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Best Earphones For Running That Don’t Fall Out in 2023


If you enjoy listening to music while you run, you probably have experience with earphones that just don’t stay in your ears while you’re on the move.

There are few things more frustrating than trying to get into a running rhythm, only to be constantly thrown off by an earphone popping out.

Thankfully, earphone manufacturers have come to the party and started creating earphones for running that don’t fall out.

Our number one choice is the Jaybird Vista. They have a 16-hour battery life, are sweatproof and waterproof, and allow you access to the Jaybird MySound app, where you can create custom EQs for your favorite tunes.

Keep reading to find out which others make our list!

Top 3 Best and Favorites


Jaybird Vista


  • IPX7-rated
  • Compact USB-C charging case
  • Find My Buds feature
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AfterShokz Aeropex


  • IP67-rated
  • Aeropex bone conduction
  • Open-ear design
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Plantronics BackBeat FIT 3200


  • IP57-rated
  • BackBeat app
  • Three EQ presets
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Best Overall


1. Jaybird Vista

You may be surprised at how effective such tiny earphones can be, but Jaybird’s Vistas win the top spot for their great features and fantastic sound quality. Oh, and their stay-put-in-ness is impressive too.

They’re designed to sit snugly in the ear and create a tight but comfortable seal so you get the best sound and fit possible.

You don’t need to worry about the elements busting these earphones either, as they’re IPX7-rated – which means these little buds can easily survive being sweated on, rained on, submerged in water (for up to 30 minutes at 1 meter), crushed, or dropped on the road. They are also sealed against dust and dirt.

Two hours of charging in the case allows you 16 hours of uninterrupted playback. If you need to stretch that a bit, you can use a single earbud at a time, giving you 32 hours of continuous sound.

If you’re in a pinch and your ‘phones are flat, a quick 5-minute charge in the case will get you an hour’s worth of battery.

You’ll also gain access to the Jaybird MySound app. Here, you can customize your EQ if you prefer your sound a certain way, create and save personalized sound profiles, and our favorite feature, use Find My Buds if you’ve misplaced your set.

These little buds are some of the smallest and lightest you’ll find on the market. That, and the fact that you can choose from 3 different sizes of ear gels, makes them a superb fit with very little chance of popping out while you’re moving.

Be aware that if you like your music loud, you may not be able to hear what’s going on around you. If you run in a high-traffic area, you may want to opt for a single bud so you can remain aware of what’s happening nearby.


  • IPX7-rated
  • Compact USB-C charging case
  • Find My Buds feature
  • Access to Jaybird My Sounds app


  • No passthrough technology, so you may not be able to hear outside sounds like traffic if your music is loud

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Top Bone Conduction

2. AfterShokz Aeropex

Have you ever seen someone wearing something that resembles earphones but doesn’t actually fit into the ears? You’ve most likely seen bone conduction headphones.

These nifty gadgets work a little differently than your usual in-ear phones. Instead of passing sound through the ear canals, the sound waves vibrate through your skull and straight into your cochlear.

If it sounds super uncomfortable, don’t worry! You won’t feel your whole head vibrating! These kinds of earphones can actually be more comfortable than in-ears, because they rest just outside and in front of the actual ear.

There are plenty of advantages to this. One, you can still listen to music if you have an ear infection or even hearing loss due to damage to the ear canals. Two, your ears are open and you can hear what’s going on around you.

And best of all, because they’re not actually in, they can’t fall out!

These unusual headphones have some excellent features. They weigh less than an ounce, are waterproof and sweatproof, and have easy-to-reach and easy-to-use controls on the headphones themselves.

You can activate voice assistant if you need to, answer calls at the touch of a button, and store them safely in the silicone pouch when not in use.

On a charge, you should get 8 hours of listening with these phones.


  • IP67-rated
  • Aeropex bone conduction
  • Open-ear design
  • 8-hour battery life


  • The bass isn’t pumping, which could put some bass-lovers off

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Best with Ear Hook

3. Plantronics BackBeat FIT 3200

If having an ear hook on your ‘phones makes them feel more stable to you, then these are the ones we recommend.

They’re pretty stylish, completely wireless, and come in a choice of colors. The ear loops are soft yet snug, so they won’t hurt your ears no matter how long you wear them.

They’re also pretty hardy, being resistant to sweat and waterproof in freshwater up to 1 meter for 30 minutes. It’s important to note that these aren’t swimming headphones, though – they’ll survive if you happen to drop them into a pool, but you won’t be able to use Bluetooth underwater, so your music won’t play.

