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Best Maternity Sports Bras For Runners in 2023


When it comes to shopping for running gear, few things are more critical for a woman than finding the right sports bra. The wrong bra can lead to painful chafing, a lack of support, and a miserable exercising experience.

If you do manage to find the perfect bra, you will most likely need to invest in a new one when you become pregnant or start breastfeeding your baby.

Maternity sports bras are designed to provide the same support that a regular sports bra does, but with some unique features that make it easy for you to feed your baby on the move.

Our favorite is the Yvette Infinite Me High Support Running Sports Bra, as it has a high back and sides for support and front zipper closure for convenience. Breathable mesh panels help keep your body temperature regular while you’re exercising.

If you prefer a different style, keep reading to find all of the best maternity sports bras for runners that we reviewed.

Top 3 Best and Favorite


Yvette Infinite Me High Support Running Sports Bra


  • Breathable mesh panels
  • Front zipper closure
  • Wide shoulder straps
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Nike Dri-FIT Shape Sports Bra


  • Dri-FIT technology
  • Mesh racerback straps
  • Removable pads
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Champion Motion Control Zip Front Sports Bra


  • Double Dry technology
  • Wirefree maximum support cups
  • Padded front zip
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Best Overall

1. Yvette Infinite Me High Support Running Sports Bra

The Infinite Me offers an ideal mix of support and comfort.

It’s made of sturdy material but has breathable mesh panels across the upper and mid-chest to keep it ventilated. Moisture-wicking fabric prevents you from being weighed down by sweat during heavy workouts.

A high back and sides are helpful for ladies with larger busts, to keep everything in place whether walking, running, or doing a high-intensity CrossFit workout.

The front zipper closure allows one to put the bra on and remove it without needing to struggle with getting it on and off overhead. Mothers who are breastfeeding will find the zipper closure to be convenient.

A solid back provides better support than criss-cross or racerback bras. There are no chest pads in this bra, although the material is quite thick so it still offers good support. The lack of chest pads allows one more freedom of movement and less chance of chafing.

Material pockets on both the bottom and top ends of the zipper keep the zip out of the way and prevent it from chafing or making holes in your shirt. This bra can run small and you may need to order a size up in order to have a snug but comfortable fit.


  • Breathable mesh panels
  • Front zipper closure
  • Wide shoulder straps
  • No chest pads


  • The bra runs small and you may to go up a size for good fit

Top With A Front Zipper

2. Nike Dri-FIT Shape Sports Bra

If you prefer more ventilation in the back, the Nike Dri-FIT is a supportive, stylish, and comfortable bra for all conditions. It’s great as a maternity bra or a normal bra.

It hugs the body tightly but not uncomfortably, allowing one to run with freedom. It’s supportive enough to wear during other high-impact sports too.

The bra features sewn-in cups which offer a pleasing shape and slightly more support. These are removable, so if one finds them uncomfortable they can just take them out.

Racerback straps with mesh detailing allow for good ventilation and Nike’s Dri-FIT technology wicks away sweat so you can stay as dry as possible during exercise. It’s harder to overheat in this bra, thanks to these two features.

A front zipper makes it easy to get on and remove, and a small material cover protects the zipper and your skin when the bra is unzipped.

This bra does run small and you may need to buy one size up in order to get the best all-around fit.


  • Dri-FIT technology
  • Mesh racerback straps
  • Removable pads
  • Front zip closure


  • This bra can run small and you may need to buy a size up

Best Value

3. Champion Motion Control Zip Front Sports Bra

The Champion Motion Control Sports Bra is designed to keep you stable and comfortable without breaking the bank. It offers good support and has a taller-than-average center front design for the best coverage for all bust sizes.

One doesn’t have to worry about a lack of side support, as the bra features reinforced laminate panels on either side which add even more stability. The Wirefree maximum support cups reduce unwanted movement when doing high-impact sports such as running.

You can get an even better fit by adjusting the back straps to fit you comfortably. The back is a racerback style, with a mesh neckline and powermesh for optimal airflow through the material.

Double Dry technology wicks away moisture for an even more dry and enjoyable experience on the road or trail.

