Best Insoles For Flat Feet in 2019

Most people won’t know that you have flat feet unless you tell them. But for those with flat feet, you know how uncomfortable it is to deal with this condition daily.

Your feet tire quickly, the insides of your feet can swell, and you end up with back and leg pain if you’re on your feet for too long. It hurts to move your feet, let alone make your feet move your body.

While doctors can treat your symptoms, there is no cure for flat feet. The best remedies for your aching feet are usually taking anti-inflammatory medications, performing basic stretches, and resting them as they get sore.

Most doctors will advise you to invest in a set of quality insoles. Supporting fallen arches is one way to keep the pain at bay since the ligaments that are supposed to be supporting the arches aren’t able to. When you give your feet the support they need, you’ll find everyday life to be a bit easier.

Which insole to buy doesn’t need to be confusing. We’ve reviewed the pros and cons of the most popular brands and compiled them right here.

Top 3 Best and Favorites

Best Overall

Superfeet Green

Best for Women

Superfeet Berry

Best Value

New Balance Arch Stability

1. Superfeet Green

Superfeet makes several varieties of insoles, but the Green insoles are formulated just for fallen arches. The insoles feature a Stabilizer Cap, the base of the insole that supports the back of your foot and provides structure and stability.

The deep heel cup offers support and natural shock absorption. It is designed to be one of the widest and deepest heel cup on the market, so there’s no slippage, and more foot area covered.

Superfeet designed their Green insoles with a Bio-Mechanical Shape which stabilizes the foot and reduces stress on your feet, ankles, and knees. They added a high-density foam layer to support and cushion your foot, as well. They also have closed cell foam, so odor and bacteria isn’t a concern.

Reviewers loved the support that Superfeet Green provided. Some said they needed to use shoes that had a deep heel to ensure the best fit, so that’s something to keep in mind.

Also, when ordering online, make sure you’re ordering the actual Superfeet Green insoles, and not from a knockoff. Several reviewers were disappointed after being duped. Just make sure you’re careful about your order, so you get a product that helps you.


  • Wide, deep heel cup
  • Designed for flat feet
  • Bacteria and odor resistant


  • Knockoffs are common
  • Too wide for some
  • Thicker than most insoles, so you need to make sure your shoe will accomodate

2. Sole Active

Sole Active Footbeds are full-length, semi-rigid orthotic arch insoles with a number of varieties, several of which are made to support fallen arches. While custom arch supports can be incredibly expensive, Sole Active made their insoles to be customized at home for an affordable price.

The included instructions will walk you through heating the insoles and inserting them for customization (they call it heat-moldable technology). What results from this quick and easy process is a customized fit and arch support in the pair of shoes you like.

These insoles feature a deep heel cup and Softec cushioning. They’ve covered the base with your choice of three thickness levels and a moisture-wicking Plygeine Odor Control layer for dry comfort for the life of the insoles.

Reviews were almost all excellent. A few people had issues with the arch support being too high and were uncomfortable. Others said they had to get used to the height of the arch supports but once they did, they noticed a decrease in their knee, hip, or back pain.


  • Customizable
  • Deep heel cup
  • Proprietary cushioning


  • Takes some time to get used to the arch support
  • Some reviewers said they were too wide

3. Powerstep Original

This company has been an industry leader for years. They know insoles, and they are affordable. The original insoles are firm and flexible with built-in arch support and a heel cradle.

Powerstep has developed their patented Variable Cushioning Technology that supports the arch and cushions the heel and toes. Ultra-thin to fit in most shoe styles, these insoles are made to be moveable from shoe to shoe.

Most all reviewers preferred Powerstep Original insoles to other national brands, and only a few said they were too wide for some pairs of shoes. The level of support for flat feet was, on average, just right for most reviewers.


  • Affordable
  • Flexible


  • Do not fit all shoes
  • Not as cushioned as others

4. Sofsole Fit Low Arch

Created for flat feet, the Sofsole Fit Low Arch are semi-rigid and come in several sizes for correct fit. 65 Durometer foam throughout the heel and arch and 40 Durometer foam in the forefoot provides a cushioned but supportive fit. The Sofsole also features an anatomical nylon plate and a 2.9-centimeter arch height specific for flat feet.

Reviewers raved about how quickly they were able to adjust to these insoles and were pleasantly surprised at the relief they felt within minutes of wearing them. The high-rebound foam which conforms to your foot was comfortable and supportive, even though some reviewers said they had to be selective as to which shoes they chose for these inserts. Since the foam is relatively thick, they didn’t fit in all shoes.


