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Best Insoles For Heel Pain in 2023


When we walk or run, there’s a direct impact on the heels. This can lead to heel pain but other foot conditions can also cause stabbing pain in the heel.

The best way to reduce heel pain is to make sure that your foot is in proper alignment and your heel is well-cushioned.

The best insoles for heel pain are an alternative to buying new footwear. They will help to keep your foot in the right position which can reduce heel pain immensely.

We have reviewed 10 insoles and chosen Tread Labs Ramble insoles as our top choice. They come with a molded arch support that has a lifetime guarantee and a soft top layer with antimicrobial treatment.

Read through our reviews to make a quick comparison and find the right one for your heel pain.

Top 3 Best and Favorite


Tread Labs Ramble Insoles


  • Molded arch support
  • PURE antimicrobial treatment
  • Firm, flexible support
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Superfeet GREEN


  • Deep heel cup
  • Built-in stability cap
  • High profile shape
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Dr. Scholl’s Pain Relief Orthotics for Heel


  • Shock Guard technology
  • Heel cup
  • Moisture-wicking fabric
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Best Overall

1. Tread Labs Ramble Insoles

Tread Labs insoles are unique as they consist of two separate parts—a molded arch support and a replaceable foam top cover. The arch support comes in four heights—low, medium, high, and extra high. Make sure to choose the right one for your arch type.

The Ramble insole has a 0.19 inch—5mm—top cover which is made from 3D-molded open-cell polyurethane foam. It is low-friction to prevent chafing and treated with PURE antimicrobial treatment to keep it fresh and odor-free.

The thickness of the top cover is enough to provide shock absorption and comfort underfoot. Your heel is also well-protected with a deep heel cup in the molded arch support piece. This helps to keep your foot in one position and reduces movement within the shoe, which keeps your foot and ankle properly aligned.

When the top cover wears away or loses its padding from use, simply remove it and replace it while keeping the same molded arch support. The arch support is covered by a Million-Mile Guarantee and if it loses its shape or breaks, Tread Labs will replace it for you.

This is Tread Labs’ softest insole and it’s made specifically for shock absorption. Some individuals may find it to be too soft to support their feet properly.


  • Molded arch support
  • PURE antimicrobial treatment
  • Firm, flexible support
  • Heel cup


  • Some individuals may find this insole to be too soft for their liking

Top For High Arches

2. Superfeet GREEN

High arches can lead to ankle and foot instability, which can cause heel pain due to stiffness in the arch or underpronation.

The Superfeet Green insoles feature a high-profile shape—the Superfeet shape—that provides good support for high arches and stabilizes the foot in your shoe.

A wide and deep heel cup helps to lock the foot in position and keep the arch support in the right place. A stabilizer cap at the base acts as a shock absorber and helps to reduce heel pain associated with jarring.

The layer on top of the stabilizer cap is made from high-density closed-cell foam, which is supportive but remains comfortable. The top coating is antimicrobial and neutralizes odor-causing bacteria, keeping your feet fresh.

They are also long-lasting and according to the manufacturer, these insoles should last for 500 miles or 12 months.

Some individuals may find that the insole moves around in their shoes, especially if they are walking on inclines or declines. Our best suggestion is to correctly size and cut these inserts to match a single pair of shoes.


  • Deep heel cup
  • Built-in stability cap
  • High profile shape
  • Odor-control coating


  • Some people may find that the insole moves around inside their shoe if they use it in multiple shoes

Best 3/4 Length

3. Dr. Scholl’s Pain Relief Orthotics for Heel

These insoles are made specifically to ease pain in the heel. They are three-quarter length, so they end just below the toes. This makes them good for dress shoes or other hard-to-fit shoes.

They have adequate arch support for those with medium to low arches and a wide heel which allows the foot to sit tightly in the heel cup.

There’s extra padding in the heel with Shock Guard technology. This is a small piece of extra foam built into the bottom of the heel. It helps to absorb shock with every step, reducing the amount of jarring in your heel and improving heel pain.