The earphones come with 3 preset EQs, and you can customize your sound as much as you want in the BackBeat app. A nice touch is Awareness Mode, which allows environmental noise in so you can be in touch with your surroundings while listening.

You’ll get up to 24 hours of play on a full charge, and if you forgot to charge them before you left for the gym, a quick 15 minutes in the case will see you through your workout.

With the snug fit, soft ear hooks, and barely-there weight (half an ounce each), you won’t find it hard to keep these in/on your ears while you’re running.


  • IP57-rated
  • Comprehensive touch and physical controls
  • BackBeat app
  • Three EQ presets


  • It can be easy to get confused between the BackBeat and the BackBeat FIT app – make sure you’re getting the right one

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Top with Long Battery Life

4. RHA MA750

Long battery life is essential if you’re a marathon runner or just enjoy being out on the road for long distances.

These earphones will give you a good 12 hours of continuous play, which is perfect for motivating you through those loooooong runs. They’re also fairly durable, being IPX4-rated with a stainless steel housing.

In comparison to the first few we reviewed, there’s nothing fancy about these ones. They’re your standard in-ear fit, with an over-ear hook and a noise-isolating seal.

They do have a wire connecting the two earphones, which you can hang around the back of your neck. You’ll receive an assortment of ear tips when you buy, so there should be no problem getting a perfect fit.

Keep them in the mesh carry bag between uses to make the most of their lifespan.


  • IPX4-rated
  • Fast and easy pairing
  • Noise-isolating in-ear seal
  • Up to 12 hours of performance


  • Some users report them not being as durable as expected

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Best Wired Headphones

5. Sony MDR-W08L

If you feel more comfortable with something closer to the traditional over-the-head design, these phones are the best of both worlds.

They’re extra-sturdy because they feature over-the-head support. There’s practically no chance of them falling out, no matter how vigorously you run.

It’s important to know that these headphones are NOT wireless. They have a 3.3-foot cable that you’ll need to plug into your phone. In a world of wireless earphones, this may not suit some runners, but if you can handle it, the sound quality and sturdiness are great.

One of the helpful features of a wired set of headphones is that you don’t have to worry about keeping them charged.

Sony’s Acoustic Turbo Circuit technology is designed to make your music sound good in your ears. The slim design also means that they’ll be comfy and should fit well into your ear.

Being supported by the overhead band also means there’s less pressure on your ear from the buds sitting tightly in them.


  • Vertical, in-the-ear design
  • Slim headband
  • Features Sony Acoustic Turbo Circuit
  • No charging necessary


  • Some runners may prefer earphones without a cable

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Most Durable

6. Shure SE215-CL

Another wired pair of earphones, Shure wins first prize for being the most durable. Shure is a big name in the sound space, and their earphones are decent quality, and well priced too.

When you buy these, you’ll get the headset, a variety of earpieces, and a handy carry pouch.

They’re sound-isolating, which means they’ll block out most outside noise and allow for a fairly immersive music experience. If you run in a high-noise area, you may still hear some background clamor, but they do a good job of keeping out anything up to about 30db.

These ‘phones are also more bassy than others, so if you’ve struggled to find a pair that gives as much bass as you’d like, these could be a good choice for you.

Don’t be fooled into thinking a wired set of headphones is less durable than wireless. Although there’s more hardware, this set’s cable is reinforced and won’t break easily.

A feature that gets a thumbs-up from us is that the wire unplugs from the actual earphones, so replacing it is a breeze if it does happen to get damaged.


  • Sound-isolating design
  • Secure, over-the-ear fit
  • Ergonomic design
  • Replaceable wire


  • The ear loops may lose their shape

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Best for iPhone Users

7. Apple Airpods Pro

Of course, if you’re an iPhone user then you’ll most likely be looking for an Apple product. The Apple Airpods Pro is top-rated and has some superb features.

Firstly, they’re designed in such a way that they fit easily into the ear, and you can choose from three soft, tapered ear tips to get the best fit for your ears.

They’re small, inconspicuous, and light, but stay firmly in the ear even when you’re exercising vigorously.

An IPX4 rating means they can handle sweat, being exposed to water for a short time (up to 30 minutes), and unexpected downpours.

As Apple users will know, they sync easily across a range of devices. If you need Siri’s help, she’s just a voice command away with the in-built mic.

