The Best Fitness Tracker Jewelry in 2018

When we think of tracking our fitness, the first thing that usually comes to mind is fitness watches and the apps that accompany them. As far as some fitness watches have come in disguising the fact that they are in fact sports watches, they can’t be worn on all occasions, and they can come in less-than-flattering colors.

To combat this issue, companies started designing fitness tracker jewelry to help people remain conscious about their body’s habits and heart rates even while they weren’t in their workout gear. If this sounds like something you are looking for, you’re in luck. We’ve narrowed down some of the best fitness tracker jewelry items to determine best what works well and what barely makes the cut.

Top 3 Best and Favorites

Best Ring Tracker

Motiv Ring

Top Necklace Tracker

Bellabeat Leaf

Best Bracelet Tracker

Michael Kors Activity Tracker

1. Motiv Ring

When it comes to discrete fitness trackers, the Motiv ring seems to idolize that standard. This ring fits comfortably on your finger, monitoring your heart rate, sleep schedule, and steps for the day.

The ring has to be sized first before anything can be done. You’ll be provided with different sized mock rings to determine best what fits the best, and then you’ll send in the results along with your choice in color, between slate grey and rose gold. Once made, you’ll be able to wear it immediately.

The heart rate monitor is located on the inside of the ring, and it’s supposed to sit flush with the underside of your finger for the best results. After that, it’s a simple as checking the Motiv App where you can list different exercises that you did. It recognizes most common ones, but you can customize and input them manually if needed.


  • Attractive design.
  • Easy to use the app.


  • The ring scratches easily.
  • For iOS users only.

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2. Bellabeat Leaf

The Bellabeat Leaf takes a different approach to the jewelry aspect of fitness trackers. This delightful little piece can be a necklace, a brooch, or a bracelet to track your activities. It’s battery operated, and the battery lasts a long time. One user even claimed to still have a full battery even after two months of use.

Everything recorded on your Bellabeat leaf will be recorded on the accompanying app that can be accessed on your phone or tablet. The app is well designed and is all around attractive. You can monitor your breathing, sleep schedule and step count for the day though where you wear it seems to determine what aspect of those features work the best at the time.


  • Attractive design
  • Versatile


  • Not waterproof
  • No option to track exercise

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3. Misfit Bloom Necklace

Unlike most of the items in this list, the Misfit Bloom necklace is just the accessory piece for the Misfit Shine. However, it provides a secure fit for users who’d prefer not to wear their misfit shine on their wrist and instead wear it as a necklace.

The Bloom necklace features a handmade stainless-steel cage that the shine can fit into snugly, held in place by a magnet. The design is beautiful and elegant, looking every bit like an exquisite necklace rather than a fitness tracker.

It has been noted that if you wear your Misfit Shine in your Bloom necklace, it may not record your sleep patterns as accurately and if you tend to roll over a lot, you could lose the Shine tracker in your bedding.


  • Beautiful modern design
  • Magnetic clip


  • Is only an accessory for the Shine
  • Can be heavy for some consumers.

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4. Michael Kors Activity Tracker

As far as elegant activity trackers go, the Access Cosby by Michael Kors sits at the top of fashion. You’ll have several colors to choose from, Navy diamond, Black, Rose Gold, and Silver so it can go with any outfit you may have planned out. Its design is simple and modern, capable of blending in as a fashionable bracelet that sits comfortably on the wrist.

The features on this tracker are relatively essential. You’ll have a heart rate monitor and step counter which you can view your progress for the day on its compatible app. It also monitors your sleep quality and the distance you’ve traveled. The battery can run for up to four months before needing a recharge which brings a new level of convenience to fitness tracking products.


  • Elegant.
  • Water Resistant.


  • No display to view progress.
  • Some customers found that it was difficult to put on.

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5. Mira Fitness Bracelet

The Mira fitness bracelet is another well-designed fitness tracker that not only boasts a modern and elegant look, but it’s versatility make it comfortable to wear. You get a stainless-steel band in either a brushed gold or dark purple color. The fitness tracker can snap effortlessly into the bracelet, or you can clip it onto your clothes like a brooch.