The front zipper is convenient and is also padded for extra comfort. Not only does a front closure make it easier to get on and off, but it extends the lifespan of the bra as it doesn’t stretch out like pull-on bras do.


  • Double Dry technology
  • Mesh neckline and powermesh racerback
  • Wirefree maximum support cups
  • Padded front zip


  • This bra runs small and you may have to order a size up

Top Support

4. Adidas Ultimate Aeroready Sport Bra

Support is the ultimate goal of a sports bra, and the Adidas Ultimate Aeroready delivers it.

It’s a high-support bra design for high-impact workouts, making it perfect for running. You can use it for other high-intensity workouts as well, such as CrossFit, boxing, and HIIT.

The padded criss-cross straps at the back allow for full shoulder mobility and are also completely adjustable. This allows one to get exactly the right amount of support for one’s body. Molded cups and stabilizer inserts give you stability in all the places you need it most.

It has a high front section that offers extensive coverage, but shouldn’t be seen sticking out of your shirt due to the scoop neck design.

Moisture-absorbing Aeroready technology helps to prevent the material from becoming saturated with sweat. There is a mesh overlay for extra breathability. Some women may find the clasp on the front zipper to be a little fiddly.


  • Fully adjustable strap
  • Molded cups
  • Moisture-absorbing
  • Stabilizer inserts


  • The front zipper clasp can be fiddly

Best Cotton Material

5. Bravado Designs Original Nursing Bra

Some women may dislike working out in a cotton bra as they tend to retain heat more than others. But if you’re going to be running in winter or just prefer the feel of cotton against your skin, then this is the bra we recommend.

It’s made of thin cotton, modal, and spandex blend. This gives it good structure, more breathability than a full cotton bra. It also adds some stretchability, which is important as this is an over-the-head bra and not a zip-up one. The material is soft against the skin and reduces chafing when moving.

The wide band at the bottom also increases the comfort of this bra, as it doesn’t cut into the skin. The solid racerback design gives you freedom of movement but offers more support than bras with less material on the back.

This bra features a drop-away bra cup design. This is great for nursing mothers who need to remove one side while keeping the other intact. A wire-free design makes this easy without sacrificing support.

The manufacturer advertises this bra as providing light to moderate support for cup sizes B to D. It’s always advised to check the sizing guide before buying, but women who fall outside of this category may find that the bra doesn’t offer enough support.


  • Wire-free design
  • Drop-away bra cup
  • Wide bottom band
  • Made from cotton-modal blend


  • Offers support from B to D cups, so individuals who don’t fall into that range may find that this bra isn’t supportive
  • Cotton blend not ideal for hot weather

Top For Multitasking Moms

6. Cake Maternity Lotus Yoga & Pumping Nursing Bra

This sports bra is ideal for moms who may need to pump breast milk or breastfeed and would prefer to not have to remove their entire brato do so.

It’s a very practical design, providing support for high-impact activities while also being convenient.

The double-layered design not only offers a little extra support, but it allows one to pump or feed easily and discreetly. The outer layer features pull-aside cups that lift at the bottom corner, allowing for easy insertion of a breast pump. A thin inner layer also has a discreet opening for easy feeding or pumping.

It’s comfortable as well as practical. Chafing is reduced by the seam-free design, wide elastic band, and wireless cups The back is a cross-over design and is double-layered for extra comfort and support. It is also certified free from harmful substances as it uses Oeko-Tex Standard 100 materials.

The cups are stretchy, fitting up to an F cup size. It’s possible that the stretchy nature of the fabric may reduce the supportive feeling for some women.


  • Double-layer design
  • Stretchy, shaped cups
  • Seam-free
  • Wire-free support


  • The stretchy cups may reduce the support for some women

Best Breathable Bra

7. Belabumbum Maternity Nursing and Sports Bra

Breathability is an important factor of a sports bra. Whether you’re going to be exercising in it or breastfeeding, you need to stay cool and dry.

This bra is designed with a cotton lining and a breathable mesh overlay, which allows for good airflow through the material.

It’s designed to look more like a regular bra than a sports bra, although it’s suitable for low to medium-impact exercise. An inner cotton A-frame provides under-bust support and you can choose to wear the straps like a normal bra or in a racerback style, using a J-hook ring.

