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Best Motion Control Running Shoes in 2023


Motion control is a very important shoe feature for overpronators. Almost all runners naturally roll their feet inwards to a small degree when taking a stride, but when this motion becomes too pronounced, it can cause foot problems. 

While stability shoes exist to help runners who overpronate, motion control shoes are designed for runners who severely overpronate. This often goes hand in hand with extremely flat feet and heavier runners (in fact, it’s not uncommon for some runners to start in a motion control shoe, then progress to a stability shoe as they lose weight!).

Below are nine great options to help you pick the right shoe to keep you running pain-free.

Top 3 Best and Favorites


Brooks Beast 20


  • Tons of support
  • Plush, cushioned
  • Comes in multiple widths
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Brooks Ariel 20


  • Extremely supportive
  • Cushioned, feels great
  • Comes in multiple widths
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Hoka One One Gaviotta 2


  • Well cushioned
  • Mesh, breathable design
  • Highly supportive
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Best Motion Control Shoe For Men

1. Brooks Beast 20

The Beast 20 is an incredibly stable and supportive shoe. There’s a reason why Brooks has kept the same Diagonal Rollbar technology in the Beast since 1992 – it works! 

The Beast 20 is very stable. The standard Brooks stability feature (PDRB) guides your body back into a natural path of motion no matter what kind of step you take. You’ll spend less effort stabilizing your run, as the shoe guides your gait. 

The external heel counter makes sure you have a locked-in fit by keeping your foot in place. Built specifically for the overpronator, the new Brooks cushioning in the midsole offers maximum comfort while at the same time holding up so you can put in more mileage.

You won’t sacrifice stability for comfort, as the shoe has a plush feel and high flexibility. The new midsole gives you 25% more cushioning than previous shoes. The Beast 18 also changed up the fit a bit, with a larger toe box for increased comfort. 

The breathable upper has soft lining for a great “second skin” feel. Your ankles will also feel supported with extra padding around the collar and tongue. 

The Beast 20 has smooth transitions and absorbs a lot of shock to support and stabilize your running every day.


  • Removable plush sock liner
  • Wider toe box
  • Great cushioning for comfort
  • Durable
  • Excellent traction


  • Some runners feel the shoe is narrow
  • Very heavy

Best Motion Control Shoe For Women

2. Brooks Ariel 20

For women looking for a motion control shoe with maximum comfort, the Ariel 20, also from Brooks, is the answer. 

Brooks re-engineered the mesh of the upper portion of the Ariel 20 to increase the toe box and create a more spacious, more breathable area for your forefoot. 

The inclusion of the Super DNA midsole provides 25% more adaptable cushioning than previous shoes with the standard DNA midsole (which I’d like to add is already extremely comfortable). 

With a 12 mm heel-to-toe drop, the Ariel 20 is made for runners with flat-to-medium arches. 

Maximum cushioning is combined with the extended Brooks’ signature progressive diagonal rollbar, which prevents overpronation and provides added support to ensure smooth transitions. 

Between the ultimate sockliner and the spacious toe box, Brooks has created a shoe that gives you added cushioning for a plush feel and enlarges the toe box for a better fit compared to previous models.


  • Improved sizing and width with larger toe box and spacious forefoot
  • Full length crash pad for smooth heel-to-toe transitions
  • Significantly reduces overpronation
  • Great support for flat feet
  • Plush fit and maximum cushioning


  • Very heavy

Top Asics Motion Control Running Shoe

3. ASICS GT-4000

If you want a higher-mileage shoe with motion control, the ASICS GT-4000 provides durable stability and keeps your feet happy. 

The GT-4000 utilizes a high-energy bounce system to improve on their standard midsole. This new technology absorbs more vertical impact on heel strike and combines lightness and protection to provide the cushioning you need with the lightest midsole ASICS makes. 

ASICS also added additional cushioning toward the forefoot, designed to propel you forward for an easy ride. The outsole has two different types of rubber to provide extra durability on the heel but keep a slightly smoother stride towards the forefoot. 

The midsole is where overpronation is directly addressed, and it has been re-engineered. In past versions, overpronators felt a slight discomfort around the arch support. The GT-4000 still provides the same support but the arch is much less noticeable. 

A new feature that we really like with the GT-4000 are the overlays on the inside of the upper portion of the shoe. The DUOMAX midsole and upper overlays combine to create maximum stability for overpronators, keeping the foot stable all the way from the foot strike to toe off.


  • Added motion control with upper overlays
  • Breathability
  • High cushioning while still maintaining responsiveness
  • Very stable shoe
  • Wide toe box


  • Not as supportive as other models

Top New Balance Motion Control Shoe

4. New Balance 1340v3

New Balance developed the 1340v3 with comfort in mind, making significant changes to the upper and midsole of the previous model to keep overpronators running healthy and pain-free. 

By creating a new upper for increased comfort, the 1340v3 replaced the old overlay with a no-sew synthetic overlay, giving the shoe a snug fit without being too tight on your feet. 

You also have a lot more breathability with the 1340v3, as the overlays combined with the mesh underneath allow a lot of airflow.

The 1340v3 provides motion control through a short medial post, which is the firm portion of the midsole. This makes this shoe great for runners who overpronate. While there is no crash pad in the shoe, the midsole gives you a great heel-to-toe transition, ensuring a smooth ride. 

New Balance fans looking for motion control will appreciate the impressive in-shoe feel and excellent bounceback with every stride with the 1340v3. 


  • Great fit but not too snug
  • Breathability
  • Increased comfort compared to earlier models


  • The shoe is stiff and takes a while to break in
  • Toe box is slightly narrow

Best Saucony Motion Control Running Shoe

5. Saucony Redeemer ISO 2

Built specifically for overpronators from Saucony’s Foundation series, the Saucony Redeemer 2 features new updates that provide extra stability and comfort. 