Moisture-wicking fabric keeps your feet cool and dry while you’re wearing these insoles. They are designed to be replaced every 6 months. Some people may find that these insoles move in their shoes but you can stick them down if necessary.


  • Shock Guard technology
  • Heel cup
  • Moisture-wicking fabric
  • Built-in arch support


  • Some people may find that the insert moves in their shoe

Top Shock Absorbing

4. Sorbothane Shock Stopper Heel Pads

These are not full-length insoles but rather they are thick, impact-absorbing heel pads. They look like a small wedge and you slide them into the heel of your shoe to give your heels extra padding and protection.

They are made from viscoelastic rubber, which is said to absorb over 90 percent of the impact when the heel strikes the ground. This force is evenly dispersed across the entire foot, eliminating specific pain points and reducing the chance of damage to joints or nerves.

Although some people have reported problems with the heel pad staying in place in their shoes, the rubber compound is anti-slip and has a good grip in most shoes. An antibacterial top sheet helps reduce odors.


  • Antibacterial top sheet
  • Anti-slip base
  • Impact dispersion
  • Made from viscoelastic rubber


  • Some people may find that the heel pads don’t stay in place in their shoes

Most Secure

5. ViveSole Heel Cups

Even though most heel pads and insoles are designed to stay in one place inside the shoe, if the footbed is worn or too smooth, they can sometimes move. This could lead to the foot being thrown out of alignment.

These heel cups are one of the most secure options we could find. They are made from medical-grade, latex-free gel which means anyone can use them without the worry of allergies. It also makes them slip-resistant, so once they are placed in your shoe they should stay in position for as long as they are in there.

These heel cups not only elevate the heel, removing pressure on it, but they also offer extra heel padding in the form of additional cushioning inserts right below the heel bone. This allows for effective shock absorption and disperses the force of heel strikes across the whole foot, reducing jarring.

You will get three pairs in a set and the gel will contour to your foot for a comfortable wearing experience. They are also odor-resistant.


  • Dual-density cushioning
  • Made from medical-grade gel
  • Slip-resistant
  • Odor-resistant


  • The gel may stick to your socks

Best For Wide Feet

6. Protalus M100 Shoe Insoles

The Protalus M100 is a high-volume insole which means it is thick and takes up a significant amount of space in your shoe.

If the bridge of your foot is high, it may cause your feet to feel cramped in your shoes. But it is an excellent choice for wide feet, as it can accommodate B to EE foot widths.

Protalus’s Tri-Planar Alignment System helps to counter overpronation and keep your foot and ankle properly aligned. This can help to alleviate heel pain caused by misalignment, or wearing shoes without enough support.

These are very supportive insoles. They feature a full-length foam cushion that cushions and redistributes shock on every step. It has a deep, comfortable heel cup that elevates the heel slightly to take pressure off of it.

Underneath the cushion is a nylon shank for added support and stability. Both the heel and forefoot feature extra cushioned pads for better impact absorption and pain reduction.


  • Tri-Planar Alignment System
  • Nylon shank
  • Patented heel cup
  • Accommodates B-EE width


  • This is a high-volume insole and may make your shoes feel too tight if you have a high bridge

Top For Sandals

7. Soul Insole Heel Wedge (Re-Usable, Adhesive)

Ladies who like to wear sandals may find that it’s hard to get insoles for open shoes. This transparent, inconspicuous, reusable heel wedge could be the answer.

Made from soft memory gel, they conform to your foot’s natural curves to offer personalized cushioning and support.

Once it has contoured to your foot, the gel remains firm enough to gently guide your foot back into a natural alignment. This will improve your gait and reduce pain that’s associated with misalignment or poor gait.

These teardrop-shaped gel inserts are raised about ¼-inch. Wearing them can help those who supinate—turn their feet outwards when they walk or run—or those who overpronate—roll their feet inwards. They are reversible so you can place them on whichever side of your shoe you need to reduce your heel pain.

They are self-adhesive and can be worn in any kind of shoe, and are also odor-resistant. You can wash them with soap and water but be aware that they may lose some of their stickiness.