AirPods make use of Active Noise Cancellation. Unlike noise-isolating headphones, these detect sound and produce their own sound that actually cancels out what they detect. If you do want to be aware of the outside world, simply switch to Transparent mode.

If you’re not an Apple user but really like the design of these ‘phones, you can still use them on any device that has Bluetooth capabilities.


  • IPX4-rated
  • Active Noise Cancellation
  • Adaptive EQ
  • Three ear tip options


  • To keep them stable you may need to push the tips into your ears, which some may find painful or uncomfortable

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Top with Audio Controls

8. Powerbeats Pro

Not everyone will be able to stop and adjust things on-the-go, but with these earphones, you don’t have to even break your stride.

Both earphones have volume up, volume down, play/pause, and track skipping controls on the hardware. This is fantastic for those lefties out there who may find it uncomfortable to change controls on the right-hand earphone!

They also have voice command capabilities and an autoplay/pause feature that’s activated by motion sensors so you don’t need to delay the start of your workout. There’s almost no need at all to touch your device once these are paired!

If you run with a partner, you can connect two sets of these earphones to one phone and share music.

They’re also IPX4-rated, so sweat, splashes, and rain won’t be any problem.


  • Compatible with iOS and Android
  • 9 hours of listening time
  • Dual audio controls
  • Variety of colors available


  • It seems these can only connect to Bluetooth while in their case

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Best Noise Cancelling

9. Jabra Elite 75t Earbuds

Noise-cancelling technology works by picking up sound frequencies outside and producing an equal but opposite sound that cancels out the original noise.

These ‘phones may be small, but they do a great job of keeping outside sound…outside.

Once you’ve activated the ANC (active noise canceling) feature on your Sound Plus app, you can toggle between ANC and HearThrough at any time.

Even with ANC on, you’ll be able to listen for 24 hours on the trot before you need to recharge.

We liked the thoughtful inclusion of a mute button on the earphones. Another useful function is the one-touch summoning of Alexa, Siri, or Google Assistant.


  • IP57-rated
  • In-app audio customization
  • Enhanced 4-microphone call technology
  • Active noise canceling


  • You may find it difficult to operate these earbuds if you have large hands

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Top Sound Quality

10. Bose Sport Earbuds

Bose is another well-known name in the sound world, and they do not disappoint with these small-but-mighty earbuds.

The brand is proud of its Lifelike Sound, and once you get these in your ears, you may be surprised at how lifelike it truly is.

As well as having truly astonishing sound quality, the microphone is super clear too, which is unusual. If you do need to answer a call, simply double-tap the right bud – no more buttons!

Everything from upping the volume to changing songs is done via touch, making these sleek and buttonless.


  • IPX4 water-resistance
  • Bose Lifelike sound
  • Simple touch controls
  • Fast charging


  • No in-app EQ to adjust to your preference

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Before you choose a pair of the earphones for running, check out some of the most commonly asked questions. Learning a bit more about them may help you choose the best pair for running, staying in your ears, sound, and comfort.

A high-quality set of earphones would also make an amazing gift for a runner in your life!

What to Look For in Earphones?

This depends on your own needs and likes. But some features you may consider before choosing a pair include:

  • Wireless or wired?
  • Sound quality
  • Battery life and charging time
  • Water and sweat-resistance
  • Style
  • In-ear, bone conduction, or over-head

Consider whether or not you’d be okay with having a cable dangling from your earphones. Some runners may find this annoying, and if you’ve ever dropped a phone on the asphalt because you accidentally caught your hand in the wire while you were running, you may be anti-wire!

If you choose wireless, you can decide between true wireless buds, an overhead earphone, or the useful and pretty cool bone conduction earphones.

Why Should I Buy Wired Earphones?

If you aren’t worried about having a wire, there are some advantages to having a pair of these instead of wireless.

Firstly, there’s no interruption in sound like you may have if your phone/earbud connection drops or you move too far away from your device.

Secondly, you don’t have to charge wired earphones. This can be a big advantage for things like travel, where you won’t be moving around much while you’re listening.

What Are Hacks to Stop Earbuds From Falling Out?

If you’ve ever fought with earbuds to keep them in your ears when they really just want to pop out and drop to the floor, you’ll understand the frustration!

If you’re stuck thinking how to fix the problem, here are some things you can try to stop them from falling out of your ears:

  • Change the earbud tip attachment to a different size
  • Wear a headband to hold them in place
  • Buy new earphones that have an ear hook
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