Best Cold Weather Running Jackets in 2018

When it’s cold and blustery, these winter running jackets will keep you warm and comfortable.

Cold weather running jackets are different from other running jackets. They are made with thicker fabric, often with extra insulation around your core.

For something less heavy and more versatile, check out our article on the best lightweight running jackets.

We’ve reviewed over 20+ cold weather running jackets available now. These are the best jackets available.

Top 3 Best and Favorites

Best Overall

Brooks Cascadia Thermal Jacket

Best Waterproof Jacket

Asics Storm Shelter Jacket

Best Windproof Jacket

Mizuno Running Static Breath Thermo Softshell Jacket

Best Winter Running Jacket

1. Brooks Cascadia Thermal Jacket

This lightweight running jacket has all the features to help you have a great run in the cold. This jacket fits snugly, with long collars and sleeves for maximum protection against the elements. It stretches to allow for a free range of movement.

You can expect a tight fit especially around the waist (although it can be a bit loose for for with petite frames. Insulated panels cover your core.

This jacket keeps you warm but won’t overheat you, thanks to its breathable Super Seal fabric material.

The Cascadia Thermal jacket also packs down, so you can take it off mid-run and zip it up into a convenient package. The jacket’s reflective material keeps you visible in low light conditions.


  • Insulated panels
  • Venting to prevent overheating
  • Tapered cuffs with thumb holes


  • Waist band not elastic enough to fully close for some people

Best Waterproof Cold Weather Jacket

2. ASICS Stormshelter Jacket

In a nasty weather, the ASICS Stormshelter jacket will keep you dry in the heaviest downpours. The outer shell has a water-repellent finish. Every seam is sealed to protect against the cold and rain. For enhanced safety at night, the jacket has reflective prints on the front and back for full visibility.

The side zipper pockets provide rain-protected storage. On the face of it, the ASICS Stormshelter looks thick and fluffy, but it’s lightweight and breathable.

The front zipper is water resistant, and cuffs are long, adjustable and fitted with gaiters and thumbholes. This jacket comes with a removable hood for extra protection and flexibility in unpredictable weather conditions.

The Stormshelter Jacket also has a zippered chest pockets with media port, and a loop in the collar for headphone cords.


  • Fully waterproof
  • 360 degree reflective print
  • Hood for keeping out the rain


  • Waist isn’t tapered, lets cold air in
  • Not the best looking jacket

Best Hybrid Winter Jacket

3. SmartWool Double Propulsion 60 Jacket


The Double Propulsion 60 Jacket by Smartwool has a merino lining; this keeps you warm while allowing you to move freely. Insulated panels on the front and back add extra warm and a layer of wind and water resistance to the jacket.

The best part of merino wool is that it resists odor. You can wear it year after year and it won’t develop any stinky “runner” smells. Merino wool is also super soft but keeps you warm, even when wet.

For the coldest days, you can even use the Double Propulsion Jacket as a mid-layer underneath another shell. So you can get merino wool warmth, with core protection, and a shell on top to keep out wind and snow.


  • Wind-proof and insulated around core
  • Merino wool resists odor


  • Arm sleeves don’t protect against elements

Best Cold Weather Running Jacket

4. New Balance Heat Run Jacket


This jacket boasts a stylish design, but at the same time is wind resistant and waterproof. You have a reason to look forward to your morning or evening run; the cold will never bother you. But this running can be worn any time of the day as casual wear. Thumbholes in the sleeves add extra warmth.

New Balance Heat Run Jacket is made of ribbed fleece for extra warmth. It is also breathable so that you can run without clamminess. A hood helps keep your head warm.


  • Gridded fleece for extra warmth
  • Wind and water resistant insulation on core
  • Zippered hand pockets for storage


  • No wind resistant material on back or arms

Best Lightweight Winter Jacket

5. Salomon Pulse Jacket


If you are looking for a versatile jacket for both running and casual wear, the Salomon Pulse should be your first choice. It comes with many features for water resistance and moisture wicking. As you make your daily rounds in the neighborhood, this jacket will protect you from both the wind cold.

It is super lightweight to keep you comfortable as you burn the calories running or walking. Salomon Pulse features an advanced design that inspires comfort and agility. You will relish the free and easy movement in this jacket.


  • Soft feel but still weather resistant
  • Extremely warm


  • No hood
  • Not waterproof

Top Wind Proof Cold Weather Jacket

6. Mizuno Running Static Breath Thermo Softshell Jacket


The Mizuno jacket features a reflective design with thumbholes, water resistance, and moisture wicking. It is a comfortable piece of apparel that makes use of a wind-resistant shell.

You’ll stay warm on the run without feeling weighed down. The jacket’s outer shell is lightweight and fused with Breath Thermo for extra warmth.

The Mizuno running jacket also has two side pockets and reflective prints on the front and back. Its laser cut holes allow for maximum air flow to keep you going during the exercise.


  • Lightweight design combines outershell with thermal lining
  • Fully reflective


  • No hood

Top Nike Cold Weather Running Jacket

7. Nike Shield Running Jacket


The Nike Shield Running Jacket is a good workout outfit for the cold, windy and even rainy weather. None of these conditions should hold you back from keeping fit.

This jacket ensures that through the water-resistant hood, water-resistant vents and elastic cuffs to keep out the cold. The seams are sealed to keep away water and wind. The sleeves also have stretch insets to streamline motion. The hood offers further protection against the elements. The hood is designed to be removable, so you can take it off if you start to feel hot during the run.

If you are a trail runner, this jacket is ideal because of its durable fabric that won’t tear when you brush against branches. You can wear other layers under this jacket and still feel comfortable. Its inner mesh provides additional insulation to keep you warm day or night.

The Nike Shield running jacket comes with reflective prints. You can step out in the dark in this jacket and still be visible from a distance.


  • Wind and water resistant
  • Thumb holes for warmth


  • No hood on men’s jacket
  • Runs small – not true to size