One of the nice features that the Mira gives to its wearer is a display on the fitness tracker itself instead of relying solely on the app. You can access information regarding steps you’ve taken, elevation, distance traveled, and calories burned all by gently squeezing the sides of the tracker. You’ll also get to view the time from your display which only adds to its versatility.

The app itself is very nice, usable with both Android and iOS; and you’ll get a detailed graph of your activity for the day. If you need to burn extra calories to hit your goal, you can touch the “Need Inspiration” button to be given a wide variety of workouts that can help you meet your goal for the day.


  • Comes with a suitable display.
  • Displays time.
  • Records steps, distance, calories, elevation.


  • No heart rate monitor.

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6. Misfit Ray

The Misfit Ray is a more basic activity tracker that can be worn as a bracelet or on a necklace. It holds a slim design and can pass off as any piece of jewelry no problem. The Ray will track your activity automatically when you start moving, and when you’re sitting still for too long, you’ll feel a vibration to get up and walk around.

The app is supported on both Android and iOS phones, being the sole way of monitoring your progress. That being said, it can give you ideas and exercises to help meet your calorie goals, and you’ll have a detailed chart that gives you a breakdown of all of your activities for the day. Even with all of these features, you’ll have the six-month battery life to keep you moving.


  • Slim.
  • Water Resistant.


  • It doesn’t fit all wrists.
  • No display feature.

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7. Kate Spade Smartwatch

This smartwatch puts style and fashion before anything else. The Kate Spade smartwatch presents a beautiful design, coming in either gold or rose gold coloration and a leather strap to hold the display in place. You can determine what model you want as your watch face display to match the style elements you choose to dress in.

The display itself present sharp colors and styles on a 390 x 390 resolution screen, though the watch could be considered a little large for a woman’s watch. Regardless, it is a touch screen display with swipe compatibility, able to track essential activities as you go about your day.

The watch supports connection through Bluetooth with either Android or iPhone. It shows you notifications from third-party apps from your phone, it can play music, and it holds up to 4 GB of extra storage.  You’ll also be able to give voice commands through the supported google assistant feature to either pull up information on your phone or your watch.


  • Nice design.
  • Gorgeous display.
  • Good Notifications.


  • It lacks features.

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8. Misfit Shine

This multi-sport fitness tracker looks like a watch without a display with twelve LED lights circling it. Even though it’s designed isn’t precisely breath-taking, the features it presents makeup in functionality for what it lacks in looks. The one thing that sets this fitness tracker apart from the competition is that it’s fully waterproof. Not water resistant, but waterproof up to 50 meters.

It’s small, and lightweight, able to be worn on the wrist, your clothes, or even in a necklace accessory like the Misfit Bloom mentioned above. No matter where you wear it, this tracker is very accurate, and it only weighs nine grams by itself.

You can track things like your steps, sleeping quality and time, calories burned, and the distance that you’ve traveled for that day. You can look at your charted data by the day or even a week by week comparison to give you valuable insight into your activities. The Shine tracks activities like walking, running, cycling and swimming with ease and you don’t have to prompt it to track your specific event, it’ll do it automatically.

You may have to prompt it to record your sleeping, but once you do, it gives reasonably accurate data on your sleeping patterns, though it would be better to clasp the tracker to your pajamas and not wear it on the wrist or as a necklace; otherwise, the results could become skewed. Updates are automatic and quick, so you’ll never have to be slowed down by them.

The app is only available on iPhones, but it’s designed to give your exercises the boost they need to keep you fit. You’ll have milestones provided for you that are updated regularly based on your activity levels, and everything is charted to help you keep up with your goals.


  • Fully Waterproof up to 50 meters.
  • Can be worn anywhere.
  • Long battery life that lasts up to four months.


  • Only supported on the iOS.

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