  • Made for flat feet
  • Conforms to your foot
  • Extra cushioning


  • Extra cushioning means they don’t fit in all shoes
  • Be specific about sizing, as Sofsoles are made for the arch to fit exactly

5. Superfeet Berry

Designed as a mid-support insole for those that need support but don’t prefer maximum support, the Superfeet Berry insole features a narrower (but still deep) heel cup to support slimmer feet. They’re made with closed-cell foam and organic odor-resisting material for durability and moisture control.

The reinforced stabilizer cap helps the insoles keep their shape and position within your shoes. Some reviewers said the Superfeet Berry insoles fit perfectly for men or women. Other reviewers didn’t realize that the Berry had a narrower profile, so they returned them for a wider insole. Superfeet Berry insoles are guaranteed for 12 months or 500 miles, whichever comes first.


  • Reinforced stabilizer cap
  • Guaranteed for 12 months or 500 miles
  • Slimmer design


  • Not made for wide feet
  • They’re pink, so if you’re not a fan of the color, keep that in mind

6. Protalus M Series

The Protalus M Series offers two choices, depending on what kind of shoe you’ll be using. The M-100 series is made for shoes with a removable liner, while the M-75 series is made for shoes with permanent or cemented liners.

Utilizing their patented TRI-Planar technology, Protalus crafted an insole that blends shock absorption, comfort, and control. The top cloth is anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, anti-friction, and moisture wicking, and the contoured shank features engineered ridges, so they stay in place.

Reviewers were pleased with the arch support, especially those with flat feet or plantar fasciitis. Those with very narrow or very wide feet had a hard time getting the correct fit, however. The customers that contacted the company did note that they were refunded.


  • Two different designs for the right fit
  • Antibacterial, antimicrobial
  • Ridges designed to keep the insole in place


  • Do not fit very wide or very narrow feet
  • Must make sure you choose the correct design for your shoes

7. Spenco Total Support Original

With a metatarsal arch support that helps relieve forefoot pain and a semi-rigid stability cradle to provide deep heel cupping and arch support, the Spenco Total Support Original is solid enough to be supportive but has enough cushioning to be comfortable.

Their patented 3-POD System absorbs shock and provides cushioning through zones. The Red POD is stiffer support, which helps counter over-pronation (where the foot turns unnaturally and causes pain throughout the feet, legs, and back). The Blue PODS are softer and help guide your foot while walking.

The grooved PU Forefoot Crash Pad aligns with the toes to support the ball of your feet and adds extra cushioning. Plus, they’ve customized the top layer to gradually and naturally conform to your foot shape the more you wear them. A low friction antimicrobial top cloth assists with blister prevention and odor control.

Reviewers were enthusiastic about the support they felt from these insoles and had less knee and back pain after wearing them for just a short time. Some reviewers said they wished the insoles didn’t wear out so quickly but noted that the price was what made them try them for the first time anyway so they planned on buying more.


  • Supports the ball of the foot
  • Supports the arch
  • Blister prevention and odor control


  • Will need to replace frequently
  • Some reviewers did not like the feel of the cover

8. Currexsole RunPro Low

The CurrexSole has created a patented design that bridges the gap between the profile of your foot and your shoe, creating a force transfer point that helps alleviate pain and prevent injuries.

The sturdy base helps align your foot and reduce excessive foot motion, while the dynamic arch support, which is both flexible and stable, helps keep stress off flat feet. The Currexsole RunPro Low insoles were rated #1 by “Running Fitness” magazine and have received European awards for design.

Reviewers enjoyed the soft support of the Currexsole RunPro Low insoles. Some were concerned about the narrowness of the heel, but other reviewers said despite their initial concern, they did fit well.

Most everyone said the gel dots along the heel, and big toe areas helped keep the insoles in place and provided more cushioning than they expected.


  • Soft and supportive
  • Stable arch support


  • Heel design is narrow
  • Some reviewers didn’t like the feel of the toe supports

9. New Balance Arch Stability

Designed specifically for those with flat feet, Morton’s neuroma, and plantar fasciitis, the New Balance Arch Stability insoles have a contoured shape made to redistribute weight and pressure and provide relief from pain.

New Balance designed strategically placed Abzorb cushioning to assist with shock absorption at the heel and forefoot, and an anatomically-shaped arch support and heel cradle, which stabilize the rear and midfoot.

And anti-blister and antimicrobial top cover repels odors and keeps feet dry and fresh. Reviewers noted that the insoles were more cooling than other insoles, and liked that the arch support wasn’t extreme. Some felt the insoles slid in their shoes during the day, while others liked that they could frequently move the insoles to different pairs of shoes with no issues at all.


  • Supports arch with anatomical design
  • Antimicrobial
  • Fits most shoes


  • Mid-level arch support
  • Do not stay in place in some shoes