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Best Garmin Watch Faces For Your GPS Watch

In this digital age, there’s very little your Garmin can’t do. We, runners, keep these devices on our wrists and look at them constantly, even when we’re not running.

Because of how much these devices track and know about us, wanting to personalize them is only natural. If you’re tired of seeing the same old watch face every day and want to see something new, you don’t have to get a new watch. You can change the watch face on your Garmin!

In this article, we’ll discuss everything that you need to know about Garmin watch faces.

In the first half, we’ll describe what they are, how to download them, how to uninstall them, and so forth. The second half will cover a few popular watch faces you might want to consider downloading.

What Are Garmin Watch Faces?

Garmin watch faces are exactly what the name suggests: basic interfaces you can install on your Garmin. They are custom watch faces typically designed by third-party developers, although there are some designed by Garmin. You can pick the watch face that best suits your personality.

You can find these watch faces on Garmin’s ConnectIQ store where you can browse, download, and rate. This gives you real-time feedback from other users to see if a watch face you’re interested in will suit your needs.

In the store, you can sort by most relevant, highest-rated, most popular, and most recent. New styles will have “new” in the right corner if you want a watch face that has just been released.

You can also easily figure out if a watch face will work for your specific device by selecting your device and then searching under watch faces. Additionally, once you click on each watch face, it has a list of compatible devices, so you can double-check that yours is on that list.

How Much Does It Cost to Download a Garmin Watch Face?

Many watch faces are free, but some cost money. Occasionally, a developer will state that the watch face is free, but if a user is interested, he or she can donate to a GoFundMe page or PayPal account that is linked out.

How Do I Download New Garmin Watch Faces?

All you need to do is go to the Garmin ConnectIQ store, select the watch face(s) that you want to download, click on them, and hit the blue download button. Some watch faces made by third-party developers will also give additional information about the download process.

Once you’ve downloaded a watch face, you’ll need to install it on the Garmin Connect app. Open the app > select More > select Connect IQ Store > select Watch Face > select Download > sync your device.

You can install up to 16 apps on your compatible device, meaning that you can have no more than 16 watch faces stored in your Garmin at a time. You even have some flexibility in how you want to customize your Garmin watch face, too.

How Do I Uninstall Garmin Watch Faces?

The process to uninstall a Garmin watch face is a little extensive and can vary by device, so you may need to play around with your watch or look on the Garmin forum to see user answers about your specific watch.

Important note: before you can uninstall a watch face, you have to change to another watch face on your Garmin watch. You cannot uninstall a watch face that is currently in use.

To uninstall, you’ll want to open the Garmin Connect App > select More > select Garmin Devices > select your device > select Activities & App Management > select Watch Faces > select the watch face you want to uninstall > press uninstall > sync your device.

What are Wired Runner’s Favorite Watch Faces?

There are thousands of watch face options to choose from, so we’ve made your job a little easier and listed our favorites below along with links to Garmin so that you can download any watch face that catches your eye.

1. Classic Sport

This watch face will tell you a lot more than just time. You’ll also get step distance, today’s date, how much battery you have left, and a Bluetooth symbol if you’re connected via Bluetooth. It’s compatible with a lot of Garmin watches, and it comes in blue, black, green, and red.

Download Classic Sport Garmin watch face

2. Data Lover

If you want as much information as you can get on your watch face, this is the one for you. Depending on your watch’s capabilities, it includes info like temperature, weather, your heart rate, how many steps you’ve walked, and so forth.

This watch face has been downloaded by over a half million people, and it has very high reviews. You can get it for free, but you’ll receive an encouragement to donate every so often on your watch. If you donate, though, that message will go away.

Download Data Lover Garmin watch face

3. The Universe

If you love science and would love to look down at your watch and see a galaxy or a black hole, you’ll love this watch face. It also gives you other information like how many steps you’ve walked and the number of miles you’ve gotten in during the day.

It’s developed by Garmin and gives you a variety of backgrounds and customizable display fields that you can choose from. Whether you want to see a spiral galaxy, an elliptical galaxy, or an irregular galaxy, they are all there.

Download The Universe Garmin watch face

4. Mechanical

This classy watch face is developed by Garmin and has been downloaded by over 150,000 people. It gives you information like calories and steps in a very crisp format. If you’re looking for something that is simple and clear, you’ll love this watch face.

Download Mechanical Garmin watch face

5. Ready Set Go

Garmin also developed this watch face, and it basically tells you everything you can find on the Garmin Connect app. You can see your heart rate in real time, how many steps/miles you’ve covered, and how close you are to your goal.

The bar graph tells you what your 7-day trend is for a particular fitness stat like number of steps, for example, while the meter around the circumference tells you how close you are to meeting your goal on one fitness stat for that particular day.

Download Ready Set Go Garmin watch face

6. Weather Face

If you love weather, you’ll love having this weather face smiling back at you. It tells you the current weather conditions, the high and low for the day, the current temperature, and humidity and precipitation on an arc.

It comes in red, blue, yellow, green, and pink and tells you everything that you need to know about the weather. But if you need it to tell the time, you’re out of luck!

Download Weather Face Garmin watch face

7. The Temple of the Emerald Buddha

This watch face developed by Garmin gives you a beautiful scene of Wat Phra Kaew, or the Temple of the Emerald Buddha, in Thailand. It won’t give you too much additional information besides the time and your step count. But it’s a visual masterpiece.

You can choose between a blue sky for the temple in the daytime, an orange sky for sunset, a purple sky for nighttime, or a gray sky for a cloudy day at the temple.

Download The Temple of the Emerald Buddha Garmin watch face

8. Super Fenix Bros

This watch face is for anyone who loves Mario Bros and wants to see some 8-bit gaming whenever you look at your watch. It’s more than just an image; the watch face animates every time that you look at it.

However, the animation may not work or may be delayed depending on what type of watch you have as well. If you’re willing to keep that in mind, you can join over 175,000 who have downloaded this watch face.

Download Super Fenix Bros Garmin watch face

9. The Blueprint

As a Star Wars fan, I love this watch face. It has a blueprint of the Millennium Falcon along with the time and today’s date.

Designed by Garmin and Star Wars, it is only available on Garmin’s Rey watch, which means that if you have a running Garmin watch like me, you’re out of luck!

Download The Blueprint Garmin watch face

10. Christmas Jumper

Who doesn’t love to celebrate Christmas and the holiday season? With this watch face, you can bring a little holiday cheer every time you look down at your wrist. You can choose between a poinsettia, reindeer, snowman, Santa, and snowflake sweater-looking backgrounds.

Or if you’d like, you can have the images loop through so that you get to see them all. At the bottom of the watch face, you’re able to customize what information you’d like to include like the number of steps. The watch face also shows time, Bluetooth, date, and battery charge.

Download Christmas Jumper Garmin watch face


While selecting a different watch face isn’t likely to change anything about your running routine, who knows? It might.

If you’re someone who always worries about the weather for morning runs, maybe getting the Weather Face one will make you more likely to run in the mornings. Or if you’re a data geek like me, maybe getting the Data Lover or Ready Set Go watch faces will remind you of how much more data you can get from going for a run.

In any case, though, selecting a new watch face for your Garmin watch is definitely going to give you some variety, and maybe that’s all that you need!

Rachel Basinger
The Wired Runner