’ll get a great fit and feel with the 880v13. There isn’t any excessive stitching, which reduces the likelihood of discomfort and blisters. You’ll have soft—but not too soft—cushioning that assists with energy return during long runs. The v13 keeps your foot securely locked down without being too tight, and it’s a great gym shoe that isn’t too high off the ground.

The TruFuse midsole foam provides the trifecta of cushioning, durability, and responsiveness and is designed with many miles in mind. In the end, the 880v13 is dynamic thanks to the flexibility of the outsole, breathable due to the mesh, and resilient due to the energy return from the TruFuse.


  • Good value for the price
  • Wide-width variant for those who need a more specialized shoe
  • Smooth yet snappy transition through gait cycle
  • Wide toe box


  • Can run small
  • Some issues with breathability



Best Trainer for Flat Feet

2. 860v9

The New Balance 860v9 brings comfort and stability to a new level. Thanks to the medial dual-density post joined to the supportive upper, your feet will be secure, and you’ll have flexibility. And the TruFuse midsole gives you consistent cushioning that is soft, but not too soft, with responsive foam.

You’ll be able to go the distance and feel comfortable mile after mile thanks to the reliable midsole and upper. Plus, the engineered mesh on the upper will give you a fit that is lightweight, breathable, and allows for freedom of movement. You can even use this shoe for marathons, and it will be stable without becoming uncomfortable.

Made for runners with normal-to-low arches, the 860v9 is a support shoe that is great for moderate over-pronation. It’s not a high-mileage shoe, and if you are running more than 40 miles per week, it’s not ideal. But given its support functions, the v9 might be eligible for Medicare reimbursement, which is an added perk if you fit in this category.


  • Excellent running shoes
  • High stability shoe
  • Super cushioned but not clunky and heavy


  • Discoloring socks (the ink used on the heel/underside of the tongue can stain your socks, especially if they get wet)
  • Tight in the instep

Most Cushioned

3. 1080v9

With the New Balance Fresh Foam 1080v9, you’ll get maximum cushioning for the best run or the toughest workout. The full-length Fresh Foam midsole is soft but with a secure fit that makes you feel stable as you run.

Plus, the special engineering will help you as you train. The blown-rubber outsole has pressure mapping colors to indicate zones of impact. And the heel design increases overall fit for a more comfortable shoe.

Finally, the double jacquard performance textile mesh upper with midfoot wrap will give you a supportive, soft, and stable fit. In addition to looking amazing, this shoe will give you comfort mile after mile, no matter how hard of a workout it is.


  • Very light
  • Comfortable cushioning
  • Good support without losing comfort
  • Soft forefoot
  • Smooth ride


  • Can take some time to get used to the heel
  • Rides low on ankle
  • Some had issues with the sole wearing out quickly

Top Running Shoe for Casual Wear

4. New Balance 990v5

New Balance’s 990 enjoys a 30-year legacy, and the 990v5 is just another example of great performance with  distinctive style and a perfect balance of stability and cushioning. And with the new upper construction, the 990v5 is significantly more breathable than previous models.

Breathability on top for the top of your foot is matched by an ENCAP midsole that provides comfort, support, and durability. Plus, the shoe may be eligible for a Medicare reimbursement if you need stability shoes.

Finally, the dual-density collar means that you’ll get both softer density foam for comfort and firm-density foam for extra support. In addition, the blown rubber outsole will give you extra durability and the traction that you need.


  • Long lasting shoe
  • Great for heavy runners
  • Incredible support and fit


  • Tongue can be uncomfortable
  • Shoe can run heavy

Best Motion Control Running Shoe

5. 1540v2

For runners who need motion control features, the 1540v2 is the shoe for you. If you over-pronate, the 1540v2 gives you the stability features you need to help guide your feet forward.

The symmetrical Rollbar technology provides both lateral and medial rear-foot stability without compromising fit. The lightweight mesh upper is nice and breathable. Plus, there is a synthetic complement for stability and structure.

The dual-density midsole has two layers of performance foam, one that is softer and one that is firmer. You’ll get a soft rebound as you add in the miles and the Roller posting system reduces rear-foot movement as you plant your heel. Finally, it may be eligible for Medicare reimbursement.


  • Comfortable with structural support
  • Helps with heel pain
  • Good support for plantar fasciitis
  • Great for people with flat feet


  • Some issues with seams and glue falling apart
  • Can be a bit bulky

Top Trail Shoe

6. Fresh Foam Gobi Trail v3

This shoe is designed with trails in mind. From the gusseted tongue that helps keep out debris to the HydroTension rubber outsole that offers excellent traction on roads and trails, you can go anywhere with these shoes.