Saucony focuses on providing motion control through the geometry of its shoes, and the Redeemer ISO 2 is no exception, with its wider-platform base. At the same time, the shoe was designed to provide more energy return. The full-length EVERUN midsole keeps the shoe cushioned and responsive. 

The upper has a new mesh system designed to fit to the individual runner providing a comfortable transition. As with many mesh uppers, you get the added benefit of a snug fit, but the Redeemer ISO 2 was engineered to prevent irritation and it shows. This shoe is comfortable!

The heel’s external frame ensures that your heel stays secure and helps guide you through the entire gait cycle, especially during heel strike. The triflex outsole is also known for its durability. If you are looking for a maximum support Saucony shoe, the Redeemer ISO 2 will deliver an exceptional ride for any distance.


  • Durable
  • Plush cushioning
  • Maximum support
  • Good for flat feet


  • Not as breathable

Best Shoe For Stability And Motion Control

6. New Balance 940v3

With new cushioning and a new stability technology, the New Balance 940v3 reduces the risk of overpronating and provides the support and stability runners need. 

By including a medial support system, Stabilicore, the shoe specifically targets overpronators providing a smooth heel-to-toe transition for an efficient run. 

The midsole of the 940v3 has some great features. The shoe improves arch support and torsional stability. Torsional stability is very important, as it allows your foot muscles to focus on propelling you forward instead of supporting your body.

The midsole also features New Balance’s ABZORB cushioning throughout the length of the 940v3, giving the shoe excellent cushioning and shock absorption. ABZORB holds up better with longer durability than traditional EVA foams used in other shoes. 

The upper has no-sew technology, preventing abrasions and foot irritation over the long haul. 

Although the midsole thickness was increased, New Balance counteracted this by adding flex grooves to the outsole, providing extra stability and cushioning without sacrificing flexibility. The shoe is somewhat heavy at 14.3 ounces for men, and 11.3 ounces for women.


  • Breathability
  • Great for runners with flat feet
  • High support
  • Excellent cushioning


  • Some runners complain the shoes are too wide
  • Heavy
  • Runners with a very slight overpronation complained of too much support

Top Motion Control Shoe For Orthotics

7. ASICS Gel-Foundation 13

Finding a solid running shoe that fits an orthotic is difficult enough. When you also need added motion control, ASICS Gel-Foundation 13 provides a guided stride with room for orthotics.

The fluid fit mesh construction of the upper adapts to the foot and fits like a glove. The shoe also has a seamless construction, so there is minimal irritation on your foot. 

When you remove the factory insert and combine this with the roomy volume of the upper, you get an excellent fit for your custom orthotics.
The Gel Foundation 13 has plenty of support with its thick midsole. The midsole is highly shock-absorbent, but still propels you forward with good energy return thanks to the rear and forefoot gel cushioning system. 

Combine the midsole design, roomy upper and heel counter, and you get excellent support and stability, making the Gel Foundation 13 a great choice for maximum overpronators who wish to add orthotics.


  • Sturdy outsole
  • Seamless construction for no irritation
  • Removable insert with room for orthotics
  • Good energy return


  • Narrow fit
  • Only comes in one color

Best Shoe For Severe Overpronators

8. Brooks Addiction GTS 15

The Brooks Addiction GTS 15 is built for runners who need added maximum support and control in every step. If you are a severe overpronator, this is the shoe for you. 

The standard Brooks stability feature (PDRB)  guides your body back into a natural path of motion, no matter what your stride looks like. You’ll spend less effort stabilizing your run as the shoe guides your gait. 

The shoe has extremely soft cushioning, with BioMoGo DNA cushioning that adapts to your stride. Brooks’ signature DNA cushioning adapts to the amount of force placed during a stride. The cushion becomes firmer if you are a heavy runner or more responsive if you pick up the pace. 

When you add in the BioMoGo, the Addiction GTS 15 shines. The BioMoGo actually blends the DNA foam cushioning into the midsole, rather than using inserts as in other Brooks’ models. 

This enables the shoe to provide adaptive cushioning throughout your entire step. The only downside of the BioMoGo is you can’t take it out, which is why this shoe is perfectly designed for extreme overpronators. 

If you have flat or high-volume feet, are a severe overpronator, and want to end your runs without the aches and pains of other shoes, the Brooks Addiction GTS 15 is your answer. 


  • Breathable
  • Designed for flat or high-volume feet
  • Very comfortable around ankle with extra cushion
  • Supports heavy runners and keeps structural integrity of the shoe
  • Easy to break in and comfortable straight out of the box


  • Narrower shoe with a tight forefoot
  • Less flexibility
  • Issues with durability on upper material

Most Cushioned Motion Control

9. Hoka One One Gaviotta 2

Want extreme cushioning while still getting a stabilized guided gait? The Hoka One One Gaviotta 2 is the perfect choice, with a stylish suede upper to top it off. 

In re-engineering the Gaviotta, Hoka created a shoe designed around comfort by using their Meta-Rocker technology, which creates a smooth transition whether you are a heel striker or midfoot striker.

The midsole creates a low heel drop, which is closer to running barefoot than most supportive shoes on the market. 

Hoka also introduced J-Frame into the Gaviotta 2, which changes the midsole by adding increased comfort and stability. 

The J-Frame has two different types of foam. One is super-dense, and is used on the inside of the foot. A less-dense foam pads the outside, preventing you from pronating inwards. 

The upper is extremely breathable, and you also get a secure fit with the addition of an arch lock in the midfoot instead of the more common rear lock. 


  • Great cushioning that isn’t too firm or too soft
  • Breathable
  • Low heel drop with a connected feel
  • Roomy for wider feet, with large toe box


  • Outsole seems to wear quickly
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