  • Made from soft memory gel
  • Self-adhesive
  • Antimicrobial
  • Washable and reusable


  • May lose their stickiness if washed

Best For Walking Barefoot

8. Heel That Pain Plantar Fasciitis Heel Seat Wraps

If your heel pain persists even when you take your shoes off, you may benefit from a barefoot heel wrap. You can also use these when wearing your slippers or sandals; they are lightweight and easy to use, made of neoprene with easy-to-use Velcro fasteners.

They are designed to ease heel pain caused by plantar fasciitis. They incorporate Fascia-Bar technology, which applies light pressure to the plantar fascia and eases tension.

The invisible silicone Heel Seat inside the wrap provides subtle support and helps to realign the plantar fascia and cushion the heel underneath the bone.

If you choose to wear these barefoot, they have a non-slip bottom for safety on any surface. They offer limited arch support so they may not best to wear for extended periods of time.


  • Fascia-Bar technology
  • Neoprene fabric wrap
  • Silicone heel seat
  • Velcro closure


  • These wraps offer limited arch support

Top Low Budget

9. Pedag Perfekt

These heel pads are soft and comfortable, as well as being very affordable. They are made from a combination of genuine leather and soft latex. Those who are allergic to latex may not be able to use this product.

The surface of the heel pads is made from vegetable-tanned leather, which is moisture-wicking, long-lasting, and easy on the feet. Underneath, a shock-absorbing latex heel lift pad reduces the amount of jarring you feel on every step, lowering your heel pain.

A self-adhesive dot on the bottom of each insole helps them to stay in place in your shoe and not slip.


  • Self-adhesive
  • Extra soft pad
  • Vegetable-tanned leather upper
  • Latex bottom


  • Some people may find these heel pads to be too soft and don’t provide enough support

Best Heel Cups

10. Spenco GEL Heel Cups

Heel cups are one of the most direct ways to alleviate heel pain. These gel heel cups are designed to support and cushion the heel. They fit just into the heel of your shoe and are non-slip so they should not move around while you’re walking.

Dual-density TPR gel contours to your foot. A honeycomb thermoplastic rubber insert helps to absorb and re-disperse the pressure of every footstrike. The heel cup is deep and sturdy and keeps the foot in position.

There’s a chance that they may not stay in the same place in some shoes. But you can fix this by sticking them down with an adhesive of your choice.


  • Dual-density gel
  • Deep heel cup
  • Honeycomb impact protection
  • Slip-resistant


  • The insert may slide around in some shoes


Do insoles help with heel pain?

Adding insoles to your shoes could be an effective way to relieve heel pain. There’s no need to buy a new pair of shoes if you’re suffering from heel pain when you wear your existing pair.

An insole is an affordable and easy way to help your foot stay in proper alignment. This is the root of most heel pain, so the right insole can relieve heel pain as much as the right shoes can.

Is heel pain the same as Plantar Fasciitis?

Heel pain can sometimes be caused by plantar fasciitis, but it’s not the same thing. Heel pain is usually a symptom of a foot condition, not a condition in itself.

What causes heel pain?

There are a number of things that can cause heel pain. The most common cause of heel pain is plantar fasciitis, which is inflammation of the band of tissue under the foot that connects the heel to the toes. It usually presents as a stabbing pain in the heel when you take your first steps in the morning. But it can also be caused by heel spurs, tendonitis, arthritis or a stress fracture.

Are runners prone to heel pain?

Runners are prone to plantar fasciitis which can lead to heel pain. Runners who are heel strikers may also have pain as a result of overuse because of the high impact on the heel when they land.

Improper foot alignment can cause more pressure to be placed on the heel, which can cause heel spurs or even stress fractures over time.

Runners will need to assess their shoes to make sure that they are wearing footwear with adequate support and cushioning. Heel pain can also be caused by poor running form. If your foot and ankle are not properly aligned to move through their range of motion uninhibited, then there’s a chance of injury ultimately leading to heel pain.

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