Packaged in a cool, casual fashion, the Gobi Trail v3 offers great performance as well as comfort that will make you want to wear them even to run errands. You’ll especially love the Fresh Foam midsole that provides plush, lightweight cushioning that will make your trail run that much more comfortable.


  • Excellent for running on pavement and mild trails
  • Lightweight with great ventilation
  • Comfortable—almost feels like you’re barefoot
  • Sock-like, foamy feel


  • Tread not aggressive enough for muddy and slippery rocks
  • Could have more room in the toe box

Top Lightweight Trainer

7. 890v6

If you’re looking for a light, comfortable shoe that will be great for short- or medium-length runs, the 890v6 is it! The arch hugs the bootie construction, which means that you’ll experience a streamlined comfort that has a unique aesthetic twist. Plus, you’ll love the breathability of the engineered mesh upper.

The RevLit platform, though, is probably what you’ll like most. It provides a responsive and quick underfoot feel, and the two TPU forefoot strips help aid in propulsion. It’s a great, smooth fit that feels really fast.

Finally, it’s the ideal solution for up to a 15k distance, as it fits wonderfully and is lightweight. You won’t have to worry about your feet hurting anymore! In the end, they are a great training shoe as well as an excellent race shoe.


  • Great for narrow feet
  • Lightweight and maneuverable
  • Comfortable fit
  • Helps with knee pain
  • Great for speed work and medium-length runs


  • Tongue has a thinner material, so can get uncomfortable
  • Not as good for distances above about 15k

Lightest, Most Cushioned

8. Fresh Foam Beacon

With the Fresh Foam Beacon shoes, you’ll experience incredible comfort. Thanks to a silhouette that is supported by an ample midsole height, you’ll have a soft, incredibly lightweight ride. The shoes have the ideal combination of comfort, cushion, and responsive pop.

Plus, even if your feet tend to run warm in other shoes, you’ll stay cool with these. The engineered mesh upper provides flexibility and breathability so that you’ll have a great run. And you’ll have to worry little—if at all!—about knee or ankle pain due to how comfortable the foam is.

While the Fresh Foam does begin to compress as you add on the miles, it still holds up very well for a long time, so you can keep logging those miles and training for races. In the end, you can’t go wrong with the comfort of these shoes.


  • Comfortable shoe with a great ride
  • Balance of awesome cushion and great stability
  • Lightweight
  • Almost feel like you’re barefoot


  • Heel design can be uncomfortable
  • Can run small

Best Moderate Stability

9. Rubix

If you need a stability shoe, you might have had difficulties finding one that was going to give you enough support while still providing maximum comfort. The Rubix will do just that. If you’re a pronating runner, you can find the perfect stride with the innovative midsole technology of the Rubix.

The Rubix is lightweight and cushioning, giving you a responsive ride that will make you think that you’re not wearing a stability shoe! The engineered jacquard mesh and TPU fine mold upper gives you structure and support where you need it while the Acteva Ultralight and Ground Contact midsole technology provides responsiveness, cushioning, and guided stability.

Plus, the high abrasion zone rubber helps to add durability and longevity in high impact areas without compromising on comfort. Your feet will still feel light and nimble!


  • Smooth transition
  • Provides cushioning and stability without bulkiness
  • Great for solid heel balance
  • Excellent support and comfort


  • Can run a bit tight
  • Tongue design can be uncomfortable

Top Cushioned Shoe for Over-pronation

10. Vongo v3

If you need a running shoe for overpronation, the Vongo v3 is the way to go. You’ll experience the perfect balance of cushioning and support with these shoes. If you need light stability, but still want a soft, smooth transition, you’ll get that with the Vongo v3’s data-driven design.

Plus, you’ll love the lightweight, breathable mesh upper that makes your run more comfortable. A unique overlay construction gives you a secure fit and fast feel.

The bootie construction offers a custom-like feel, and the Fresh Foam ensures that you have the comfiest run possible, making the Vongo v3 a running shoe that adapts to you and your needs.


  • Amazing lightweight comfort with great support
  • Well worth the price
  • Excellent for over-pronation
  • Wide toe box
  • Cushiest stability shoe


  • Comfortable shoe but can slant feet to one side
  • Lower drop shoes (4mm)

Rachel Basinger
The Wired Runner