The comfort level of this bra is high, with wide straps for pressure dispersion and mesh cups lined with cotton for softness against the skin. For easy nursing or breast milk pumping, the cups drop down when you unclip them at the strap.


  • Mesh cups lined with cotton
  • Under-bust support
  • Drop-down cups
  • Medium-impact support


  • Not enough support for high-impact sports or fast running

Top Low-Impact Bra

8. Kindred Bravely Sublime Nursing Sports Bra

Moms who want to start power walking, hiking, or do other activities like yoga would benefit from this bra. But it’s a low-impact bra so it won’t be suitable for things like running.

It is stretchy and made from a blend of nylon and spandex. This makes it easier to get on over the head, and also makes it soft and non-irritating against the skin. The material is moisture-wicking, and helps sweat to evaporate quickly, keeping you cool and dry.

When you need to feed your baby, simply unclip the strap and fold the cup downwards. The padding in the cups is removable if you find that it gets in the way or doesn’t offer extra support.

It’s available in a wide variety of sizes, from small to XXL-Busty. It should fit women from 30B to 44I in size. But be sure to check the sizing chart before buying. The bra may lose its shape if machine washed and the manufacturer recommends washing this bra by hand.


  • Removable padding
  • Available in busty sizing
  • Double-layered
  • Moisture-wicking fabric


  • The bra may lose its shape if machine washed and the manufacturer recommends hand-washing

Best For Light Sport

9. Kindred Bravely French Terry Racerback Nursing & Sleep Bra

This bra is classed as a sleeping bra, but it offers enough support and comfort to be when taking part in light low- to medium-impact sports. It has a high, solid back for support from the back to the front.

It has a simple but effective crossover design that facilitates easy one-handed pull-aside access for feeding. There’s no underwire to get in the way or cause hotspots, which is ideal for sleeping and still supportive enough for light activity.

The cups are double-layered and have no extra padding in them. It’s available from XS to XXL and fits women with a band size between 28 and 42 and a cup size between B and I.


  • Soft, stretchy fabric
  • Easy pull-on
  • Padding-free
  • Crossover design


  • The band sizes run small

Top For Bigger Sizes

10. Cake Maternity Zest Maternity & Nursing Sports Bra

Ladies who are naturally busty and need more support than usual when pregnant or breastfeeding may appreciate this bra, which has a full-coverage design and comes in busty sizes.

A cotton A-frame sling is the inner layer, offering outer support but allowing easy access for nursing. The outer layer provides a snug fit so you can exercise, and it’s easy to clip down when you need to feed your baby. This design also helps to maintain stability and prevents the need for you to readjust by keeping everything in place even when you’re feeding.

A flexi-wire underneath the breasts and molded cups minimize bouncing when performing low to medium-impact exercises. It is also designed to allow for good airflow between the two layers so you stay cool.

It has a hook-and-loop style clasp at the back, featuring 5 clasps for extra durability and sturdiness. This eliminates the stress of trying to get it over your head.

It also includes a J-hook strap so you can change the strap design to a racerback if you prefer. If you need extra room, you can order an extender to lengthen the strap.


  • Available in busty sizes
  • Structured support
  • Extendable bands
  • 100% cotton-lined A-frame inner cup


  • May not be supportive for high-intensity exercise



What Should I Look for in a Maternity Sports Bra?

When shopping for a maternity sports bra, one should consider both support and convenience factors. The bra should offer high-impact support so that one can run at close to their usual capacity.

For mothers who choose to breastfeed, the maternity sports bra should have either a zip-open front or nursing clips that allow one side of the bra to essentially fold downwards. This also allows for easy removal and putting the bra on.

Aside from these two factors, the bra should be comfortable and fit properly. Soft material that is still supportive is ideal.

Can You Use Sports Bras as Nursing Bras?

You can use a normal sports bra or a regular bra as a nursing bra. But it’s not as comfortable or convenient as choosing a bra that is specifically designed for nursing mothers.

When nursing, the breasts are heavier and larger than usual. A regular bra or sports bra may not be supportive enough to be comfortable.

Maternity bras are specifically designed to counter discomfort and difficulty removing your bra to nurse.

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